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Note: Items are listed in original order as received from the donor.
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1 09 woo09_001
Woody Family

Notes on back of photograph: "Looking from the left of the picture: Arthur and Emily Woody ; Henry and Nancy Woody ; Lennie Larkey [John & Mary Snipes] ; Dow and Sarrah Holifield.


[Photographed from original.]

IMG_0167.jpg (96662 bytes)

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    woo09_003 Genealogical table IMG_0171a.jpg (79013 bytes)
    woo09_046 Photograph:  Arthur Woody [far rt.] with his wife [?] and [?]. Photographer is unknown. Appears to be copy of an older photograph.


  01 woo09_039 Photograph: Original Woody family chair shop with water-wheel which was used to run the lathe in the wood-shop. n.d.

woo01_039.jpg (196773 bytes)

    woo09_018 Watercolor painting reproduced from photograph of the old family workshop which ran the machinery from water power mill-wheel seen at viewer's right of picture. Painted for Arval and Nora Woody. Artist N [?] Nanders [?]. woo09_018.jpg (264936 bytes)
  05 woo09_023
2 photographs showing original Shell filling station that became Woodys Chair Shop in Grassy Creek, near Spruce Pine, North Carolina. Chairs placed in front of station to left of gas pumps. 3rd photograph shows shop as it appeared in later years. woo09_023.jpg (158889 bytes)

woo09_025.jpg (169780 bytes)
  05 woo09_068 Photograph of Woody's Chair Shop, June, 1964 woo09_068.jpg (121302 bytes)
    woo09_013 Exterior view of Woody's Chair Shop c. 1960's. woo09_013.jpg (164146 bytes)
      Photograph: View of Woody's Chair Shop with Arval and Walter standing outside and chairs ranged in front of shop.  
    woo09_014 Interior view of Woody's Chair Shop with craft displayed. [1960's ?] woo09_014.jpg (184183 bytes)
    woo09_024 Photograph of Betsy Ross Arm Rocker with price hand-written on bottom "$33.50."

woo09_024.jpg (134799 bytes)

  01 woo09_037
Photograph (8" x 10") [copy ?]of Arthur Woody and his daughter, Mrs. Dessie Woody. Note on back: " Penland School of Handicrafts. Arthur Woody and his daughter, Mrs. Dessie Woody, native craftsmen who work with the Penland School, teach chair-seating after the fashion of the generations of Carolina mountain people who have excelled in the art. A number of industrious and skillful "uplanders" are gathered at Penland to give outsiders instruction in age-old crafts, fast being revived in this country." woo09_037.jpg (222608 bytes)

woo09_038.jpg (243758 bytes)

    woo09_082 Arval Woody (far right) with assistants. Left to right: ? , ? , ? . woo09_082.jpg (294143 bytes)
    woo09_083 Arval Woody with chair backs in wooden press after removal from hot water bath. woo09_083.jpg (228028 bytes)
Photograph: "Arval Woody putting the wood for chair backs into a press for shaping. The wood has just been boiled for several hours." Taken at the North Carolina State Fair, Raleigh,  1962.  [two copies] [source and photographer unknown] woo09_084.jpg (192573 bytes)
    woo09_126 Photograph: "Walter Woody putting in a chair seat." 1962.  Using a durable paper twine, the chair is given a flexible and comfortable seat that is woven. woo09_126.jpg (171284 bytes)
    woo09_127 Photograph: "General view of booth at State Fair, Raleigh, 1962."

woo09_127.jpg (189683 bytes)

  05 woo09_128 Photograph: "General view of booth at State Fair, Raleigh. Left to right: Paul Woody - Arval Woody - Walter Woody." 1962. {photographer unknown]

woo03_128.jpg (220547 bytes)

    woo09_129 Highland Heights [?]: To left is Walter and Arval Woody. To right is Jerry and Joyce Cooper. woo09_129.jpg (163614 bytes)
    woo09_141 Arval Woody in his shop next to a chair in process.

woo03_141.jpg (169490 bytes)

    woo09_142 Assistant in the Woody's Chair Shop working at lathe.

woo09_142.jpg (206284 bytes)

    woo09_011 "Seating" a Woody's chair.

woo09_011.jpg (216088 bytes)


woo09_012.jpg (159004 bytes)

    woo09_015 Snap shopt of Arval Woody in shop gift room with items displayed behind him. n.d. woo09_015.jpg (183021 bytes)
    woo09_016 Display of two Woody's chairs. One a ladder-back chair and the other the traditional mountain chair with hickory cane seat constructed by Arval's grandfather [?]. n.d. woo09_016.jpg (161155 bytes)
    woo09_017 Arval and Nora Woody seated in the sales room of Woody's Chair Shop in Spruce Pine, NC. n.d. woo09_017.jpg (199818 bytes)
    woo09_020 Traditional mountain chair. Constructed with no nails and "seated" with woven hickory cane. Was exhibited at the Smithsonian museum in Washington, DC. n.d. woo09_020.jpg (129237 bytes)
    woo09_021 Arval Woody standing behind traditional mountain hickory bottomed chair created by his grandfather, Arthur [?] and exhibited in the Smithsonian exhibit of mountain craft. n.d. woo09_021.jpg (149501 bytes)
    woo09_134 Photograph: Two Children's Rockers, with Arval Woody seated between the chairs. [Copies of Kennedy children's chairs ?] Possibly child's walnut rocker sent to International Art Program, 1972 ? woo09_134.jpg (161363 bytes)
    woo09_135 Photograph: Two Children's Rockers. [Copies of Kennedy children's chairs ?] Possibly child's walnut rocker sent to International Art Program, 1972 ? woo09_135.jpg (161135 bytes)
    woo09_042 Photograph: Exhibit of "Colonial Design Handmade Chairs - Woody's Chair Shop, Spruce Pine, N.C." [Photograph by Lloyd M. Willis, 205 S. Washington St., Shelby, N.C.
[thumbnail only]

woo09_042.jpg (204284 bytes)

    woo09_044 Photograph: [?] Holding the book of Representative Poteat, Seat 27, House Bills, 1963 General Assembly. Mrs. Hutchinson, ?, Walter Woody, Arval Woody.

woo09_044.jpg (189811 bytes)

    woo09_102 Photograph:  Worker "cleaves out joint," dated October 1977. woo09_102.jpg (191393 bytes)
Arval Woody standing to left of ladder back chair. woo03_067.jpg (157765 bytes)
      Photograph transparencies:  Two 35 mm. slides and two large transparencies of Arval and Walter Woody in shop. Used for advertisement for Avondale Knits. [thumbnail only] See thumbnails only under Series 3
    woo5_0008 Large film negative: "Arvel [sic] Woody. Dining Chair, c. 1930. Walnut, 32 x 17 x 13 1/2" . Collection Arvel [sic]Woody.  
    woo5_0009 Photograph: "Woody Folding Gout Rocker," 07/18/92. Note on the reverse of the image.  "Woody folding gout rocker. 7/18/92 Guild Fair. What a surprise but a pleasant one. Still a little problem to set up on a slippery floor -- will find a little pad of some kind,. Hope you soon have your throat problem cured. I came down with  shingles a couple of weeks ago -- don't like them one bit. Hope to see you at the Oct. Fair. 

Sincerely, Mary Reed

    woo5_0039 Photograph: Original black and white photograph of Arval Woody working on a chair. Photographer is unknown.
PHOTO ALBUM  (8 x 10 ) [Permission pending for full image display of items in photograph album. Collection is random and includes several years of images. Most are by C.E. Westveer and Jim Strickland.]  
    woo09A_01 Photograph:  
    woo09A_02 Photograph:  
    woo09A_03 Photograph:  
    woo09A_04 Photograph:  
    woo09A_05 Photograph:  
    woo09A_06 Photograph:  
    woo09A_07 Photograph:  
    woo09A_08 Photograph:  
    woo09A_09 Photograph:  
    woo09A_10 Photograph:  
    woo09A_11 Photograph:  
    woo09A_12 Photograph:  
    woo09A_13 Photograph:  
    woo09A_14 Photograph:  
    woo09A_15 Photograph:  
    woo09A_16 Photograph:  

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