City of Asheville, N.C ., Historic Resources Commission Records


City of Asheville Plat Book 13

Title Creator_Architect Contributor_Architectural Firm Description_View Description_Remarks 1 Description_Remarks 2 People Organizations Relation_Manuscript Street City Vicinity County Date_Original
13.1 J J Reagan   Property of J P & Lou B Evans subdived for George Greenwood     Evans ; Greenwood     Garden Road Woodfin     9/1926
13.1 J J Reagan   Part of the R W Ray property subdivided for George Greenwood Also shows H K Bradley property   Ray ; Greenwood ; Bradley     Lookout Road Woodfin     10/1926
13.3 [W J Crickham]   Subdivision of lots 101 & 102 E T Belote property belonging to W C McElrath & Paul H Gearhart     Belote ; McElrath ; Gearhart     Solola Road ; (Salola Road) ; Rumbough St Asheville     8/19/1926
13.4 [Spinkle]   Subdivision of the [Halcomb] place made for Grant Jones and (?)     [Halcomb] ; Jones     Sand Hill Road     Buncombe 9/10/1926
13.5 E Curtis   Plat showing Chas Baird home tract and property of Lake View Park Inc to be conveyed to Chas W Baird & wife     Baird Lake View Park Inc   Baird Lane ; Baird Alley ; Burnsville Hill Road [Asheville]     10/18/1926
13.6 John P Brady   Property of J R Durrett Being a subdivision of lots 1 to 5 of S D Hall property Also shows part of Morningside Park Durrett ; Hall     Cove Lane ; Brevard Road ; Chester Street Asheville     11/19/1926
13.7 Chas M Hazelhurst   Subdivsion of property of S C Stroup Also shows Randolph Avuenue   Stroup     New Street West Asheville     11/1926
13.9 John P Brady   Property of J B Bradford Also shows part of Wright property   Bradford ; Wright     Victoria Road ; McDowell Street Asheville     11/1926
13.10 O L Israel   Property of R Murphy & F W Brownlee Showing division of lots 56 & 57 of block E Horney Hurst recored in book 5 page 82   Murphy ; Brownlee     Florida Avenue Asheville     1926
13.11 Jno R Brady Wythe M Peyton Property of A D Martindale subdivided by Jno R Brady     Martindale     Hubbard Ave ; Randolph Ave Asheville     7/28/1926
13.12 S J Respress Cox Engineers Property of Lee Powers & others Resubdivision of lots 2-3-4-5 & 6 plat book 198 page 74 Also shows end of Fulton Street Powers     Woodrow Avenue Asheville     10/1926
13.15 E B Justice G W Justice Subdivision of the W H Keys property     Keys     Langwell Ave ; State Street West Asheville     12/4/1926
13.16 [Hagarty]   Lake View Park section 1 Approved by Central Bank & Trust Co     Central Bank & Trust Co   Edgelawn Road ; Stratford Street [Asheville]     1/1/1927
13.17 Robert S Brown Brown & Alexander Property of E H Luckett     Luckett     Margaret Street ; Julia Street Asheville     5/2/1922
13.8 F E Cotton   Revised plat property of Mrs R C Jenkins "New Haywood Road now Waynesville Ave"   Jenkins     New Haywood Road ; Waynesville Ave West Asheville     10/1926
13.18 D A Hagarty   Division of property on Summit Street surveyed for David & Gross Also shows Merrimon Ave and Hillside St   David ; Gross     Summit Street [Asheville]     1/6/1926
13.19 C P Freeman   Property of Geo F Richards     Richards     Rosevelt Street ; Hall Street Asheville     1/7/1927
13.20 Chas H Neal   Property of W L Teasley Also shows Black Street   Teasley     Water Street West Asheville     1/10/1927
13.21 W B Fluharty   Property of Mrs N O Fansler & A C Weddle Being a subdivision of lots 1-2 & 3 of Pine Grove Land Co   Fansler ; Weddle     Victoria Ave ; Delaware St Asheville     6/22/1926
13.22 Arnold H Vanderhoof   Ivey Capeheart           Nevada Ave West Asheville     2/1926
13.23 Chas H Neal   Map of the Thomas J Mitchell property Also shows Drake Street and proposed extension of Langwell Ave   Mitchell     Lufty Ave ; Virginia Ave West Asheville     1/20/1927
13.25 J J Reagan   Property of F A Wilkerson Also shows Brookson Drive and Gashes Creek Road Also shows Whitson property Wilkerson     Church Avenue Gashes Creek     1/1927
13.26 Arnold H Vanderhoof   Property of Standard Oil Co Being lot 10 of block A property of Swannanoa Valley Inc Also shows Oxford Place   Standard Oil Co ; Swannanoa Valley Inc   Beaucatcher Scenic Highway ; Asheville-Black Mountain Road Asheville     1/1927
13.27 Arnold H Vanderhoof   Property of P C Smith Also shows Clemmons St   Smith     Mountain Street ; White Pine Street Asheville     12/1926
13.28 T A Cox Cox Engineers Property of L B Shelton     Shelton     Nevada Ave Asheville     2/1927
13.29 Arnold H Vanderhoof   Property of George Wilson     Wilson     West Chapel Road ; Shiloh Road Biltmore     1/1927
13.30 S J Respress Cox Engineers Property of Mrs Albert C Wirth and Mrs F H Broooks Also shows land of Robert Whitaker, Sam Whitaker and J W Pinkerton   Wirth ; Brooks ; Whitaker ; Pinkerton       Fairview Township     1/4/1927
13.31 T A Cox Cox Engineers Part of block 10 Green & Thrash lands Also shows State Street Reference to book 154 page 35 Green ; Thrash     Second Avenue West Asheville     2/1927
13.32 T A Cox Cox Engineers Lot no.2 property of Grover & Rex McIntosh Being part of lots 21 and 21B, all of 21A of the U. Doubleday addition to Asheville as recorded in deed boof 42 pp 577, 578 and 579 Also shows Hillside Street and Center Street McIntosh     West Street Asheville     2/1927
13.33 Arnold H Vanderhoof   Property of Standard Oil Company Being lots 2,3 & 4 as shown on plat in book 5, page 88 Also shows Broadway   Standard Oil Company   Montreat Street ; State Street - NC10 Black Mountain     12/1926
13.34 R V Justice   Plat showing redivision of lots no 12 & 13 of the [Park McLaine] property surveyed for T C Smith     [McLaine] ; Smith     Sulphur Springs Road ; Covington Street West Asheville     1926
13.35   Hendrick & Coburn Property of Miss M L Cook Lots 21 7 22 of Green & Thrash property   Cook ; Green ; Thrash       West Asheville     2/11/1927
13.46 W A Bunn   Property of W B Cathey Part of lot no 8 of the J E Crook land recorded in book 4 p 100 subdived into lots 1, 2 & 3   Cathey ; Crook     State Street Asheville     2/1927
13.48 T A Cox Cox Engineers Property of G H Knoblauch Being a resubdivision of lots 1,2 & 3 of Ridgelawn as shown in plat book 5 page 16 Also shows part of Haywood Road Knoblauch     Ridgelawn Road ; Beverly Road Asheville     3/1927
13.49   Buncome Co drafting dept Paving map of Edgemont Road extension Shows costs, frontages and property owners     Buncombe County   Edgemont Road ; Golf Street ; Maple Street ; Macon Ave Beaverdam     7/1925
13.50 J J Reagan   Property of Karl Jones     Jones     Old Bull Mtn Gap Road Reems Creek     3/1927
13.51 E P Sams Buncombe Co Paving map of Pine Street Shows costs, frontages and property owners     Buncombe County   Pine Street ; School Street ; Center Street ; West (Chapel) Rd Biltmore     3/1927
13.52 T A Cox Cox Engineers Property of L W Hill Formerly belonging to Chestnut Street ME Church South   Hill Chestnut Street M E Church South   Chestnut Street ; Monroe Place Asheville     2/1927
13.53 E H Cabaniss   The Tabernacle Cemetary Ralph Patton owner   Patton         Black Mountain   3/1927
13.54 Chas H Neal   Hazeldean subdivision Newfield properties Inc       Newfield Properties Inc   Haywood Road ; Ormond Ave West Asheville     1927
13.55 C P Freeman   Property of S M Stevens     Stevens     Woodland Road West Asheville     3/21/1927
13.56 J R Reagan   Barnardsville high school grounds Property of the board of education of Buncombe Co     Buncombe County     Barnardsville     2/1927
13.58 H A Buck Wythe M Peyton Property of Gulf Refinig (Refining) Co Purchased from Millard & Lasater   Millard ; Lasater Gulf Refining Co   All Souls Crescent ; Hendersonville Road (formerly Biltmore Road) Biltmore     3/25/1927
13.59 [W B Fluharty]   Property of Dr F C Stahlman Revised subdivision of lots 6-7-8-9-10-11-12 & 13 of block A of Courtland Place   Stahlman     Courtland Avenue ; Roan Street Asheville     3/15/1927
13.60   Wythe M Peyton Property of Gulf Refining Co       Gulf Refining Co   Merrimon Avenue ; Maney Avenue Asheville     4/1927
13.61 J J Reagan   Map of the Porter property subdivided for Chas H Fleming     Porter ; Fleming     State Highway No 10 ; Ridgeway Street Black Mountain     9/1926
13.62 Albert Teague   Map of land sold to Bascombe Coffey by W S Hampden     Coffey ; Hampden           Buncombe 4/11/1927
13.63 J R Reagan   Property of S K & T R Young Also shows Emma High School   Young     Bingham Road Emma     5/1925
13.64 G I Gibbs   Property of P L Cauble     Cauble     Fairview Road (State highway no 20)   Biltmore   4/4/1927
13.65 C P Freeman   Beverly Hills, the master suburb block W           Stratford Drive (Beverly Hills)     5/10/1927
13.66 F S Kern   Property of F H Revis Block no 4 of F H Revis and C R Banford property   Revis ; Banford     Park Avenue Grace     5/14/1927
13.67 G W Wells   New Salem cemetary J M Franks, M L Lance & A B Case trustees   Franks ; Lance ; Case           Buncombe 7/1926
13.68 H A Buck Wythe M Peyton Property of D S Elias and C K Hughes Also shows J L Martin property and Balm Grove Baptist church   Elias ; Hughes ; Martin     Haywood Road Asheville     4/1927
13.69 J J Reagan   Plat of a part of the lands of John M Greenwood on the Swannanoa River     Greenwood           Buncombe 5/24/1927
13.70 H A Buck Wythe M Peyton Property of B M Jones     Jones     Pearson Drive ; Santee Street Asheville     5/16/1927
13.71 James T Lowes   Griffings Kimberly Heights Partial plat of second unit   Griffing     Griffing Bvld ; Walnut Pl ; Cincinnati Ave Asheville     6/1/1927
13.72 C P Freeman   Property of heirs of Caledonia McIntyre     McIntyre       Hazle Ward   Buncombe 6/8/1927
13.77 Chas M Hazelhurst   Subdivision of property of Gertrude Nichols Whitesides Also shows Hazard Street   Whitesides     Pine Street Asheville     6/1927
13.79 Ben H Case   Revised subdivsion lots 10 to 14 of A C Coffey property Original plat by J J Reagn, Sept 1923 recorded book 4 page 57   Coffey     Bradley St West Asheville     7/1927
13.80 J J Reagan   Plat of Chas T Gwaltney land and house lot Also shows Ed Blackstocks and John Wilson property   Gwaltney ; Blackstocks ; Wilson     Highway no 69 Beaverdam     7/1927
13.81 J L Foy   Plat of land surveyed for J W Stepp     Stepp           Buncombe 8/21/1923
13.82 H A Buck Wythe M Peyton Property of E M Freck et al Also shows property of Dillon, Johnson & Tweed   Freck ; Dillon ; Johnson ; Tweed     Church Street ; So Lexington Avenue ; Biltmore Avenue Asheville     7/1927
13.83 G W Wells   Eugene Ducker property (Handwritten note suggests Church Street renamed Shilo Road)   Ducker     Church Street   Biltmore   8/1927
13.84 Chas M Hazelhurst   Subdivision of property of Julia Love Also shows property of John Baker, J V Miller and Bell Freeman   Love ; Baker ; Miller ; Freeman       Emma     3/1927
13.85 [W A Bunn]   Property of Fred Benjiman Part of lot no 12 of block no 8 of the old Green & Thrash property Hanover Street formerly Hil Strett ; Montana Ave formerly 2nd Ave Brookshire ; Green ; Thrash     Montana Ave West Asheville     8/1927
13.86 W A Bunn   Property of T J Crookshire Being part of lots 12,13 & 14 of block no 8 of the old gReen & Thrash property recorded book 140, page 448 & 449   Brookshire ; Green ; Thrash     Montana Ave (West) Asheville     8/1927
13.87 C P Freeman   Beverly Hills, the master suburb revised plat of business lots 44 & 45           Black Mountain Highway ; Governors View Road (Beverly Hills)     8/24/1927
13.88 C P Freeman   Property of W S Harrison & T C Smith     Harrison ; Smith     Dunwell Avenue West Asheville     8/18/1927
13.90 Ben H Case   J T Bledsoe & N T Robinson property at NE corner Merrimon Ave & Gracelynn Road     Bledsoe ; Robinson     Merrimon Ave ; Gracelyn Road Asheville     7/1927
13.91 E H Cabaniss   Property of Annie May Dew     Dew       Ridgecrest     2/17/1927
13.92 E H Cabaniss   Wilson Park, F E Laycock, T J Hunter, J H Smith owners     Laycock ; Hunter ; Smith           Buncombe 9/16/1927
13.93     Lake View Park section 5           High Drive ; Sherwood Road ; Eastwood Place     Buncombe 9/10/1927
13.94 Ben H Case   J T Bledsoe property on Haywood Road Also shows Mildred Place, Vermont Ave and Sand Hill Road   Bledsoe     Haywood Road Asheville     9/1927
13.95 [McCall]   (A C Tipton C C Tipton) land as divided and deeded by each to the other Division made 10/9/1925, subdivision made later.   (Tipton)           Buncombe 9/29/1927
13.96 J C (Susong) Brown Engineers Property of H W Kindler     Kindler     Oakley Road ; Valley View Roaf Oaklyn     6/23/1927
13.97 H A Buck Wythe M Peyton Property of S S Williams     Williams     Salem Avenue ; Chatham Road Asheville     9/1927
13.98 Chas M Hazelhurst   Property of H L Carter - S Sternberg Subdivision of S Sternberg property   Carter ; Sternberg     Asheville - Weaverville highway NC no 20 ; Old Burnsville - Weaverville highway New Bridge     9/1927
13.99 [W A Bunn]   Block A Greendale Heights property of S J Carter Also shows property of W B Cathy Also shows Carrier Street Carter ; Cathy     Delaware Ave ; Sulphur Springs Road West Asheville     10/1927
13.100 J J Reagan   Property of E H Luckett     Luckett     Nantahala Street ; Vivian Street Asheville     5/1926
13.101 H B Swope   Part of block N Biltmore Forest           Forest Road ; East Forest Road Biltmore     1927
13.102 Chas M Hazelhurst   Property of G D Carter Also shows Lanning Avenue and Katherine Avenue   Carter     Wellington Street West Asheville     9/1927
13.103 W H Terrell   Property map showing property purchased by L B Jackson from Kimberly Heights Inc     Jackson Kimberly Heights Inc   Woodland Avenue ; Jackson Avenue Asheville     11/30/1927
13.104 Arnold H Vanderhoof   Rearrangement of property of John E Smith     Smith     Crescent Street Asheville     6/1927
13.105 Robert S Brown Brown & Gibbs Property of R C Davis     Davis       Cane Creek     8/1924




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