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"All aboard for Cedar Mountain." June 29, '05, (rivesP1), Ora Rives Collection,
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Title Ora Rives Collection
Identifier http://toto.lib.unca.edu/findingaids/photo/rives/default_rives.htm
Creator Hattie Hill [?]
Alt. Creator Ora Rives
Subject Keyword : Ora Rives ;  Mr. Rives ; Mrs. Hill ; Mr. Hill ; Florence Powell ; Croswell boys ; Henderson boys ; Ben ... ; Mary ... ; Hattie Hill [?] ; Toxaway ; Highlands, NC ; French Broad river ; Fairview Lake ; Carley's Creek ; Brevard, NC ; Hogback Mountain ; Sapphire ; Cashiers ; Whiteside Mountain ; Grimshaw's ; Cedar Mountain ; Chimney Top Mountain
Subject LCSH : Rives, Ora 
Powell, Florence
Cedar Mountain, N.C.
Appalachian mountains -- Description and travel
Brevard, N.C.
Sapphire, N.C.
Highlands, N.C.
Camping -- Equipment and supplies
Date Original  
Date Digital 2001-05-27
Publisher D.H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Asheville 28804
Contributor Sarah Ann Eller
Type Collection ; Image (photographs)
Format 1 folder ; photocopy of journal ; scanned and manipulated images from photo album ; 1 CD-ROM with 43 tiff images and 43 jpeg images.
Source P01.4
Language English
Relation Annie Rives Nicholson Collection (1913-1950's) ; Related to R.H. Scadin Photograph Collection. See, Grimshaw's.
Coverage 1905 ; Western North Carolina
Rights Any display, publication, or public use must credit the D.H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Asheville. Copyright retained by the creators of certain items in the collection, or their descendents, as stipulated by United States copyright law.
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The collection takes its name from the Rives family who donated the collection materials. In 1905 the Rives and the Hill families came to Cedar Mountain from Aiken, SC for their annual summer stay. They generally spent the months of April to October in Cedar Mountain to escape the lowland heat. While at their summer homes in Cedar Mountain, the families joined in a camping trip to the Toxaway region near Cashiers and Highlands, in western North Carolina. One member of the Hill family, Hattie, an amateur photographer recorded the camping trip and assembled the photographs in an album. She also wrote a brief JOURNAL to accompany the photos. The photo album of 44 images and the journal comprise the Ora Rives collection. The journal, though brief, contains detailed descriptions of the daily activities of the camping party and of camping processes. Some photographs record activities either before or after the camping trip. The original photographs and journal have been retained by the Rives family and the collection is in facsimile only. The D.H. Ramsey Library is appreciative of the opportunity to reproduce this collection for its users.

Acquisition 2001-05-20
Citation Ora Rives Collection, 1905,  D.H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, University of North Carolina  Asheville
  "Travel: A Family Tradition" - Interview of descendent of the Rives family and paper derived from the interview  prepared by Jaya Dorf  while a student at UNC Asheville.
Processed by Special Collections staff,  2001
Last updated 2001-05-28
Series Photograph album
  Photocopy of Journal "The Camping Trip Thro' Toxaway Country"
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  "Travel: A Family Tradition" -  By Jaya Dorf.  [Reprinted with permission]  Student essay describing the Rives summer travel tradition and the history of the photographic collection by  members of the Rives-Nicholson family.


Box/folder Item Description       Thumbnail
P01.1.1 1 Photocopy of journal, "The Camping Trip Thro' Toxaway Country"
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         .2 rive_01 "All aboard for Cedar Mountain." June 29, '05 p01.jpg (98754 bytes)
  rive_02 "Jim Wise and his family." June 29, '05 rive002a.jpg (71038 bytes)
  rive_03 "The first night in camp." June 29, '05 p03d.jpg (175160 bytes)
  rive_04 "A relic of by-gone days." July 1, '05 rive004.jpg (140613 bytes)
  rive_05 "The only one of its kind." July 1, '05 p05.jpg (77998 bytes)
  rive_06 "The camp which was located in a beautiful pasture." July 2, '05 p06.jpg (84025 bytes)
  rive_07 "A view of the Saluda river." July 4, '05 p07.jpg (106725 bytes)
  rive_08 "Hide-away." August 6, '05 p08.jpg (102329 bytes)
  rive_09 "Faith Chapel." July 31, '05 rive009.jpg (455468 bytes)
  rive_010 "Caesar's Head." July 31, '05 p10.jpg (100616 bytes)
  rive_011 "In the 'mouth'." July, 1905 p11.jpg (72159 bytes)
  rive_012 "Chanie at the spring." July 31, '05 p12.jpg (112805 bytes)
  rive_013 "The old grist mill." Aug. 5, '05 p13.jpg (86473 bytes)
  rive_014 "Not exactly modern." Aug. 5, '05 [damaged] rive014.jpg (377873 bytes)
  rive_015 "Miller Burns." Aug. 5, '05 rive015.jpg (79461 bytes)
  rive_016 "The mill wheel." July 17, '05 p16.jpg (91496 bytes)
  rive_017 "Snaking logs." July 17, '05 p17.jpg (114335 bytes)
  rive_018 "Hattie on her white charger." Aug. 9, '05 p18.jpg (111356 bytes)
  rive_019 "There lingers not a breeze to break
The mirror which its waters make." Aug. 4, '05
p19.jpg (143649 bytes)
          .3 rive_020 "The jolly picnicers." Aug. 1, '05 p20.jpg (115612 bytes)
  rive_021 "A very modest party." Aug. 1, '05 p21.jpg (24022 bytes)
  rive_022 "A rattling good time we had." Aug. 1, '05 p22.jpg (112276 bytes)
  rive_023 "Where quiet waters flow." July, 1905 p23.jpg (102274 bytes)
  rive_024 "Among the Hemlocks." July 25, '05 p24.jpg (103325 bytes)
  rive_025 "A view from Hogback Mt." July 25, '05 p25.jpg (77005 bytes)
  rive_026 "'The Lodge' - Hogback Mt." July 25, '05 p26.jpg (85231 bytes)
  rive_027 "The campers on Hogback Mt." July 25,'05 p27.jpg (90264 bytes)
  rive_028 "Across Fairfield valley." July [?],'05 p28.jpg (67639 bytes)
  rive_029 "The distance lends enchantment to the view." July 25, '05 rive029.jpg (262275 bytes)
  rive_030 "Camp Comfort." July 25, '05 p30.jpg (101126 bytes)
  rive_031 "Whiteside Mt. from Chimney Top Mt." July 26, '05 p31.jpg (48400 bytes)
  rive_032 "Hogback Mt. from Chimney Top Mt." July 26, '05 p32.jpg (42126 bytes)
  rive_033 "Climbing Chimney Top Mt." July 26, '05 p33a.jpg (56098 bytes)
  rive_034 "'The Nose' - Whiteside Mt." July 27. '05 p34.jpg (95437 bytes)
  rive_035 "Whiteside Camp." July 27, '05 p35.jpg (72727 bytes)
  rive_036 "The Grimsahw's Home." July 27, '05 rive036.jpg (75697 bytes)
  rive_037 "Fairfield Lake." July 29, '05 rive037.jpg (11640 bytes)
  rive_038 "Across Lake Toxaway." July 28, '05 rive038.jpg (29983 bytes)
  rive_039 "Hogback Mt. across Lake Toxaway." July 28, '05 rive_039.jpg (106882 bytes)
  rive_040 "The last day in camp." July 29, '05 rive040_copy.jpg (21280 bytes)
  rive_041 "Homeward bound." July 29, '05 rive041.jpg (70661 bytes)
  rive_042 "The girls turn in the wagon." July 29, '05 rive042.jpg (93797 bytes)
  rive_043 [No caption - View Caesar's Head cliff] p43.jpg (58574 bytes)

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