City of Asheville, N.C ., Historic Resources Commission Records


City of Asheville Plat Book 11

Title Creator_Architect Contributor_Architectural Firm Description_View Description_Remarks 1 Description_Remarks 2 People Organizations Relation_Manuscript Street City Vicinity County Date_Original
28.56 H J Aiken   Plat showing property annexed extending the corporate limits ; ordinance 385 effective January 6, 1956 Shows city limit lines for 1929 and 1956 (This is a loose page inserted into book 800)       Red Oak Road ; Lookout Circle ; Valle Vista Drive Asheville     1/6/1956
11.6a Arnold H Vanderhoof   Royal Park Supercedes map dated Aug 14 and shows results of widening Louisianna St and Haywood Rd (This is a loose page that has been included in plat book 11 although it appears to to have originally been part of that book)       Crown St ; Charles St ; Majestic Ave ; Louisanna Ave ; Haywood Rd ; Dorchester Ave West Asheville     8/1920
11.5 Chas H Neal   Property of Gudger & Wilson     Gudger ; Wilson       Asheville     6/1926
11.6   Case & Williamson Subdivision of lot 101, 40 acre tract           Lakewood Drive ; Craggy Circle ; Balsam Street Kenilworth     8/15/1925
11.7 Arnold H Vanderhoof   Property of L W Elias & T S Elias     Elias     Dorchester Avenue West Asheville     2/1924
11.9 T A Cox Cox Engineers Property of R P Jackson, J F Jenkins & A L Banister Shows proposed site of Weaver Motor Co's new building   Jackson ; Jenkins ; Banister Weaver Motor Co   Hilliard St ; South Grove St ; Ashland Ave (Asheville)     1926
11.10 D A Hagarty   Property of H W Pelton & J P Hanson     Pelton ; Hanson           Buncombe 1/1/1926
11.11 Howard Wiswall   Map showing several tracts of land located in Buncombe County Shows property of J L Green, W B Laughter, P M Painter and ajoining property of R C Reynolds & D W Flinton, M T Green, Mrs Moffit, R G Owenby, W C Nesbit, Garrison & Ledbetter and Garrison   Green ; Laughter ; Painter ; Reynolds ; Flinton ; Moffit ; Owenby ; Nesbit ; Garrison ; Ledbetter     Old Fort to Bat Cave road     Buncombe 1/1926
11.13 J R Reagan   Property of C B Jones     Jones         Craggy   5/1926
11.20 W H Terrell   Block Q, Grove Park, E W Grove's Kimberley lands     Grove     Kimberly Avenue ; Manetta Road ; Maywood Road ; Gracelyn Road Asheville     5/1926
11.21 W H Terrell   Business section, Grove Park, E W Grove's Kimberly lands Shows part of Asheville country club   Grove Asheville Country Club   Kimberly Avenue ; Virginia Avenue ; Westall Avenue ; Farrwood Avenue Asheville     6/1926
11.22 W H Terrell   Grove Park, E W Grove's Kimberly lands Shows overview of block L-2 and blocks Q to W inc.   Grove     Charlotte Street ; Kimberly Avenue ; Manetta Road ; Ottari Road ; Holborn Road ; Hampstead Road ; Maywood Road ; Gracelyn Road ; Warwick Place Asheville     6/1926
11.23 T A Cox Cox Engineers Section three, Royal Pines           Blake Drive ; State highway Dixie route A Royal Pines   Buncombe 6/11/1926
11.24 J R Reagan   Property of C B Jones     Jones     County road   Craggy   5/1926
11.25 W E Williamson Case & Williamson Tract #1, the Joe Ray property owned by Maggie Ray Penland Also shows property of Buckner, Hemphill, Daugherty and Anderson Also shows county school, presbyterean church and parsonage Ray ; Penland ; Buckner ; Hemphill ; Daugherty ; Anderson     Road to Beech ; road to South Fork Reems Creek     5/1926
11.29 J J Reagan   Property of W R Maney Also shows property of T Ball, Phillips and R D Buckner   Maney ; Ball ; Phillips ; Buckner       Newbridge     1/1925
11.30 (Wm M Andrews)   Revised map, block 42, lots 28 to 34 of Grovemont on Swannanoa Founded 1924 by E W Grove Indicated old lot lines as shown on book 6 page 24 Grove     Northeast Avenue ; Durham Place ; Eastwood Avenue Grovemont on Swannanoa     6/1926
11.31   Case & Williamson Revised subdivision of lot #34, Green-Thrash subdivision, property of R P Jackson Originally recorded book 198, page 69 Indiana Avenue shown as formerly 4th Avenue Green ; Thrash ; Jackson     Indiana Avenue ; 4th Avenue ; Swannanoa Avenue Asheville     6/1926
11.32 I Muschel   Lots 23, 24, 25 & 26 in block E, Oakhurst Realty Co       Oakhurst Realty Co   White Fawn Drive Asheville     4/21/1926
11.33 (Respess)   Resubdivision of lots 4 & 16 as recorded book 1 page 58 Property of L W Weegman & W H Redmon   Weegman ; Redmon     Sand Hil Road ; Solola Street West Asheville     6/1926
11.34 (Respess)   Resubdivision of lots 31 & 32 of Green & Thrash lands For L W Weegman & W H Redmon   Green ; Thrash ; Weegman ; Redmon     Swannanoa Street West Asheville     6/1926
11.36 (W J Noyes) Geo Kershaw Property of Syndicate Holding Corporation       Syndicate Holding Corporation   State highway ; Coleman Avenue Weaverville     6/2/1926
11.39   Spoon, Lewis & Camp Property of C W Patterson Also shows property of Geo Bell, Blair & Jones, G P Miller and Government   Patterson ; Bell ; Miller ; Blair ; Jones U.S. Government     Asheville     4/13/1926
11.40 T A Cox Cox Engineers Property of West Asheville M.E. Church       West Asheville M E Church   Balm Grove Street ; Haywood Road Asheville     6/1926
11.41 J R Reagan   Miss Belle Penland property     Penland     Leonard Street ; Main Street Weaverville     11/1925
11.42 L H Michael   Property of Henry T Sharp & W M Salley Also shows Melton property   Sharp ; Salley ; Melton     Sugar Cove Road Reems Creek     5/1926
11.43 [Early]   [Carl L Caulile plot]     [Caulile]       Biltmore     2/10/1927
11.44 T A Cox Cox Engineers Property of Mark L Reed Jr     Reed     Fairview Avenue ; Fairview Road ; Springdale Avenue (Asheville)   Buncombe 6/1926
11.45 J R Reagan   Property of F F Duckett Also shows property of Hawkins and T C Smit   Duckett ; Hawkins ; Smit     Ridge Street ; Johnson Boulevard   West Asheville   6/1926
11.46 T Gordon Ladshaw   Property of H H Cathey This is lot 4 of Z T Ledbetter subdivision   Cathey ; Ledbetter     Burton Avenue West Asheville     5/1926
11.47 Chas H Neal   Property of Franklin Griffin     Griffin     Virginia Avenue Asheville     6/30/1926
11.48 Chas H Neal   Property of I H Lamb Near Sand Hill School     Sand Hill school   Sand Hill Road ; School Street     Buncombe 6/1926
11.49 T A Cox Cox Engineers Block 13C, Stradley Mountain Park Amended plat of that portion of the reserved portion of Stradley Mountain Park as recorded in book 12, page 7A         Vanderbilt Terrace ; Rhododendron Drive ; Lafayette Drive     Buncombe 1926
11.50 Arnold H Vanderhoof   Property of Standard Oil Co Also shows property of B F Good and H R Patton heirs   Good ; Patton Standard Oil Co   Asheville - Black Mountain highway Swannanoa     4/1926
11.51 R J Howard Wythe M Peyton Property of the National Casket Co       National Casket Co   State highway no. 20   Asheville   7/1926
11.53 C P Howard Wythe M Peyton Property of Z V Knott showing portion conveyed to Augusta McCready     Knott ; McCready     Coleman Avenue ; Murdock Avenue (Asheville)     7/17/1926
11.52 J J Reagan   Block B of the J B Greenwood property on the Fairview Road Also shows property of Harrison ans Cauble   Greenwood ; Harrison ; Cauble     Fairview Road     Buncombe 5/1926
11.54 T A Cox Cox Engineers Property of C G Green Being a resubdivision of lots 1 & 2 block 1 property of Wells & Dunham, book 198 page 200 and lot 7 property of Mrs J K Gorrell's homesite book 11, page 14   Green ; Wells ; Dunham ; Gorrell     Herron Avenue ; Dunwell Avenue West Asheville     1926
11.55 C P Freeman   Property of Rex S Smathers and Mrs O Johnson Being lots 41,42 and 28,29 of a sub-division of the Preston J Peterkin property   Smathers ; Johnson ; Peterkin     Centre Road ; North Road ; Ridge Road   Asheville   8/2/1926
11.57 R J Howard Wythe M Peyton Pine Park property of Otto Buseck     Buseck     Pine Park Circle ; Pine Park Avenue Hazel Ward     7/19/1926
11.58 Chas H Neal   Property of R B Sams     Sams     Catherine Street West Asheville     7/27/1926
11.59   Cox Engineers Property of A G White     White     Highland Street ; Holland Street ; Chestnut Street Asheville     6/5/1926
11.60 C V Verner Wythe M Peyton Formerly property of Bradford and Currence now Nichols and Walser Also shows property of Gwyn Edwards estate   Bradford ; Currence ; Nichols ; Walser ; Edwards     Herren Avenue ; Haywood Road Asheville     1/5/1925
11.62 Arnold H Vanderhoof   Property of Standard Oil Co Also shows property of H R Harrison   Harrison Standard Oil Co   Rockdale Road ; Grovemont Avenue ; Asheville - Black Mountain highway (state highway no. 10) Grovemont     4/1926
11.64 S J Respess   Property of S W McIntosh     McIntosh     Argyle Lane West Asheville     8/6/1926
11.71 Arnold H Vanderhoof   Property of Standard Oil Co Also shows property of Nickolson   Nickolson Standard Oil Co   Haywood Road ; Belmont Avenue Asheville     1926
11.73 Arnold H Vanderhoof   Property corner Hudson St and New Jersey Ave Also shows Horney Hills lot 21 block B         New Jersey Avenue ; Husdon Street Asheville     7/1926
11.74 Wythe M Peyton Wythe M Peyton Property of R B Rymer and wife in Holman Christian University subdivision Also shows property of Mrs McKay   Rymer ; McKay Holman Christian University   Washington Avenue ; state highway Black Mountain     8/21/1926
11.75 T Gordon Ladshaw   Property of Miss Lena & P L Harwood These lots comprise nos. 5 & ^ of block D Horneyhurst and recorded in book 5, page 82   Harwood     Burns Place ; Dorchester Avenue West Asheville     8/1926
11.77 T A Cox Cox Engineers Resubdivision of lots 14 & 15 of West Asheville Estates & lot 1 of Brown & Logan for W G Dean     Dean ; Brown ; Logan West Asheville Estates   Olney Road ; Vermont Avenue Asheville     1926
11.81 Chas M Hazelhurst   Property of Jas H Williams Subdivision of lots 32 & 33 Grove Street recorded in deed book no.121 page 63   Williams     Grove Street Asheville     9/1926
11.82 J R Reagan   J E Joyner estate     Joyner     Lamb Avenue ; Joyner Avenue ; Amboy Road ; State Street West Asheville     9/1926
11.83 S J Respess Cox Engineers Property of C P Edmonds, 62 Nevada Avenue Also shows property of R L Parker, R B Payne, Walter Jenkins and McDaniels Nevada Ave shown in brackets as Brewer St Edmonds ; Parker ; Payne ; Jenkins ; McDaniels     Nevada Avenue ; Brewer Street Asheville     1926
11.84 J R Reagan   Revised map of the H L Blankinship property Former map recorded in plat book 9 page 146   Blankinship     Manilla Street ; Delphia Street ; Narberth Road ; Sand Hill Road West Asheville     8/1926
11.86 T A Cox Cox Engineers Property of Elizabeth Brownson and W C Brownson, Lanvale Street Also shows Lane E W Smith property, Winchester Place and Dallas Street Note referencing plat book 2 page 141 and book 198 page 188 Brownson ; Smith     Lanvale Street ; Winchester Place ; Dallas Street West Asheville     9/10/1926
11.87   Wythe M Peyton Property of F C Stahlman Revised subdivision lots 18-19-20-21-22-23-24 block B Courtland Place Also shows Courtland Terrace and pencil notes querying Courtland Circle and/or Place Stahlman     Courtland Avenue ; Courtland Terrace Asheville     9/1926
11.89   Case & Williamson Handley, Leonard and Leppert lots     Handley ; Leonard ; Leppert     Haywood Street Asheville     9/1926
11.90 C P Freeman   Property of Anna K Phillips Property to be conveyed to Clifford E Dockery and wife Birchie V Dockery   Phillips ; Dockery     Emma - Craggy road     Buncombe 9/18/1926
11.94 Arnold H Vanderhoof   Property of Standard Oil       Standard Oil Co   Roberts Street ; East Haywood Road ; Haywood Road (West Asheville Bridge) Asheville     8/1926
11.96 S J Respess Cox Engineers Property of G O Roland Resubdivision of lots 25 & 26 block B of Horneyhurst, see plat book 5 page 82   Roland     Brucemont Circle Asheville     9/17/1926
11.97 J J Reagan   Lands of L M Martin (deceased) Divided and allotted to Mrs M E Smith, Mrs Kittie Snelson, J E Martin, Mrs L M Teague, J R Martin, heirs of L R Martin and heirs of Nancy Hawkins   Martin ; Snelson ; Teague ; Hawkins     Bear Creek Road     Buncombe 12/1909
11.98 Chas H Neal   Property of Perry and Putnam     Perry ; Putnam     Burton Street ; Boyd Avenue West Asheville     9/25/1926
11.99 G F Douglas Wythe M Peyton Property of M M Aiken Also shows property of Moore   Aiken ; Moore     North Street Asheville     12/1/1925
11.100 T A Cox Cox Engineers Property of M B Starnes Subdivision of lot 120 ward 3 sheet 1   Starnes     Lexington Avenue ; Broadway ; Cherry Street ; Rankin Avenue Asheville     9/25/1926
11.101 J R Reagan   Property of B L Branson     Branson     River View Road ; Devon Road ; Bellair Road West Asheville     8/1926
11.102 R V Justice   Map of G E Atkin property On Sand Hill Road near Sand Hill School   Atkin     Gudger Road ; Sand Hill Road     Buncombe 9/11/1926
11.104 S J Respess Cox Engineers Property of P C Smith & wife resubdivided into lotes 1-2 & 3 Also shows J D Henderson lot   Smith ; Henderson     College Street ; Poplar Street Asheville     9/1926
11.112 R J Howard Wythe M Peyton Property of John E Smith (Plat originaly page 102 but changed in pencil to 112. Revised number used to avoid duplication with other page numbered 102)   Smith     Brick Street Asheville     8/7/1926
11.114 (Hetherington)   Block C Biltmore Forest           Vanderbilt Place ; Busbee Road Biltmore Forest     10/1926
11.116 R V Justice   Map of T C Smith and W S Harrison land     Smith ; Harrison       West Asheville      
11.117 Chas M Hazelhurst   Property of C C Lantz Subdivision of lots 7 and 8 recorded in plat book 5 page 50, including lots 5, 6 and 9   Lantz     Hillcrest Drive ; Sunrise Drive ; Millbrook Road Asheville     10/1926
11.118 Chas H Neal   Map of a lot in Chestnut Ridge Park Also shows property of Hanson   Hanson           Buncombe 11/8/1922
11.120 Chas H Neal   Layout of block D, Asheville Industrial Sites Inc       Asheville Industrial Sites Inc   Hall Street Asheville     4/1927
11.121 C P Freeman   Property of J N Hoyle     Hoyle     Unadella Avenue Asheville     8/1926
11.122 S J Respess Cox Engineers Property of O E Starnes Survey and resubdivision of lots 18-19-20 & 21 of Falconhurst, plat book 1 page 55   Starnes     Mitchell Avenue ; Graggy Avenue ; Blue Ridge Avenue ; Bellair Road Asheville     11/1926
11.126 V W Breeze V W Breeze & Co Property of Dr J G Anderson and J S Mardis Also shows Odd Fellows Hall   Anderson ; Mardis     Haywood Road ; Hanover Street West Asheville     11/1/1926
11.127   Humphries Engineering Company Property of the Finance Company Also shows property of Mrs L H Foster   Foster The Finance Company   Hilliard Avenue ; Church Street ; Lexington Avenue Asheville     5/26/1926




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