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City of Asheville Plat Book 9

Title Creator_Architect Contributor_Architectural Firm Description_View Description_Remarks 1 Description_Remarks 2 People Organizations Relation_Manuscript Street City Vicinity County Date_Original
9.1 J C Susong   Blocks E & D Oaklyn; property of Brown Development Co 2 Mi east of Biltmore on Fairview Road     Brown Development Co   Fairview Road ; Ridgecrest Road ; Hilldale Road ; Oakley Road   Biltmore   7/3/1924
9.2 T A Cox Cox Engineers Property of F O Jessie and Z T A Wilkie Louisina Avenue and Brucemont Circle in Horney Hurst, W. Asheville   Jessie ; Wilkie     Louisiana Ave ; Brucemont Circle West Asheville     4/21/1925
9.3 T L Foy   Map of subdivision for Dinsmore Crawford and G Frank Hall Also shows part of R Street and M Street   Crawford ; Hall     F Street   Black Mountain   6/1925
9.4 T L Foy   Map of the G F Adams place surveyed for Dinsmore Crawford and G F Hall Also shows Laky Gap Road   Crawford ; Hall ; Adams     Hill Street       4/1925
9.5 Arnold H Vanderhoof   J D Smith, B L Eller, J G Parker Adjacent alley 173 Ashland Ave, Asheville   Smith ; Eller ; Parker     Ashland Ave Asheville     7/1925
9.6   Wythe M Peyton Co. Property of Gulf Refining Co Also shows Baird St     Gulf Refining Co   Charlotte Street Asheville     7/27/1925
9.7 T A Cox   Property of Gulf Refining Co       Gulf Refining Co   Market St ; Hilliard St ; Sycamore St Asheville     7/15/1925
9.8 T A Cox Cox Engineers Property of H H Nabors See File 17C for changes (handwritten comment) Near McCormick Field Nabors       Asheville     9/10/1924
9.9 R J Howard Wythe M Peyton Co. Property of Hobart Evans Also shows part of Warren Ave (Includes ref to plat 2.82) Evans     Highland Ave Asheville     7/30/1925
9.10   Wythe M Peyton Co. Property of Bernard Elias and wife and A Bloomberg Also shows Orchard Street   Elias ; Bloomberg     Charlotte Street Asheville     8/1925
9.11   Case and Williamson Property of Sam L Ray Revised subdivsion of lots 10 & 11 block 5 recorded book 85 page 146-147   Ray     Hill St; Reed St South Biltmore     8/1925
9.14 H B Swope   Part of block GCE Biltmore Forest Also shows part of Hendersonville Road         Eastwood Road ; Brown Hill Road Biltmore Forest     7/1925
9.15 Arnold H Vanderhoof   Property of J R Rogers     Rogers         Adams Mountain Buncombe 8/1925
9.16 T A Cox Cox Engineers Property of Powers Engineering & Construction       Powers Engineering & Construction   Ashland Avenue Asheville     12/1924
9.17 J C Susong Brown & Gibbs Property of Guaranty Realty Co       Guaranty Realty Co   Broadway ; Carolina Ave Asheville     8/8/1925
9.18   Wythe M Peyton Co. Property of Asheville Building Securities Company Also shows part of Macon Avenue     Asheville Building Securities Company   Golf Street ; Edgemont Road Asheville     7/1925
9.20     Lake View Park Part of block P     Central Bank & Trust Co   Burnsville Hill Road Asheville     8/12/1925
9.21   Case and Williamson Property of F A Tweed Adjacent to Asheville-Hendersonville highway   Tweed     Central Avenue ; Oak Street   Buena Vista   7/1925
9.22 J R Reagan   Property of Mrs Annie Bloom     Bloom     Leonard Street Weaverville     8/1925
9.24 J L Foy   Plat of G F Hall     Hall     Bridge St; Vance St       8/20/1925
9.26 J L Foy   Plat of a subdivision made by A A Hamlet August 1913, resurveyed for J H Mashburn Also shows Black Mountain St   Mashburn     Alexander St       8/24/1925
9.34 T A Cox Cox Enginners Property of S S Williams     Williams     Chatham Road; Salem Ave Asheville     8/1925
9.25 W E Williamson Case and Williamson Property of Mrs C W Wilson     Wilson     West Street Asheville     8/1925
9.27 Crayton Early   Property of E M Lytle Also shows Hilldale Road   Lytle     Cedarmont Road ; Rairview Road (State highway No. 20)   Fairview Road adjoining Oaklyn   8/1925
9.32 Chas H Neal   Property of J W Grasty     Grasty     Emma Road Emma     9/2/1925
9.33 Chas H Neal   Map of G L Lytle 33 acres on Black Mountain Highway   Lytle     Black Mountain Highway        
9.35 T A Cox Cox Engineers Pearson's Park property of E M Jarret & J O Whitted Bounded by East Broad St and Hayes St. Also shows Buffalo St (formally Smith Mil Road) Includes reference to book of plats 154 page 141 Jarret ; Whitted     Park Ave ; Summit St West Asheville     5/18/1925
9.36 J J Reagan   Subdivision for R C Coffey of tract no. 9 of the A A Hamlet survey of the property of the Woodfin Land Co.     Coffey Woodfin Land Co.   Coffey St.     Buncombe 1/1925
9.37 Chas H Neal   Property of T P Ingle Also shows Asheland Ave   Ingle     Hilliard Ave       9/12/1925
9.38 Robert S Brown Brown & Gibbs Property of J I Taylor     Taylor Brown Development Co     Oaklyn Fairview Road Buncombe 7/6/1925
9.39 Arnold H Vanderhoof   Property of Mrs Ruth Whitted     Whitted     Glen-Bridge Road Arden     9/1925
9.40   Wythe M Peyton Co. Property of John E. Smith Being a subdivision of a portion of property owned by Hugh La Barbe   Smith ; La Barbe     Crescent Street Asheville     8/14/1925
9.41 [Foy]   Plat of a subdivsion for George Holman     Holman       Ridge Crest   Buncombe 3/25/1925
9.42 [Foy]   Map of Buckner Knob surveyed and subdived for RL Woodard and G R Holman     Woodard ; Holman       Ridge Crest   Buncombe 1925
9.43 T Gordon Ladshaw   Property of A P Rich Surveyed for Southern Land Auction Co.   Rich Southern Land Auction Co   County Home Road ; Road to Eliada Home Asheville     9/1925
9.44 T A Cox Cox Engineers Knollview: Property of Dr A T Pritchard, Geo M Pritchard and F L Smith Also shows New York Avenue and Ivy Street   Pritchard ; Smith     Georgia Avenue West Asheville     9/1925
9.45 R J Howard Wythe M Peyton Property of Edith Winfield Truitt pirchased form H L Nettles     Truitt ; Nettles       Busbee     9/26/1925
9.46 H L Parker   Revised map of Block "B" Battery Park property of E W Grove Shows part of Battery Park Hotel   Grove     Page Ave Asheville     10/1925
9.47 Arnold H Vanderhoof   Property of Standard Oil Co. Shows land transferred between Standard Oil and C W Patterson   Patterson Standard Oil Co   Merrimon Ave ; Hillside St Asheville     6/1925
9.48 T A Cox Cox Engineers John Reed's acre tract     Reed       Chunns Cove   Buncombe 9/1925
9.49 W H Terrell   McClure-Grove lots Bounded by Battery Park Ave and Patton Ave   McLure ; Grove     Wall Street Asheville     11/20/1925
9.50 Chas H Neal   Property of G M Moser     Moser     Burnsville Road Asheville     9/1925
9.51 Chas H Neal   Property of C J Jeffress     Jeffress     Balm Grove Ave West Asheville      
9.52 Raymond J Rosenberger   Part of Block "O" Biltmore Forest Bounded by Vanderbilt Road and Park Road Reference to lots 5 and 6 in book 6 page 38         Biltmore     10/1925
9.54   Phoenix Utility Co Biltmore tie line 66kv and 11kv transmission plat across The Storage Supply Co Shows Biltmore Ave bridge over Swannanoa River     The Storage Supply Co; North Carolina Electrical Power Co.     [Biltmore]     10/3/1925
9.55   Phoenix Utility Co Biltmore tie line 66kv and 11kv transmission plat over John Kimberly property Shows part of French Broad River   Kimberly       [Biltmore]     10/3/1925
9.56 E L Hageman   Property of City of Asheville Bounded by Majorie St and Eagle St     City of Asheville   Spruce St Asheville     10/1925
9.57     [Property of J S Mandis, H P Posey and wife Fannie and ?]     [Madis ; Posey]       West Asheville      
9.59 Chas H Neal   Property of Teasley and Gudger     Teasley ; Gudger     Black Street       10/1925
9.60     [M S Smith and wife ? Smith to Ducket, ? And Smith]                   9/28/1925
9.61 T A Cox Cox Engineers Property of S J Fisher Sorrels tract   Fisher     Fairview Road Biltmore     10/1925
9.62   Wythe M Peyton Subdivisionof Dan T Haynie property     Haynie     Alabama Ave ; Michigan Ave Asheville     10/15/1925
9.63 L R Rink   Allred property subdived by the Carolina Land Co. Hickory Shows Vance Avenue [Registered in Catawba County] Allred Carolina Land Co. Hickory   Vance Avenue Black Mountain     8/1925
9.66 Ben H Case   Property of Herbert D Miles Corner Government, Haywood, Battery Park Ave and Wall St   Miles     Battery Park Ave ; Haywood St Asheville     12/1925
9.67   Wythe M Peyton Co Property of Mrs R C Jenkins. Subdivision of Lot No. 3-Block 6 #18 Swannanoa Ave Also shows Wellington Street   Jenkins     Swannanoa Ave West Asheville     11/14/1925
9.68 W H Terrell   Revised map of Block "D", E W Grove Park West of Charlotte Street. Also shows Edwin Place and Bond Street   Grove     Charlotte Street Asheville     6/1925
9.69 W H Terrell   Property of E W Grove, North French Broad Avenue Also shows Otis Street   Grove     North French Broad Avenue Asheville     11/1925
9.70 R L Douglas Wythe M Peyton Property being purchased by W N Camp from H H Kaplan     Camp ; Kaplan           Buncombe 11/1925
9.71 Winston J Jackson   Property of the Finance Co. Also shows Church Street     The Finance Co.   Hilliard Ave [Asheville]     12/1/1925
9.72 T A Cox Cox Engineers Property of W P Morris, Montview Acres Being a revision of lots 17 and 18 and a correction of the dividing line between lots 15 and 16   Morris     Carolina Avenue ; Montview Drive Asheville     12/2/1925
9.73 T A Cox Cox Engineers Property of C E Moore     Moore         Hollywood, NC   12/5/1925
9.74 Arnold H Vanderhoof   Property of A R Moore     Moore     Dorchester Ave West Asheville     10/1925
9.75 T A Cox Cox Engineers Property of Merrimon Court 156 Merrimon Avenue     Merrimon Court   Merrimon Avenue Asheville     4/20/1925
9.76 E H Cabaniss   Broadway Development Corp, Black Mountain       Broadway Development Corp.   Broadway Black Mountain     12/3/1925
9.77 O L Israel   Property of E E Mercer and M W Sorrell     Mercer ; Sorrell       Black Mountain     11/1925
9.79 J J Reagan   Part of the E Y Gentry property subdivided for the Erskine Realty Co. Also shows part of North Main Street   Gentry Erskine Realty Co.   Clinton Street Weaverville     12/1925
9.80   Case & Williamson Plat showing division of land in adjustment of boundaries between The Finance Corporation and Mrs L H Foster Also shows part of Lexington Ave extension   Foster The Finance Corporation   Hilliard Avenue Asheville     12/1925
9.81 R V Justice   Property of Mrs Carrie B Cambran on State Highway No. 10     Cambran     State Highway No. 10       12/3/1925
9.82 C P Howard Wythe M Peyton Property of L M Frady Being a resubdivision of lots 46 to 50 inclusive of the W A Swain lands   Frady ; Swain     Merrimon Avenue   Beaver Lake   12/18/1925
9.83   Wythe M Peyton Subdivision of Million Dollar Knob, W T Rowland's Mountain Heights     Rowland     Million Dollar View Street Arden     10/1925
9.84 T A Cox Cox Engineers Elkmont Terrace, property of Powers Engineering & Construction Co. Bounded by Parkway and New State Highway     Powers Engineering and Construction Co   Elkmont Place   Asheville   1/1926
9.85   Wythe M Peyton Subdivision of Harkins Tract No. 1     Harkins     Sand Hill Road   [Asheville]   10/10/1925
9.86 Samuel J Respess   Map of the W L Henry lands remapped for Guaranty Realty Co Originally made for S D Hall by A A Hamlet, August 1921   Henry Guaranty Realty Co         Buncombe 9/10/1924
9.87 T Gordon Ladshaw   Property of Goldie Cohen These lots comprise Nos. 20 & 21 Horney Heights Subdivision   Cohen     Haywood Terrace ; Haywood Road West Asheville     1/1926
9.88   Cox Engineers Property of N D smithson, W B Bartlett tract     Smithson ; Bartlett       Chunns Cove     9/1925
9.90   Wythe M Peyton Swannanoa Forest property of Don B Gatling et al     Gatling Don B Gatling and Co.   Springvale Ave ; Overlook Drive Biltmore     12/1925
9.91 [Foy]   Mountain View Terrace surveyed and subdivied for F M Blanks     Blanks     Central Steet ; Mountain View Stree t; Orchard Street [Black Mountain]     1/1926
9.92   Cox Engineers Biltmore Pines  Being all of blocks 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the Reed & McCall property recorded in Book 1 page 67   Reed ; McCall Biltmore Pines Inc.   Fairview Avenue   Biltmore   2/1/1926
9.93 Chas H Neal   Part of lot No. 10 of the Justice Estate subdivision     Justice     Central Ave ; Amboy Road West Asheville      
9.94     Grove Park, E W Grove's Kimberly land     Groves     Gracelyn Road ; Warwick Place Asheville     6/1923
9.95   Cox Engineers Elkmont Terrace property of Powers Engineering & Construction Co (Same as 9.84)     Powers Enginnering & Contruction Co.   Elkmont Place   Asheville   1/1926
9.96 Foy   Dream-Hurst subdivision Bounded by Sharps Lane, Blue Ridge Road and Creek Street         First Street ; Second Street     Buncombe 1/1926
9.97   Case & Williamson Subdivision of Block "K" Biltmore Village property of Millard & Lasater Original record book 4 , page 125   Millard ; Lasater     All Souls Street ; Biltmore Road ; Angle Street Biltmore     7/1924
9.98 Arnold H Vanderhoof   Property of Edgar R Frady Subdivision of lots 8 & 9 Block 6, Gay Green lands   Frady ; Green     Pine Street ; West Chapel Road Biltmore     1/1926
9.99 T A Cox Cox Engineers Property of John Renfro Also shows East Street and Chestnut Street   Renfro     Fulton Street Asheville     1/26/1926
9.100   Case & Williamson Surveyed for Cathey, Smith & Harrison Resubdivision of lots 56,57,58 of plat of Horney Heights as recorded in book of plats No.1 page 25   Horney Cathey, Smith & Harrison   Madeline Avenue West Asheville     1/1926
9.101 Chas H Neal   J P Dunlop property     Dunlop     Patton Ave Asheville     1/30/1926
9.102 Wythe M Peyton   Property of W W Guy Also shows part of Kenilwood Drive   Guy     Biltmore Avenue Kenilworth     12/17/1925
9.104 Howard Wiswall   Map of J L Green land Land was formerly in McDowell County   Green           Buncombe 12/10/1925
9.105   Case & Williamson Wilson & Ray property     Wilson ; Ray     S. Grove St Asheville     2/1926
9.106 J J Reagan   Block "A" of Pinewoods property of N Silberman and E B Silberman Bounded by Pinewood Road and Parkside Avenue adjoining Lakeview Park   Silberman     Ivy Avenue Elk Mountain Heights   Buncombe 2/1926
9.107   Case & Williamson Resubdivision of lots No 79 & 80 Horney Heights for Harrison Smith       Harrison & Smith   Park Street ; Sulphur Springs Road [Asheville]     2/1926
9.108 A G Kindred   Plat showing lots 5, 6, 7, 8, & 9 of Nellie Park Verified form original plat of B M Lee. Bounded by Pearl St and Ann St         Patton Ave Asheville     2/1926
9.109 [K E Hendricks]   Lot on Clingman Avenue for E C Greene Also shows part of Rector St   Greene     Clingman Ave Asheville     2/13/1926
9.110 J R Reagan   Property of Marion B Haynes Also shows part of Brownwood Ave   Haynes     Haywood Road West Asheville     7/1925
9.111 J L Foy   Plat of lot No.1 of the Joseph Kinsey property surveyed for J H Stepp     Kinsey ; Stepp       Black Mountain     1/27/1926
9.112 Chas H Neal   Subdivision of lots 12, 13 & 14 for Mrs Kate Ledwell As shown on plat made by A H Starnes   Ledwell       West Asheville     2/11/1926
9.113 T Gordon Ladshaw   Property of H H Cathey These lots comprise Nos. 49 to 60 inclusive of Baker Heights recorded in Plat Book 154 page 213   Cathey     Belmont Ave West Asheville     12/1925
9.114 [Ed McCall]   Josephine D Wilder lots Subdivision of lots 1, 2 & western part of 4 of Block 15 as per A A Hamet's survey (see map record book 198, page 188). See also Book 6 page 105 Starnes Ave amended to Landvale Ave and Miller St amended to Dallas St Wilder     Landvale Ave ; Dallas St West Asheville      
9.115 Case & Williamson   Haywood Road lot of Harrison & Smith at 624 Haywood Road       Harrison & Smith   Haywood Road West Asheville     2/1926
9.117 Chas H Neal   Copy of plat made by Thomas Hume for S D Hall     Hall     Haywood Road West Asheville      
9.118   Cox Engineers Vernon Ashworth tract Shows part of Bull Creek   Ashworth           Buncombe 2/1926
9.119   Cox Engineers Catheys Skyland Springs Hotel property Also shows Trade Avenue, Porter Street and Atkin Avenue     Catheys   Asheville Avenue Skyland     2/1926
9.120 W H Hinn   Property of Haw-Creek Realty Also shows part of St Dunstan Road     Haw-Creek Realty Co   Roebling Circle Asheville     9/10/1925
9.121   Case & Williamson Property of Harry Gasperson     Gasperson       Limestone Township   Buncombe 2/1926
9.122 [H G Dill]   Malvern Hills block "L" Also shows School Road and Bear Creek Road         Haywood Road [Asheville]     2/1926
9.124 Chas H Neal   Property of A A Silverman Also shows part of Aston Park   Silverman     Hilliard Street Asheville     (2/10/1926)
9.125 T Gordon Ladshaw   Section "B" "Avondale" property of Avondale Inc Bounded by Rhododendron Drive     Avondale Inc   Dogwood Drive ; Laurel Lane ; Galax Road Asheville     2/1926
9.126 R V Justice   Map of part of the A L Drymon land Surveyed for the Drymon heirs   Drymon           Buncombe 1/1921
9.127 R V Justice   Plat of part of the P P Morgan farm Surveyed for D G Wilson Real Estate Agt   Morgan       Turnpike Station   Buncombe (1926)
9.128 T Gordon Ladshaw   Property of Martha M Riddle est.     Riddle     Rankin Ave Asheville     (3/1926)
9.129 T A Cox   Part of South Biltmore Traced from registered plat by G A Digges Jr                  
9.130 Chas H Neal   Property of Gordon Buckner Also shows Wilson Ave   Buckner     Balm Grove Ave Asheville     3/13/1926
9.131 Arnold H Vanderhoof   Property of  A T Davis     Davis     Virginia Avenue ; Nevada Avenue West Asheville     2/1926
9.132   Case & Williamson F A Revis lot adjoing Grace Episcopal Church     Revis     Beaverdam Road Grace     3/1926
9.133   Case & Williamson Witz-McKenzie property Near Pearl St   Witz-McKenzie     Hilliard Avenue Asheville     2/1926
9.134   Case & Williamson Swartberg property Depot Street Also shows Nelson Street   Swartzberg     Depot Street Asheville     3/1926
9.135   Case & Williamson Property of William Coleman Delaware Road and Wyoming Road Also shows Thurland Road   Coleman     Delaware Road ; Wyoming Road Kenilworth     5/1925
9.136 [Terrell]   Revised subdivision block H and J, E W Grove's Kimberly lands Also shows Kimberly Ave   Grove     Stanley St Asheville     3/25/1926
9.137 D A Hagarty   Part of lot no.19 and know as the Garret-estate     Garret     Oakland Road [Asheville]   Buncombe 2/8/1926
9.138 J P Brady Wythe M Peyton Co Property of S S Williams Also shows Chatham Road   Williams     Salem Avenue   Asheville   3/1926
9.139   Wythe M Peyton Co Subdivision for C Zimmerman and C E Hornaday Shows part of Merrimin Avenue   Zimmerman ; Hornaday     Maney Avenue ; Edgewood Road   Asheville   3/14/1926
9.140   Case & Williamson Property of M F Toms, T C Shores and R H Hood Being re-subdivision of lots 1-2-3-4-5-6 of plat recoreded book 2, page 117 Also shows Vance Avenue and Blue Ridge Ave Toms; Shores; Hood     Black Mountain Avenue Black Mountain     2/1926
9.141 J J Reagan   Block "A" J B Greenwood tract Fairview Road Also shows Eastview Ave and Westview Ave   Greenwood     Asheville-Fairview Highway Biltmore     3/1926
9.142   Case & Williamson Property of Sam Ray, W S Harrison & T C Smith     Ray; Harrison ; Smith     Joyner Avenue Asheville     3/1926
9.143   Case & Williamson Property of Sam Ray, W S Harrison & T C Smith Also shows part of Joyner Avenue   Ray; Harrison ; Smith     Amboy Road Asheville     3/1926
9.144 T Gordon Ladshaw   Property of Lucy P Hayes Also shows part of Burton Ave   Hayes     Belleair Road Asheville     3/1926
9.145 C P Freeman   Property of E W Keith     Keith     Ravenscroft Drive Asheville     3/26/1926
9.146 [Ed McCall]   Flag Pond subdivision of H L [Blankinship] property on Sand Hills Road (See book 11 page 84 for revised map)   [Blankinship]     Sand Hill Road West Asheville     6/15/1925
9.147   Buncombe County Drafting Dept Paving map of Woodley Avenue Also shows part of Virginia Avenue Includes cost estimates   Buncombe County   Woodley Avenue Norwood Park      
9.148 Arnold H Vanderhoof   Richmond Hill property of James Thomas Pearson & Marjorie Noel Pearson     Pearson           Buncombe 3/1926
9.149 W H Terrell   Property of E W Grove North French Broad Avenue Also shows Post Street and part of Otis Street Sold to Theo L Nelson of Birmingham, Alabama Grove; Nelson     North French Broad Avuenue Asheville     2/1926
9.150   Case & Williamson Property of W S Harrison Being re-subdivision of lts 8 and 9 [block] 1 of plat recorded book 2 page 110 and lots 8, 9 and 10 of property of Arthur Patton and Ethel Frady   Harrison ; Patton ; Frady     Dunwell Ave Asheville     (4/1926)
9.151 C P Freeman   Property of C F Miller     Miller     Haywood Road Asheville     4/6/1926
9.152   Case & Williamson Latta property     Latta     Biltmore Ave ; Valley Str Asheville     1/1926
9.153   Case & Williamson Proprty of J I Mason & McKinley Pritchard Also shows Georgia Ave, Ivy Street, Dorchester Ave and Florida Ave   Mason ; Pritchard     Burton Ave Asheville     3/1926




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