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City of Asheville Plat Book 15

Title Creator_Architect Contributor_Architectural Firm Description_View Description_Remarks 1 Description_Remarks 2 People Organizations Relation_Manuscript Street City Vicinity County Date_Original
15.1 [Kern]   Lake View Terrace block D Also shows Circle Drive         Beaver Drive ; Pine View Road ; Belle Avenue [Asheville]     12/8/1927
15.2 [W A Brown]   Property of Furman Miller Being lots no 17 - 18 of Juliana Park book 6 page 139 Buncombe County   Miller     Hibernia Road Asheville     12/12/1927
15.3 [W A Brown]   Hibernia Terrace property of W B Cathey Being lots 21 and 22 of Juliana Park book 6 page 139 resubdived into lots 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 Also shows Scott Street Cathey     Hibernia Road Asheville     12/1927
15.4 J J Reagan   Property of Dr W J Weaver Some lots are property of Pink Smith Shows part of highway to Asheville Weaver ; Smith       Leicester     4/1925
15.5 Chas M Hazelhurst   Property of Ruffner Campbell Also shows end of Evelyn Place   Campbell     Kimberly Avenue Asheville     11/1927
15.6 W B Fluharty   Property of Susan M Earwood est. Also shows part of Haywood Road   Earwood     Virginia Avenue Asheville     8/1927
15.7 W B Fluharty   Property of Whitfield C Carmichael Also shows part of Dudley Ave   Carmichael     Lakewood Drive ; Old Conastee Drive Kenilworth     1/2/1928
15.9 C P Freeman   Property of W S Harrison Subdivision of lot 17 block A  ; Asheville Land Co property   Harrison Asheville Land Co   Tiernan Street Asheville     1/16/1928
15.10 W H Terrell   Map of lot no 534 situated on Scenic Drive           Scenic Drive Kimberly Heights     12/1927
15.11 C P Freeman   Revised plat property of S J Ford (Plat notes restrictions on price and location of property and color of owners) revised subdivision of property on plat dated 6/1/1926 recored in plat book 11 page 28 Ford     Beaver Street ; Killian Lane Beaverdam Valley     1/20/1928
15.12 Wythe M Peyton   Property of J D Gibbs Also shows properties of Capeheart, Simpson and Daves   Gibbs ; Capeheart ; Simpson ; Daves     Nevada Avenue West Asheville     11/1927
15.13 W H Terrell   Map showing survey of 5 acre tract situated on Sunset Drive           Sunset Drive Asheville     12/23/1927
15.14 C P Freeman   Property of John E Crook     Crook     State Street Asheville     1/25/1928
15.15 Chas N Hazelhurst   Subdivision of property of J F Butler Also shows properties of Fannie Woodward and Thos Latta   Butler ; Woodward ; Latta     Clemmons Street ; Latta Street Asheville     2/1928
15.16 T A Cox Cox Engineers Property of T C Shores & Christine C Barrus Also shows end of Charlotte Street   Shores ; Barrus     Woodfin Street Asheville     1/17/1928
15.18 A H Starnes   Map of the lands of George Starnes Sr Also shows part of Haywood Road   Starnes     Cloyes Avenue ; Elizabeth Street West Asheville     9/12/1916
15.19 W B Fluharty Cox Engineers Property of Samuel Redmond Also shows McConnell land   Redmond ; McConnell     East Street ; Woodrow Avenue Asheville     2/1928
15.20 [MacRae] Chas E Waddell Ryman mountain reservoir site       South Buncombe Water and Watershed District   Hendersonville Road     Buncombe 2/23/1928
15.21 Chas M Hazelhurst   Property of J Chas Bradford & G G Connelly Subdivision of lots 5,6,7 and 8 of a plat recorded in plat book 154 on page 99   Bradford ; Connelly     Florida Avenue ; Main Street Weaverville     11/1926
15.22 J R Reagan   Property of J C Maney subdived by Southern Land Auction Co Shows part of Dillingham Creek   Maney Southern Land Auction Co     Barnardsville     4/16/1920
15.23 Arnold H Vanderhoof   Property of Philip S Henry, Beaucatcher Mountain Being lots 7, 8 & 9 as shown on an old map made by B M Lee entitled property of W M Hazzard Also shows property of L W Dunn, W Deuendorf and P S Henry Henry ; Hazzard ; Dunn ; Henry ; Deuendorf       Asheville     3/1928
15.25 T A Cox Cox Engineers Property of J G Low estate Also shows Merrimon Place   Low     North Liberty Street ; Chestnut Street Asheville     1/9/1928
15.26 O L Israel   Chas C McKinnish estate Also shows A H Starnes land, F M Parker tract and Hicks-Wright tract   McKinnish ; Starnes ; Parker ; Hicks-Wright     Starnes Cove Road Lower Hominy   Buncombe 3/1928
15.27 Chas H Neal   Property of the Merrimon Ave Holding Company Inc       Merrimon Ave Holding Company Inc   Merrimon Avenue ; Center Lane Asheville     3/1928
15.29 O L Israel   E J Morgan heirs ; Curtis Creek Mountain land Shows part of Buncombe and Haywood county line Also shows land of Sharp, Israel and Warren Morgan ; Sharp ; Israel; Warren       Upper Hominy   Buncombe 1/1928
15.30 O L Israel   E J Morgan Saw Branch tract   Also shows Frank Davis and O R Davis land Morgan ; Davis     Saw Branch Road Upper Hominy   Buncombe 1/1928
15.31 R V Justice   Property of T C Smith in [Hazel Ward]     Smith     [Deavers View Road] Asheville     8/25/1926
15.32 [W A Brown]   Property of W B Cathey Also shows Olive Street and Pine Grove Avenue   Cathey     Myrtle Street [Asheville]     4/1928
15.33 L H Michael   R F Young's subdivision of Woodfin Park land, Burnsville Hill     Young     Washington Ave ; Adams St [Asheville] Burnsville Hill   4/4/1928
15.35 T A Cox Cox Engineers Revised map of lots 1 to 27 inc, block 1 section 2 of Laurel Terrace Recorded in plat book 7 page 79. (See also book 14 page 83) Property of Laurel Terrace Co   Laurel Terrace Co.   State Highway 20 ; Black Stone Ave ; Breckenridge Parkway Asheville     4/1928
15.43 T A Cox Cox Engineers Property of L B Jackson Being lots 11-12-13-14-15-16-17 & 20 as recorded in plat book 154 page 186 Also shows Woodfin Street Jackson     Carolina Lane Asheville     8/18/1927
15.86 B M Lee   Plat of resubdivision of portion of Hilliard Estate Fronting Biltmore Avenue and South Lexington Avenue   Hilliard     Biltmore Avenue ; South Lexington Avenue ; Hilliard Avenue Asheville     11/10/1928




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