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Our Mountain Work
(In Asheville Presbytery)


"This Picture Was Taken by a Photographer in a Flying Machine," cropped page from Our Mountain Work,
Vol.I No.1, 1925,  D. H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, UNC at Asheville 28804
Title Our Mountain Work ( In Asheville Presbytery)
Creator Synod of Appalachia ; John J. Fix, Editor
Subject Keyword Margaret Deaver ; Our Mountain Work ;The Appalachian Appeal ; Bristol, VA.-TN ; Presbyterian Synod ; Appalachian religion ; Home Mission ; Presbyterians ; Presbyterian Church ; religion ; John J. Fix ; Fred Seely ; Women's Missionary Society ; White Oak Presbyterian Church ; Hazelwood Academy ; Mrs. F.L. Seely ; Reverend Marion Huske ; Reverend J.O. Wallace ; King College ; R.P. Smith ; Church Extension work ;  Christian Industrial Education ;  Orphanage Work ; Home Mission Committee of Asheville Presbytery ; F. Rauschenberg ; J.O. Wallace ; Gallatin Roberts ; mayors ;
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Date original Date of items: 1919-1931
Date digital Date of digital resource: 2004-03-04
Publisher Synod of Appalachia

Margaret Deaver

Type  text ; illustrations ; image
Format Periodical ; 
Source M2005.6.1
Language English
Relation The Appalachian Appeal
Coverage Temporal 1919 -1931
Coverage Spatial Western North Carolina
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Donor Miss Margaret Deaver, Brevard, N.C.
Description A periodical "...devoted to the cause of Church Extension, Christian Industrial Education and Orphanage Work. Published monthly by the Home Mission Committee of Asheville Presbytery. Subscription price [was] 25 cents per annum."  Editor was Rev. R.P. Smith, D.D. [?]
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Our Mountain Work (In Asheville Presbytery)

Random issues from the newsletter produced by the Synod of Appalachia that include issues from the years 1919 to 1935.
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1 1 Vol.VIII No. 10 1919 our0001 1919
--"Only A Boy"
--"Program of West Asheville Presbyterian Church"
-- Some Helpful Messages With Gifts" ..."Mr. F.L. Seely of the Grove Park Inn has contributed several bolts of woolen cloth for the benefit of the Mountain Orphanage. We are greatly indebted to him for this splendid gift. Already it is being made into garments for the children. The work is being done by several Women's Missionary Societies, whose hands are ever willing for service."...
--"Notes and Comments"
--"Showing Our Love For Balfour"
--"Orphanage Shoe Fund"
--"A Creed [poem}"
--"Synodical Notes"
--"Rally Day"
--"Treasurer's Report"
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    Vol.IX No.1 [?] 1920 our0002 1920
--"Pastor's Conference at Charlotte Soon"
--"Letter From Korea"
--"Church to Seek Hundred Thousand Tithers"
--"Reception for New Pastor [Rev. Marion Huske]"
--"Notes and Comments"
--"Christian Workers to be Recruited in Drive"
--"Christmas at Ora St. Church"
--"A Suggestion to Sunday Schools"
--"Attention! Missionary Societies"
--"Some Earnest Workers"
--"An Urgent Appeal"
--"A Minister's XMas Dream"
--"Treasurer's Report for January"
--"The Bible Good Reading"
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    Vol.IX No.1 [?] 1920 our0003 1920
--"One Hundred Miles From Church"
--"Always 'Just going To'"
--"Croaking Christians"
--Equipment and Salaries"
--"A Tithing Family"
--"Notes and Comments"
--"A 'Live Wire' Class"
--"Fifteenth Session of the Asheville Presbyterial Auxiliary"
--"On the Honor Roll"
--"Given to Hospitality"
--"Treasurer's Report for February"
--"Joy of Learning to Write"
--"A Blessing Box"
--"'Thank You'"
--"The Four-Fold Life"
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    Vol.IX No.46 1924 our0004 1924
--"Christmas at the Mountain Orphanage"
--"Notes and Comments"
--"Is Your Train Moving?"
--Letter from Annie I. Gray, Kusan, Korea, November 6, 1923.
--"How the Murphy Presbyterians Spent Christmas"
--"Treasurer's Report for December"
--"Sentence Prayers"
--"Let Her Slide [poem]"
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    Vol.I No.1 1925 our0005a
--"Notes From Mountain Orphanage"
--"Notes and Comments"
--"The Orphanage Debt"
--"A Word of Explanation"
--"A Good Example"
--"The Dillingham Field"
--"Report to Presbytery"
--"New Items from Hazelwood"
--"Weaverville News"
--"Men of the Presbytery"
--"Meeting of Asheville Presbytery"

[Detail of first page]

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    Vol.I No.3 1926 our0006 1926
--"Notes from Mountain Orphanage"
--"Resignation of Rev. J.O. Wallace"
--"A Real Sacrifice"
--"Notes and Comments"
--"Items from West Asheville Church"
--"Report of Rev. F. Rauschenberg, Supt. For December, to Home Missions Committee"
--"The Murphy Church"
--"'Ivy Park' Presbyterian Church"
--"Treasurer's Report for December"
--"Maxwell School Notes"
--"A Modern Church"
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    Vol.III No.2 1927 our0007 1927
--"Anniversary Montreat Church"
--"Echoes From 35th Anniversary of Dr. Campbell's Pastorate"
--"Group Conference, District 1"
--[Notes and Comments]
--"Mountain Orphanage Notes"
--"A Challenge of the Maxwell School"
--"Group Conference District No 3.
--"Group Conference District No. 6"
--From Mayor [Gallatin] Roberts"
--"Treasurer's Report for November"
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    Vol.X No.6 1927 our0008a
--"Notes From Mountain Orphanage"
--"Annual Report of Supt. of Home Missions"
--"Orphanage Entertains H.M. Committee"
--"Comparative Statistics of Asheville Presbytery" [Includes number of churches, number of members, number of ministers, pastor's salary, contributions to beneficence, and value of church property.]
--"Spring Presbytery"
--"Treasurer's Report for March"
--"The Work at Hazelwood"
--"Directory of Presbytery"

[Image of "One of the teacher's with a group of children at Mountain Orphanage" on 1st page.]

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    Vol.II No.12 1927 our0009 1927
--"White Oak Presbyterian Church ('The Church With the Covenanter Blue Tower')
--"A Prayer Thought"
--"Notes and Comments"
[Full page insert: "Remember the Orphanage and Maxwell Thanksgiving."]
--"Asheville Presbytery Advances at Andrews"
--"Orphanage Notes"
--""Orphanage Message"
--"Treasurer's Report for September"--"
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    Vol.IV No.12
our0010 1929
--"Presbyterian Group Gathers"
--"The Way [poem]"
--"Died Recently"
--"Maxwell Notes"
--"Notes and Comments"
--"God's Gift [poem]"
--"Builders League of Asheville Presbytery"
--"Mountain Orphanage Notes"
--"Meetings at Swannanoa Very Successful"
--"Mountain Orphanage Broadcasts for a Piano"
"Mountain Orphanage Thanksgiving Day"
--"Treasurer's Report, November 1 -- December 1"
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    Vol.V No.8 1930 our0011 1930
--"King College Standardization Program"
--"Mountain Orphanage [poem]"
--"To 'The Elks' Asheville N.C."
--"Notes and Comments"
--"A Little Help, Please! At the Mountain Orphanage"
--"Canton, N.C. Presbyterian Minister Weds Greensboro Girl in Virginia"
--"Maxwell Notes"
--"Mountain Orphanage Notes"
--"Tomorrow [poem}
--"Notes From Mills River"
--"Treasurer's Report for August"
our0014.jpg (319533 bytes)
    Vol..VI No.4 1931 our0012 1931
--"Presbyterial Meets in Waynesville"
--"They're Always 'Needin'"
--"Maxwell Notes"
--"Notes and Comments"
--"What and Why"
--"Constructive Criticism"
--"Thanks From Orphanage"
--"Mountain Orphanage Notes"
--"Gruvers Attend Meeting"
--"Treasurer's Report for April, 1931"
--"Orphanage Truck Progress"
--"Meetings at Canton Church"
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