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City of Asheville Plat Book 14

Title Creator_Architect Contributor_Architectural Firm Description_View Description_Remarks 1 Description_Remarks 2 People Organizations Relation_Manuscript Street City Vicinity County Date_Original
14.1 J J Reagan   Property of T M Garrison (deceased) bequeathed to W C garrison, E G Garrison, Henry Garrison and Hattie G Dula Also shows property of Harris heirs, Arthur Black, England, Scarboro and Wilson   Garrison ; Dula ; Harris ; Black ; England ; Scarboro ; Wilson       Flat Creek     3/1927
14.2 Ben H Case   Property of Kenilworth Development Co, revised subdivision of part of blocks A & B       Kenilworth Development Co.   Wyoming Road ; Warwick Road ; Kenilworth Road Kenilworth     5/1927
14.5 W M Andrews   Griffing's Kimberly Heights, plat of first unit and part of second unit Also shows Charlotte Street   (Griffing)     Walnut Pl ; Maplewood Rd ; Griffing Bvld ; Dogwood Rd ; Redwood Rd; Lynwood Rd; Grovewood Rd Asheville     7/1927
14.6 J R Regan   Property of the L B Mackey estate subdivided for the Horney Brothers Land Co Also shows property of F H Revis and E D (Weaver)   Mackey ; Revis ; (Weaver) Horney Brothers Land Co   State highway no. 69 ; North Drive ; Oakdale Drive ; Ridgecrest Rd ; Dula Springs Rd   Weaverville   7/1927
14.7 J C Susong Brown Engineers & Surveyors Property of Swannanoa Valley Inc Also shows Cheeseborough Drive     Swannanoa Valley Inc   Beaucatcher scenic highway ; Asheville-Black Mountain hwy ; Beaucatcher Rd ; Oxford Pl ; Redwood Rd Asheville     10/25/1926
14.8 (T L Foy)   Chestnut Hill Park subdivision Surveyed and subdivided for G F Hankins and C L Helmstetler Also shows property of Holman heirs and Jim Burgins Hankins ; Helmstetler ; Holman ; Burgins     Pine St ; Locust St ; Rhododendron Drive ; Mountain View Ave ; Spring St     Buncombe 8/1926
14.9 (W A Burn)   Meadow Park property of William Michalove Near US Government Hospital, Oteen   Michalove US Government   Laurel Street ; Meadow Street ; Black Mountain highway ; Northview Drive Oteen     7/1927
14.10 H G Bury   Deavermont's Hanging Garden sec.               Asheville   4/1927
14.11 Robert S Brown Brown Engineers & Surveyors Property of Dr W L Dunn Complied from earlier plats, book 154 page 168 and book 198 page 8 Details numerous adjoining property owners Dunn ; Sinclair ; Reaben ; Avery ; Wells ; Thomas ; Withers; Clayton ; Adams ; Henry ; Devendorf ; Cunningham ; Price ; Cotton ; Suderth ; Lance ; Griffin ; Miller ; Patton ; Keibler ; Tatum ; Adams     Thurland Road ; Ross Creek Road Asheville     8/8/1927
14.12 H G Bury   Deavermont Park section no 3       Williams & Stanard Realty Co   Oakmont Street ; Luwalt Street ; Starnes Cove county road Starns Cove   Buncombe 8/1927
14.13 F A Humphreys   Oak Park owned by Oak Park Co. Also shows Dixie Highway     Oak Park Co   Royal Oak Rd ; Park Court ; Grove St ; White Oak Rd ; Graceland Pl ; Collenwood Rd ; Fair Oaks Rd [Asheville]   Buncombe (1927)
14.14 J R Reagan   Lewis Allman estate Also shows property of Roberts, Ball, (McClurd), Dillingham, Buckner and Holcombe   Allman ; Roberts ; Ball ; (McClurd) ; Dillingham ; Buckner ; Holcombe       Flat Creek     10/1927
14.17 O L Israel   Property of James R Cole Resurvey of subdivision for CL Jefferies Realty Co by R W Parker in Sept 1922 Also shows property of J L Young, Hominy Baptist church amd Candler high scool Cole ; Young Hominy Baptist church ; Cnadler high school     Upper Hominy     10/1927
14.18 J C Susong Brown & Gibbs Property of Market Street Co. Inc Also shows property of Gray Gorham   Gorham Market Street Co. Inc   Woodfin Street ; South Libert Street Asheville     4/1925
14.19 T A Cox Cox Engineers Mount Royal Also shows Royal Pines and property of Rose Chapman, S F Chapman and T J Jones   Chapman ; Jones     Appian Way ; Royal Pine Drive ; Mary Francis Circle ; Estelle Drive ; Mt Royal Drive ; Oak Terrace (Royal Pines)   Buncombe 11/1927
14.20 Chas H Neal   Map showing subdivisions of the Skidmore tract Also shows McCurry tract   Skidmore ; McCurry     Hubbard Avenue ; Amboy Road West Asheville     12/1/1927
14.21 (R L McGutra)   Map showing distribution lines in Rosscraggon and Rathfarman Made for Carolina Power & Light Co     Carolina Power & Light Co         Buncombe 7/12/1927
14.22     Page cut from book                    
14.23 J C Susong Brown Engineers & Surveyors Property of Meadow Realty Co Also shows Biltmore Ave and Busbee St     Meadow Realty Co   Roebling Circle ; Meadow Road ; Commerce Street ; McDowell Street Asheville     6/1928
14.24 Ben H Case   Property of the Fonda Construction Co Inc, block L, Griffing's Kimberly Heights       Griffing's Kimberly Heights Inc ; Fonda Construction Co Inc   North Griffing Boulevard ; Dogwood Road ; Redwood Road ; Walnut Pl Asheville     1/1928
14.25   Chas S Waddell & Co Property of South Buncombe Water & Watershed Dist Round Knob reservoir lot and pipeline right of way Also shows property of H B Phillips heirs, Biltmore Holding Co and Vanderbilt estate Phillips South Buncome Watershed dist ; Biltmore Holding Co ; Vanderbilt estate   Asheville- Hendersonville Highway   Buena Vista   1/24/1928
14.27 (H L Parker)   Battery Park property of E W Grove Also shows property of Mrs A T Watson, Maxwell and E W Patton Also shows location of new Battery Park hotel and post office site Grove ; Watson ; Webb ; Maxwell ; Patton Battery Park Hotel ; US Post Office   French Broad Ave ; Otis St ; O Henry Ave ; Page Ave ; Battery Park Ave ; Battle Sq ; Haywood St Asheville     9/20/1927
14.28 H L Parker   Battery Park property of E W Grove     Grove     Page Ave ; Haywood St ; Patton Ave ; Government St ; College St ; Walnut St ; Flint St Asheville     9/20/1927
14.29 J J Reagan   Eliza McCluire (deceased) estate Subdivided for the McCluire heirs   McCluire ; Eller ; Prichard ; Bard ; Gentry ; Glontz ; Mackey ; Thomas ; Parker ; Brittian ; Watts     Alexander Road ; Dula Springs Road ; State Highway No.69 Reems Creek     7/1927
14.30 C A Thrasher Pharmer & Thrasher Block A Violet Hill Memorial Park Violet Hill Memorial Park Co Inc owners     Violet Hill Memorial Park Inc   Beaverdam Road Asheville     3/1/1928
14.31 O L Israel   E J Morgan estate Also shows owners of adjoining property   Morgan ; Crawford ; Austin ; Moore ; Lance ; Cowdy ; Bailey ; Green ; Taylor ; Candler ; Willis ; Gaston     Wise Branch Road Upper Hominy     3/1928
14.32 (W A Burn)   Property of W W Wright     Wright     Brevard Road ; Olney Road Extension West Asheville     4/1928
14.34 (W A Burn)   Property of S B Cathey     Cathey     Brevard Road ; Olney Road Extension West Asheville     4/1928
14.83 T A Cox Cox Engineers Laurel Terrace property of Laurel Terrace Co (See also book 7 page 79 and book 15 page 35)     Laurel Terrace Co   Breckenridge Parkway ; Blackstone Ave ; Clifton Ave ; Montrose Ave ; Laurel Terrace Ave Asheville     7/1925
14.104 W F Mosher   Plan showing property to be conveyed by Southern Railway Co to Meadow Realty Co and by Meadow realty Co to Southern Railway Co       Southern Railway Co ; Meadow Realty Co   Meadow Road ; Commerce Street Asheville     5/30/1928




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