Sprinza Weizenblatt Collection
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weiz_033 The train from Cuzco to Machupiccu. Copyright: Swiss-Foto Lima Apartado 430
  weiz_034 No 9, Torreon de Machupijchu. Cuzco. Peru.
  weiz_035 View of the ruins. Machupiccu, Peru. Copyright: Swiss-Foto Lima Apartado 430
  weiz_036 Musee de Louvre. (Ecole Florentine). Cque 1601. Leonard De vinci. Mona Lisa. Les Editions Nomis, Paris. Printed in France.
  weiz_037 Tarjeta Postal. Union Postal Universal. Chile.
  weiz_038 Tarjeta Postal. Union Postal Universal. Chile.
  weiz_039 Peru. Ritual ceramics of the Mochicas. Copyright: Swiss-Foto Lima Apartado 430
  weiz_040 Uxmal, Yucatan, Mexico. View looking towards the Governor's Palace. Trajeta Postal "vista color" Distribuidora Turistica Peninsular Fitzmacolor Av. Cupules 197-B Merida, Yuc.
  weiz_041 Huanchaco, Peru. Balsas de Pescadores. Copyright: Swiss-Foto Lima Apartado 430
  weiz_042 Machupicchu, Peru. The ruins and the Huainapicchu. Copyright: Swiss-Foto Lima Apartado 430
  weiz_043 Orpheus Fountain Cranbrook

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

  weiz_044a Black Mountain. Black Mountain, North Carolina.
View across lake towards dining hall; Blue Ridge Mountains in back ground. There is a view of Mount Mitchell Range from the dining porch.
weiz_044a.jpg (274356 bytes)
  weiz_044b "Dear Dr. Weizenblatt: I was hoping to be able to go to Asheville today and to see you for a minute. But a cold made it necessary for me to stay at home. I wanted to thank you very much for your dear letter. Best regards
yours, T. Thaus (?)"
weiz_044b.jpg (271958 bytes)
  weiz_045a Post card is in German. 12 September 1949. weiz_045a.jpg (337813 bytes)
  weiz_045b Addressed to Mrs. Johanna Jalowetz at Black Mountain College. Johanna taught voice and bookbinding at the college. Uncertain as to who sent it. weiz_045b.jpg (263529 bytes)
  weiz_046a Bad Nauheim. Kurhaus, Gesamtamsicht, Trinkkuranlage, Spudelhof.
  weiz_046b "My dear Dr. Weizenblatt. Since April I am in Germany - have seen a great deal. At present I am in Nauheim to take the Kur. Expect to return in September - and than [sic] I shall sing: 'America the Beautiful.' When will you come over and visit Vienna? Hope to see you someday and have a good talk with you.

(the last bit is in German).

Dora Meyer"

weiz_046b.jpg (322419 bytes)
  weiz_047a Coffin for Mummified Cat. Egyptian, Ptolemaic Period, 332-30 B.C.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

  weiz_047b "It was nice to get your letter even though it told me the sad news that I'll probably not see you in New York. Give the love both mother and one to Susan and her parents. I did love their Xmas card.

I spent one lovely day at the Metropolitan and spoke to this cat for you - though I dared not pat it.

Have lots of fun and some rest. Devotedly,
Clemmie (Douglas)"

weiz_047b.jpg (281816 bytes)
  weiz_048a Hilltops, Pawleys Island, S. C.
  weiz_048b "Lots of sun, salt and wind on these dunes. Pawleys is still beautiful but fast washing away. They are building wooden jetties to stop the wash. Water clear, warm and dark blue today.

Tony (Lord)"

weiz_048b.jpg (297452 bytes)
  weiz_049a Lake Chapala, Jalisco.

Cutting Sugar Cane

Palacio de Cortes-Cuernavaca

Fresco de Diego Rivera

  weiz_049b "We've had some grand swimming in between days of sightseeing and it has really been a fine trip. From here we go to Guadalahara then start the long drive home.

No carbon vegetal for me this time. But I've missed your Spanish - mine, even the 7 lessons - is rusty, much love,
Clem "

weiz_049b.jpg (318945 bytes)
  weiz_050a Andre Derain: Blackfriars Bridge, London. 1906. Oil, 26 x 39". The Museum of Modern Art.
  weiz_050b "The Lords want you to have this bag which is designed for use by Peruvian photographers and is guaranteed to function perfectly at 15000 feet above sea level!

If it not large enough for your camera and duffle take it back to her. Weinble who has instructions to exchange it for the one you select.

This sort of looked like your sign! We do hope you will have a grand time!

A.L. (Anthony Lord)"

weiz_050b.jpg (284702 bytes)
  weiz_051a Wien, Karlskirche
  weiz_051b Postcard from December 7, 1957k. weiz_051b.jpg (278156 bytes)
  weiz_052a Grand Coulee Dam - 8th Wonder of the World, Wn.


  weiz_052b "From a most interesting ride through the country to Lake Louise we are sending you best regards. We are really seeing the country this time!



Hope Sandy does not bother you or the cab!"

weiz_052b.jpg (289651 bytes)
  weiz_053a The Bridge of Sighs, St. John's College, Cambridge
  weiz_053b "Dear Auntie,
I'm now up at Cambridge having an interview. It's impossible to get in here but I have enjoyed my stay. Now I'll be able to show you around when you come over. This is the famous Bridge of Sighs. We stood on it and sighed yesterday. The view down the river is wonderful and the colleges are all lovely.
I'll write from London.

Love, Helen"

weiz_053b.jpg (297653 bytes)
  weiz_054a Scene Around Spray Beach, N.J.

'Local View Post Card'

  weiz_054b "June 27

Dear Sprinza -
Here we are at Sterling talking about the whip-por-whill. Spent a week with Annie and her nice family - the children are edible now. [illegible]

[New handwriting]
It seems like ld time, only we wish you were here, too, to bathe and sun with us. I love E's new circus animals - and want to get some photographs of them. Hope your health is better - Love Selma"

weiz_054b.jpg (312127 bytes)
  weiz_055a Arosa. Dorfstrasse m. Kirche
  weiz_055b To Miss Elinor Shuffle

"My dear Elinor, It was very good to hear from you and the changing feel of the kitten. I was so glad that you have some teaching in the country-school especially since that plan about med. artistry turns out to be so silly and round-about. We'll talk about it when I'll get back, which won't be long now. In Switzerland I didn't get much medic work, so I'll have to enjoy nature instead and look into healthy eyes. It may do me good. It's here so beautiful, it's indescribable. Wonderful weather, exhilarating and uplifting! Merry Christmas to all of you!


weiz_055b.jpg (373974 bytes)
  weiz_056a The reverse of the ticket below. weiz_056a.jpg (415772 bytes)
  weiz_056b Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia

Monumentos Prehispanicos


Fondo Para La Conservacion y Reparacion de Monumentos

Precio: $0.30

weiz_056b.jpg (240905 bytes)
  weiz_057a Mausoleum of the Samanids in Bukhara, Uzbekistan
  weiz_057b This postcard appears to the be the second of two, but the first is missing.

Handwriting difficult to transcribe.

weiz_057b.jpg (363494 bytes)
  weiz_058 The Carolinian Court
  weiz_059a Maroon Peaks in Winter (Alt. 14,126 ft). Photo by David S. Digerness
  weiz_059b "Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Greetings and all the best.


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