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1 07 woo07_0001 Shop Record Book. Contains a record of all transactions in the shop. Order records, completion dates, shipping information, and names and addresses of customers. Covers 3 years from 9/16/92 to 9/22/95.  
    woo07_0002 Shop Record Book. Names, Addresses, and Phone Numbers and General Information used for the Shop. Includes wages for 2001. [Most of notebook is blank.]  
    woo07_0004 No date 
Letter from Nora Woody to Kate Bailey, Mountain Living Magazine, Englewood, CO.

Dear Ms. Bailey:

Thank you for your interest in possibly including our shop, and/or chairs in an issue of "Mountain Living Magazine."

I have gathered a sampling of mainly rocking chairs, as you expressed an interest in this type chair.

I do not know if you would be interested in any of the background or history of shop. We are the 5th generation to do chair making -- that we know about. It may have been in the family for a longer period. We believe the name "Woody" was probably the result of woodworking.

Our present shop was established in 1946, by brothers Arval and Walter Woody. I had worked in some capacity for several years when Walter wished to sell his partnership due to the onset of diabetes that affected his vision. I bought his partnership, and Arval and I have been the owners for about 20 years. We do nave some employees, and have not caught up with orders in many years.

We have been very fortunate to receive a great deal of publicity in books, magazines, newspapers, etc. And have been honored to receive recognition and awards. Arval was named a North Carolina Loving (Living!) Treasure in 1995, and one of our chairs is a part of the Smithsonian Museum permanent collection.

Should you need further information, or clarification of anything, please let me know.

If you use our chairs in your article I would really like to have a copy of the magazine. I will be happy to pay for both magazine and postage.

Yours very truly, Nora N. Woody.

    woo07_0005 Newspaper article:  Date unknown. Associated Press. Charlotte "Mountain craft work exhibited," Discussion of the Mint Museum exhibit 'Southern Arts and Crafts 1890-1940' the celebrates the lives of mountain craftsmen. Discusses the work of Ossie C. Phillips of Crossnore School and Charlie Woody, father of Arval Woody,  and John and Jack Hall, whittlers at Brass town.  
    woo06005 Woody's Chair Shop Brochure
December 1,2004
    woo06006 Woody's Chair Shop Brochure
December 1,2004