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Vol. III - Page 6 James H. Loughran
Irish Saloon Keeper, brother of Frank Loughran.
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Arthur M. Field and Isabella Rose Field
Father and mother of Francis Field

Harmon A. Miller and Florence Griffith Miller
Father and mother of Mrs. Lyons Lee

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Tench C. Coxe and Mrs. Tench C. Coxe
Father and mother of Frank Billy Coxe

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Settle
Settle was [a] prominent Republican politician. He served in the U. S. House of Representatives from the 5th district. He later moved to Asheville. He was the son of Thomas Settle who ran for Governor on the Republican ticket in 1876 against Zebulon Baird Vance.  Settle was a very brilliant but highly convivial personality.  Mrs. Coxe and Mrs. Settle were sisters.

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Mrs. C. P. Ambler
Master Arthur Ambler
This was the first wife of Dr. Ambler.  Master Arthur Ambler was, of course, the present Dr. Arthur Ambler.

[annotation]  Remember T. Russell Sherrill –always

940 Sevilla Ave.
Coral Gables, FLA 33134

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S. [Sol] Gallert, Rutherfordton
Sol Gallert was a very prominent Democratic lawyer and politician.

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Frederick W. Graham
Graham was, I believe, the owner and founder of the old Asheville Cotton Mills which was later bought by the Cones of Greensboro.

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Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Owen, Providence, R. I.
The father and mother of C. D. Owen, Jr.

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Professor A. C. Reynolds
At that time Reynolds was connected with the old Rutherford College - a Methodist College.  Later he served as President of the present Western Carolina College and as Superintendent of the Buncombe County Schools.  The high school on the Fairview Road was named after him.

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Miss Minna Bynum and Dr. Archibald Henderson
Miss Bynum was the sister of Curtis Bynum.  Later she and Dr. Henderson married. Dr. Henderson was professor of Mathematics at the University of North Carolina

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James C. Hardison
Prominent businessman.  He served on the first Great Smoky Mountains National Park Commission and a peak in the Smokies was named after him. The Hardisons still own property near Chimney Rock.

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J. O. Bell
Bell later built and operated the cotton mill at Tuxedo.

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Kathleen Doyle and Helen Doyle
One of these sisters married Thomas Wadley Raoul and the other one of the Lorillards.

Madelon Battle
The daughter of Dr. S. Westray Battle.  She married a British Army
officer, Mayor Hancock, and attracted much attention during the First World War by her activities.

E. P. McKissick
He was the Manager of the Battery Park Hotel and a brother of Rion McKissick, President of the University of South Carolina.

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W. E. Rollins, Covington, Virginia
The son of Mayor W. W. Rollins and an Episcopalian clergyman.


Mrs. John A. Roebling
John A. Roebling was of the Brooklyn Bridge building family. He had a home in the Victoria section and was quite popular

[Annotation] Nemo Coleman says he also lived on Cumberland Ave.

He became highly incensed when Asheville voted in prohibition and left the city.

Paul Roebling, a son, started the construction of the old Building and died in the 1917-18 influenza epidemic.  He was a very likeable young man.

The Haynes were children of R. R. Haynes, prominent textile manufacturer of Cliffs1de and Henrietta.


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Miss Edith Randolph
Daughter of W. F. Randolph, the sister of Mrs. George Jackson of the Asheville School and the second wife of Dr. Carl V. Reynolds.

Dr. Louise Ingersoll, A prominent Asheville woman physician

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Dr. Louise Merrimon - Later she married the rather [?] or the late Lockwood Perry.

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Dr. L. B. Morse was the developer of Chimney Rock.

Mr. Fagg Malloy, 10 years old.
Fagg Malloy, an extremely loveable young man, [who] died overseas in the First World War. His mother, Mrs. M. F. Malloy, was a most spirited and attractive personality.

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Charles A. Mitchell was, I believe, one of the founders or the Asheville School.

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Mrs. Conally Coxe was the divorced wife of Otis M. Coxe and the grandmother of Mrs. Berlage.  Later she married a brother of Alan McDonald.

Mrs. V. S. Lusk
The wife of the Colonel V. S Lusk, prominent Republican attorney and politician and the grandmother of the late S. J. Pegram.

The Goulds were undoubtedly of the ? ...
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Elizabeth Bernard, a teacher in the Asheville School System and a sister of  S. G. Bernard and Mrs. R. S. Jonas.

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Gudger
I believe these were the parents of Lindsey M. Gudger.

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Mr. and Mrs. Vance Brown
The parents of Fuller, Jordan, etc.

Dr. Greene later moved to Asheville and married Miss Sarah Ingersoll who was either a sister or a cousin or Mrs. V. Brown.

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Miss Rita Rees was of the Hans Rees Tannery family.

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Scott Radeker was the father of Mrs. Logan Robertson.

Vincent Archer is now a professor in the Medical School of the University of Virginia.  His father was a Black Mountain physician.

J. R. Sandifer was a prominent educator.  At one time he served as headmaster of the Blue Ridge School.

Curtis Bynum
The Bynums were on their honeymoon.  Cutis told me that he contracted Typhoid Fever as the result of his stay at the inn,

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Dr. F. L. Clemenger - Asheville physician and the uncle of Holmes Sawyer.

Charles H. Honess - Asheville Optometrist

W. F. Stoner -Asheville merchant

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