George W. McCoy Collection   M1978.01.01
Newspaper clipping on race and integration 1958
1 2/1/1958 The News-Herald LeRoy Collins Speech Not out of fear ; extract of speech by Governor LeRoy Collins of Florida
2 1/1958 Asheville Times   Article Pupil [assigning] law upheld
3 02/1958 Asheville Times   Article English Yankees say the Nawth being discriminated against by the South
4 1958   Bradford Smith Commentary Negroes' prgress ; in "Why we behave like Americans"
5 03/1958 Asheville Times   Article Young hoodlums attack Brooklyn boy
6 3/13/1958 Asheville Times Ward Cannel Article Pedro Canini, crusading for light and life in the sunless, sooty hell of East Harlem, has sudden death at his back
7 1958     Article Dixie race relations seen worse ; Tuskegee Institute reports
8 3/24/1958 Asheville Times   Article School placement law of Alabama rule valid
9 3/25/1958     Article School law in Alabama upheld by Supreme Court ; ruling makes N.C. law seem valid
10 3/26/1958 Asheville Times   Article Japanese critic of U.S. finds harmony in South
11 3/29/1958 Office of Senator Ervin Sam J. Ervin Speech Excerpts from Jefferson-Jackson Day speech at Little Roack, Arkansas, by U.S. senator Sam J. Ervin, Jr. of North Carolina
12 7/23/1958 Asheville Citizen Edwin Gill Book review Famed judge Learned Hand says courts should interpret, not change law ; review of "The Bill of Rights" by Judge Learned Hand
13 9/2/1958 Asheville Citizen   Editorial The lines are drawn in Virginia
14 9/22/1958 Raleigh News and Observer   Editorial Our judges set the pattern
15 1958 Detroit Free Press Roger Greene Article Segregation in Virginia ; odds pil eup but Gov. Almond digs in for fight
16 9/23/1958 Asheville Citizen   Editorial Argument by omission ; and editorial from The Wall Street Journal
17 9/21/1958 Detroit Free Press   Editorial Self-inflicted squeeze ; Dixie may find itself hurting
18 9/18/1958 New York Herald Tribune David Lawrence Article Today in National Affairs ; draft 
19 10/58 Asheville Citizen Carlton Putnam Letter Supreme Court's 'arrogance' viewd by distinguished Northerner ; letter sent to President Eisenhower
20 1958   John Morsell Commentary Figment and fallacy in "The Putnam letter" ; critical commentary on Carlton Putnam's letter to the Preseident of the United States by the Assistant to the Executive Secretary, NAACP
21 12/58 The Councilor Newsletter   Article Various articles and commentaries ; published by Assn. of Citizens' Councils of La., Inc.
22 12/29/1958 Asheville Times   Commentary South doesn't back Alabama's defiance
23 11/26/1958 Washington Post   Editorial Desegregation in Alabama ; reprinted in Asheville Citizen
24 12/11/1958 Asheville Citizen   Editorial Storm clouds over Montgomery
25 12/22/1958 Asheville Times Al Kuettner Article The desegregation problem in '58 caused no change of heart in Dixie
26 1958 Asheville Citizen Senator Ervin Commentary The South and provincialism
27 12/30/1958 Asheville Times   Editorial N.C. voters' test under court study ; from Christian Science Monitor
28 11/7/1958 Asheville Times   Editorial N.C. light shining in racial darkness ; from Greensboro News
29 12/22/1958 Asheville Times   Article Relocation bill revised by Russell
30 12/22/1958 Asheville Times William F. Arbogast Article When House convenes rights dispute may set course of legislation
31 12/30/1958 Asheville Times   Article Calmness features N.C. policy on desegregation
32 12/6/1958 Saturday Evening Post   Editorial Segregation by sex might ease fears of racial intermarriage
33 1958     Notes From PAR to McCoy ; thoughts and clippings to "inspire you to one of your powerful editorials"
34 1958 Platform North Carolina Defenders of States' Right, Inc. Pamplet Observations and comments on: national integrity ; constitutional government ; racial integrity ; states' rights ; individual liberties ; private property
35 6/1958 Harper's Magazine Harry S. Ashmore Article The easy chair ; the untold story behind Little Rock
36 4/8 Southern Editor's Weekly Roundtable   Article Some turn backwards ; from Tallahassee Democrat




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