George Holcomb Prosser Collection
8 Vacations


Before the kids took off in high

I was a  worried man
Who did the best I  could to try

But nothing went by plan.

I would forget the garbage day
And splitting wood at night

And when the boss would have her say
And often she was right.

I'd leave my shoes out on the floor"
And loose my work shirt too

Mislay my tie, not lock the door,
What ever should I do.

I figgered that I'll try once more
Now that the kids are gone

And watch my self and do each chore
Lest I become a pawn.

I'll comb my hair and brush my tooth

I'll even take a bath
And hang my coat up in the booth

I mean it, do not laugh.

For I have changed a lot I've found

Altho the food is slim
Yet I have gained at least three pound

My figure's getting trim.

We went to buy a belt today
To hold my shirt tail down

The straps were short, we did not pay
Brought nothing back from town.

I'll swear it must be coffee cream

That's sticking to my ribs
Or else that nap with pleasant dream

I'm making up these fibs.

Yet peace and quiet do abound

Now that the school has stopped

With no more hurried trips to town
To bring back folks who shopped.

I'm glad that rush hag slackened up.

For yet a few more weeks
I'll loll around and rest my  pup

Then you know who she seeks,

To take her to the grocery shop

Escort her into stores
Go get the kids, fix up the prop

And dump those apple cores.


But you know some how I'll be glad

     When we're all home once more
And family routine isn't bad
     When each one does  his chore.