News Clips - National Climatic Data Center
    Airport story.- "Agency Now Here Played Key Role in Development of U.S. Airports." Airport story.jpg (540830 bytes)
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    Card Conversion  - Space-saving Device Transfers Data From Bulky Cards Onto Compact Film (Asheville Citizen Times) Card Conversion.jpg (3526180 bytes)
    Computers -  "5,000 Brainpower Device Will Be Replace Here" Computer Article.jpg (4225368 bytes)
    Computer Progress - "Outmoded By Progress" Computer progress.jpg (490332 bytes)
    FOSDIC FOSDIC.jpg (3300526 bytes)
    IGY - "Weather Center to Get Data For Geophysical Year" IGY1.jpg (1953019 bytes)
    IGY = "West German IGY Leader Confers Here." IGY2.jpg (2740816 bytes)
    Marine Atlas - "Compiling Atlas of Ocean Weather Data Was Agency's first Big Task" Marine Atlas.jpg (3805538 bytes)
    NCDC Arrives - The Asheville Times banner with announcement of the arrival of the National Climatic Data Center. NCDC arrives.jpg (937944 bytes)
    Pakistanis - "Pakistan Meteorologist Studies Procedures Here."  Asheville Citizen Times, Asheville, NC, October 4, 1959 Pakistanis.jpg (2295874 bytes)
    Board of Civil Service Examiners come to Asheville to administer the civil service exams for employment at the National Climatic Data Center. May 12, 1954 phonearticle.jpg (3803548 bytes)
    WMO Meeting - "14 Nation Climatology Meet Under Way at Records Center." WMO Meet.jpg (3542051 bytes)
    Weather Map - " A World Weather Map ..."   Asheville Citizen times September 29, 1957. Wx Map.jpg (2620413 bytes)
    Weather Unit - "Weather Unit Is Added Here." Wx Unit.jpg (4878296 bytes)