William Kirkman Photograph Collection

Selected Photographs from the Kirkman Photo Album

Box Photograph number Description


  kirk_0001 Hikers resting

.kirk_0001.jpg (288114 bytes)

  kirk_0002 View of Whitewater Falls

kirk_0002.jpg (595944 bytes)

  kirk_0003 View of mountains

kirk_0003.jpg (296188 bytes)

  kirk_0004 People square dancing

kirk_0004.jpg (331573 bytes)

  kirk_0005a People posing in front of cars with French Broad in background

kirk_0005a.jpg (190075 bytes)

  kirk_0005b People posing near woods #1

kirk_0005b.jpg (213838 bytes)

  kirk_0005c People posing near woods #2

kirk_0005c.jpg (241404 bytes)

  kirk_0005d Two hikers and mountain view

kirk_0005d.jpg (167872 bytes)

  kirk_0005e 3 hikers resting on hill

kirk_0005e.jpg (221790 bytes)

  kirk_0005f Hikers crossing brushy field

kirk_0005f.jpg (230029 bytes)

  kirk_0005g Hikers posing on slope #1

kirk_0005g.jpg (282789 bytes)

  kirk_0005h Hikers posing on slope #2

kirk_0005h.jpg (276095 bytes)

  kirk_0005i Hikers posing

kirk_0005i.jpg (217427 bytes)

  kirk_0005j 2 people seated on bench

kirk_0005j.jpg (251895 bytes)

  kirk_0005k Hikers on slope [see #3; same as kirk_0005h]] kirk_0005k.jpg (301439 bytes)
  kirk_0005l Hikers  #2

kirk_0005l.jpg (204742 bytes)

  kirk_0005m Young man making humorous pose

kirk_0005m.jpg (339930 bytes)

  kirk_0006a Sparse foliage on mountain slope

kirk_0006a.jpg (186125 bytes)

  kirk_0006b Mountain view

kirk_0006b.jpg (174816 bytes)

  kirk_0006c Large rocks and mountain view

kirk_0006c.jpg (116709 bytes)

  kirk_0006d Mountain view with large rock kirk_0006d.jpg (127106 bytes)
  kirk_0006e Horses on rocky mountain field #1 kirk_0006e.jpg (175794 bytes)
  kirk_0006f Horses on rocky mountain field #2 kirk_0006f.jpg (150744 bytes)
  kirk_0006g View of mountain slope with road

kirk_0006g.jpg (98286 bytes)

  kirk_0006h View of mountainside with trees in foreground

kirk_0006h.jpg (153464 bytes)

  kirk_000i View from scenic overlook #1

kirk_0006i.jpg (128746 bytes)

  kirk_0006j View from scenic overlook #2 kirk_0006j.jpg (133046 bytes)
  kirk_0006k View of mountainside #1 kirk_0006k.jpg (135219 bytes)
  kirk_0006l View of mountainside #2 kirk_0006l.jpg (143277 bytes)
  kirk_0006m Mountain view with snag #1 kirk_0006m.jpg (154357 bytes)
  kirk_0006n Mountain view with snag #2 kirk_0006n.jpg (169047 bytes)
  kirk_0006o Hiker in front of trees, mountain in distance kirk_0006o.jpg (253432 bytes)
  kirk_0006p Mountain view with trees and clouds #1 kirk_0006p.jpg (186098 bytes)
  kirk_0006q Mountain view with trees and clouds #2 kirk_0006q.jpg (164971 bytes)
  kirk_0006r Mountain view with trees and clouds #3 kirk_0006r.jpg (160833 bytes)
  kirk_0006s Mountain view with trees and clouds #4 kirk_0006s.jpg (139127 bytes)
  kirk_0007 Expansive view of forested mountains (October 1940)

kirk_0007.jpg (298643 bytes)

  kirk_0008a Linville Gorge skinny dipping #1

kirk_0008a.jpg (248673 bytes)

  kirk_0008b Linville Gorge skinny dipping #2

kirk_0008b.jpg (127795 bytes)

  kirk_0009 View of forest beyond rocky outcrop

kirk_0009.jpg (254108 bytes)

  kirk_0010 Hikers in forest of bare trees

kirk_0010.jpg (273053 bytes)

  kirk_0011 Woman hiking

kirk_0011.jpg (288119 bytes)

  kirk_0012 3 hikers resting on rocky trail

kirk_0012.jpg (243987 bytes)

  kirk_0013 Winding mountain road

kirk_0013.jpg (402878 bytes)

  kirk_0014 Hikers resting in grassy field kirk_0014.jpg (229641 bytes)
  kirk_0015 Hikers posing at waterfall kirk_0015.jpg (212461 bytes)
  kikr_0016 People posing at scenic overlook kirk_0016.jpg (178014 bytes)
  kirk_0017 Duckett Top Tower

kirk_0017.jpg (196116 bytes)

  kirk_0018 Hikers gazing at view beyond fence

kirk_0018.jpg (181280 bytes)

  kirk_0019 View of Glenn Bald

kirk_0019.jpg (156081 bytes)

  kirk_0020 Hikers resting on rocks near stream

kirk_0020.jpg (542459 bytes)

  kirk_0021 Man beneath overhanging rock

kirk_0021.jpg (559418 bytes)

  kirk_0022 Hikers posing on rocky  peak

kirk_0022.jpg (570624 bytes)

  kirk_0023 Man marking tree

kirk_0023.jpg (551437 bytes)

  kirk_0024 Solitary hiker on forest road trail

kirk_0024.jpg (896302 bytes)

  kirk_0025 Uniformed man on snowy hillside

kirk_0025.jpg (317037 bytes)

  kirk_0026 View of mountains and gorge

kirk_0026.jpg (535236 bytes)

  kirk_0027 Two women near rocky stream

kirk_0027.jpg (427402 bytes)

  kirk_0028 Hikers pausing on trail near large conifers

kirk_0028.jpg (565571 bytes)

  kirk_0029 Rocky waterfall

kirk_0029.jpg (513822 bytes)

  kirk_0030 Stone bridge over rocky stream

kirk_0030.jpg (224549 bytes)

  kirk_0031 Mountain view [Rough Butt Bald]

kirk_0031.jpg (192854 bytes)

  kirk_0032 Woman and child enjoying mountain view kirk_0032.jpg (355187 bytes)
  kirk_0033 Hikers gazing at distant mountain

kirk_0033.jpg (340964 bytes)

  kirk_0034 View of lake and river valley

kirk_0034.jpg (236592 bytes)

  kirk_0035a Replica teepee kirk_0035a.jpg (298699 bytes)
  kirk_0035b People posing in front of teepee kirk_0035b.jpg (289667 bytes)
  kirk_0035c Campers cooking near cars. kirk_0035c.jpg (306897 bytes)
  kirk_0036 Chimney Rock

kirk_0036.jpg (433576 bytes)

  kirk_0037 "To Tuckaseegee Gorge"

kirk_0037.jpg (496560 bytes)

  kirk_0038 "CMC to Schumont: Dan Walton Nichols"

kirk_0038.jpg (202439 bytes)

  kirk_0039 Square dancing

kirk_0039.jpg (232892 bytes)

  kirk_0040 Couples square dancing

kirk_0040.jpg (252393 bytes)

  kirk_0041 Dan Walton posing on top of rock

kirk_0041.jpg (605079 bytes)

  kirk_0042 View of river and lake in valley kirk_0042.jpg (210677 bytes)
  kirk_0043 View of distant bald kirk_0043.jpg (439622 bytes)
  kirk_0044 Man on side of road near pole kirk_0044.jpg (197664 bytes)
  kirk_0045 Devil's Fork Gap, NC State Line: Two men at trailhead kirk_0045.jpg (654155 bytes)
  kirk_0046 Hikers resting in shade on rocks kirk_0046.jpg (292152 bytes)
  kirk_0047 Unidentified log cabin kirk_0047.jpg (527130 bytes)
  kirk_0048 Group photo near small building kirk_0048.jpg (506278 bytes)
  kirk_0049 Hikers resting around small fire kirk_0049.jpg (421891 bytes)
  kirk_0050 Candid photo of people and mountain view kirk_0050.jpg (177152 bytes)
  kirk_0051 Group photo in wooded area kirk_0051.jpg (256196 bytes)
  kirk_0052 Hikers sitting near base of waterfall.  Bernard Elias second from right.

kirk_0052.jpg (803290 bytes)

  kirk_0053 Costumed square dancing

kirk_0053.jpg (314128 bytes)

  kirk_0054 Hikers sitting beneath trees and enjoying scenic view

kirk_0054.jpg (876097 bytes)

  kirk_0055 Group photo on side of dirt road #1

kirk_0055.jpg (367112 bytes)

  kirk_0056 Group photo on side of dirt road #2 kirk_0056.jpg (306187 bytes)
  kirk_0057 Group photo on side of dirt road #3 kirk_0057.jpg (287270 bytes)
  kirk_0058 Hikers resting on slope kirk_0058.jpg (598929 bytes)
  kirk_0059 Group photo on steps of cabin kirk_0059.jpg (524468 bytes)
  kirk_0060 Group photo on grassy, flowered slope kirk_0060.jpg (160767 bytes)
  kirk_0061 Three women beside small waterfall

kirk_0061.jpg (676484 bytes)

  kirk_0062 "Inspiration Point" with large waterfall

kirk_0062.jpg (550184 bytes)

  kirk_0063 Dead tree

kirk_0063.jpg (409727 bytes)

  kirk_0064 View of distant ridge peak

kirk_0064.jpg (107160 bytes)

  kirk_0065 "To Tuckaseegee Gorge:" Cabin and fenced pasture kirk_0065.jpg (252782 bytes)
  kirk_0066 3 people and car

kirk_0066.jpg (258352 bytes)

  kirk_0067 Hikers descending mountain trail kirk_0067.jpg (206247 bytes)
  kirk_0068 Hikers relaxing on rocks near small waterfall

kirk_0068.jpg (281326 bytes)

  kirk_0069 Hikers resting in mountain field kirk_0069.jpg (481464 bytes)
  kirk_0070 Group photo in front of trees.  Bernard Elias to far right, shirtless. kirk_0070.jpg (471680 bytes)
  kirk_0071 Woman offering a hand on steep rocks

kirk_0071.jpg (523532 bytes)

  kirk_0072 Whitewater Falls on forested slope kirk_0072.jpg (463016 bytes)
  kirk_0073 Hikers at top of small waterfall kirk_0073.jpg (249881 bytes)
  kirk_0074 Hikers on mountainside trail kirk_0074.jpg (294288 bytes)
  kirk_0075 Hikers sitting on rocks near waterfall  [Linville Gorge ?]

kirk_0075.jpg (510105 bytes)

  kirk_0076 Hiker posing in front of waterfall  [Linville Gorge ?]

kirk_0076.jpg (512556 bytes)

  kirk_0077 Hikers taking a break

kirk_0077.jpg (239097 bytes)

  kirk_0078 Man hiking Blue Ridge trail

kirk_0078.jpg (628567 bytes)

  kirk_0079 Trees and stumps on mountainside kirk_0079.jpg (343920 bytes)
  kirk_0080 View of distant mountains

kirk_0080.jpg (172809 bytes)

  kirk_0081 Woman leaning on overlook railing

kirk_0081.jpg (337431 bytes)

  kirk_0082 Man walking along cable fence on ridge

kirk_0082.jpg (174614 bytes)

  kirk_0083 View of mountains through nearby trees

kirk_0083.jpg (393944 bytes)

  kirk_0084 Hikers sitting in meadow

kirk_0084.jpg (550546 bytes)

  kirk_0085 Small mountain buildings

kirk_0085.jpg (1448764 bytes)

  kirk_0086 Group photo near sparse hillside

kirk_0086.jpg (247909 bytes)

  kirk_0087 View of trees and distant mountains kirk_0087.jpg (365190 bytes)
  kirk_0088 People exploring mountain homestead kirk_0088.jpg (301774 bytes)
  kirk_0089 Hikers resting beneath tree kirk_0089.jpg (323036 bytes)
  kirk_0090 Group photo in front of "Turnpike" building kirk_0090.jpg (401646 bytes)
  kirk_0091 Hikers walking in fenced pastureland

kirk_0092.jpg (1038764 bytes)

  kirk_0092 Hikers near top of small waterfall kirk_0092.jpg (260840 bytes)
  kirk_0093 Hikers on rocky road kirk_0093.jpg (290702 bytes)
  kirk_0094 Hikers seated on long wooden staircase  [Chimney Rock ?]

kirk_0094.jpg (202598 bytes)

  kirk_0095 Trail maintenance

kirk_0095.jpg (238547 bytes)

  kirk_0096 Hikers on dirt road kirk_0096.jpg (230389 bytes)
  kirk_0097 Hikers posing in front of grassy hillside kirk_0097.jpg (131689 bytes)
  kirk_0098 Hikers resting against split rail fence

kirk_0098.jpg (304330 bytes)

  kirk_0099 Couple posing amidst group of picnickers #1 kirk_0099.jpg (255091 bytes)
  kirk_00100 Couple posing amidst group of picnickers #2

kirk_0100.jpg (212227 bytes)

  kirk_0101a People hiking on mountain road kirk_0101a.jpg (220678 bytes)
  kirk_0101b View of mountain slope kirk_0101b.jpg (171620 bytes)
  kirk_0101c View of valley and distant mountains #1 kirk_0101c.jpg (142490 bytes)
  kirk_0101d Couple posing in front of scenic view kirk_0101d.jpg (145636 bytes)
  kirk_0101e View of valley and distant mountains #2 kirk_0101e.jpg (128438 bytes)
  kirk_0101f Group of hikers posing for photo #1 kirk_0101f.jpg (271707 bytes)
  kirk_0101g Group of hikers posing for photo #2 kirk_0101g.jpg (262749 bytes)
  kirk_0101h Group of hikers posing for photo #3 kirk_0101h.jpg (250661 bytes)
  kirk_0101i View of Asheville #1 (1940's -1950's) kirk_0101i.jpg (161774 bytes)
  kirk_0101j View of Asheville #2 (1940's -1950's) kirk_0101j.jpg (162262 bytes)
  kirk_0101k View of Asheville #3 (1940's -1950's) kirk_0101k.jpg (167358 bytes)
  kirk_0101l View of Asheville #4 (1940's -1950's) kirk_0101l.jpg (181910 bytes)
  kirk_0101m Couple hiking along road

kirk_0101m.jpg (251814 bytes)

  kirk_0102a Hikers seated on forest slope #1(1940s-1950s) kirk_0102a.jpg (209029 bytes)
  kirk_0102b Hikers seated on forest slope #2(1940s-1950s)

kirk_0102b.jpg (259563 bytes)

  kirk_0103 People seated on log railing (1940s-1950s) kirk_0103.jpg (226602 bytes)
  kirk_0104 Hikers in field (1940s-1950s) kirk_0104.jpg (139371 bytes)
  kirk_0105 Hikers on rocky slope (1940s-1950s)

kirk_0105.jpg (213550 bytes)

  kirk_0106 Lone hiker on wooded road (1940s-1950s) kirk_0106.jpg (205236 bytes)
  kirk_0107 View of mountains and trees (1958) kirk_0107.jpg (155961 bytes)
  kirk_0108 Fontana Dam (1940s-1950s) kirk_0108.jpg (234887 bytes)
  kirk_0109 Scenic view beyond barbed wire fence (1940s-1950s) kirk_0109.jpg (244353 bytes)
  kirk_0110 Trees by water's edge (1940)

kirk_0110.jpg (217400 bytes)

  kirk_0111 People seated on cabin's front porch. Bernard Elias seated to far left on porch railing. kirk_0111.jpg (484039 bytes)
  kirk_0112a Rocky waterfall (1940s-1950s)

kirk_0112a.jpg (211276 bytes)

  kirk_0112b Grassy meadow (1940s-1950s) kirk_0112b.jpg (211047 bytes)
  kirk_0112c Hikers resting on rock and enjoying view (1940s-1950s) kirk_0112c.jpg (143251 bytes)
  kirk_0112d Man and car (1940s-1950s) kirk_0112d.jpg (159441 bytes)
  kirk_0112e Trail maintenance crew resting (1940s-1950s) kirk_0112e.jpg (283101 bytes)
  kirk_0112f Multi-level rocky waterfall (1940s-1950s) kirk_0112f.jpg (227322 bytes)
  kirk_0113 Couples posing in front of mountain view (1940s-1950s) kirk_0113.jpg (123352 bytes)
  kirk_0114 Young woman and turkeys (1940s-1950s) kirk_0114.jpg (173359 bytes)