Mungo Photo Album

Note: Image/Item # Corresponds to Page Numbers in Photo Album. All Titles in Quotations are Mungo's Handwritten Titles and Notes.

Box 1 Scrapbook
Item # Description Thumbnail
1 Cover no image   no image
1 page 1 mung0001 Drawing of William Patrick Mungo's military itinerary starting in Columbia, South Carolina through New York City, Panama Canal, San Francisco, Hawaii, Midway Island, Wake Island, Guam, and the Philippine Islands, including Manila.
1 page 2 mung0002 Picture (1) Center: "Hawaiian Sunset, one nite out."
1 page 3 mung0003 Picture (1) Center: Untitled.
1 page 4 mung0004 Picture (1) Center: "Escort from Manila, P. I. 1940."
1 page 5 mung0005 Pictures (2) "Hawaii 1940." Left: Sunset Reflections-Hawaiian Islands. Right: Palms and Rice Fields.
1 page 6 mung0006 Picture (1) Center: "Escort out of Manila Bay P. I.."
1 page 7 mung0007 Pictures (4) "1940." Top Left: "Royal Hawaiian Hotel." Top Right: "Pearl Harbor." Bottom Left: "Surf." Bottom Right: "Grass Hut."
1 page 8 mung0008 Pictures (2) Top: U.S. Army Transport Miraflores Lake, Panama Canal. Bottom: China Clipper Ship-Pearl Harbor, Oahu.
1 page 9 mung0009 Picture (1) Center: "Jungle, Pangasinan P.I. 1939."
1 page 10 mung0010 Pictures (4) Top Left: "Honolulu, T.H. 1940." Top Right: "Honolulu T. H. 1940." Bottom Left: "Surf Riding." Bottom Right: "Diamond Head."
1 page 11 mung0011 Picture (1) Center: "A goodly Bath P.I. 1939."
1 page 12 mung0012 Pictures (3) "Hawaii 1939." Top Left: "Hilo Hattie." Top Right: "Climber." Bottom: "Rice Fields."
1 page 13 mung0013 Picture (1) Center: Co. "H", Thirty First U.S. Infantry Capt. Ruth (C.O.), 1st Lt. Cooke, Act. 1st Sgt. Barrett, Philippine Islands, Oct., 1939.
1 page 14 mung0014 Pictures (2) Top: Windward Oahu. Bottom: Moanalua Gardens Honolulu.
1 page 15 mung0015 Image Missing-"U.S.A.T. Grant Manila 1940."  
1 page 16 mung0016 Pictures (2) Top: Niuanu Pali, Honolulu. Bottom: Hawaiian Sunset thru the Palms.
1 page 17 mung0017 Picture (1) Center: "River Crossing P.I. 1939."
1 page 18 mung0018 Pictures (3) "Hawaii." Top Left: "Theatre interior." Top Right: "R.H. Hotel." Bottom: "Blowhole."
1 page 19 mung0019 Picture (1) Center: "Manila Hotel. P.I. 1940."
1 page 20 mung0020 Pictures (3) "Aloha Tower 39" Top Left: Aloha Tower. Top Right: Aloha Tower. Bottom: Philippine Sunset.
1 page 21 mung0021 Picture (1) Center: "Jungle Philippines."
1 page 22 mung0022 Pictures (3) "Philippines 1939-1940." Left: "Taxi." Center: "Mt. Engeget P.I. 1934." Right: "Dock."
1 page 23 mung0023 Pictures (6) Top Left: "P.I. School boys San Carlos Pangasinan P.I.." Top Center: "Observation." Top Right: "Cobra." Bottom Left:: Untitled. Bottom Center: "Escort." Bottom Right: "Cobra."
1 page 24 mung0024 Pictures (4) Top Left: "Admirers of the Army-1st Sgt. H. P. Stone Co. H 31st Infantry." Top Right: "China Sea Sunset." Bottom Left: "U.S.A.T. Grant's Funnel." Bottom Right: "Drill."
1 page 25 mung0025 Pictures (6) Top Left: "P.I. Pathway 1939." Top Center: "Messhall P.I. Nichols Fld.." Top Right: "Jose Rizal Philippine Patriot." Bottom Left: "Drill." Bottom Center: "Castoff." Bottom Right: "Portside."
1 page 26 mung0026 Picture (1) Center; "Pacific at Sunset."
1 page 27 mung0027 Pictures (6) Top Left: "Bathing on War Games Pangasinan P.I. 1939." Top Center: "Scouts Out." Top Right: "Halt." Bottom Left: "Flame Trees." Bottom Center: "Transportation." Bottom Right: "Latrine."
1 page 28 mung0028 Pictures (3) Top: "Lieut. Cooke at Ease." Center: "Aft Mast U.S.A.T. Grant at Sea." Bottom: "Scrub up."
1 page 29 mung0029 Pictures (6) Top Left: "Fish Trap." Top Right: "Nipa Shack." Center Left: "Escort in China Sea." Center Right: "Escort in China Sea." Bottom Left: ""Me" and lil' friends." Bottom Right: "Mess Hall.'
1 page 30 mung0030 Top Left: "1st Sgt. H.P. Stone-Share." Top Right: "Jungle." Center Left: "River Crossing." Center Right: "River Crossing." Bottom Left: "Washday." Bottom Right: ""Poker"."
1 page 31 mung0031 Pictures (5) Top: "Philippine Sunset." Center Left: "Manila Bay." Center Right: "Nipa Hut." Bottom Left: "Manila Hotel." Bottom Right: "Swimmin' hole."
1 page 32 mung0032 Pictures (6) Top Left: "USAT Grant Manila 1940." Top Right: "Time Clock at 3:00 P.M. Daily-"He Trumpets"." Center Left: "Pasig River thru Manila." Center Right: "Nichols Field." Bottom Left: "Chow Line." Bottom Right: "Jungles."
1 page 33 mung0033 Pictures (6) Top Left: "Nichols Field." Top Right: "Moving Day." Center Left: "Binnybouy."  Center Right: "Sgt. Barrett on Hand Bridge. " Bottom Left: "River Crossing." Bottom Right: "Estade Mayor."
1 page 34 mung0034 Pictures (3) Top: "Beverly 1940." Center: "Beverly-10, Charlie Boy-2, Ralph-7." Bottom: "Beverly & Charlie Boy.'
1 page 35 mung0035 Pictures (3) Top: "N.C. Sunset." Center: "Hughes-Wilson." Bottom: "Veteran's Hospital Oteen, N.C.."
1 page 36 mung0036 Picture (1) Center: "Dr. V.Z. Estrin-A damn Good Surgeon, plus."
1 page 37 mung0037 Pictures (2) Left: Missing "Bim." Right: "Beggar."
1 page 38 mung0038 Pictures (3) Top: "Ralph." Center: "Duke-C.Boy." Bottom: "Beverly."
1 page 39 mung0039 Pictures (3) Left: "C. Boy." Center: "Ruth." Bottom: "Helen."
1 page 40 mung0040 Pictures (2) Top: "Annie Laurie." Center: "Duke-C.Boy." Bottom: Missing "Home."
1 page 41 mung0041 Pictures (3) Top: "Twombly P.I. 39." Center: "Billy Thompson." Bottom: "Billy."
1 page 42 mung0042 Pictures (3) Top: "Norbert-C.Baby." Center: "Helen." Bottom: "Helen-Norbert."
1 page 43 mung0043 Pictures (3) Top: "Norby Butch Jr.." Center: "Norbert Sr.." Bottom: "Helen-Butch."
1 page 44 mung0044 Pictures (2) Top: "Mabel." Bottom: "Ralph-Beverly."
1 page 45 mung0045 Pictures (5) Top Left: "C.Boy & Goat." Top Right: "Ralph & Goat." Center: "Goat, Beverly, C.Boy-Ralph." Bottom Left: "Beverly-C.Boy." Bottom Right: "CBoy-Ralph."
1 page 46 mung0046 Pictures (6) Top Left: "Me & My Gal Mabel." Top Right: "Mabel-Price-Carrie." Center Left: "Mabel-Price-Carrie." Center Right: "Pate-Imogene." Bottom Left: "Pato- Imogene, Mabel, Carrie-Price." Bottom Right: "Imogene-Pate."
1 page 47 mung0047 Picture (1) Center: ""Little John" Mills."
1 page 48 mung0048 Picture (1) Center: "Norbert & Helen."
1 page 49 mung0049 Pictures (3) Left: "Emma-Sadie Claire-Ruth." Center: "Billy-?." Right: "Estado Mayor P.I.."
1 page 50 mung0050 Pictures (2) Top: "Mattie Lee Price." Bottom: "Butch."
1 page 51 mung0051 Pictures (5) Top Left: "Mabel-Hattie." Top Right: "Carrie Hattie." Center: "Phillips-Carrie-"Me"-?-Johnny." Bottom Left: Untitled. Bottom Right: "Mabel & Me."
1 page 52 mung0052 Pictures (3) Top: Untitled. Center: Untitled. Bottom: Untitled-Fred Lewis & Mabel Lewis Mungo.
1 page 53 mung0053 Pictures (4) Top Left: Untitled-Helen? Center: Untitled. Bottom Left: Missing. Bottom Right: Untitled.
1 page 54 mung0054 Picture (1) Center: Untitled-Mabel Lewis Mungo.