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Holladay  Collection of John B. Robinson Photographs 


 "William Jennings Bryan, Fred Seely and Party," Holladay Collection of John B. Robinson Photographs,
D.H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, UNC Asheville
Title Holladay Collection of  John B. Robinson Photographs
Alt. Title Stephen B. Holladay Collection of John B. Robinson Photographs
Identifier http://toto.lib.unca.edu/findingaids/photo/robinson/robinson_default.htm
Creator John B. Robinson
Alt. Creator Stephen B. Holladay
Subject Keyword : John B. Robinson  ; Western North Carolina ; landscape ; travel and tourism ; Jefferson Davis ; Stephen B. Holladay ; Asheville, NC ; travel and tourism ; vacations ; Chimney Rock, NC  ; Madison County, NC ; Marshall, NC ; Grove Park Inn ; Hackney & Moale Company ; Washington, DC ; Biltmore Estate ; Indians ; New Jersey ; Florida ; The Manor ; lakes ; Burnsville, NC ; Dixie Lee McKinney ; Union Station, Washington, DC ; Capitol Building, Washington, DC ; The White House, Washington, DC ; Buck Spring, Mt. Pisgah ;  Bradenton, FL ; Washington, DC ; Patton Avenue, Asheville, NC ; Woodrow Wilson ; William Jennings Bryan ; Fred Seely ; Evelyn Seely ; automobility ;Library of Congress, Washington DC ;
Subject LCSH : Robinson, John B.
Holladay, Stephen B.
Bryan, William Jennings
Asheville, (N.C.)
Marshall, (N.C.)
Madison County, (N.C.)
Davis, Jefferson 
Asheville (N.C.) -- Pictorial works
Asheville (N.C.) -- History -- Pictorial works
Asheville (N.C.) -- Description and travel
Asheville (N.C.) Photography
Date 2006-09-27
Publisher D.H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Asheville 28804
Contributor Stephen Holladay
Type Collection ; Image ;
Format c. 2500 photographic prints and negatives ;
Source P10-2 , P10-3 [old location number]
Language English
Relation Is related to: Biltmore Industries Archive, D.H Ramsey Library Special Collections, UNCA ; Grove Park Inn Photographs , D.H. Ramsey Library Special Collections, UNCA ; Le Compte Postcard Collection, D.H. Ramsey Library Special Collections, UNCA .
Coverage Temporal 1890's - 1958
Coverage Spatial Asheville, NC ; western North Carolina ; New Jersey ; Florida ; North Carolina ; Washington, DC
Rights Any display, publication, or public use must credit the D.H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Asheville. Copyright retained by the creators of certain items in the collection, or their descendents, as stipulated by United States copyright law.  
Donor Donor number 16
Description The Holladay Collection of John B. Robinson Photographs includes most of the extant photographic work of John B. Robinson, who worked in western North Carolina from 1913-1958, as well as Robinson's Collection of post cards and a number of non-photographic items of Robinson memorabilia. Half or more of the photographic material consists of Robinson's personal file of family portraits, candid snapshots of friends and children, documentation of vacation trips, and the like. Much of it is of considerable value as a record of cultural style. The balance of the material consists of photographs of events Robinson thought worthy of documentation i.e.: the inauguration of President Wilson, the campaign of William Jennings Bryan, studies of individual buildings, cityscapes and landscapes, many of which Robinson published as postcards. Gathered by Stephen Holladay and given to UNC Asheville in 1977, the current collection represents only a fraction of the total work produced by Robinson.
Acquisition 1977-008-16
Citation Stephen Holladay Collection of the John B. Robinson Photographs, D.H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Asheville 28804
Processed by Special Collections staff,  2001, 2009
Last update 2009-04-24 KC ; 2012-05-23 HP

Notes accompanying the photographs:

Holladay Collection:  Initial Inventory

At the time of acquisition the following explanation of notations were made by a regional photographer, Jefferson Davis:  

For the purposes of the preliminary inventory, the Robinson's original groupings of the photographs and negatives have been preserved, that they might be of later use in determining chronological relationships between items in the collection. The number immediately to the left of the margin line, then, simply identifies one of these groups within the collection. The figures to the left of that number specify the types of quantities of materials in the group. N=Negative, P=Print, Nx=no negative, Px=no print, so NP or PN=negative-and-print, a matching pair, NPx=Negative to which the print is missing, and PNx=Print to which the negative is missing. The notes to the right of the margin line give the date of the group, when given on the original container, and the processer, when known (the changes in the name of Robinson's store may help us date some items in the collection), & any other description by the Robinsons of the photographs (in quotation marks) and brief notes as to the apparent subjects of the various photographs in the group. Thus, 6PN/2PNx/1NPx32 undated (Robinson 30 Patton Ave.) "The Camp Jas & Hickory" N.B. bicycle decorated with flags. means that group #32 contained 6 prints with matching negatives, 2 prints without negatives, and 1 negative without a matching print; the group was not dated but was processed by Robinson when his store was called simply "Robinson's," and located at 30 Patton Avenue. The envelope in which the group was contained was marked with the description "The Camp Jas & Hickory," and I thought the photographs in the group of the boy on a bicycle decorated with flags were somehow noteworthy--and wouldn't have been suspected from the Robinsons' description.  

A question mark, of course, means that the type of information appropriate to that place in the notation was lacking on the original container. Many of the groups were not identified as to date or processor. Good luck.

Notes by Jeff Davis  6 Dec. 1977

Item List
Box Folder Description Thumbnail
Subjects:  Pisgah Forest road ; William Jennings Bryan ; Woodrow Wilson ; automobiles ; Fred Seely ;

robi_a_001_mod.jpg (2724459 bytes)

Subjects:  Landscapes--Mt. Mitchell, Mt. Pisgah, Craggy Clingman's Dome, etc.--Woodland trails  [25 photographs] ; Big Tom ;

robi_b_001_mod.jpg (390679 bytes)

Subjects: Lakes ; rivers ; streams ; Swannanoa River ;Toe River ; French Broad ; Kunuga Lake ; Shoal Lake, (Yancey Co.) etc. [22 photographs]

robi_c_001_mod.jpg (772331 bytes)

Subjects: Buildings, Vanderbilt (D-1-13) Lodge on Mt. Pisgah, old grist mills, cabins, etc. school house, riverside pub, Kenilworth Inn ruins  ; Riverside Park ; French Broad River ; Buck Spring Lodge ; [28 photographs]

robi_d_002_mod.jpg (736431 bytes)

Subjects:  Group & individual portraits, many in exotic landscapes, some with cars   ; Manor Inn ; Charlotte Street ; [38 photographs]

Robi_a_002_mod.jpg (635141 bytes)

Mt. Mitchell, Mt. Pisgah, Craggy Clingman's Dome, etc. ; mountains ;

robi_b_003_mod.jpg (363366 bytes)

Subjects: Buildings in Washington, D.C.

Robi_c_002_mod.jpg (570046 bytes)

Subjects: Ohio River Ferry Boat

Robi_d_002_mod.jpg (476047 bytes)

Subjects: Construction of Grove Park Inn, Mountain Meadows Inn, Smithsonian Museum, various Washington, DC buildings

Robi_e_002_mod.jpg (481143 bytes)

Subjects: Animals -- ostriches, elephants.

Robi_f_004_mod.jpg (388588 bytes)

Subejcts: Robinson self-portraits

Robi_g_004_mod.jpg (516707 bytes)

Subjects: Landscapes, portraits, photos without captions

robi137_002_mod.jpg (607753 bytes)

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