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Mississippi Records Illustrated Discography, MR-001 to MR-050

Eclectic independent record label named after the record store located in Portland, Oregon, Mississippi Records specializes in vinyl reissues of American roots, blues, gospel, art punk, and world music, among other recorded obscurities.

This discography, which is no longer being maintained after 12/31/2009, was created by Bryan Sinclair (sinclair.bryan at gmail dot com), Associate University Librarian for Public Services at UNC Asheville, who has no affiliation with the label or record store.


Mississippi Records (the label) is a joint venture of Warren Hill and Eric Isaacson. Hill operates out of his shop, Backroom Records & Pastries, located at 5912 Rue St. Urbain (back alley entrance), Montreal, Quebec H2T2X5. Issacson owns and operates Mississippi Records, the namesake record store, located at 4009 N. Mississippi Ave., Portland, Oregon 97227. For information about purchasing any of the records listed here, email the Mississippi Records Mail Order service at mississippirecordsmailorder at gmail dot com

Radio interview with Eric Isaacson from Down Home Radio Show

Interview with Warren Hill from Montreal-area newsweekly Hour.ca

Kurt Reighley's 12/18/08 column for No Depression

J. Spaceman on the "Strange and Beautiful Canon," from Vice magazine


MR-001 - Desire (LP), by Duck Duck Gray Duck.
Solo project from multi-instrumentalist/singer/
songwriter/producer/recording engineer Alex Yusimov who has performed and recorded with The Locust, Dolly Ranchers, Jalopaz, and as a backing musician for K records recording artist Mirah (Zeitlin). Features guest musicians from Jeannie Reno Trio, Dolly Ranchers, Load recording artists Impractical Cockpit, K artists Old Time Relijun, Empty artists Dark Skies, and a previously unreleased collaboration with Mirah. "...features thirty-one fabulous musicians that breathe life into its many arrangements, from up-tempo tunes to ballads."

Side A
1. Desire (3:28) Featuring Katie Grear
2. The Day The Town Of Asheville Stopped The Music (3:38)
3. The Road More Travelled (3:06) Featuring The Dolly Ranchers
4. Jack Elrod (3:22)
5. The Ballad Of The Vixen Lord (3:24) Sung and co-written by Mirah Zeitlin
Side B
1. Nelly Bluehood (3:13)
2. Back To Me (3:30)
3. Song For Jason Vannice To Sing (3:30) Featuring Jeannie Reno Trio
4. The End Of The Line (2:45)
5. Reality Check (3:49) Featuring Jeannie Reno Trio


MR-002 - Life During Wartime-The Troubles (Cassette), by Erin Yankee.


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MR-003 - Scary Reality/Nightmare Fantasy: A Retrospective (LP), by Spooky Dance Band. Gatefold double LP retrospective of SDB's short career. Defunct trio which was formed in Bellingham, WA in the late 1990's and eventually relocated to Portland. Includes all of the band's early EPs, along with a batch of unreleased recordings from Portland.

Side A
1. Scary Reality (PDX)
2. Human Being
3. Bloody Popsicle
4. Magnetic Brain
Side B
1. Chemical Reaktion
2. Nightmare Fantasy (B'Ham)
3. Cosmic Dancer (T-Rex)
4. Cedar Fever
Side C
1. Baby's On Fire (Eno)
2. Numbers For Names
3. Sweaty Plastic
4. Ewee Lene
Side D
1. Fandango
2. Scary Reality (B'Ham)
3. Nightmare Fantasy (PDX)


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MR-004 - The Illegal Guardians (Cassette). Cassette-only release of Eric Isaacson's band The Illegal Guardians, a 3-piece punk band that at the time reportedly included a 10-year-old singer.


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MR-005 - Last Kind Words 1926-1953 (LP), by Various Artists. First released in 2006, with subsequent repressings in 2008 and 2009. Selected pre-war blues. First edition featured a paste-on think cardboard jacket (Folkways style). Includes insert with track listing. Cover features artwork by Chris Johanson with lettering by Jo Jackson.

Side A
1. Geechie Wiley - Last Kind Words
2. Kid Prince Moore - Church Bells
3. Robert Petway - Catfish Blues
4. Sister O. M. Terrell - I'm Going to That City (To Die No More)
5. Lottie Kimbrough (The Kansas City Butterball) - Rolling Log
6. Louis McDaniels & Gid Smith - It's Hard to Leave You Sweet Love
7. Lulu Jackson - Careless Love
Side B
1. Robert Wilkins - That's No Way to Get Along
2. The Anglin Brothers - Money Cannot Buy Your Soul
3. Blind Willie & Kate McTell - Don't Let Nobody Turn You 'Round
4. Cannon's Jug Stompers - I'm Going to Germany
5. Isiah Nettles (The Mississippi Moaner) - It's Cold in China
6. Memphis Minnie & Kansas Joe McCoy - I Called You This Morning
7. Edward Clayborn - Death Is Only a Dream





MR-006 - What Are They Doing in Heaven Today? (LP), by Washington Phillips. First edition featured a paste-on think cardboard jacket (Folkways style). Includes insert with reproduced Dolceola advertisement. Cover woodcut by Icky Design. Phillips was a pioneering gospel performer in the 1920s. Born in Texas in 1880, his entire musical catalogue consists of 18 or so unique performances (12 selected here). Recorded between 1927 and 1929, these tracks feature Phillips self-accompanied by an instrument that sounds like a fretless zither. This instrument, which has been variously identified as a Dolceola, a Celestophone, and a Phonoharp (and also is considered by some to be an instrument entirely home-made by Phillips) creates a unique sound that is immediately charming and intriguing. For Phillips' complete recordings consult The Key to the Kingdom (Yazoo CD 2073).

Side A
1. Train Your Child
2. Paul and Silas in Jail
3. I Was Born to Preach the Gospel
4. Mother's Last Word to Her Son
5. You Can't Stop the Tattler - Part 2
6. Take Your Burden to the Lord
Side B
1. What Are They Doing In Heaven Today?
2. Denomination Blues - Part One
3. Denomination Blues - Part Two
4. I Had a Good Mother and Father
5. Lift Him Up, That's All
6. Mother's Last Word to Her Daughter





MR-007 - To Trace a Raveling (LP), by Tara Jane ONeil. Released April 2006. Featuring ONeil (apparently no apostrophe) on guitars, guitar w/screwdriver, bells, wind chimes, melodica, sampler, glockenspiel (toy), singing bowls, drums, electric piano and vocals (Side A). Also featuring Kristina Davies (Side A). Side B mastered by Jon Cohrs. Limited edition of 500 copies issued in screen printed sleeves. Combines two EPs formerly only available on CD: Tracer (originally released by Compass Tone in May 2005) and A Raveling (originally released by Aquarela Discos in February 2006). "...A Raveling is nearly what its title suggests it is: a small loose thread in the collected works of one of [Portland's] best songwriters. It is as consistently stripped-down as anything I’ve heard from ONeil. Here we hear four songs of naked guitar humility and a voice that is, as always, as clear and unshakable as it is fragile and personal. Anything extraneous to that—spare strings, sweet melodica drones—-is, well, extraneous. [...] Yet, the experimentalism is here in marvelous form on the record’s flip side, Tracer, which is essentially one devastatingly beautiful song in three movements. It opens with chiming bells and barely-formed guitar melodies that come together in disparate moments of pure song before dissolving back into extended dissonance and resurfacing again in simple vocal melodies...." - Michael Byrne, Local Cut

Side A / Tracer
1. I
2. II
3. III
Side B / A Raveling
1. All Mine Eyes
2. Don't Slip
3. Pretty D
4. The Phoenix (written by Judee Sill)


MR-008 - Love is Love (LP), by Various Artists.
"The styles of music featured on this LP are: R&B, Highlife, & Dry Guitar Music" (from back cover). A beautiful comp of dug-up treasures from Africa. According to the back cover the fellows at MR "hope to release 3 more compilations of this type of music over the next two years." This time the LP runs on the loose theme of African Highlife, R&B, and guitar-based melodies from Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Kenya, South Africa, Zambia, Nairobi and Tanzania from 1955-1972. The exception is "Chemirocha" (performer unknown) which is "an ode to the yodelin' brakeman, Jimmie Rodgers." This LP had a limited run the first go around, reportedly limited to 300 copies and followed by a second edition of 200. Heavy cardboard sleeve with paste-on photograph of seated musician with guitar. Some copies have photograph pasted on right side.

Side A
1. Alemayno Eshintay - Love Is Love (Ethiopia)
2. S.E. Rogers - Toomus Meremereh Nor Good (Sierra Leone)
3. Peter Tsotsi, Nashil Pichen & The Equator Sound Band - Pole Musa (Kenya)
4. Miss Smodern - S'modern (South Africa)
5. Leribe - Sax Jive (South Africa)
6. William Siwale & Friends - Castle Beer (Zambia)
Side B
1. Jimmy Amukamua - Khukhaua Minyinzi (Kenya)
2. W. John Ondolo - Kerena (Nairobi)
3. George Kazoka - Ulayinda Kubota (Tanzania)
4. W. John Ondolo - Tumshukuru Mungu (Kenya)
5. Elija Ishmael - Jumbe Nipelek Kwetu (Kenya)
6. Unknown Artist - Chemirocha (?)



                                     alternate cover



MR-009/EX-01 - 70s Thai Orchestra (LP), by Thai Orchestra. Split issue with Exiled Records. Released March 2007. All titles and notes in Thai. Hypnotic country molam from Thailand. A rich tapestry of heavy percussion, xylophone, khaen and phin (sort of an electrified Thai guitar) featuring a strong psychedelic groove. This is reportedly a reissue of the Siamese Temple Ball CD from 2000. That CD included these words in faux pidgin English: "Flight comes to Thailand in the Year of the Rat. Siamese Temple Ball provide the lilting soundtrack for a chemical journey. Schoolgirls dance bashfully for the expectant throng. Life continues at a comparatively slow pace away from the rigours of fierce sun-light," which was then followed by the (label's) description: "In the tradition of Sun City Girls, Ya Ho Wha 13, The Spacious Mind, Taj Mahal Travellers, Mu, Word of Life, Group 1850, and Ghost, Siamese Temple Ball give maximum pleasure for thirsty brains." "The music itself is a catchy and mesmerizing steady pulse of various and sundry percussion instruments (metal, wood, skin), hollers, yelps, and rococo melodic lines spun out by tinny electric guitars, xylophones, flutes and Khan (mouth organ)...." - from Aquarius Records review

Side A
1. Untitled
2. Untitled
3. Untitled
Side B
1. Untitled
2. Untitled
3. Untitled




MR-010 - Interacting Cautiously/Mold/Streets (7"), by Red Herring. Portland trio explodes into "an onslaught of high-energy artpunk. Rhythms pulling from bands like the Slits, Raincoats, the Ex, and Dog Faced Hermans with catchy melodies that conjure up '90s Europunk. Features members of the Foreheads, Harum Scarum, the Locust, and Yankee Wuss." - from Rough Trade Shops

Side A - Interacting Cautiously
Side B - Mold Streets

MR-011 - Warning/Building Blocks (7"), by Red Herring.

Side A - Warning
Side B - Building Blocks

MR-012 - What's Lost (LP), by Evolutionary Jass Band. Portland-based jazz explorers. "The last we heard from them was in connection with Paul Dickow's Community Library imprint, and now they're back with this unusually lo-fi collection of Eastern European folk music, somewhere along the same lines as the recent Han Hungar Ensemble album on Leaf. Of course the jass is still there, especially on the second track 'Requiem for Andrew,' but it's accompanied by rather liberally played fiddle, piano, brass and drums.... On the third track 'Lost in the Stars' we even get some vocals in on the mix...." - from Boomkat review

Personnel: Bob Jones (double bass); Michael Hendrickson (drums, percussion); Marisa Anderson (guitar); Jeff Brown (baritone, tenor, soprano saxophones, rhythm guitar on A1); Christine Denkewalter (baritone saxophone, flute, clarinet); Alicia Rogers (trumpet); Jesse Munro Johnson (trumpet); Daphna Kohn (violin, viola, vocals)

Side A
1. It's Okay, It's Time To Go
2. Requiem For Andrew
3. Lost In The Stars
Side B
1. Those Pawns March Into The Light
2. This Is Not The End...


MR-013 - Lipa Kodi Ya City Council (LP), by Various Artists. Released 2007. Contains hard to find R&B, Pop, Highlife, Palm-wine, Jùjú and choral music recorded between 1967 & 1972" (from liner notes). Includes tracks from from Mali, Somalia, Kenya, Zambia, Sierra Leone, others. "Dense propulsive funky drumming, killer old soul jangle riffs, and growled and crooned, sexed-up vocals, complete with JB style "HEY!"s... [also] crooned ballads with simple shuffling rhythms, fluttery flutes and a deep warm velvety voice, festive joyous celebratory jams, with wildly strummed guitars, lush vocal harmonies, wild percussion, dark languorous afroblues; every track here is a gem, some funky and upbeat, others moody and mellow, so fantastic. Fans of the Ethiopiques comps, the recently reviewed Yaala Yaala releases, that killer Ghana Soundz collection, and the Afro Funk Explosion comp, heck, if you love this stuff the way we do, then you NEED this. All handmade packaging, recycled record sleeves with pasted on front and back covers." - from Aquarius Records review

Side A
1. Moussa Doumbi - Yeye Mousso (5:05)
2. Yaseen Mohammed and Saada - Lala Mpenzi (2:43)
3. Sami Kamar & The Black Diamonds - Egun Dide  (2:16)
4. Kabushi and Mwenya - Mwe Baiyashi Centeleni (2:16)
5. Mbasela Kunda and William Monyanda - Nina Namusonda Sanguweji (2:30)
6. Noviciat De Soeurs Missionaires de Notre-Dame Dame d' Afrique & Four Religious Drummers - Yesu Ka Mkwebase (4:44)
Side B
1. Cabdulaahi Iman Zamir, Amin Xaaji Cusmaan, and Nuur Maxamed Curuba - Siina Miiri (4:00)
2. Ester John, Mdawida Fadhili William, Ben Nicholas, and Fundi Konde - Mwanamali Wa Maridadi (2:55)
3. Frida Sonko - Gwenasobya (2:55)
4. Marehamu George Mukabi - Bibi Mama Ngani Mzuri (2:42)
5. S.E. Rogie - Do Me Justice
6. Isaya Mwinamo - Lipa Kodi Ya City Council (2:50)


MR-014 - I Don't Feel at Home in this World Anymore, 1927-1948 (LP), by Various Artists. Catalog number on cover is misidentified as MR-013, while MR-014 appears in the dead wax. Released 2007. Originally limited to 800 copies. Compilation of recordings made in the U.S. between 1927 and 1948, focusing on traditional genres (blues, old-time, Cajun), but to also the music that was brought by the boatloads of other immigrants coming to these shores. Their music influenced and still affects our culture today. The album starts off with a heavenly example of Greek rebetica from Marika Papagika. Also featured is early Tex-Mex pioneer Lydia Mendoza and gospel duo Two Gospel Keys. The latter gives us our title track. Louisiana Cajun music is beautifully executed by artists Cleoma Falcon and Blind Uncle Gaspard with Dela Lachney. The Blue Sky Boys may be considered old-time, but their haunting, melancholic harmonies belong in their own genre. The Caresser and Wilmouth Houdini bring on the Calypso with that New York City jazz flavor. Hawaiian slack key guitar is demonstrated by Mike Hanapi's Ilima Islanders and Mme. Riviere's Hawaiians. Aside from Calypso, New York was also a big hub for Jewish klezmer, as shown by Jacob Hoffman playing with Henry Kandel's Orchestra. Sexteto Bolona is a great example of the roots of salsa and there's even a mystery track by an unknown Indonesian folk singer of the time. The comp ends with blues singer Big Boy Cleveland.

First tracks on Side A are out of sequence from what is printed on back listing.

Side A
1. Cleoma Falcon - Prends Done (Donc?) Courage
2. Two Gospel Keys - I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore
3. Wilmoth Houdini - Blow Wind Blow
4. Marika Papagika - Zmirneikos Balos
5. Mme. Riviere's Hawaiians - E Mama Ea
6. The Caresser - Edward The VIII
7. Sexteto Bolona - Te Prohibido El Cabaret
Side B
1. Jacob Hoffman & Kandal's Orchestra - Diona & Hora
2. Blind Uncle Gaspard & Dela Lachney - Baoille
3. Mike Hanapi's Ilima Islanders - Hilo Hula
4. Lydia Mendoza - Palida Luna
5. Blue Sky Boys - Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone?
6. Unknown Artist - Sorban Palid
7. Big Boy Cleveland - Quill Blues




MR-015 - Mental Blocks For All Ages (LP), by Dog Faced Hermans. Reissue of the 1991 LP; released in 2007, with a second pressing in June 2009. Five-piece band whose style could be described as "anarcho-artpunk" incorporating folk and noise influences as well as unorthodox instrumentation. Hailing from Scotland, DFH came out of the herky-jerky Glasgow scene with bands like Stretchheads, Dawson and Archbishop Kebab. Mental Blocks was their 2nd full length LP, released in 1991. They had three LPs, one 12" EP and a collection of EPs, comp tracks and splits before signing on with Alternative Tentacles for their last two LPs. Guitarist Andy Moor has been a part of The Ex for about 12 years now, and bassist Colin McLean is now playing as part of The Ex's live set. DFH has influenced bands such as Erase Errata, Veronica Lipgloss, God Is My Co-Pilot, and many more. Mental Blocks is considered one of their (if not the) best and hardest to find albums. Remastered by members of the band for improved clarity over the original release.

Side A
1. Punjabi Monster Beat
2. Fortune
3. Suppressa
4. Astronaut
5. Ballad About Bhopal
Side B
1. The Running Man
2. Body Strategic
3. In A Row
4. From The Top Of The Mountain
5. It's Time


  1991 Konkurrel Records LP

MR-016 - The Malcolm X Memorial (A Tribute in Music) (LP), by Philip Cohran and the Artistic Heritage Ensemble. Reissue of the 1968 Zulu Record Co. LP. Released March 2007. Mastered by Tim Stollenwerk. Nicely-packaged replica album features gatefold cover with archival photos and liner notes. An early member of the Sun Ra Arkestra, Cohran went on to record and self-release this LP in 1968, originally in an edition of 1000. Cohran, a personal friend of Malcolm X, created this concept album retelling the story of Malcolm's political and spiritual journey from a little boy ("Malcolm Little") to his later life pilgrimage to Mecca ("El Hajj Malik El Shabazz"). Features a tight groove-oriented band (which later evolved into the Pharaohs and then Earth, Wind, & Fire) who explore soul, jazz, and Middle Eastern rhythms. A radical and intense recording. This is a live performance recorded on February 25, 1968, at the Afro-Arts Theater, a cultural center in Chicago operated by Cohran from 1967-1970. "The personnel and instrumentation are almost identical to Cohran’s ‘On the Beach’ session. This historic concert was originally an LP issued on Cohran’s Zulu label. Original copies of that record are very rare collector’s items and sell for hundreds of dollars. Kelan Phil Cohran is an unsung hero of jazz history and a cosmic treasure. He played with Sun Ra in the late 1950s and early ‘60s and was a co-founder of the world famous AACM (Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians)."

Personnel: Arranged and composed by Philip Cohran; Louis Satterfield (bass); Master Henry Gibson (congas); Philip Cohran (cornet); Bob Crowder (drums); Pete Cosey (guitar); Charles Handy (horns); Charles James Williams (alto sax); Donald Myrick (bari sax); Eugene Easton (tenor sax); Willie Woods (trombone); Charles Handy (trumpet, Chinese musette); Aaron Dodd (tuba); Ella Pearl Jackson (vocals)

Side A
1. Malcolm Little (7:40)
2. Detroit Red (10:09)
Side B
1. Malcolm X (5:16)
2. El Hajj Malik El Shabazz (8:16)




  Zulu Record Co. Release


MR-017 - Life is a Problem (...But Where There is Life, There is Hope.) (LP), by Various Artists. Released 2007 as limited edition of 1000 copies. Compiled By Eric Isaacson and Mike McGonigal. Mastered by Tim Stollenwerk. Includes insert with Descriptive Notes by Mike McGonigal (of Yeti Magazine). The first edition of this release contained a bonus 7" 45 (MR-017.5) of George "Bongo Joe" Coleman performing "This Old World is in a Terrible Condition," but subsequent pressings do not. Compilation of raw electric guitar-based gospel recorded between 1949-1976. Features Utah Smith, Rev. Lonnie Farris, Sister O. M. (Ola Mae) Terrell, and many lesser-known artists.

Side A
1. Utah Smith - Take A Trip
2. Rev. Lonnie Farris - A Night In The House Of Prayer
3. Sister O. M. Terrell - Life Is A Problem
4. Straight Street Group - Angels Keep Watching Over Me
5. Rev. A Johnson - Lord Will Make A Way
6. Elder Charles Beck - Rock & Roll Sermon, Pt. 1 & Pt. 2
Side B
1. Crumb Brothers - Seat In The Kingdom
2. Bishop Perry Tillis - I Found A Solid Rock
3. Utah Smith - I'm Free
4. Willanette Singers - Pray On
5. Professor Johnson - Standing In The Safety Zone
6. Tom Dutson - Lil' School Song
7. Jesse Fuller - Amazing Grace





MR-017.5 - "This Old World is in a Terrible Condition" (7"), by George "Bongo Joe" Coleman. Bonus 45 contained in the first edition of MR-017 - Life is a Problem (LP).




*MR-018 (same number as Armchair Boogie by Michael Hurley) - The Best Of The First Biennale Of Arts And Culture For The Young (LP), by Orchestre Regional De Kayes. Reissue released in 2008 as a limited edition of 500. Early 1970s African grooves from this group of young musicians from Mali. "Instrumentation is heavy on percussion, but also features some key saxophone passages -- played with almost a voice-like quality at times, in ways that really offset the soulful lead vocals from Toure, the singer of the group." - from Dusty Groove America review

Side A
1. Sanjina
2. Kayi
3. Kanyuman
Side B
1. Duga
2. Malisajo
3. Terena
4. Badage


*MR-018 (same number as Orchestre Regional De Kayes) - Armchair Boogie (LP), by Michael Hurley & Pals. Reissue of the 1970 Raccoon/Warner Bros. LP (WS1915/Raccoon #6). Released March 2009. Remastered by Tim Stollenwerk. Original 1970 LP contained an 8-page cartoon booklet. Recorded in 1969 and produced by J.C. Young "in Snock's bedroom Brookline Massachusetts."  Personnel: Michael Hurley (vocals, guitar, piano, mock trumpet); Maggie Hurley (vocals); Robin Remaily (fiddle, mandolin, vocals); Michael Kane (bass, coronet [sic], vocals); Jeff Myer (drums); Scott Lawrence (piano); Jesse C. Young (bass, guitar); Earthquake Anderson (harmonica).

Side A
1. Werewolf
2. Grand Canyon Line
3. English Nobleman
4. Be Kind To Me
5. Troubled Waters
6. Red Ravager's Reel
7. Sweedeedee
Side B
1. Open Up
2. Jocko's Lament
3. Light Green Fellow
4. Get the Best of Me
5. Biscuit Roller
6. When the Swallows Came Back to Capistrano
7. Penguins




MR-019 - ?

MR-020 - 1931 Sessions (LP), by Skip James. Released 2008. Cover art by Robin Carbo. Mastering by Tim Stollenwerk. Completely original Mississippi Delta blues singer, guitarist, and piano player. Twelve songs remastered from his first recording sessions in Grafton, WI, for Paramount. Quite simply some of the most important pre-war blues recordings ever made. For the complete 1931 sessions consult The Complete Early Recordings (Yazoo CD 2009).

Side A
1. I´m So Glad
2. Cypress Grove
3. If You Haven´t Any Hay (Get On Down The Road)
4. Drunken Spree
5. Yola My Blues Away
6. Devil Got My Woman
Side B
1. Hard Time Killin´ Floor Blues
2. Jesus Is A Mighty Good Leader
3. Special Rider Blues
4. How Long?
5. Jesus Is Gonna Come
6. Illinois Blues


MR-021/C-01 - Irma Thomas Sings (LP), by Irma Thomas.
Reissue of the 1979 Bandy LP of the same title (Bandy 700003). Released 2008 and limited to 2000 copies. Split issue with New Orleans-based Change Records with a joint catalog number. "Change Records N.O., La." appears on back cover. No catalog number and no indications on cover or label that this is a Mississippi Records release, however "MR-21/C-01" appears in the dead wax. Features the earlier work by Ms. Thomas including some of the best tracks from her initial years on the Crescent City soul scene. Most of the numbers were written by Aaron Neville. Thomas initially began recording on the Minit label, working with songwriter and producer Allen Toussaint on songs including "It's Raining" and "Ruler Of My Heart," which was later reinterpreted by Otis Redding as "Pain In My Heart." Imperial Records acquired Minit in 1963, and a string of successful releases followed. These included "I Wish Someone Would Care" (her biggest national hit), and its B-side "Break-a-Way" (later covered by Tracey Ullman, among others). This is a fantastic collection of all of Irma's early singles for the Minit and Imperial labels. Although a compelling and talented singer dubbed "The Soul Queen of New Orleans," she never received the notoriety of contemporaries like Etta James and Aretha Franklin.

Side A
1. Two Winters Long
2. Somebody Told You
3. Gone
4. Cry On
5. Look Up
6. Breakaway
Side B
1. I Done Got Over It
2. It's Raining
3. Ruler Of My Heart
4. I Did My Part
5. Hitting On Nothing
6. How I Wish Someone Would Care




MR-022 - Bongo Joe (LP), by George Coleman. Released 2008. Originally released by and licensed from Arhoolie Records. Reissue of 1969 Arhoolie LP 1040 (see also Arhoolie CD/Cassette 1040). Mastered for MR by Tim Stollenwerk. Features percussionist Coleman on oil drum with vocals; produced and recorded on December 7, 1968, by Chris Strachwitz in San Antonio, TX, on portable equipment. Cover photo by Chris Strachwitz; cover design by Wayne Pope. "Coleman's drum is a 55 gallon oil drum shaped with a hand ax.... His drum sticks are made from hammer handles, the bases of hand oil cans filled with pebble and B-B shot to provide a rattle...." (from the liner notes). "Bongo Joe is perhaps the world's only virtuoso player of the empty oil drum, a man so ingenious that he could even turn petroleum refuse into something musical and sublime. [...] Bongo Joe drums on his oil cans with a thunderous, tympani-like effect, while discoursing rambling, insightful and humorous lyrics that are often times more stories than songs. As Joe himself put it, 'I rap but not that bullshit they're putting down now. I play fundamental beat music.' Whether draping his drums with an American flag or washing them in swirls of psychedelic green and red paint, there's something beyond the typical street-corner busker in Bongo Joe's persona, unbridled quality that isn't just musical, but draws on a tradition of pure entertainment. One of the true treasures of the Arhoolie catalog for many years. Try 'Innocent Little Doggie' (if you think Joe was just a novelty act, listen closely to the poignant insightfulness of the lyrics), 'Transistor Radio' (more wry commentary) and 'Dog Eat Dog.' One of our favorites, available on vinyl for the first time in 39 years."

Side A
1. I Wish I Could Sing
2. Innocent Little Doggy
3. Cool It
Side B
1. Listen At That Bull
2. Transistor Radio
3. Eloise
4. Dog Eat Dog




  Original Arhoolie LP 1040

MR-023 - Soul Vein/The Nasty (7" 45), by Cavaliers Unlimited. North Portland Music Series, Vol. 1. Released 2008. "This has previously been reissued by DJ Shadow's Cali-Tex label, but now makes a welcome return thanks to the archive-plundering Mississippi Records crowd, who release this as a highly limited first installment of their North Portland Music Series, a proposed outlet for the sort of music that's been made in their backyard (and for that matter, continues to be made - they're calling out for submissions). This 7" was recorded in 1968, and features two slices of extremely raw, rough-edged instrumental funk...." — from Boomkat review

Side A - Soul Vein
Side B - The Nasty


MR-024 - Never Bought Never Sold: Singles + Demos 1979-83 (LP), by Animals + Men. Released 2008. Mastered by Tim Stollenwerk. Contains insert with liner notes by Ralph Mitchard.  "Animals + Men, named after a song by Adam and the Ants, started life around the winter of 1978-1979 when Susan Wells took over vocal duties in what was a three piece called Psychotic Reaction. Based in the rural Somerset town of Frome, England, their first single "Don't Misbehave in the New Age" (1980) was an indie hit. When the band split in 1981, Susan and Ralph formed the Terraplanes. Animals + Men/Terraplanes released three 45 singles. In the 2000's, demos by the band surfaced on the Messthetics/Hyped2death label. "Mississippi Records is proud to be the first to release an entire LP containing the three 45s and early demos, all recorded between 1979-1983. For fans of early UK DIY."

Side A
1. Dont Misbehave In The New Age
2. Waiting For My Stranger
3. I Never Worry
4. Terraplane Fixation
5. Shop Talk
6. Dreaming Of Babylon
7. Treasure Of The Damned
Side B
1. Evil Goin' On
2. It's Hip
3. We Are Macines
4. Man With The Spike-Toed Shoes
5. You Excite Me
6. Headphones
7. Shell Shock




MR-025 - Fight On, Your Time Ain't Long (LP), by Various Artists. Released 2008.

*Note: B3 reportedly not performed by Rev. Edward W. Clayborn (The Guitar Evangelist) although he is credited at the song's originator. See DOCD-5155 for complete Clayborn early works, 1926-1928)

Side A
1. Bukka White - Promised True And Grand
2. Kid Prince Moore - Sign Of The Judgement
3. Bessie Johnson - Great Reaping Day
4. Blind Joe Taggart - The Storm Is Passing Over
5. Blind Mamie Forehand - Wouldn't Mind Dying
6. Willie Williams - Where The Sun Never Goes Down
Side B
1. Bo Weavil Jackson - Fight On, Your Time Ain't Long
2. Mother McCollum - Take My Vacation In Heaven
3. Edward Clayborn* - Your Enemy Cannot Harm You
4. McIntosh And Edwards - Take A Stand
5. Alfred G. Karnes - Bound For The Promised Land
6. Louise And Joseph - Won't That Be A Happy Time




MR-026 - Sad Horse (EP). North Portland Music Series, Volume 2. Released 2008.

Side A
1. Coyotes
2. Space
3. Made In China
Side B
1. Rain
2. Veins
3. Gimme Gimme

MR-027/LA-002 - Compilation (LP), by The Clean. Joint release with Little Axe Records (A Division of Change Records). First-wave punk band formed in Dunedin, New Zealand in 1978 by the Kilgour brothers David and Hamish. Their catchy pop songs became the blueprint for almost all of the other Flying Nun bands (in part due to the numerous Clean related projects on Flying Nun, including The Bats, The Great Unwashed, Bailter Space, Snapper, Stephen, and others). This compilation runs through their early releases, including Tally Ho, the Boodle Boodle Boodle EP, the Great Sounds... EP, and a few more. "Edgy yet unswervingly optimistic, these songs were sloppy four-track recordings of monomaniacally simple rhythms, cacophonously jangly guitar melodies, and happy-go-lucky vocals." All songs composed by David Kilgour, Hamish Kilgour, and Robert Scott.

Side A
1. Billy Two
2. At the Bottom
3. Tally Ho!
4. Anything Could Happen
5. Point That Thing Somewhere Else
6. Flowers
Side B
1. Fish
2. Beatnik
3. Getting Older
4. Slug Song
5. Odditty [sic]
6. What Ever I Do


MR-028 - The Rats (LP), by The Rats. Originally released in 1980 by Whizeagle Records.

Side A
1. World War III
2. Teenagers
3. Flash Dogs
4. Tactis Plan
5. It's Too Late
6. Rat Race
7. DC-10
Side B
1. Sacrifice
2. Social Indigestion
3. Panic On 39th
4. 19783
5. Gotta Get Away
6. Until It Rains
7. Secrets
8. Can Never Go Back




MR-029 - Mata la Pena (LP), by Various Artists. Released September 2009. Compilation focusing on mellow dramatic music from around the world -- from Calypso to Flamenco to Thai ballads to Indonesian instrumentals to American country to Hawaiian music. Designed as a sort of sequel to the I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore comp. Heavyweight sleeve with paste-on Folkways style cover. Limited run of 3000. Project direction for cover and sleeve construction and assembly by Pow Wow (see photo essay).


MR-030/SM-01 - Oh Graveyard, You Can't Hold Me Always (LP), by Various Artists. Released 2008. Mastered by Tim Stollenwerk.

Side A
1. Mosby Family Singers - Eternal Life
2. Straight Street Holiness - Group Come On
3. Laura Rivers - Thats Alright
4. Rev. Lonnie Farris - Peace In The Valley
5. Radio Four - Walk Around
6. Joe Townsend - Going Over The Hill
7. White Family - Help Me Jesus
Side B
1. Silver Quintette - Sinners Crossroads
2. James Carter & Mighty Stars - The You Don't Know
3. Farris & Williams - In Your Kingdom
4. Traveling Echoes - Looking For A Better Place To Live
5. Brother Willie Eason - Grumblers
6. Sensational Happy Travelers - March Theme
7. Anonymous - We Shall Overcome




MR-031 - Earth Groove: The Voice of Cosmic India (LP), by Pandit Pran Nath. Released 2008. Liner Notes by Shyam Bhatnagar. No catalog number and no indications on cover or label that this is a Mississippi Records release, however "MR031" appears in the dead wax. Containing two side-length ragas, this LP was the first U.S. release for noted singer and spiritual leader Pandit Pran Nath. "Pran Nath collaborated with minimalist innovators La Monte Young and Terry Riley, and this record is a great example of the far-out, post-lingual aesthetic he helped to develop, and which was further explored by bands like Sun City Girls."

Side A - Raaga Bhoopali
Side B - Raaga Asavari





MR-032 - Ntsamina (LP), by Spiritual Singers. Obscure African LP reissue. Congolese pop-Gospel, ca. 1970-1980. Released 2009. No catalog number and no indications on cover or label that this is a Mississippi Records release, however "MR032" appears in the dead wax. "Loose-knit, almost ‘Shaggs-like’ rhythms accompanied by male and female vocals. From slow dirges reminiscent of Beatles pop melodies to fast African rockers inspired by American '50s R&B. A truly unique record."

Side A
1. Nzo A Dise
2. Kimia
3. African People
4. Jean 3.16
Side B
1. U Nungisa
2. Dila
3. Weya Tsumu Ma
4. Come And Save Us




MR-033 - I Woke Up One Morning In May (LP), by Various Artists. Released 2009. Mastered by Tim Stollenwerk. Selected pre-war blues recorded between 1927-1934. In the same vein as Last Kind Words (MR-005) compilation.

Side A
1. Cryin' Sam Collins - Lonesome Road
2. Lottie Kimbrough (The Kansas City Butterball) - Lost Lover Blues
3. Henry Spaulding - Cairo Blues
4. Memphis Minnie & Kansas Joe McCoy - Can't I Do It For You?
5. Buster Johnson - Undertaker Blues
6. Elvie Thomas - Motherless Child Blues
7. Little Hat Jones - Bye Bye Baby Blues
Side B
1. Robert Wilkins - I'll Go With Her
2. Willie Baker - Rag Baby
3. Blind Blake - Rope Stretchin' Blues
4. Louie Lasky - How You Want Your Rolling Done?
5. Charlie McCoy - Keep It Clean
6. Lottie Kimbrough - Wayward Girl Blues
7. Joe Callicott - Fare Thee Well Blues





MR-034 - In Times Like These.... (LP), by Bishop Perry Tillis. Released April 2009. Raw, lo-fi recordings culled from 62 hours of cassette tapes recorded on a boombox in the home of Bishop Tillis of Samson (Sampson), Alabama. Electric guitar-based gospel played and sung by either Bishop Tillis, an "angel in presence" (a different voice or personality channeled by Tillis), or a combination of the two. Tillis's duets are "two or three track performances he would record through a system of boomboxes. One boombox would be employed as an overdubbing device while he preformed along with it into yet another" (from insert, p.3). Produced by Amos Harvey and engineered and mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk. Insert notes by Amos Harvey. Cover photos by Axel Küstner, with insert photos by Amos Harvey and Katie Burkart. Insert includes conversations with Tillis about his life and recordings through the channeled voices of his guardian angels and deceased family members.

Side A
1. Some Sweet Day
2. Standing By The Bed Side Of A Neighbor
3. Duet With Self (Excerpt)
4. Hard Times
5. Heavenly Father
6. Silent Night
7. Praise The Lord Everybody
Side B
1. Oh Lord
2. Up Above My Head
3. You Can't Fool The Holy Ghost
4. Thank You Jesus
5. Come On, Don't You Want To Go?
6. Servant, Well Done
7. Good News



        Insert p.1                         p.2

            p.3                             p.4

            p.5                             p.6


MR-035 - Hum of Life (LP), by Dog Faced Hermans. Reissue of 1993 album; released June 2009. Follow-up to MR-015 - Mental Blocks For All Ages (LP). "11 tracks of thumping drums, pulsating bass lines, most unusual guitar squawks and Marion Coutts belting out enchanting melodies with voice and her trusty trumpet. 8 Eyed Spy and Ornette Coleman covers complete this perfect album of political art-punk at its best" (from Forced Exposure blurb). Lineup: Colin (Bass, Guitar on "Wings"); Andy (Guitar, Viola); Marion (Voice, Trumpette, Bells); Wilf (Drums); Gert-Jan (Live Sound).

Side A
1. Jan 9
2. Viva
3. The Hook And The Wire
4. How We Connect
5. Love Split With Blood
6. Wings
Side B
1. White Indians
2. Hear The Dogs
3. Love Is The Heart Of Everything
4. Madame La Mer
5. Peace Warriors




MR-036 - True Story of Abner Jay (LP), by Abner Jay. Released March 2009, in conjunction with Brandie Records. One-man band singer/songwriter of soulful folk and R&B. Excellent remastering by Tim Stollenwerk (from original source tapes?). Some copies of this LP include a press photo of Abner, transcriptions of spoken song introductions omitted from the album, a reproduction of a brochure from the Stephen Foster Museum Center, and a press statement/biography penned by Abner himself. The archivist is Jay Martin. Art restoration and formatting by Justin Cronin. This is the first vinyl release of his material since the 1970s. "The approach here was to focus on the songs, and cut out the monologs which normally take up a bunch of space on an Abner Jay record (though actually the spoken intros are transcribed & included as an insert to this LP). [...] Still there’s enough of the Abner Jay banter to get the flavor, and the monologs are sort of intrinsic in several songs. There a few cuts shared between this and the Subliminal Sounds CD comp of a few years back (the only other Abner Jay album you’ll be likely to find), but mostly different tracks. A couple tracks with a full band -- still pretty minimal, but more than the one-man band setup normal for Abner Jay. These tracks are a little surprising -- old school country ballads sounding almost in the vein of like Eddy Arnold or Marty Robbins. But mostly it’s Abner on his six string electric banjo (sonically, its basically a guitar with a nice, sharp attack) with vox & harmonica, kicking out time on a bass drum & high hat, in a style maybe closer to something like Leadbelly -- not exactly blues, typically --I guess technically these would be considered folk ballads, but coming out of a dark, rural funk - deep, deep south. Drugs, depression, women, fishing, Vietnam -- Abner Jay tends to weigh in on themes like these. Jay loved to go off on his background, playing & singing since he was a kid sharecropping on Georgia plantations (c. 1930s), and this stuff is ancient, in form if not content, but I guess most of these tracks were recorded in the ‘60s or ‘70’s, while Jay was an entertainer in Atlanta bars. This stuff is the real deal, & as I’ve said before, one of a kind. No less than four inserts: a bio -- repro of Abner Jay’s self penned onesheet, looks like -- a nice looking promo photo, a little pamphlet advert from when Abner was playing the Steven Foster Museum Center in White Springs, FL, and the aforementioned transcription of the excised monologs. Incredible stuff - you know this wont be around for long." - from Exiled Records

Side A
1. I'm So Depressed
2. Cocaine
3. Vietnam
4. St. James Infirmiry [sic] Blues
5. Cleo
Side B
1. Woke Up This Morning
2. My Mule
3. Ol Man River
4. Don't Mess With My Baby
5. I Am Georgia Bound
6. The Reason Young People Use Drugs




        photo insert

                   brochure insert (tri-fold)

        insert p. 1                        p. 2

            p. 3

                         bio insert


MR-037 - ?

MR-038 - Depression/I'm So Depressed - Terrible Comedy Blues (7" 45), by Abner Jay. "It's Party Time" cover design by Alyce Marie Moise. Produced by Lee Magid, Inc., for "MRI Records" (on label). Two versions of the Abner Jay classic. Side A is an R&B version with full band accompaniment, including Abner Jay (Koko Joe) on electric guitar with the Jobhunters on tenor saxophone, piano, bass, and drums; Side B is a one-man band version with Abner on banjo and harmonica.

Side A - Koko Joe and the Jobhunters - Depression
Side B - Abner Jay, One Man Band - I'm So Depressed





MR-039 - Intermittent Signals (LP), by The Rats. Released April 2009. Includes insert: reproduced flyer advertising a $2.00 show featuring The Rats and The Fastbacks back in the day. "Intermittent Signals offers up more of the same synth-laced punk rock garage rock stomp found on their s/t debut, maybe a wee bit tighter and more polished, but still heavy and snotty and snarly and swaggery -- a definite old AC/DC vibe happening too, killer riffing, tons of hooks, wild drumming, Fred's drawled punk rock vox, Toody's more frenetic yelp, all crammed into short sharp blasts of hooky catchy punk rock power pop genius. Original drummer Rod Rat guests on a couple tracks. He ended up committing suicide not long afterwards. Drummer Sam Henry would go on to drum for The Wipers as well as Napalm Beach. Another essential slice of PDX punk rock history" (from Aquarius Records blurb).

Side A (X)
1. Nightline
2. Wanna Be Your Man (Lennon/McCartney)
3. Haywire Desire
4. Contradictions
5. Kids Are Kids
6. Descending Shadows
7. Thoughts By Now
8. Defiance
Side B (Z)
1. Daddy's In The Shadows
2. Nightmare
3. Radio Pulse
4. Heaven Don't Cry
5. C.O.D.
6. Running Away From You
7. It's A Lie
8. Animal


MR-040 - South Georgia Blues (LP), by Cecil Barfield (aka William Robertson). Released in conjunction with Big Legal Mess Records of Oxford, MS. June 2009 reissue of the 1976 or 1977 Southland LP (SLP-5) of the same title, originally released under the name William Robertson. It is believed that Barfield recorded under a pseudonym out of fear that his monthly disability check might stop if it were discovered that he had a record contract and "music career." Recorded by George Mitchell. Liner notes and photo by George Mitchell with cover drawing and design by Cathy Mitchell. Remastered by Timothy Stollenwerk. A complete Cecil Barfield discography can be found at Wirz's American Music site.

Side A
1. Frolicking Blues
2. Lucy Mae Blues
3. Hooks In The Water
4. Baby, Please Don't Go
5. Five Long Years
6. Big Legged Woman
Side B
1. William Robertson Blues
2. Lucky Mama Blues
3. Talk To Your Daughter
4. The Root Blues
5. True Love




                   Original Southland LP


MR-041/CR-001 - String of Pearls: Jewels of the 78 RPM Era 1918 to 1951 (LP), by Various Artists. Released July 2009. Compilation selected by Baltimore record shop owner Ian Nagoski from his personal collection of obscure international 78s. Nagoski also assembled and annotated the Dust-to-Digital CD Black Mirror: Reflections in Global Musics 1918-1954. This is a joint issue with Canary Records (CR-01), Nagoski's own label, manufactured and distributed by Mississippi Records. Includes music from Constantinople, Milano, Bucharest, Uttar Pradesh, Armenia, Sunda, Thrace, Jamaica, Serbia, Cairo, Huilotita, Seville, Hue, Aleppo, the Carpathians, a Zuni reservation, and more. Full notes, Black Mirror-style, opening with the quote from Gail Holst-Warhaft: "The role of the spiritual intermediary, like the polyphonic character of the lament, affords both license and protection to the individual. The dead may themselves lament through their intermediaries." Dedicated to Jason DiEmilio (1973-2006).

Side A
1. Refik Bey - Chataraban Taxim (Turkish, 1927)
2. Ban-nhac Than-kinb - Tieng ai Tram Bong (Vietnamese, 1930s?)
3. Rosa Eskenazi - E Kardia Mou Theli (Greek, ca. 1950)
4. Lord Fly - When Mi Look Upon Janie So; Ada; Time So Hard (Jamaican, 1952)
5. John Halik - Malo Kolo (Serbian, ca. 1945)
6. La Nina de los Peines - Saeta: Pilatos por no dejar (Spanish, 1927)
7. Shalom Katz - Eil Malei Rachmim (Romanian, 1946)
Side B
1. Amelita Galli-Curci - Crepuscule (Italian/French, 1918)
2. Nji Raden Hadji Djoehla - Tjimpelang (Sundanese, ca. 1930)
3. Zaki Mourad - Biftikarak Eh Yefidak, pt. 2 (Egyptian, early 1920s)
4. unknown chorus - Harvest Dance (Zuni, 1941)
5. unknown group - Huculka & Kozachok (Hutzul, 1940s)
6. Ustad Abdul Karim Khan - Malkauns: Piran Jani Dekhi, vilambit (Hindustani, 1935)
7. Reuben Sarkisian - Hallay (Armenian, ca. 1950)




 Liner notes by Ian Nagoski                p.2



--- A Cave, A Canoo (LP), by Shelley Short. Not a MR release, but an Anonymous Records release distributed by them and mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk  Front and back covers appear to be printed panels glued onto the sleeves of unused Bongo Joe covers leaving the Mississippi Records catalog number MR-022 exposed. Limited to an edition of 300.


--- The Lucifer Rising Suite: Original Soundtrack And Sessions Anthology (4xLP), by Bobby Beausoleil. AJNA 4-LP BOX distributed by Mississippi Records.


MR-042 - Yverzucht (LP), by De Kift. 2009 reissue of the band's 1989 debut LP. De Kift were a tremendous and original force at the time. Sparse, rhythmic, angular, yet energetic music. Staccato punk with fanfare elements. Maarten's lyrics were recited, spat out and crooned, bleak reflective explorations of the Dutch mental state of the times. Maarten (as well as Jacco) departed the band after debuting Yverzucht. Out of the ashes, emerged a new conceptual, literary De Kift that would play on for 20 years. De Kift were part of the squatter movement. Playing benefits, raising funds, eyebrows and soundtracking a lifestyle on its last legs." Includes insert with Dutch/English lyrics." - From Forced Exposure review

MR-043 Mortika: Recordings From A Greek Underworld (2xLP), by Various Artists. Joint issue with Canary Records. The label on LP1 may incorrectly say MR-029, but the runout is correct. 2-LP box set of Greek underground folk music sometimes called 'Rembetica' and/or 'Greek Oriental Music.' Compiled by Tony Klein. Songs about drugs, sex, crime, poverty, and heartbreak. Housed in a box and includes 20 page notes with extensive archival photos and full lyric translations.

[Correction from the Producer:  "This is a licensed vinyl issue of a CD, ARKO CD008 ; "Mortika: Rare Vintage Recordings from a Greek Underworld." Compiled by Charles Howard, annotated and produced by Tony Klein (Arko Records, Uppsala, Sweden, 2005, and still in print and still available from mortika at telia dot com."]

MR-043.5/RW-003 - De Dag/Haat/Nat En Stinkend Stroo (7"), by De Kift. Joint re-release by Mississippi Records and Red Wig label. Although it is numbered MR-043 (same as Mortika) on the sleeve and label, the MR guys refer to this release as 43.5. A reissue of 1988 recordings from the Dutch punk outfit. "The mix of dissonance and a tightly wound core are a hallmark of our favorite punk, post punk, and noise rock of the era globally -- but some of the groups on the Dutch scene, such as De Kift, were pure masters of it. Blasting away any lingering clichés of post wave punk, it's purely exciting stuff. Comes in a really cool tri-fold sleeve with lyrics (including English translations) and artwork." - From Dusty Groove America review

MR-044 - Parsnip Snips (LP), by Michael Hurley. 2009
sparse guitar and a vocal tunes from outsider folk hero Michael Hurley, recorded between 1965 and 1972. Numbers include "You're A Dog; Don't Talk To Me", "Hoot Owls", "Give Me The Cure", "New Tea", "Don't Blame It On Me", "Parsnip Snips", "Runaway", "The Time Is Right", "Abominable Snowman", "US Space Weevils," others.


MR-045 - River in the Rain (7"), by Michael Hurley with Betsy Nichols. 33 1/3 4-song EP. "One day Betsy Nichols traveled all the way from the East Coast and showed up on the doorstep of Bellemeade Phonics Studio. Although she had never met the legendary 'Snock,' she was determined to sing a few songs with him and record them. Here are the results: four songs featuring duet vocals with guitar. A lovely but short version of 'Jockos Lament,' an epic version of 'Knockando," and the haunting 'River in the Rain.' Not a reissue but rather a bonafide contemporary recording never before heard."





MR-046 - "Good Morning Mr Walker" - Bahaman Guitarist (LP), by Joseph Spence.  October 2009 Arhoolie reissue. Cover states catalog number MR-044 but runout groove has MR-046. Thick cardboard jacket with pasted-on cover in Folkways fashion.


  Original Arhoolie release


MR-047 - Fred McDowell (LP), by Fred McDowell. October 2009 Reissue of the Arhoolie LP originally titled Fred McDowell, Vol. 2.


  Original Arhoolie release









Tape Series

Additional info and downloads available at Root Blog


MRC-001 - House Of Broken Hearts. Part One. (Early R&B, Doo Wop, Rockabilly & Instrumentals) (cassette), by Various Artists.

Side A
1. The Counts - Enchanted Sea
2. Sonny Day - Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt
3. The Versatones - Bila
4. The Saxons - Camel Walk (Part 1)
5. Vernon Green & The Phantoms - Sweet Breeze
6. Noland Strong & The Diablos - The Wind
7. The Vitones - The Storm (So Blue)
8. Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs - The Winds
9. The Sound Offs - The Angry Desert
10. Wanda Jackson - Funnel Of Love
11. Maylon Humphries - Weep No More
12. Hasil Adkins - By The Lonesome River
Side B
1. Art Neville - Arabian Love Call
2. The Neptunes - House of Heart Ache
3. Roy Junior - Victim Of Circumstances
4. Dee Clark - Blues, Get Off Of My Shoulder
5. Buddy Knox - I Think I’m Gonna Kill Myself
6. Donald Woods & The Vel-Airs - Death Of An Angel
7. Link Wray - Facing All The Same Tomorrows
8. Slim & Ann - I Just Can’t Stay Away
9. Charlie Feathers - The Man In Love
10. Bo Diddley - The Great Grand Father
11. The Chell-Mars - Roamin’ Heart


MRC-002 - House Of Broken Hearts. Part Two. (Early R&B, Doo Wop, Rockabilly & Instrumentals) (cassette), by Various Artists.

Side A
1. Bunker Hill - Hide & Go See Pt.1
2. Blue Gene Vincent - My Love (In Love Again)
3. Joey Reynolds - Endless Sleep
4. The Saxons - Camel Walk (Part 2)
5. Screamin’ Joe McNeal - Don’t Quit Me Baby
6. Jackie & The Starlight’s - I’m Coming Home
7. Carl Perkins - Her Love Rubbed Off
8. Dave "Diddle" Day - Blue Moon Baby
9. Chris Jensen - Torture
10. Hasil Adkins - I’m Happy
11. Santo & Johnny - Slave Girl
12. Ernie K. Doe -Reapin’ What I Sow
Side B
1. Bo Diddley - Down Home Special
2. Dale Hawkins - Everglades
3. The Ventures - Fear
4. Ricky Nelson - Lonesome Town
5. Jackie Lee Cochran - Georgia Lee Brown
6. Tyrone Schmidling - You’re Gone I’m Left
7. The Phantom - Love Me
8. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins - I Hear Voices
9. Peggy Lee - Is That All There Is?
10. Holly Golightly - There Is An End


MRC-003 - We're Gonna Make It. Part One. (Early Soul Music) (cassette), by Various Artists.

Side A
1. The Mask Man & The Agents - The World Is A Cafeteria
2. The Electrodes - Go Away
3. Edyth Alexander - My Dearest DArling
4. Dorothy Prince - Seek & Ye’ Shall Find
5. The Dynamics - Misery
6. The Ikettes - Here’s Your Heart
7. Betty Levette - You Killed The Love
8. Pearl Woods & The Gems - Think Of Poor Me
9. Sam Cooke - (Somebody) Ease My Troublin’ Mind
10. Beverly Ann Gibson - Love’s Burning Fire
11. Chris Kenner - Time
Side B
1. O.V. Wright - Everybody Knows
2. Jesse James - I’m Alright
3. Mack Rice - I’m Coming Home
4. Fred Parris & The Restless Hearts - Walk A Little Faster
5. Jackie & The Starlites - You Put One Over On Me
6. Aaron Neville -How Could I Help But Love You?
7. James Carr - These Aint Raindrops
8. Amos Milburn - Gloria
9. Slim & Ann - I Submit To You
10. Bessie Banks - Go Now
11. The Mighty Hannibal - We’re Gonna Make It


MRC-004 - Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven, But Nobody Wants to Die... Part One. Gospel (cassette), by Various Artists.

Side A
1. The Staple Singers - Hear My Call
2. Lightnin’ Hopkins - Needed Time
3. Swanee Quintet - Sit Down Servant
4. R.H. Harris - Someday
5. Dixie hummingbirds - Testimonial
6. Mahalia Jackson - My Story
7. Pilgrim Travellers - Come On Home
8. Swan Silverstones - My Rock
9. Gospel Seekers - Why Am I Treated So Bad
10. Dora Alexander - Russia, Leave God’s Moon Alone / Times Done Changed
Side B
1. Utah Smith - Two Wings
2. Highway QC’s - Way Up The Hill
3. Soul Sisters - One More River To Cross
4. Spirit Of Memphis Quartet - If I Should Miss Heaven
5. Nancy Dupree & The Ghetto Reality Youngsters - Dr. King
6. Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Jericho
7. The Harmonizing Four - All Things Are Possible
8. Rev. Louis Overstreet & His Four Sons - Holiness Dance


MRC-005 - We're Gonna Make It, Part 2. (Popular 1960's Soul Music) (cassette), by Various Artists.

Side A
1. The Falcons - Since You’ve Been Gone
2. Tammy Montgomery - If You Don’t Think
3. The Ikettes - So Blue
4. JJ Jackson & The Jackals - Ooh-Ma-Liddi
5. Betty Lavette - Let Me Down Easy
6. William Bell - Any Other Way
7. The Impressions - I’m Loving Nothing
8. Gino Washington - Around The Town
9. The Grand Prees - Jungle Fever
10. Joe Tex - The Love You Save Today
Side B
1. O.V. Wright - Motherless Child
2. Nina Simone - Break Down & Let It All Out
3. Inezz & Charlie Foxx - Broken Hearted Fool
4. Eddie Floyd - I’ve Just Been Feeling Bad
5. Garnette Mimms & The Enchanters - Baby Don’t You Weep
6. James Carr - Dark End Of The Street
7. Chambers Brothers - I’m So Tired
8. Wilson Pickett - Teardrops Will Fall
9. James & Bobby Purify - You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down
10. Big Maybelle - Heaven Will Welcome You Dr. King


MRC-006 - Death Might Be Your Santa Claus. Random 78's recorded between 1903 & 1953 in no particular sequence (cassette), by Various Artists.

Side A
1. Big Maybelle - That's a Pretty Good Love
2. Hoagy Carmichael - Hong Kong Blues
3. Canalejas - Danza Mora
4. Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Didn't It Rain?
5. Bo Diddley - She's Fine, She's Mine
6. Big Mama Thorton - I Smell a Rat
7. Hank Williams - Please Don't Let Me Love You
8. Hada Brooks - The Man I Love
9. Two Gospel Keys - Can't No Grave Hold My Body Down
10. Angelillo - Bulerias
11. Glacier Park Indians - Medicine Song
Side B
1. Roy Smeck - Lil' Grass Shack
2. Bobettes - Look at the Stars
3. The Soul Stirrers - Pilgrim of Sorrow
4. Dixie Hummingbirds - What Are They Doing in Heaven Today?
5. Billie Holiday - Gloomy Sunday
6. Stuff Smith & His Onyx Boys - Ain't No Use
7. Rose Murphy (the Chi-Chi Girl) - I Can't Give You Anything But Love
8. Canaries With Organ - La Poloma
9. ? (Unidentified) - Chinese Opera Song
10. John Jacob Niles - Lulle Lullaby
11. Pale N. Lua - The Rosary


MRC-007 - Trust Your Child. Difficult Children's Music.... (cassette), by Various Artists.

Side A
1. Anonymous - I Wont Go To Macy's Anymore
2. Otis Redding - Stay In School
3. Nancy Dupree & the Ghetto Reality Youngsters - Bag Snatchin
4. ? (Unidentified) - Police Man, Police Man
5. Bill Cosby - Here Comes the Dope Pusher
6. Jr. & the Soulettes - Mama Love Tequila
7. ? (Unidentified) - I Never Went To College
8. Eunice Ford & Group - Blind Child
9. Modern Lovers - Rockin' Rockin' Leprechauns
10. Red Kross - I'm Alright
11. ? (Unidentified) - Peas & Porridge
12. Moondog - Lullaby
13. Son of PM - Luk Tung Klong Yao
14. Headstart Kids - Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me 'Round
15. Grand Master Caz - Subway Rap #2
16. ? (Unidentified) - When I Was a Baby
Side B
1. 6 Boys in Trouble - Everybody Loves to Cha Cha Cha
2. Pookey Blow - Get Up (& Go to School)
3. ? (Unidentified) - Charlie Brown
4. Bruce & Ms. Nelson - Mudra
5. Bob Durough - 3 is the Magic Number
6. Headstart Kids - Mississippi Wants Freedom
7. Bo Diddley - Do The Crawdaddy
8. ? (Unidentified) - Juan Charrescado
9. Nancy Dupree & the Ghetto Reality Youngsters - James Brown
10. Blossom Dearie - Figure 8
11. Tony Spindakis - The Record's Over and There's Nothin' to Do


MRC-008 - Wrong Time to Be Right. Post War Folk Music (cassette), by Various Artists.

Side A
1. Elizabeth Cotton - Reuben
2. Scott & Rosie Dunbar - Easy Rider
3. Charlie Feathers & R. L. Burnside - Feel Good Again
4. John Ziegler - Who’s Gonna Be Your Man
5. Robert Pete Williams - Grown So Ugly
6. Blind Willie McTell - Dyin’ Crap Shooters Blues
7. Carl Perkins - Her Love Rubbed Off
8. Furry Lewis - On The Road Again
Side B
1. Jimmy Lee Williams - Hoot Your Belly, Give Your Backbone Ease
2. ? (Unidentified)
3. William Robertson - Frolicking
4. Cast King - Wrong Time To Be Right
5. Joseph Spence - Sloop John B
6. John Hurt - Spanish Fandang
7. Watson Family - Your Long Journey
8. Michael Hurley - Lonsme Graveyard
9. Rocky Erickson - Right Track Now


MRC-009 - Chaabi Music from Al-Maghrib (cassette), by Various Artists. Chaabi is a type of folk music with two distinct strains, a Moroccan version and an Algerian version. The music here is from Morocco.

Side A
1. Taleb (Student) - Lemchaheb
2. Liyam Tnadi (The Days Are Calling) - Jil Jilala
3. Alhob Asaab (Love is Hard) - Sheika & Mohammed
4. Amarg Noune - Rais Hmad Bizmaoun
5. The Local is a Stranger - Alwershan
6. Ofikhad Awaadi - Sfya Oltalwat
7. Kords - Nouas
8. Elouassya - Achbal El Atlas
9. Laayoun Ainna (These Eyes Are My Eyes) - Jil Jilala
10. Dami - Kbira Bziouia
Side B
1. Ya Bani Al Insane (O Human Being) - Nass el-Ghiwane
2. Oghniat L'Haj (Song of Haj) - L'Farka Chaabia
3. Allah a Sisi Rabiel Alli (Allah is My Master) - Jil Amrawa
4. Al Kouds (Jerusalem) - Jil Jilala
5. El Baz - Tajdid El Houari
6. Fatine - Abdou El Omari
7. Hada Zmane Oudak Zmane (This is a time, that was a time) - Fahoud Ahlesahar (Stallions of the Desert)
8. People of the Will - Ahla Nya
9. Leila ou a Leila (1001 Nights) - Eddaka


       alternate cover


MRC-010 - The Way Up the Hill. 20 Gospel Hits of the 1970s (cassette), by Various Artists.

Side A
1. Jesus Will Never Fail - Mighty Mellotones
2. When Will I - Clarance Glenn & Violinettes
3. A Little More Love - Rev. Foots & His Traveling Stars of Long Island, NY
4. Troubles of the World - Brother Sammie Cheatam
5. Let You Will Be Done - Little Bolden & Mighty Golden Stars
6. Climbing High Mountains - Spiritual Tornadoes
7. He's Using Me - Trumpet Jubilee Singers
8. I Know A Man - Revelators of Englewood, NJ
9. A Trip to Heaven - The Wondering Souls
10. Tell The Truth - Sons of Christ
Side B
1. Around God's Throne - Northington Singers
2. It's a Blessing - Hampton-Aires of Memphis, TN
3. A Seat in Glory - Gospel Flying Clouds of Birmingham, Alabama
4. Send Your Cleansing Power - Gospel Ambassadors
5. Don't Move the Mountain - Gospel Enchanters of Patterson, NJ
6. I Found Someone That I Love - Kindly Sheperds of Chicago, IL
7. What Shall I Do? - New Golden Star of Washington
8. By the Waters of Babylon - Gospel Clefs
9. Give Me A Few More Days - Salem Travelers
10. God Got His Eyes on You - Christian Tones


MRC-011 - Black Plastic Singing Flats (cassette), by Various Artists.

Side A
1. Allahu Akbar - Fantastic Group
2. Rembulan - One Dee & Lady Faces
3. Craj Kist - Tati Saleh
4. Apple Chasing Love - Lu Xuan
5. Kedjam - Eddy Sjam & Band D'Strangers
6. [Unknown Title] - Takura Yoshida
7. Life and Pursuit - Yi Ru
8. Waltz - Sound of Magic Saw
9. Blue Dream - Ran Xia Ling
10. Teratai Merah - Titiek Sandora & Muchsin
11. Badjing Lontjat (excerpt) - Waldjinah
Side B
1. Idiot Club Rhythm - Haramitsru & Chanel 5
2. Sky Rider - Group AKA
3. Song One - Yao Su Rong
4. Last Song - Kim Jung Mi
5. Tsugaru in Bright & Beauty Rhythm - Tsugaru-Jamison vs. Drums
6. Innalillahi Wainna Illahi - Fantastic Group
7. Tjinta Palsu - Dics
8. Abimanyu - Titiek Hamzah & Singers
9. Tabuh Hudjan Mas (excerpt) - Keluarga Putera
Bali Purantara Jogjakarta


MRC-012 - A Little Bit of Hurt (cassette), by Various Artists.

Side A
1. Pain - Pat Hervey
2. Little Bit of Hurt - Evangeline
3. Together We Shall Overcome - Magic Tones
4. Lover Please - Clyde McPhatter
5. Please Be Honest With Me - Barbara & the Browns
6. A Thing Going On - Pat Lundy & Bobby Harris
7. You - Marvin Gaye
8. Strange Love - Mary Wells
9. Don't Bring Mo Bad News - J.J. Barnes
10. Born All Over - O.V. Wright
11. When My Lover Comes Home - Yvonne Baker & The Sensations
12. Pretend - Ike & Tina Turner
Side B
1. Cry Baby - Garnett Mimms
2. Stop Giving Your Man Away - Joyce Davis
3. Never Let A Kiss Fool You - Blue Rhythm Combo
4. Unlucky Seven - Freddie Watson & The Restorators
5. In My Heart - Barbara & The Browns
6. Don't Take My Mind - Bettye Swann
7. Where Is Love? - Eldridge Holmes
8. When I Pray - Jimmy Sinclair
9. You're Gonna Reap - Tarheel Slim & Little Ann
10. I Can't See Nobody - Nina Simone
11. It's All Over Now - Freddie Watson & The Restorators


MRC-013 - (Sweet Jimmy T's) BEAUTIFUL DYNAMITE! (cassette), by Various Artists. Music to clean your room by...

Side A
1. Nancy Sinatra - Sugar Town
2. Bo Diddley - Elephant Man
3. Priscilla Brown - Rockin' Good Way
4. Ikettes - Peaches and Cream
5. Little Martin - Grits Ain't Groceries
6. Gino Washington - Puppet on a String
7. Sam Cooke - You Understand Me
8. Art Neville - Little Girl from the Candy Store
9. Coasters - I'm a Hog For You Baby
10. Rebel Rousers - As I Look
11. Eddie Floyd - Big Bird
Side B
1. Storey Sisters - Bad Motorcycle
2. Dixie Cups - Gee Baby, Gee
3. Arthur Connely - Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha
4. Orions - Something Got a Hold Of Me
5. Soul Brothers 6 - Some Kind of Wonderful
6. Screaming Jay Hawkins - Do You Really Love Me?
7. 3 Simmons - You Are My Dream (School Time)
8. Benny Spellman - Word Game
9. Ted Hawkins - Who Got My Natural Comb?
10. Copasetics - Collegian
11. Wynder K. Frog - Green Door
12. Larry Yes - Dream Big


MRC-014 - Samba Triste (cassette), by Various Artists. Brazilian comp.

Side A
1. Zélia Barbosa - Funeral do Lavrador
2. Maria Bethânia - Sol Negro
3. Gilberto Gil e Jorge Ben - Quem Mandou
4. Nara e edu Lobo - De onde vens
5. Chico Buarque - Sonho de um carnaval
6. Milton Nascimento - Lilia
7. Martinho da Vila - Menina-Moça
8. edu Lobo - Zum Zum
9. Djavan - Estória de cantador
10. Baden Powell - Samba Triste
Side B
1. Nelson Ângelo e Joyce - Comunhão
2. Ronnie Von - Espelhos Quebrados
3. Luiz Eca e Sagrada Familia - Yemele
4. Luiz Carlos Vinhas - O Dialogo
5. Alceu Valença e Geraldo Azevedo - Mister Misterio
6. Os Novos Baianos - Brasil Pandeiro
7. Gilberto Gil e Jorge Ben - Filhos de Gandhi
8. Marconi Notaro - Desmantelado
9. Arthur Verocai - Na Boca do Sol
10. Ruy Maurity - Vamos Mujer
11. Tom Zé - Um 'Oh' e Um 'Ah'


MRC-015 - I Learned It All The Hard Way (cassette), by Various Artists. Yet more early soul music.

MRC-016 - Afraid Of The Dark (cassette), by Various Artists. "Garage" Rock n’ roll 1965-1981.

MRC-017 - Everything Crash (cassette), by Various Artists. Jamaican Ska, R&B & Soul

MRC-018 - How Long Has It Been Since You’ve been Home? (cassette), by Various Artists. Blues & Spirituals.

MRC-019 - Fables Of Faubus (cassette), by Various Artists. Mythic & Political Jazz.

MRC-022 - Who Has Seen The Wind? (cassette), by Various Artists. Pop Music.

MRC-024 - Like I'm Dying (cassette), by Various Artists. Ska, Rocksteady & Dub.

MRC-027 - Time Is Longer Than Rope (cassette), by Various Artists. Ska, Rocksteady, & Jamaican Soul.

MRC-028 - Classical Music For & By The People (cassette), by Various Artists.

MRC-030 - In a Crowded Station (cassette), by Various Artists. Soul and R&B.

MRC-032 - Sunda Pop Vol. [] (cassette), by Various Artists.

MRC-033 - Too Much Needs Doing Here (cassette), by Various Artists. A truly random mix about my feelings.... "This tape was compiled [on a] too hot day in early July. All songs selected based on emotional content & nothing - The first song was recorded [from] Navahoe radio in New Mexico. Vannessa Rennick & me are currently trying to gather any information we can about it. The world is so vast and varied. The range of human emotion so small & universal. It's confusing, really & this tape is intended as a blanket comm on that state of affairs. We can't escape ourselves...."


MRC-034 - I Wonder If I Will Ever Rest? (cassette), by Various Artists. Gospel/Soul/African Pop/Rocksteady "Dedicated to the spirit of the fighter..." "Notes on this tape - this many well be the most difficult to listen to Mississippi tape in the series thanks to the sustained tone of sadness and longing for a better day bye & bye on Side A and the poor sound quality of many songs on Side B. All refunds will be given without any judgement or bad feelings."


MRC-035?? - Sweet Jimmy T's Beautiful Dynamite! II - The Bubblegum Years (cassette), by Various Artists.


MRC-036 - What Have I Done? (cassette), by Various Artists. Cosmic classic rock to manufacture record covers to.... "My favorite classic rock artists and folkies sing." Super-rare edition for people who worked for or volunteered in the short-lived MR cover factory. Only 15 in existence, and apparently not even Eric Isaacson owns a copy.








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