George W. McCoy Collection   M1978.01.01
Newspaper clipping on race and integration 1959
  Date Source Author Type Topic
1 1/30/1959 The Knoxville Journal   Headline Mrs. Roosevelt should be asked to appear as witness when solons conduct probe of Monteagel school ; article not included
2 1/30/1959     Editorial Pupil-placement laws ; source and purpose of article unclear
3 02/1959 New York Herald-Tribune Terry Ferrer Article Lag in integration charged to schools
4 2/28/1959 Asheville Citizen David Lawrence Commentary Bar criticizes high court decisions
5 03/1959 Asheville Citizen   Editorial LeRoy Collins argues for "orderly and effective assertion of our rights under authority of law" ; draft
6 4/6/1959 Asheville Citizen   Editorial Stratford, Shakespere and the Moor
7 1959 Reader's Digest William Hard Article How law-abiding are we - really?
8 10/17/1959 Christian Science Monitor Godfrey Sperling, Jr. Article Creeping realism' with the sourthern governors
9 3/13/1959     3/13/1959 Daniels flays politicians for using the negro issue
10 9/30/1959 Asheville Times   Editorial New look at negro integration stand ; from Christian Science Monitor
11 11/16/1959 New York Times Anthony Lewis Article Negroes getting new jobs in South ; President's committee sees racial 'breakthroughs'
12 11/20/1959 Asheville Citizen   Article Yancey negroes ask quick school order [2 copies in file]
13 12/4/1959     Article 2 agencies removed as defendents in school segregation suit
14 3/13/1959 Asheville Times   Editorial Are white folks in South real people? ; from Richmond (V.A.) News-Leader
15 1959 Look Raymond Gary Commentary The South can integrate its schools
16 2/6/1959 Asheville Times Alfred McCormack Jr. Article The may be a 'sleeper' in NAACP integration suit at Greensboro
17 11/12/1959 Asheville Times   Article Southern editor calls for southern politicians to face political facts, finish with escapism
18 2/13/1959 Greensboro Daily   Article Hodges hits 'agitation' of NAACP ; accuses group of boycott
19 2/8/1959 New York Herald-Tribune   Article No complaints as Princeton's clubs recruit
20 2/20/1959 Asheville Citizen   Editorial Mason and Dixon's line is moved north
21 1959     Article Bride white, throne barred to any heirs
22 2/19/1959 Asheville Citizen-Times   Article Union County negro leader enters Monroe mayor race
23 2/19/1959 Greenville News   Editorial N.C's 'token' integration plan attacked
24 4/8/1959 New York Herald-Tribune David Lawrence Commentary Two white women denied enrollment in an all-male state college in Texas
25 2/4/1959 Asheville Citizen   Article Ike drafting rights guide for Congress
26 2/4/1959 Asheville Times   Editorial Governor of Virginia has conceeded minimum state integration is inevitable
27 2/4/1959 Asheville Times Ray Tucker Commentary Civil rights may disappear from politics
28 1959 New York Times Milton Honig Article Non-whites rise 109% in Newark ; increase since 1950 noted in report that finds drop in total population ; shoft by negroes cited ; moves to more desirable area found to foster better undertsanding
29 2/5/1959 Asheville Citizen Eric Warden Article Mrs. Roosevelt on integration ; from the Michigan Journalist
30 12/13/1959     Article U.S. commies drop idea of negro nation
31 2/10/1959 Asheville Citizen   Editorial Tennessee to probe Monteagle school ; from the Knoxville Journal [2 copies in file]
32 12/11/1959 Office of Senator Ervin Sam J. Ervin Speech Shall America's birthright be sold for pottage? ; address of Senator Sam J. Ervin, Jr. D-NC, to the Georgia Bar Association at its mid-winter meeting in Atlanta on Friday evening, December 11, 1959
33 2/7/1959 Asheville Citizen David Lawrence Commentary 14th Amendment of doubtful legality
34 2/4/1959 Asheville Citizen David Lawrence Commentary Is 'massive conformity' coming?
35 9/1959 Office of Senator Ervin Sam J. Ervin Speech Statement by Senator Sam J. Ervin, Jr., (D-NC) on report of Commission on Civil Rights
36 1959 Arkansas Gazette   Publication Citations and editorials following award of Pulitzer Prize to The Arkansas Gazette




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