Schandler Family Collection
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M2004.05.2 6 schn001 Aaron Schandler in the 'Pickle Barrell' delicatessen,  1973.
    schn002 Aaron Schandler in front of Schandler's delicatessen at 47 Oak Street in Asheville, c. 1950's.
    schn003 Grandpa Daniel Simon Senner from New York. Born in Riga, Latvia, he came to live with his daughter "Lee" and Aaron Schandler in Asheville, c. March, 1959.
    schn004 40th Anniversary of David and Sarah Salem Schandler. August 6, 1951, Battery Park Hotel, Asheville. 
    schn005 [From left to right]: Aaron, Herbie, Jack, 'Dody' [Joseph], Seymour, Grandpa, Rick.
    schn006 Schandler sons and daughter:  [standing] Joseph ["Dody], Herb, Seymour, Jack,  Aaron, [seated] Ester Ruth Schandler. Taken at  parent's 50th Anniversary celebration. 
    schn007 Debbie and Jack Schandler in Navy uniform [I.J.'s Niece and Husband].
    schn008 Annabelle Londner Chasen and Fay Schulman Londner Mana, 1934 [Debbie's Mother (Fay) and Sister.
    schn009 Fay and I.J. Londner, [Debbie's parents].
    schn010 Nancy and Seymour Schandler in Battery Park [?] Hotel, 1960.
    schn011 Jack and Debbie Schandler, 1943. 
    schn012 David and Sarah Schandler, 1960.
    schn013 Deb[bie] Schandler, Barney Schulman [Debbie's uncle], Jack Schandler, Pauline Kay Schulman [Debbie's Aunt, Barney's wife], Canton, N.C. 
    schn014 Fay and I.J. Londner and Debbie [in arms], Hickory, 1922-23.
    schn015 [Debbie Schandler's children]: Jon and Amy Schandler.
    schn016 50th Anniversary of Aaron and Sarah Schandler at the Battery Park Hotel, 1960. [left to rt. in front] Aaron, Sarah, David and Esther Ruth, 
    schn017 David Schandler sons, 1960:  Herbert, Jack and Joseph (Dody)
    schn018 Schandler Store future site, 1915. Mr. Schandler and Aaron in front of store.
    schn019 Pauline Schulman and Fay Schulman Londner.
    schn020 Barney Schulman, Pauline Schulman, I.J. Londner.
    schn021 Pauline Kay Schulman and Dick Schulman. 
    schn022 Dick Schulman, Pauline Schulman, Barney Schulman.
    schn023 I.J. Londner, Barney Schulman, Jake Plisher [Fay's brother-in-law, Rose's husband].
    schn024 Fay Schulman Londner, and I.J. Londner. 
    schn025 "Mom and Pop Schandler 40th Anniversary, August 6, 1951," Album Cover
    schn025a Album: 
40th Anniversary celebration. August 6, 1951.
[Top]: Herb, Dody, Jack, John, Debbie, Morris. [Middle]: Aaron, Lee, Gene, Linda, Grandpa Senner, Richard. [Front]: Steve, Judy Fox, Bob Jack's, Trudy, Jimmy, M[?]. 
    schn025b Album: 
Back row: Aaron, Herbie, Jack, Dody
Front row: Grandma Sarah Schandler, Grandpa David Schandler, Deek
    schn025c Album:
Photo-collage of photos taken at the 40th Anniversary celebration
    schn025d Album:
Photo-collage of Schandler family children.
    schn025e Album:
Photo-collage of Schandler family children, various scenes.