George W. McCoy Collection   M1978.01.01
Newspaper clipping on race and integration 1957
  Date Source Author Type Topic
1 3/24/1957 Asheville Citizen-Times   Editorial Christians and segregation
2 3/17/1957 Asheville Citizen   Article N.Y. school integration poses problem
3 02/1957 Original draft   Editorial Two drafts for editorial "maneuvering on civil rights"
4 9/10/1957 Asheville Citizen   Article Ike signs rights measure without making statement
5 10/1957 Williams Intelligence Summary Robert H. Williams Commentary Child-president rips Constitution; southerners missing golden opportunity to educate nation
6 10/1/1957 Asheville Citizen   Editorial Little Rock and world opinion
7 9/29/1957 Asheville Citizen-Times Charles K. Robinson Commentary Debate on 14th Amendment
8 12/21/1957 Original draft Robert E. Lee Commentary This is the law ; federal courts
9 1957     Article Patton says vote survey is distorted
10 8/22/1957 Asheville Times Charles West Article Reviving Klan in Carolinas talks big, but wavers between policy of violence or nonviolence
11 8/17/1957 Southern Newspaper Publishers Association   Editorial A negro speaks ; from Lynchburg News
12 10/21/1957 Waynesville Mountaineer Frank Smathers Q&A Courts unconstitutional ; section of Constitution overlooked by courts
13 5/31/1957 Asheville Times   Article South better, negro says
14 12/3/1957     Article Selling segregation: South strives to tell its side of race issue [Initial part of article is missing]
15 1957 (The ?? Press)   Commentary Six 'indispensables' as South seeks race problem solution ; from The Christian Science Monitor
16 8/5/1957 Asheville Times James Marlow Article Senate is poorly informed on negro voter egistraion in the South ; [Attached are six handwritten pages, thought to be by George McCoy, of notes and calculations that possibly relate to this article but are difficult to decipher]
17 11/27/1957 The Michigan Journalist Susan Read Article Resistance at Little Rock termed key case ; U.S. power called stake ; integration studies show enforcement hinges on citizen help
18 11/27/1957 The Michigan Journalist Donna Hanson Letter North needs integration
19 11/57 Pickens County Progress Sudie Mae Lewis Letter Chicago negro woman writes Jackson, Miss.paper ; attached to letter from A.T.Cooke of Asheville [sent to McCoy?] with comment to include "in your paper" to "expose to some of our local citizens"
20 1957 Asheville Citizen   Article The next integration offensive? Editorial research reports ; northern govenors to draft an "accelerated program against racial and religious discrimination"
21 11/20/1957 Department of Labor James P. Mitchell ; Secretary of Labor Press release Mitchell documents the progress of the negro in America during the past 15 years
22 11/30/1957 Christian Science Monitor Henry Lesesne Article Negro vote in South linked to social (article torn - next word(s) missing)
23 10/6/1957     Editorial Bayonet nor cure ; originally published in Manchester N.H. Union Leader
24 3/29/1957 Asheville Times Ernest B. Vaccaro Article White is selected head of civil rights division
25 3/27/1957 Winston-Salem Journal   Editorial The two court rulings
26 1957     Article White gets new civil rights job
27 7/8/1957   Sam J. Ervin Press release Extracts of remarks by Senator Sam J. Ervin, Jr. D-NC regarding the Civil Rights Bill, on the floor of the U.S. Senate, July 8, 1957
28 9/4/1957   Bradley Johnson Letter Letter sent to the Asheville Citizen enclosing five clippings "from the New York papers on the integration problem" 
29 9/4/1957 New York Journal-American   Article Armed militia bars 9 negroes entering Little Rock school
30 9/4/1957 New York Journal-American Bill Borchert Article A negro girls goes to school
31 9/4/1957 New York Journal-American   Article Police guard at Sturgis ; crowd jeers negro pupils
32 9/4/1957 New York Journal-American   Article Labor camp probe opens
33 9/4/1957 New York Journal-American   Photograph Integration's painless in Harlem
34 9/27/1957 Look Lee Ward Letter A letter from Arkansas ; open letter from Lee Ward. Judge, Twelth Chancery District, Paragould, Ark. ; text released by Look
35 12/1957 McComb Enterprise-Journal   Editorial "A positive program for the South: series of editorials including: The remants of slavery ; Bilateral destiny ; The problem of franchise ; The integration problem ; Spelling and the truth
36 12/16/1957 Asheville Citizen Relman Morin Article Little Rock a setback, Hodges and Collins agree




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