George W. McCoy Collection   M1978.01.01
Newspaper clipping on race and integration 1956
  Date Source Author Type Topic
1 2/9/1956 St. Louis Post-Dispatch John J. O'Conner Article The negro voter in the South
2 3/13/1956 Asheville Citizen   Article Over registration question N.C. wins round against NAACP
3 3/3/1956 Asheville Citizen   Editorial An appeal to whites and negroes ; an editorial from The prgressive Farmer
4 6/1/1956 Asheville Times   Article Five accused in Charlotte of spreading hate leaflets
5 3/7/1956 Asheville Citizen   Editorial The North begins to see the problem ; an editorial from The Shelby Daily Star
6 3/1/1956 Asheville Citizen   Editorial Further reply to Mr. Knight ; an editorial from The Charleston News and Courier
7 3/15/1956 Asheville Citizen   Editorial Hammered out by the South itself ; an editorial from The Christian Science Monitor
8 3/15/1956 Asheville Citizen   Editorial Hammered out by the South itself ; an editorial from The Christian Science Monitor [Second copy]
9 4/5/1956 Asheville Citizen   Editorial Declaration impresses non-Southerners
10 4/5/1956 Winston-Salem Journal   Article The Pearsall Plan - V ; the text itself
11 6/5/1956 New York Times John D. Morris Article Virginia reviews school bias issue ; special board meets at call of governor, but adheres to plan filed last year
12 6/5/1956 Asheville Citizen   Article Right of states to curb labor violence is upheld ; Sumpreme Court rules 6-3
13 4/9/1956 Asheville Citizen   Editorial Ike asked for it ; an editorial from The Standard-Times, New Bedord, Mass.
14 05/56 State School Facts State Deprtment of Public Instruction Article Statistics give comparison of public education for negroes in North Carolina with adjoining states
15 6/10/1956 Asheville Citizen-Times   Editorial Avoid extremes in racial relations
16 6/2/1956 Asheville Citizen   Article Testifying at hearing Rodman calls civil rights bill unjustified reflection on South
17 5/29/1956 Winston-Salem Journal   Article Background of the Pearsall Plan -- 1 ; includes photo of Supreme Court members
18 5/25/1956 Southern Editors' Weekly Round Table   Article Racial trends in the judiciary
19 05/56     Commentary According to the Constitution ; court case regarding segregated buses
20 1956 Greensboro Daily News Arthur Johnsey Article Resolution looms for interposition
21 6/1/1956 Asheville Citizen   Article Segregation course to be charted
22 6/27/1956   Reed Sarratt Transcript Speech by Reed Sarratt, executive editor, Winston-Salem (N.C.) Journal and Twin City Sentinel, before the 1956 Conference on Public Issues at Illinois State Normal University
23 3/8/1956 The Reporter Rev. Thomas R. Thrasher Commentary Alabama's bus boycott
24 10/56 New York Times magazine Omer Carmichael Commentary The Louisville story - the educator who supervised Louisville's peaceful transition to public school integration tells how it was done…
25 3/26/1956 Chapel Hill News Leader   Editorial Why this relative calm in N.C.? ; editorial from Akron, Ohio, Beacon Journal
26 3/26/1956 Asheville Citizen   Editorial Segregation and a local level solution
27 3/13/1956 Asheville Citizen   Editorial A Southern declaration
28 8/9/1955 Charlotte Observer   Transcript Hodges asks voluntary segregation in schools ; text of governor's address on integration


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