City of Asheville, N.C ., Historic Resources Commission Records


City of Asheville Plat Book 16

Title Creator_Architect Contributor_Architectural Firm Description_View Description_Remarks 1 Description_Remarks 2 People Organizations Relation_Manuscript Street City Vicinity County Date_Original
16.1 T A Cox Cox Engineers Hazel Ward water and watershed district             Emma     1927
16.2 Arnold H Vanderhoof   Property of Roy T Ray Also shows property of Hemphill, Guthrie, Bradley, Walton, Monday, Penland, Stewart, Brigman, Capps and Anderson   Ray ; Hemphill ; Guthrie ; Hensley ; Bradley ; Walton ; Stewart ; Penland ; Brigman ; Capps ; Anderson     Reems Creek highway Reems Creek     12/1928
16.3   Chas E Waddell & Co Reems Creek watershed, Woodfin sanitary water and sewer district Also shows property of Taylor, Bridges, Hodges, Batterham and Ramsey   Taylor ; Bridges ; Hodges ; Batterham ; Ramsey       Reems Creek     1/1928
16.4 O L Israel   Map of Leander Pinner, dec'st, upper tract Also shows property of Ingram, Burnett, Merrell, Freeman, Hare and Blake   Pinner ; Ingram ; Burnett ; Merrell ; Hare ; Blake ; Freeman       Limestone     7/1925




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