City of Asheville, N.C ., Historic Resources Commission Records


City of Asheville Plat Book 1

Title Creator_Architect Contributor_Architectural Firm Description_View Description_Remarks 1 Description_Remarks 2 People Organizations Relation_Manuscript Street City Vicinity County Date_Original
1.1     Property of Mini Grayson Justice, Carroll Sorrels, Dudley Sorrels, Clyde Sorrels, Sallie Kate Stromp Location not identifed                  
1.1 Louis Du B Rees   Section of Chestnut Ridge and Nutwood Hill Also shows part of Lookout Road   Grayson Justice ; Sorrels ; Stromp     Ravine Road Asheville     9/18/1919
1.1 Robert S Brown   Property of E F Wilson and W L Teasley Also shows part of Clingman Ave   Wilson ; Teasley     Rector Street Asheville     9/5/1919
1.2 E M Rawls   Relocation of lots 10 & 11 property of F W Thomas     Thomas     East College Street Asheville     10/1919
1.2 Burns & Krickham   Property of G Stikeleather, D Ralph Millard, Tench C Coxe and Haywood Parker Part of Smith Estate   Stikeleather ; Millard ; Tench Coxe ; Parker   Tench Coxe Collection

Frank Coxe Collection

Southside Ave       9/1919
1.2 Robert S Brown   Property of Guy Weaver, Beaverdam Valley     Weaver     Beaverdam Road Asheville     2/8/1918
1.3 Wm Hume   Plot of two tracts of land in Buncombe County belonging to Lewis Young Bounded by Miller line, Reynolds line and Haywood Road   Young     Haywood Road       6/19/1884
1.3 Robert S Brown   Property of F Zimmerman     Zimmerman       Asheville     9/29/1919
1.4     Partition in case of Dollie Walker et al vs Violet Walker et al Shows two lots on Ball St   Walker     Ball Street Black Mountain     9/1919
1.4     Property of J T Harris     Harris       Ridgecrest     11/15/1919
1.4 Arnold H Vanderhoof   Property of Carl L Ray     Ray     Glendale Street Asheville      
1.5     Revised subdivision of lots now owned by E J Enthoffer Also shows part of Hollywood St   Enthoffer     Arlington St Asheville     10/24/1919
1.5 Chas H Neal   Map of the Hollinsworth property Also shows part of Buffalo St and Baker Ave   Hollinsworth     30 Ft Street West Asheville     10/4/1919
1.5 Chas H Neal   J P Kitchen re subdivsion block 4, Biltmore Park Between Reed St and Brookshire St   Kitchen     Reed St       3/1920
1.6 B M Lee   Map of Mrs E A Merritt property     Merritt     Spring St Asheville     1/23/1915
1.7 B M Lee   Map of 16" water line to Bee Tree                   1/1920
1.10 A A Hamlet   Property of Woodfin Land Co. Bounded by Mulberrt St, Riverside Drive and Woodfin Ave (See also 7.32)   Woodfin Land Co.   Woodfin Ave Asheville     9/1919
1.11 A A Hamlet   Property of Woodfin Land Co. Bounded by Woodfin Ave, Riverside Drive and Vine St     Woodfin Land Co.   Woodfin Ave Asheville     9/1919
1.12 A A Hamlet   Property of Woodfin Land Co. Bounded by Vine St and Riverside Drive (See also 7.38)   Woodfin Land Co.   Vine St Asheville     9/1919
1.15 B M Lee   Map of northern portion of lot 18 block 18 of the Ashville Loan & Construction Co Bounded by Santee St and Montford Ave     Asheville Loan Construction and Improvement Co   Montford St        
1.15 B M Lee   Plat of Geo S Powell lots Also shows part of Cherry St   Powell     Cumberland Ave Asheville      
1.15 Robert S Brown   Property of Brandl and Stikeleather     Stikeleather ; Brandl     Chestnut Street Asheville     2/20/1920
1.16     Plat of Property of F H Snipes Bounded by Linden Ave and Henrietta St   Snipes     Linden St Asheville     2/21/1920
1.16 R W Parker   Forest Hill Co. subdivision of lots 1-2-3       Forest Hill Co   Biltmore Ave Asheville      
1.16 B M Lee   Plat of property of McKinley & Margaret Pritchard and Chas. P & Helen Burton Edwards Bounded by Pearson Drive, Montford Ave and Santee St   Pritchard ; Edwards     Santee St Asheville     5/4/1920
1.17 Ben H Case   Owen Gudger lots     Gudger     Livingston St Asheville     5/8/1920
1.17 J M Carver   Map of William & Fannie Rymer lands situated on Newfounded Creek, Buncombe Co. Lots allocated to Nellie Rymer, T D Rymer, Hattie Smith, Allie Rhoads and minor heirs   Rymer ; Smith ; Rhoads           Buncombe 9/1919
1.17 Benj H Case   Property of G A Digges lots 6 and 7     Digges     Biltmore Ave Asheville     5/7/1920
1.18 B M Lee   Plat of property of J P Sawyer estate on Montford Ave and Pearson Drive Also shows Cullowhee St   Sawyer     Pearson Drive Asheville     8/1918
1.18     Copy of plat attached to deed recored in book 151 page 80 Possibly referenced to J S Rollins (indistinct)   Rollins     Asheland Ave        
1.18 B M Lee   Plat of property of J P Sawyer est on Clingman Ave Also shows part of Jefferson Drive   Sawyer     Clingman Ave Asheville     8/1918
1.19   Case & Rawls Governor Heights subdivision Continued on sheet 20   Walker       Asheville     7/1920
1.20   Case & Rawls Governor Heights continued from sheet 19 Shows part of Bull Mountain Road   Walker; Torian       Asheville     7/1920
1.21 B M Lee   Subdivision of the Schoenfeld lands "See deed book No 197, page 129 for deed from Lawrence Fabacher and wife to the Summer Home Co." Note seems to refer to sale of land to Summer Home Co. but is indistinct Schoenfeld ; Fabacher Summer Home Co.         Buncombe 5/14/1914
1.22 H R Parker   Lots 9, 10 and 11 E W Grove Park property of E A and L B Jackson East of Charlotte Street   Jackson     Macon Avenue Asheville     2/18/1921
1.22 J J Reagan   J D Barnard property Bounded by Orchard Street and Charlotte Street   Barnard     Orchard Street Asheville     1/1917
1.22 Robert S Brown Brown & Alexander Property of J A Brandl Bounded by Nevada Ave (Brewer St) and Haywood Road   Brandl     Nevada Ave West Ashville     5/1922
1.22 Robert S Brown   J D Barnard property Bounded by Orchard Street Revision of Jan 1917 by J J Reagan Barnard     Orchard Street Asheville     5/14/1921
1.23 R W Parker   Horney Heights property of J T Horney Haywood Street near Sulphur Springs Map No.1 Horney     Haywood Road West Asheville     5/1921
1.24 R W Parker   Horney Heights property of J T Horney Haywood Street near Sulphur Springs   Horney     Haywood Road West Asheville     6/1921
1.25 R W Parker   Horney Heights property of J T Horney Between Madline Ave and Carrier Street   Horney     Sulphur Springs Road West Asheville     8/1921
1.26     Generally blank except for "Revised J T Horney"     Horney              
1.27     Generally blank except for "Revised J T H"     Horney              
1.28 Robert S Brown   Property of Benjamin Francis Bounded by Coleman Ave and Austin Ave   Francis     Austin Avenue Asheville     2/1921
1.28 O L Israel   J F Webb to B A Patton land     Patton ; Webb             10/6/1921
1.28 A A Hamlet   Property of P D Manley Bounded by East St and Fulton St   Manley     East Street Asheville     9/1921
1.29 Ed McCall   Land divided and allotted to A M McCall, Signa Gibson, May McCall, W Earl McCall and David McCall Near Swann and F S Road and Bee Tree Creek   McCall : Gibson             10/17/1917
1.30 W Crickham   Property owned by L B Jackson Between All Souls Crescent and Biltmore Road   Jackson     Biltmore Road Biltmore     8/19/1921
1.31 B M Lee   Logan School lot Bounded by Penland Street and Magnolia Ave           West Asheville     1/28/1922
1.32 R W Parker   Property of Robert Long estate sub-divided by Southernland Auction Co Also shows part of Merrimon Ave   Long Southernland Auction Co   Chatham Street Asheville     3/4/1922
1.33 W Crickham   Subdivision of property belonging to Carolyn A Stark Green Street and Gray Street near Pearson Drive   Stark     Green Street Asheville     3/27/1922
1.34     Virginia Ave sewer and outlet Also shows part of Galax Ave         Virginia Ave       5/3/1922
1.35 Chas H Neal   Property of Chas G Lee Resubdivsion of a tract formerly subdivided by The Asheville Land Company   Lee Asheville Land Company   Southern Street Asheville     10/6/1922
1.36   Brown & Alexander Property of J W Nichols Bounded by Larchmont Road and Merrimon Ave   Nichols     Merrimon Ave Asheville     8/4/1922
1.36 Arnold H Vanderhoof   Property of Wachovia Bank & Trust       Wachovia Bank   Patton Ave Asheville     5/1920
1.37 Grady Owens A A Hamlet Property of J M Dockins     Dockins     Mills Gap Road       3/1923
1.38 Arnold H Vanderhoof   Property of J Frazier Glenn and Hettie Walker Being lots No. 5,6 & 7 Block "D" Arborvale Park   Glenn ; Walker     Pisgah Ave Asheville     2/1923
1.39 J R Reagan   Oates Park property of Slayden & Fakes Co subdivided for the Southernland Auction Co. Bounded by McDowell Street and Sugg Street     Slayden & Fakes; Southernland Auction Co   McDowell Street Asheville     3/1923
1.40 O L Israel   Subdivision of Daisy B Burnett property     Burnett       East Biltmore     4/1923
1.40 J R Reagan   Property of C A Gentry     Gentry     Ridge Street Burnsville Hill     9/1922
1.41     Blank                    
1.42 Chas H Neal   Partition of the Woody Tract on Pearidge Also shows part of Emma Road         Pea Ridge Road     Buncombe 9/30/1922
1.43 Chas H Neal   Property of E F Wilson Bounded by Wellington Street and Oakdale Avenue   Wilson     Oakdale Avenue West Asheville     12/18/1922
1.44   Brown & Gibbs Dr H H Briggs property to be conveyed to the Citizen's Hotel Corporation Also shows part of Walnut Street and Hiawassee Street   Briggs Citizen's Hotel Corporation   Haywood Street Asheville     1/20/1923
1.44   Cox Engineers M D Sprinkle property, Norwood Park Bounded by Lyndon Ave and Woodward Ave   Sprinkle     Lyndon Ave       5/19/1923
1.45 John C Haynes   Property of W S Hampton     Hampton     Leicester Main Street Leicester     10/1922
1.46 T A Cox Jr   S G bernard's property     Bernard     Saint Dunstan's Road Asheville     12/16/1922
1.47   Brown & Gibbs Property of J C Cole and J C Greene Part of Mears Property   Cole ; Greene ; Mears     Valley Street Asheville     1/13/1923
1.48 Ben H Case   Meadow Park - Kenilworth Conveyed by Kenilworth Development Co. to Town of Kenilworth     Kenilworth Development Co.   Charleston Street Asheville     3/28/1923
1.49 Ben H Case   Spring Park - Kenilworth Conveyed by Kenilworth Development Co. to Town of Kenilworth     Kenilworth Development Co.   Caledonia Road Asheville     3/21/1923
1.50 Ben H Case   Forest Park - Kenilworth Conveyed by Kenilworth Development Co. to Town of Kenilworth     Kenilworth Development Co.   Caledonia Road Asheville     3/23/1923
1.51 O L Israel   Map of Kitty M Harrison farm     Harrison       Leicester     2/21/1923
1.51 A A Hamlet   Property of T A & C W Brown     Brown       Black Mountain     4/1913
1.52 H L Parker & W F Kirkham   Property of Haw Creek Realty Co Also shows St. Dunstan Circle     Haw Creek Realty   Roebling Circle Asheville     3/24/1923
1.53 Ben H Case   Subdivision of R A Wilson's apportionment Kenilworth Also shows Chiles Ave and Holland Place   Wilson     Craggy Circle Asheville     3/30/1923
1.54 Ben H Case   J M Chiles 25-acre tract Kenilworth Also shows Swannanoa Road Original included as 3.7 Chiles     Patton Road Asheville     3/1923
1.55 J R Reagan   Property of S M Hanes Bounded by Mitchell Avenue and Blue Ridge Ave See also 6.60 and 11.122 Hanes     Craggy Avenue West Asheville     4/1923
1.56 O L Israel   Eastern view subdivision property of S J Carter Also shows Popple Street and Sand Hill Road   Carter     Delaware Avenue West Asheville     3/1923
1.57 O L Israel   Land conveyed by J B Duckett to J H Brown     Duckett ; Brown       Sandymush Township     6/1923
1.58 R W Parker   H A Brown addition to Horney Heights Also shows part of Sand Hill Road     Brown & Bell Development Co   Solola St West Asheville      
1.58     Ray plat Seven plots belonging to members of the Ray family/ No location given (See also book 11 page 33, for possible resubdivision) Ray              
1.59 J J Reagan   Land near Gudger Street [possibly belonging to Dr Cox]     Cox     Gudger Street       11/1923
1.59 R W Morgan   Property of Dr Cox (Cooke) Mapped from deed dated April 1924   Cox       Asheville     4/1924
1.60 A A Hamlet   Property of Reed & McCall Bounded by Fairview Ave and Hickory Nut Road     Reed & McCall   Cedar St; Springdale Ave Biltmore     6/1920
1.61 A A Hamlet   Property of Dr T P Cheeseborough on Haw Creek Shows Old Hawcreek Road and New Hawcreek Road   Cheeseborough     Hawcreek Road       1/1914
1.62 E L Chisman   Dryland Springs subdived July 1887 for Otis A Miller Also shows Summit Ave and Allen Ave   Miller     Asheville Avenue       6/1887
1.63 Otis A Miller   Copy of map of Skyland made in 1887 and 1889 Also shows Miller Avenue, Pond Ave, Trade Avenue and Arden Avenue         Asheville Avenue       5/26/1925
1.64 A A Hamlet   Property of the R Gaustavino Estate Also shows Central Ave and Lakey St   Rafael Gaustavino     Vance St       11/1913
1.65 A A Hamlet   Property of F D Rood below Rain Bow Terrace     Rood     Montreat Road   Montreat   11/1913
1.66 A H Starnes   Property of J W Jacokes Adjacent to Cane Creek   Jacokes             1911
1.68     Plat of E W Sharpe land Also shows Old Road   Sharpe     Weaverville Road        
1.69 [Stewart]   Amended plat Dade-Olina Park subdivsion of R B Blake estate Half way between Hendersonville and Asheville one mile from Fletcher   Blake Sanford Realty Co. Miami Fla   Asheville Hendersonville Highway   Fletcher   8/1918


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