Heritage of Black Highlanders Collection

Civic Organizations

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M77.10.3 7

Girl Scouts
1     "Getting Ready for Camp," Asheville Times, 6/07/1969, clipping

Boy Scouts
2     Lucy B. Herring PTA Pack Charter, 11/30/1963, copy of document

P77.10.3 7

Girl Scouts
1a, 1b     Girl Scouts (photograph) (original and copy print)
N1   Girl Scouts, n.d. copy neg (2 negatives)

Boy Scouts
2     Points on Good Camping (photograph)
3     Silver Beaver Award (photograph)
4     Second Class Award (photograph)
5     First Class Scout Award (photograph)
6     Cub pack No. 787 Brevard, N.C. (photograph)

M77.10.3 8

Young Men's Institute (YMI)
1     History of YMI Orchestra 
2     "Historic Place," Asheville Citizen, 8/18/1977, clipping (two copies)
3     "Market Street Y Closed," n.d., clipping
4     Market Street "Y" News, 3/1953, newsletter
5     National Register of Historic Places Inventory - Nomination Form, 10/1974
6     YMI 1919-1920 Scale of Rents, photocopy
7     Letter to Mrs. L. S. Herring from E. B. McKissick regarding YMI and three pages copied from from YMI Articles of Incorporation
8    Picture of F. H. Harris, owner of YMI Drugstore, newspaper clipping
9     Annual Report, The YMI Cultural Center, Inc., 1982 (two copies)
10   Memo: Pack Square Redevelopment Plan meeting, June 15, 1993
P77.10.3 8

Young Men's Institute (YMI)
1a   YMI Orchestra, 1908 (photograph)
1b   YMI Orchestra, 1908 (copy)
1c   YMI Orchestra, 1908 (copy)
N1   YMI Orchestra, 1908 (four negatives)
2a    YMI Drug Store, interior, 1910, (photograph)
2b    YMI Drug Store, interior, 1910, (copy)
2c    YMI Drug Store, interior, 1910, (copy)
2d    YMI Drug Store, interior, 1910, (copy)
N2   YMI Drug Store, interior, 1910 (negative)
3a    YMI Building, exterior, showing Drug Store, n.d. (photograph)
3b    YMI Building, exterior, showing Drug Store, n.d. (copy)
3c    YMI Building, exterior, showing Drug Store, n.d. (copy)
N3   YMI Building, exterior, showing Drug Store, n.d. (negative)
M77.10.3 9

1     "Groundbreaking Ceremony for New Phyllis Wheatley Branch," Asheville Citizen-Times, 1/14/1962, clipping
2     "A Kick-Off Meeting," Asheville Citizen, 2/28/1963, clipping
3     "South French Broad YWCA," Asheville Citizen, 3/14/1963, clipping
4     "Annual Enrollment Campaign," Asheville Citizen, 2/22/1964, clipping
5     "Volunteer Service Plaques," Asheville Citizen-Times, 4/12/1964, clipping
6     "Preparing for Ceremonies," Asheville Citizen, 1/23/1965, clipping
7     "Y Director Will Speak At Pearson," n.d., clipping
8     "New YWCA Branch," n.d., clipping
9     "The Y-Teen Program," pamphlet
M77.10.3 4

1     Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, "Woman Educator as Woman of Year," Asheville Citizen-Times, 1952, clipping (see original photograph: P77.
2     Shiloh Health Improvement Organization, "Community Improvement," n.d., clipping
3.1   Red Cross, "Red Cross Drive Workers," n.d., clipping
3.2   Red Cross, "Red Cross Gray Ladies Graduates, n.d., clipping
4.1   Montford Hill Community Club, "Planning Singout," n.d., and "Groundbreaking Set for $1 Million Park, n.d., clippings
4.2   Montford Community Club, "New Chairman, n.d., cut from unknown publication
4.3   Montford Community Club, "Montford Community Club Officers," n.d., clipping
4.3   Center for Performing Arts, "Theater '74 Officers," 1974, clipping
5.1   Senior Opportunities Center, "Educating the Elderly," n.d., clipping
5.2   Senior Opportunities Center, "Ringing the Gong," n.d., clipping
6      Mrs. Mamie Machen's Nursing Home, n.d., clipping with history on reverse
7      Asheville Beauticians Chapter Five, "Officers Installed," 1977, clipping and copy
8      Brotherhood Club, Tuscola High School, The Mountaineer, Waynesville, NC, 1975, copy of clipping
9      Negro Welfare Council, The Church Advocate, 2/24/45, clipping
10.1 Asheville Federation of Negro Women's Clubs, "From Dolls to Hotels," n.d., clipping
10.2  Asheville Federation of Negro Women's Clubs, "Mrs. Maggie Jones," n.d., cut from unknown publication
10.3  Asheville Federation of Negro Women's Clubs, photo of "Women's Federation in the '30's," taken at Stephens-Lee by Isabelle C. Young, clipping
11    Civil Service Commission, "Commission Again Accused of Bias Against Blacks," Asheville Citizen, 7/24/1970 (City Councilman Ruben Dailey "not in agreement" with Wesley J. Potter, chairman of Asheville Civil Service Commission), clipping
12    11th Congressional District Black Leadership Caucus, "Bus Trip To Washington Planned," Asheville Citizen, 8/04/1983
13    Social Services Council of Asheville and Buncombe County, "Council Elects," n.d., clipping
14    1st city precinct staffed by Negroes, Asheville Citizen, n.d., cut from unknown publication that used "Citizen Photo"
15    USO Committee, n.d., cut from unknown publication
16    World Day of Prayer, Asheville Citizen, 12/3/1962, clipping
17    NAACP, "Chiles to Head NAACP," and "Mrs. L. B. Michael," clipings
18    Asheville-Buncombe Commission on the Status of Women, "2 Women Honored at Awards Banquet," Asheville Citizen, 4/01/1983, clipping

1a   NAACP Conference in Detroit [from Eugene Smith scrapbook, see OS77.10.2.1], (photograph)
1b   NAACP Conference in Detroit (copy print)
1c   NAACP Conference in Detroit (copy print)
N1  Asheville NAACP (two negatives)
2a   NAACP National Conference [from Eugene Smith scrapbook, see OS77.10.2.1] (photograph)
2b   NAACP National Conference (copy print)

3a   Masonic Grand Lodge (photograph)
3b   Masonic Grand Lodge (copy print)
3c   Masonic Grand Lodge (copy print)
N3   Masonic Grand Lodge (negative)

Knights of Pythias
4a   "K.P. Annual Meeting, Parade Across the Square, 1918" (photograph)
4b   "K.P. Annual Meeting, Parade Across the Square, 1918" (copy print)

Plant Flower and Fruit Guild
5     Plant, Flower & Fruit Guild (photograph)

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority
6     Woman of the Year, Zetas honor Mrs. Lucy S. Herring as 'Woman of the Year', 1952 (photograph)


M77.10.3 5

Community Relations Council
Asheville-Buncombe Community Relations Council
1     What Is the Asheville-Buncombe Community Relations Council? briefly describes history, purpose, organization, etc. of the council, n.d., pamphlet
2     Asheville-Buncombe Community Relations Council describes in detail history, purpose, organization, programs, etc of the council, n.d., document
3     By-Laws of the Asheville-Buncombe Community Relations Council, n.d., document
4     Objectives of the Asheville-Buncombe Community Relations Council, n.d., document