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Walter Julius Damtoft - Bibliography

Biography Born in Southport, Connecticut, on 11 November 1890, Walter Julius Damtoft's parents were Danish immigrants. He graduated from Bridgeport High School in 1907 and from the Sheffield Scientific School of Yale University in 1910. He followed his Bachelor of Philosophy degree with a Master of Forestry degree in 1911, also from Yale. Honorary degrees were given to Damtoft from both the Biltmore School of Forestry and from North Carolina State College. Following his graduation from Yale, Damtoft took a job with Champion Fibre Company near Asheville, North Carolina. He was hired as an industrial forester, one of the first in the South and then made his way in other administrative posts with Champion, including that of vice president and general manager for the company's subsidiary offices in Asheville. He left the company briefly for a position in Washington, D.C as the acting director of the Forest Products Division of the Office of Price Stabilization, but soon returned to Asheville where he continued his work with Champion as the Assistant Secretary-Treasurer and the Director of the General Woods Department. Damtoft lost his first wife to the 1918 flu epidemic and remarried Dorothy Atkinson. They had two children.

He actively participated in professional societies and organizations related to forestry. As president of the Southern Pulpwood Conservation Association and as vice president of the Forest Farmers Association and vice president of American Forest Products Industries, Inc., he was held in esteem by his peers. His selection as the Director of the American Forestry Association and as director of the Southern Industrial Relations Conference were well-deserved positions he achieved late in his career and were testimony to his stature in the profession. 

His civic endeavors were equally impressive. Damtoft served as Chairman of the Asheville Housing Authority, as a trustee for Mission Hospital, as Chair of the District Board of Appeal of the Selective Service System and as a member of the North Carolina Board of Conservation and Development. He was invited to be the general chairman of the Southern Governor's Conference and to serve on the Board of Managers of Wachovia Bank and Trust Company.  His work as the president of the North Carolina Industrial Council and as the Director of the Asheville Chamber of Commerce are well-known in the western North Carolina region. 

Damtoft's death at the age of 86 ended a long and illustrious career.

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