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Narrative history of Woody's Chair Shop. Author unknown. Most likely written by the Woodys for use by a publisher, as the narrative is on the Shop letterhead. (2 pages)

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    woo02_0 Newspaper clipping: Tri-County News, October 24, 1963. "Woody's Chair Shop Had Exhibits At N.C. State Fair," details the Woody's exhibit at the State Fair.


    woo02_096 Newspaper clipping: Tri-County News, December 25, 1963. "Woody's Chair Shop Reaches Peak of Popularity in 1963. Article notes that the donation of chairs to the Kennedy was the highlight of the Woody family business.

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    woo02_097 Newspaper clipping: Tri-County News, October 24, 1968. "Woody Brothers Receive Award at State Fair," Describes the 3rd place award given to Arval Woody in the Village of Yesteryear at the 101st North Carolina State Fair, held in Raleigh in October 14-19, 1968. The Village of Yesteryear was an educational exhibit that was a part of the Fair since 1951. It was established as part of the craft revival and highlighted craftsmen at work on their craft.

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    woo02_049 Newspaper clipping: [Source unknown] East Tennessee State University Craft Festival, 1968. "Delectable Display," wood carving by Arval Woody of fruit. Image of display photographed by [?] Durham and note about the display.

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    woo03_063 Newspaper clipping: [source unknown] "Woody's Chair Shop Delivers Chair to Avery Co. Airport," to Golf Course Architect and Builder, Russell Roberts who flew to Avery County airport to pick up the two walnut chairs. [thumbnail only]

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    woo03_051 Newspaper clipping: [Source is unknown] "'Getting to Know You' Tour of Latin American NCSU Students and Families," who visited the Grassy Creek Community Fire Department and Fire House and with Arval Woody who was acting as President of the Grassy Creek Community Club. The group of 32 visited with the Woody's in their Chair Shop. [thumbnail only] woo03_051.jpg (431370 bytes)
    woo02_050 Newspaper clipping: Asheville Citizen and Times, "Progress Report and Inaugural Edition, January 8, 1965. Staff photos by Ewart Ball. Chair to far right in lower photograph shows a "Woody" chair [see arrow].

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    6 Report of the Cooperative Crafts Exhibit, October 2-30, 1969, Administration Building, U.S. Department of Agriculture, during Co-op Month 1969. Entitled "North Carolina Crafts and Craftsmen." Is a description of the craftsmen who exhibited, including Arval J. Woody, representing the Southern Highland Handicrafts Guild.  FULL TEXT woo03_053.jpg (427094 bytes)
Cooperative Craft Exhibit October 2-30, 1969 booklet. woo03_054.jpg (258678 bytes)

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    woo02_057 Newspaper clipping: Tri-County News, October 16, 1964. "Area Crafts Show At Natl. Capital," describes the U.S Department of Agriculture exhibit and the chairs provided by the Woodys for the exhibit. [Attached to reverse of the Cooperative Crafts Exhibit.] [thumbnail only]

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    woo02_062 Letter, handwritten: To the Woody's from Edna Engelhardt who enclosed  [?] found with scrapbook keepings and felt it should be in your shop. I would be nice framed [?].

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    woo02_066 Letter: To Arval Woody, from Edwin S. Lanier, Commissioner of Insurance, State of North Carolina, Insurance Department, Raleigh. "Enclosed is my Certificate appointing you as a member of the Board of Trustees of your local Firemen's Relief Fund for 1969. ...January 20, 1969.

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    woo02_070 Newspaper clipping: Tri-County News, August 1, 1963. "President Kennedy Thanks Woody Chair Shop," Quotes the letter received by the Woody Chair Shop from John Kennedy, and describes the circumstances surrounding the thank you. Notes that models of the chairs for the Kennedy children will be shown at the Mineral and Gem Festival. It also notes that a model of the exhibit sent to the World's International Agricultural Fir in Cairo, Egypt which included chairs by the Woodys would also be on display. [thumbnail only]

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8 Copies of the letter from John Kennedy thanking the Woody's Chair Shop for the two chairs for his children. Original envelope. Originals retained by Arval Woody.

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    woo02_076 Typescript of unknown origin that describes the work of Lucy Morgan at the Penland School of Crafts. Possibly written by Woody family as the narrative says, "Grandfather Arthur taught chair seating at the school in the early years, along with his daughter Deacy. He also taught some woodworking." The narrative also refers to a letter from "'Miss Lucy', with her thoughts on 'Uncle Arter' [Arthur Woody] and that "She was one of the greatest surporters [sic] of Arval and Walter when they began making chairs."

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    woo02_077 Letter: To Arval Woody from Lucy Morgan, March 7, 1968.

"We have wonderful neighbors on our hill top here near Webster, and two of them are Dr. and Mrs. Cecil Mann. He is an Australian, and they have both lived in Australia.

They were visiting with us in my living room recently, and she was sitting in one of the rocking chairs which you made, and she thought it was just about the most comfortable rocking chair she had ever sat in!

I told her about the Woody boys, and about Grandpappy, and she said, 'Why don't you write that up?' So --- the enclosed is what I have written. Please look it over and let me know what you think. And if any publication should want it, such as maybe Southern Highland Highlights, would that be all right?

When I was at Penland, I asked Miss Bringle to get a picture of your shop. I do want that for the Photographic History of Western N.C. which I think I told you about. And please see that you and your brother are in at least one of the pictures.

Thanks a million.

Sincerely, Lucy Morgan

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    woo02_078 Proposed article by Lucy Morgan for the Southern Highland Highlights, 1968.

"Among the things I treasure greatly in my Webster home ...  [thumbnail only]

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Newspaper clipping: Citizen-Times, article by Clare Taylor, Sunday October 12, 1969, "WNC Craftsmen Exhibit Work In Washington." [two copies] [thumbnail only] woo02_071.jpg (420352 bytes)

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    woo02_079 Newspaper clipping:  Asheville Citizen, May 15, 1961.  "Roaming the Mountians: 'Woodys Top Chairmakers,' by John Parris. Includes excerpts from a conversation with Arval Woody about his work. [thumbnail only]

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    woo02_080 Newspaper clipping:  Tri-County News, November 7, 1968. "Chair-Making Woodys To Be Featured in Film." Describes the film shot by the Rockwell Manufacturing Company that captured all phases in the making of the chairs. Attached is a carbon copy of the script used for the newspaper article. [thumbnail only]

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