City of Asheville, N.C ., Historic Resources Commission Records


City of Asheville Plat Book 12

Title Creator_Architect Contributor_Architectural Firm Description_View Description_Remarks 1 Description_Remarks 2 People Organizations Relation_Manuscript Street City Vicinity County Date_Original
12.1 K E Hendricks   Lake View Park blocks T & Y (Revised by next plat also 12.1)         Kingwood Pl ; Lakewood Rd ; Wembly Rd ; Lakewood Rd ; Windsor Rd [Asheville]     5/7/1926
12.1 (Kern)   Lake View Park blocks T & Y (Revision of previous plat also 12.1)         Kingwood Pl ; Lakewood Rd ; Wembly Rd ; Lakewood Rd ; Windsor Rd [Asheville]     7/19/1927
12.3   Wythe M Peyton Broad River Park property of J K Peterson Sheet 1 of section 1 of unit 1   Peterson     Mildred Drive ; Rhododenron Bvld ; Laurel Drive ; Chestnut St ; Oak St     Buncombe 4/1926
12.3   Wythe M Peyton Broad River Park property of J K Peterson Sheet 2 of section 1 of unit 1   Peterson     Rhododendron Bvld ; Azalea Rd ; Rhododendron Circle ;     Buncombe 4/1926
12.4 Arnold H Vanderhoof   Riverview property of J T Horney (Plat notes continued on sheet 14-B but actually continues on next sheet also 12.4)   Horney     Grand View Rd ; Riverview Drive ; Clifton Ave ; Amboy Rd ; Tahkieostie Trail Asheville     5/1926
12.4 Arnold H Vanderhoof   Riverview property of J T Horney (Plat notes continued on sheet 14-A but actually continues on previous sheet also 12.4)   Horney     Haywood Road Asheville     5/1926
12.7 T A Cox Cox Engineers Stradley Mountain Park Approved by Central Bank & Truct Co, trustee (Note states continues on following sheet but does not do so) ; see also book 11 page 49   Central Bank & Trust Co   Brevard Rd ; Biltmore Terrace ; Lafayette Dr ; Pine Terrace ; Oak Terrace; Clubhouse Dr ; Fern St     Buncombe 5/1926
12.8 Chas H Neal   Property of T J Curran et al Lots 1 to 44 belong to T J Curran, except lot 21. Lots 45 to 64 belong to T J Curran, F B Ingle, F C Hooper and J R Reid,   Curran ; Ingle ; Hooper ; Reid     Suphur Springs Rd ; Clinton St ; Brooks St ; Delaware Ave ; Lane Ave ; Ingle St ; Center St [Asheville]     5/1926
12.9 C P Freeman   Asheville Heights property of H A Tabet     Tabet     Larchmont Drive ; Hillcrest Ave ; Mountain View Ave ; Blue Ridge Ave ; Leicester Rd   Asheville   5/19/1926
12.10   Wythe M Peyton Property of J T Bledsoe, J R Rice and J H Nicholson Also shows Vermont Avenue and Sand Hill Road   Bledsoe ; Rice ; Nicholson     Haywood Road ; Mildred Place ; Newton Street Asheville     4/1926
12.11 T A Cox Cox Engineers Section three Montford Hills Patterson & DeVebre selling agents     Patterson & DeVebre   Riverside Drive ; Westover Drive ; Tacoma Circle [Asheville]     4/1926
12.12 Marlon F Hetherington   Part of block O, Biltmore Forest           Vanderbilt Road South ; Wildwood Road ; Arboretum Road ; Soutwood Road Biltmore     6/1926
12.13 (J L Foy)   Broad River Park Section two of unit one         Boulevard ; Laurel Drive     Buncombe 2/8/1927
12.14   Spoon, Lewis & Camp Crescent Hill C A Roberts, Orlando, Florida owner   Roberts     St John's St ; Lancaster St ; Jenkin's St ; Orlando Ave ; Lakeland Ave ; Arden and Weston Rd     Buncombe 5/1926
12.15   Wythe M Peyton Arden Park business section Property of W T Rowland Also shows Asheville - Hendersonville Highway Rowland     Audrey Ave ; Rosalind Ave ; Touchstone Ave ; Frederick St ; The Mall ; Barbecue Lane Arden     (1926)
12.16   Case & Williamson Clayton estate Also shows property of Zimmerman , Reaves and Whittemore   Clayton ; Zimmerman ; Reaves ; Whittemore     McElroy Ave ; Leicester - Asheville highway   Emma   4/1926
12.17 (F E Cotton)   Riverdale subdivision, Woodfin J B Bradford owner Also shows property of De Bruhl, County, Cassada and Willis Bradford ; De Bruhl ; County ; Cassada ; Willis     John St ; Rock Church Rd ; William St ; Frank St ; De Bhrul St Woodfin     6/1926
12.18     Page cut from book                    
12.19 T A Cox Cox Engineers Property of Dr H G Brookshire     Brookshire     Starnes Cove Road Starnes Cove     4/1926
12.20   Geo Kershaw Unit one Galax Crest           Galax Crest Drive ; Galax Road       6/10/1926
12.21 J J Reagan   Property of Basco Blackstock Subdivided for Southern Land Auction Co   Blackstock Southern Land Auction Co   South View Road ; North View Road ; Highway 29 Flat Creek     6/1926
12.22 (Hagerty)   Lake View Park block I Approved by Central Bank & Trust Co     Central Bank & Trust   Pineacre Boulevard ; Stratford Road ; Midland Drive ; Ardoyne Place [Asheville]     8/1926
12.23   Case & Williamson Stikeleather property and adjoining property Also shows property of Geo Stephens, T C Coxe estate, McRary, Johnson, Whitfield and Mary Beadles   Stikeleather ; Stephens ; Coxe ; McRary ; Johnson ; Whitfield ; Beadles     Coxe Avenue ; Buncombe Street ; Church Street ; Aston Lane ; Aston Street ; Ravenscroft Asheville     6/1926
12.24 (Wm Ed McCall)   Subdivision of part of M M (Aikins) property Also shows property of C B Fore, Mulbery and (Mosen)   (Aikins) ; Fore ; Mulbery ; (Mosen)     Highway 10 Swannanoa     (1926)
12.25 Marlon F Hetherington   Part of block B, Biltmore Forest           Forest Road ; Busbee Road ; Cedarcliff Road Biltmore     5/1926
12.26 J R Reagan   Property of T C Smith Also shows property of F F Duckett and Dr Gohmear   Smith ; Duckett ; Gohmear     Smith Street ; Ridge Street ; Johnson Boulevard ; Norman Drive   West Asheville   6/1926
12.27 J L Foy   Mountain View estates subdivision Subdivided by the J Tracey Moore Land Co selling agents Also shows property of E W Queen Queen J Tracey Moore Land Co   Valley Street ; Oak Street ; Mountain Street ; High Street   Black Mountain   6/30/1926
12.28 Arnold H Vanderhoof   Horney Hills property of J T Horney Also shows Drake Strret, Hudson Street, Hubbard Street and Randolph Avenue   Horney     State St ; Stewart St ; Granada Ave ; Cordova St ; Hanover St ; Michigan Ave [Asheville]     6/1926
12.29 L R Rink   Lakewood Park property of the Black Mountain Lands Incorporated       Black Moutain Lands Incorporated   Rhododendron Ave ; Park Lane ; Laurel Circle ; Church St ; Oakland Drive Black Mountain     5/1926
12.30 (Wm Ed McCall)   Part of the Sarah A Ingle land sold to Maynard Thompson and subdivided for him Originally registered in book 90 page 16   Ingle ; Thompson           Buncombe 3/8/1928
12.32 J J Miller   W R Alexander estate Southern Land Auction Co selling agents   Alexander Southern Land Auction Co         Buncombe 1926
12.33 J J Miller   W R Alexander estate Southern Land Auction Co selling agents Also shows property of Coggins, A N Alexander, Williard Shope and Farm School Alexander ; Coggins ; Shope Farm School         Buncombe 1926
12.36 K E Hendricks   Lake View Park block Z See revised plat next to this sheet (also 12.36)         Kingwood Place ; Windsor Road ; Wembley Road [Asheville]     4/4/1926
12.36 F S Kern   Lake View Park block Z revised Approved by Central Bank & Trust Co Revision of previous sheet 12.36   Central Bank & Trust Co   Kingwood Place ; Windsor Road [Asheville]     7/9/1927
12.37 Chas H Neal   Map of the John Williams property See revided map next to this sheet (also 12.37)   Williams     Oakley Road ; Pisgah View Avenue ; West Raleigh Road East Biltmore     4/1926
12.37 Chas H Neal   Map of the John Williams property Revision of map registered in book 12 page 37   Williams     Oakley Road ; Pisgah View Ave ; Kenmore St ; West Winston Ave ; West Raleigh road East Biltmore     4/1926
12.40 O L Israel   Property of W H Belk Also shows property of Mountain Retreat Association, Vance, Baptist Assemby, W R Allison, Kurlee  and McKoy   Belk ; Vance ; Allison ; Kurlee ; McKoy Mountain Retreat Association ; Baptist Assembly   Mt Mitchell Road Black Mountain     4/1926
12.41 J L Foy   Vance Terrace subdivision surveyed and subdivided for J G McMaster Also shows Rutledge St   McMaster     Manning St ; Carlilse St ; Sun-set Drive ; Calhoun St ; Pickens St; Hampton St ; Richardson St (Black Mountain)     6/1926
12.43   Cox Engineers Section three Royal Pines           Blake Drive ; State highway Dixie route A Royal Pines     6/11/1926
12.44   Geo Kershaw Pineview terrace owned by H C Jenkins     Jenkins     Riverview Drive ; Spinet Street West Asheville     7/15/1926
12.45   Meyers & Thomas Engineers Founders top unit The Knolls A subdivision in Broad River township for The Knolls Inc Also shows Rainbow Tr, River View, Rainbow Tr, Broken Tr, Sunset Tr, Oak Tr and Hickory Tr   The Knolls Inc   Valley View Tr ; Mountain Tr ; Spring Tr ; Hillside Tr ; Summit Tr ; Laurel Tr ; Firefly Tr ; Ivy Tr     Buncombe 11/1926
12.46 J J Reagan   Craggy Heights property of N A Collins & Son Also shows property of Dr Weaver, Neeland and Pearson   Collins ; Weaver ; Neeland ; Pearson     Weaver Road Craggy     7/22/1926
12.48 T A Cox Cox Engineers Asheville school estates Also shows Lake Ashnoga, Amherst Rd and Cornell Rd     Asheville School Estates   Stanford Rd ; Yale Shore Drive ; Sand Hill Rd ; College Rd ; Dartmouth Bvld ; Academy Lane Asheville     1926
12.51   Wythe M Peyton Subdivision owned by J P Randolph     Randolph     Bartlett Street ; Adams Street ; Blanton Street Asheville     1926
12.52 J R Reagan   Property of J E Ledford and others near Johnson School     Ledford Johnson School     West Asheville     7/1926
12.55 C P Freeman   Unit 2 of section 1 of Fontainebleau on Lake Kenilworth Property of Asheville Developers Inc     Asheville Developers Inc   La Rochelle Drive ; Kenilworth Road Asheville     8/10/1926
12.59 E H Cabaniss   Blocks 1,2,6,7,8 & 9 R O Alexander property located on Montreat Road Also shows Beech St and Ninth St   Alexander     North Fork Rd ; Milner Circle ; Highland Ave ; Hanover Circ ; Alexander Circ; Iroquois St Black Mountain     8/1926
12.60 E H Cabaniss   Blocks 3,4,5,10 & 11 R O Alexander property located on Montreat Road     Alexander     North Fork  Rd ; Milner Ave ; Highland Ave ; Alice St ; Hanover Circ ; Alexander Circ ; Iroquois St Black Mountain     8/1926
12.61 Chas H Neal   Property of M L Maney Subdivision of lot no 41 as shown on Liberty Park plat   Maney     Forest Ave ; Maple Street ; Oak Road Asheville     4/20/1926
12.62   Hendricks & Coburn Sulphur Springs Park Floyd Byram owner and developer   Byram     Appalachian Way ; Asheville - Waynesville Highway Asheville     8/1926
12.64   Burns & Krickham Broad View Manor Map of property belonging to Realtor's Sales Co     Realtor's Sales Co   Winston Ave ; Raleigh Rd ; New Bern Ave ; Onteora Bvld [Asheville]     5/1926
12.66 Chas H Neal   Property of Robert L Spivey Name of Dale Avenue added in pencil   Spivey     Virginia Avenue ; Dale Avenue Asheville     9/1/1926
12.67 John S Tennent   Beverly Hill the master suburb record plan block J Reference to record book 10 sheet 67         Beverly Road ; Hawthorne Drive ; Marlborough Drive [Asheville]     8/26/1926
12.68   Case & Williamson Property of Mrs E R P Ziegler on Haywood Road Near Asheville School for Boys   Ziegler Asheville School For Boys   Haywood Road ; NC state highway 10 [Asheville]     2/1926
12.71 (J A Hagarty)   Lake View Park block S           Windsor Road ; Fairway Road ; Wembley Road [Asheville]     12/17/1926
12.75 J  Reagan   College Park property of J V Erskine Also shows Georgia Ave and Florida Ave Revised map Erskine     College Crescent ; Central Ave ; Colege St ; North Crescent Weaverville     4/1926
12.79 Chas H Neal   Map showing properties of the W M Worley estate with subdivision possibilities     Worley     Patterson Mill Rd ; Richland Ave ; Mill Brook Rd ; Worley Ave ; Westwood Place (Asheville)     10/1/1926
12.81 C P Freeman   Revised plat of block D Fontainebleau on Lake Kenilworth Handwritten reference to book 12 page 18 (which is cut from book)         Kenilworth Road ; Normandy Road Asheville     12/27/1926
12.82 (J A Hagarty)   Lake View Park section 2 Approved by Central Bank & Trust Co     Central Bank & Trust Co   Greystone Road ; Mayfield Road ; Stratford Road [Asheville]     9/1926
12.83   Wythe M Peyton Lee-Nixon Properties Inc       Lee-Nixon Properties Inc   Lenox Street ; Lenox Court ; Hillside Street ; Murdoch Avenue ; Charlotte Street Asheville     4/1926
12.84 W E Williamson Case & Williamson Property of T C Coxe estate, block C     Coxe     Ravenscroft Drive ; Collier Avenue ; Coxe Avenue ; Hilliard Street ; Banks Avenue ; Buxton Avenue Asheville     11/1926
12.84 Arnold H Vanderhoof   Property of Horace A Wells     Wells     Haywood Road ; Wells Avenue ; Brevard Road ; Fairfax Avenue West Asheville     5/1926
12.87 E P Sams   Paving map of Haw Creek Road extension A cut-off connecting Beaucatcher Road with Asheville Black Mountain highway (Shows property owners, genrally Swan Valley Inc)   Swan Valley Inc ; Standard Oil Co   Haw Creek Road ; Asheville - Black Mountain highway ; Beaucatcher Road ; Oxford Place ; Redwood Road   (Asheville)    
12.89 O L Israel   Property of Sam L Ray Also shows property of Dr W J Weaver, Ebe-Mack, Frank Frisbee and J A Cole   Ray ; Weaver ; Ebe ; Mack ; Frisbee ; Cole     Dix-Creek Road Leicester     3/1927
12.90 Chas M Hazelhurst   Beaverdam Square property of Wallace Wright Also shows property of R C Stevens and Sol A Carter   Wright ; Stevens ; Carter     Highway no 20 ; Burnsville Hill Road New Bridge     3/1927
12.93 Chas H Neal   Property of B H Sumner     Sumner     Chatham Road ; Chatham Place Asheville     6/1926
12.94 R V Justice   Property of J A Kinnerly     Kinnerly     Leicester Road Leicester     4/24/1924
12.95 J R Reagan   College Heights property of Sternberg and Lykes Also shows property of Dr D Atkins, F E Blackstock and J A Clinton   Sternberg ; Lykes ; Atkins ; Blackstock ; Clinton     Church Street ; Highland Avenue ; Park Drive ; Ridgwood Avenue ; College Street Weaverville     4/1927
12.96 J R Reagan   Property of W A Drake     Drake     Katherine Street ; Bradley Street West Asheville     4/1927
12.97 (Geo E Sprinkle)   Lands of J M Franklin and J A England Also shows property of Frank Blackstock, Dr M Franklin, J E Chandler, J M Franklin, Dr C Sprinkle, C P Black, Dr M Black and Grover Clinton   Franklin ; England ; Blackstock ; Chandler ; Sprinkle ; Black ; Clinton           (Buncombe)  
12.98   J E Sirrine & Co Engineers Plat of property Sayles Finishing Plants Inc Also shows property of Cheesborough and Greenwood   Cheeseborough ; Greenwood Sayles Finishing Plants Inc   Black Mountain highway Biltmore     2/10/1926
12.99 C P Freeman   Property of George W Craig Formerly Holmes property Also shows property of Kenilworth Development Co and Ballard Craig ; Holmes ; Ballard Kenilworth Development Co   Asheville - Black Mountain highway Kenilworth     5/19/1927
12.100 C P Freeman   Beverly Hills, the master suburb, plan of business lots Continues on book 10 page 67 Also shows entrance to recreation park and municipal golf course       Asheville - Black Mountain highway (Asheville)     5/19/1927




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