George W. McCoy Collection   M1978.01.01
Newspaper clipping on race and integration 1960
  Date Source Author Type Topic
1 4/12/1960 New York Herald-Tribune David Lawrence Commentary Racial classification in South Africa ; draft
2 5/1960 The Independent American   Article Thurmond hints at states rights ticket ; file contains full edition of the newspaper including many articles on the 1960 presiential election
3 3/22/1960 New York Herald-Tribune David Lawrence Commentary Moral rights and wrongs ; draft
4 4/24/1960 Asheville Citizen-Times Billy Graham Commentary Racial solution lies in heart, not a sword point [2 copies]
5 4/9/1960 Asheville Times Rev. Edwin T. Dahlberg Commentary Church and public conscience
6 5/18/1960 Asheville Citizen   Notice Notice by North Carolina Defenders of States' Rights Inc. urging vote "for a Governor who will deal with the racial issue…in the best interests of all concerned"
7 4/8/1960     Article Frank Graham predicts equal freedom in South
8 3/13/1960     Article Negro sitters supported by U.N. mediator [2 copies]
9 6/15/1960 Congressional Quarterly Factsheet   Article Integration problems slow public housing program
10 6/6/1960 Southern Regional Council Inc.   News release Student sit-ins ; lunch counters
11 12/27/1958 Saturday Evening Post Celestine Sibley Article They don't scare McGill ; Ralph McGill editor of The Atlanta Constitution
12 4/15/1960   David Lawrence Commentary Justice Doulas' concept of court [2 copies]
13 6/27/1960 Southern Regional Council Inc.   News release Southern newspapers and racial events
14 3/18/1960 Asheville Times   Commentary Southland's racial crisis is realistically examined
15 3/10/1960 Asheville Citizen Sam Ervin Commentary Civil rights proposals ; weekly newspaper column by Senator Ervin ; draft
16 4/20/1960 The Virginia Commission on Constitutional Government   Commentary Two opinions…races and resturants ; commentary on two court cases ; Charles E. Williams v Howard Johnson's Resturant ; The Wilmington Parking Authority v William H. Burton
17 4/15/1960     Editorial Interracial communications [2 copies]
18 3/29/1960 Asheville Citizen   Editorial Some racial facts and fallacies ; an editorial in The Wall Street Journal [2 copies]
19 6/23/1960 Franklin Press   Editorial Little item, big news ; integration for church clean up
20 3/17/1960 Asheville Citizen   Editorial Yancey seeks to right a wrong
21 2/22/1960 Asheville Citizen   Editorial Case for the South ; editorial from the Richmond News Leader [2 copies]
22 1960   Norris J. Nelson Commentary The right of individuals and communities to discriminate
23 4/17/1960 New York Times Magazine Wilma Dykeman ; James Stokely Article The South' in the North ; racial conflict in Chicago
24 6/2/1960   Richard Spong Commentary Negroes and non-violence
25 3/12/1960 Asheville Citizen David Lawrence Commentary The Supreme Court's inconsistency
26 3/14/1960 Asheville Citizen   Editorial Will the South forgive Lyndon Johnson?
27 3/7/1960 Asheville Citizen Rep. E. E. Willis Commentary Rigged civil rights Bill
28 3/19/1960 Asheville Citizen   Editorial The need for race relations guidelines
29 3/5/1960 Asheville Citizen William S. White Article Moderate civil rights Act in prospect
30 3/1960   I. Beverley Lake News release Statement announcing candidacy for governor of North Carolina
31 5/26/1960 The Reporter Anthony Lewis Article The professionals win out over civil rights
32 3/5/1960 Asheville Citizen   Editorial Good Lord. Deliver us ; race in the political campaign; an editorial in the Raleigh News and Observer
33 3/9/1960 Asheville Citizen   Editorial Still on the job ; Senator Ervin ; an editorial in the Winston-Salem Journal
34       Editorial Investigation of Highlander Folk School ; source and date unknown
35   Washington Teacher   Article Integration without turmoil ; includes photographs ; date unknown
36 3/11/1960 The State Bill Sharpe Letter Sent by the editor of The State to Gordon Blackwell ; Women's College, Greensboro ; loosening authority over students
37 1960   Robert J. Putman Letter Letter from Putnam of Asheville to "Dear Friend" enclosing booklets regarding communism in N.C. and gubernatorial campaign of Dr. Lake ; [booklets not in file]
38 5/9/1960   Harry S. Ashmore Commentary The negro in the South ; first of a series of articles by former editor of Little Rock Arkansas Gazette ; draft
39 7/18/1960 The Hall Syndicate Inc. W. D. Workman Commentary Republicans and civil rights
40 4/1960 The Chain Store Age   Commentary The hostages ; counter protests and sit-ins
41 1/29/1960   Homer Bigart Article 27 Nigerian tribesmen accused of joining cannibalistic right
42 9/26/1960 Asheville Citizen J. W. Davis Article Oft-criticized 14th Amendment explained
43 1/29/1960   Homer Bigart Article Barbarian cult feared in Nigeria
44 5/7/1960 Asheville Citizen David Lawrence Commentary South's friendly feeling for the negro [2 copies]
45 2/4/1960     Article Witch doctor can fix your case at law ; South African "lawyers" consult bones not books
46 2/29/1960 Asheville Citizen Earl Wilson Article Durhan is friendly
47 2/29/1960 Asheville Citizen   Editorial Senate locked in battle over civil rights
48 1960   William D. Workman, Jr. Publicity Order form and publicity flyer for "The case for the south" ; written by William Workman
49 4/26/1960 Asheville Citizen David Lawrence Commentary [Billy] Graham's message on the race issue
50 2/4/1960 Asheville Times Lynn Heinzerling Article Billy Graham's well-organized tour has shaken Africa's old-time religion
51 1960   Tom McMahan Article Sidelights on Graham services in Nigeria
52 2/6/1960 Asheville Citizen   Article Billy Graham sees leader of Nigerians ; Ban on Graham's visit to Jordan is lifted
53 3/29/1960 Asheville Citizen   Editorial Some racial facts and fallacies ; an editorial in The Wall Street Journal
54 5/20/1960 Asheville Citizen   Editorial Let's be consistent ; an editorial in the Saturday Evening Post
55 7/17/1960 Charleston News and Courier   Article A second look at Goldwater's letter
56 3/25/1960 Asheville Citizen   Editorial South Africa's bankrupt race policy
57 2/6/1960 Asheville Citizen   Article NAACP charges police brutality; board finds no cause for action
58 3/7/1960 Asheville Times James Marlow Article Marlow sees negro voters holding balance of political power soon
59 3/7/1960     Article Willis says vote referee plan illegal
60 3/15/1960 Asheville Citizen   Article S.C. man reports beating, robbery by six negroes
61 3/2/1960     Article Moderation will bring North Carolina through current wave of demonstrations against segregated eating facilities
62 3/7/1960 Asheville Times   Editorial Race-baiting has no place in N.C. ; from Winston-Salem Journal
63 3/6/1960 New York Times Emanuel Perlmutter Article Sit-ins backed by rallies here ; school integration helped by military
64 3/6/1960   William G. Weart Article End housing bar, negroes advised
65 3/6/1960 New York Times   Article Episcopal group backs sitdowns
66 3/31/1960 Asheville Citizen   Editorial The negroes have made their point
67 2/18/1960 Congressional Quarterly Factsheet   Article Voting rights issue highlights civil rights debate
68 3/21/1960 The Augusta Courier   Article Supreme Court rulings not law of land, Senator Talmadge tells the U.S. Senate
69 4/8/1960 Asheville Citizen   Article [Frank] Graham says two races in south will grow towards equal freedom
70 1960 Asheville Times   Commentary The loyalty test on race questions
71 4/28/1960   Perry Mullen Article Debate on negro 'sit-downs' continues
72 4/14/1960     Commentary Asheville area council on all inter-racial problems [2 copies]
73   Americanism Lecture Services Zora Neale Hurston Commentary Noted negro writer thinks court insulted her race ; undated [Reprint of a letter to Orlando Sentinel believed to have first been published in August 1955] 
74 2/1/1960 Congressional Quarterly   Article Civil rights ; includes statistics on voter registration and residence and other qualifications by state
75 9/8/1956 State of North Carolina   Commentary An explanation of four (4) proposed ammendments to the constitution of North Carolina
76 1960     Narrative Student protest movement (continued) ; timeline of student protests ; no authorship given ; no indication of where continuation is from
77 1/29/1960   Luther H. Hodges Speech Public school integration ; address by Luther H. Hodges, Governor of North Carolina athe the Havard Law School Forum
78 5/10/1960 Consolidated News Features Ralph McGill Commentary A milestone in politics ; Congressman Erwin Mitchell
79 3/24/1960 Asheville Citizen   Article Race violence flares at AF radar station
80 5/2/1960     Article Gov. Hodges cited by Presbyterians as type of leader needed by South
81 4/9/1960 Asheville Citizen   Article Human relations council organized for community
82 5/6/1960 Asheville Citizen   Article Lake blames Hodges for racial trouble
83 4/21/1960 Asheville Citizen   Article Hodges tells New Yorkers integration is not issue
84 3/25/1960 Asheville Times   Article Group barbs leave Hodges unruffled
85 6/25/1960 Asheville Citizen David Lawrence Commentary The dissent of Justice Douglas
86 7/14/1960 Asheville Citizen David Lawrence Commentary Extremes in Democratic platform
87 5/6/1960 Information Service of South Africa P. J Nel ; Dr. Hendrik F. Verwoerd Letter Letter to George McCoy enclosing statement made by Prime Minister Verwoerd on 'The price of appeasement in South Africa'
88 3/20/1960     Article [Harry] Golden says parley on integration late
89 3/11/1960 Asheville Citizen   Article Hodges seeks early end of sitdown demonstrations
90       Article Priest beaten, robbed while seeking help ; undated ; source unknown
91 3/6/1960 New York Times   Article Negroes batter cars at drive-in
92 3/2/1960     Article There's no end in sight to South's demonstrations against integration
93 5/17/1960 North Carolina Defenders of States Rights James Parker Dees Speech Adress by the President of N.C. Defenders of States' Rights before the Citizens' Council and the States' Rights Council of Chatham County, Savannah, GA
94     P.A.R Commentary Communists in Voice of America ; [undated and author only identified by initials]
95 2/26/1960 News and Courier Paul Stevens Commentary Voice of America villifies the South
96       Article Voice station planned in N.C.
97 4/29/1960 Congressional Quarterly   Article Senate "moderates' key to civil rights voting
98 4/18/1960 Greenville News Ray Tucker Editorial and Article Billy Graham on the race issue ; civil rights bill hurts Democrats
99 1960 New York Herald-Tribune Lloyd D. Hagan Letter Publicity for series of articles by Harry S. Ashmore on "Negro ghettos of 'the Deep North'"
100     Robin Black Article South has both desire and ability to cope with its race problem ; originally letter to the Christian Science Monitor ; undated
101 6/27/1960 The Hall Syndicate Inc. W.D. Workman Commentary Role of the Justice Department
102 12/12/1960 The Augusta Courier   Article Vandiver stands pat on segregation and on state's county unit system ; Talmadge regrets the South failed to protect self
103 4/2/1960 The Nation James McBride Dabbs Article Dime stores and dignity ; covers student sit-ins ; sent to McCoy by (Geo) Inglis of Swannanoa, N.C. under cover of letter referring to editorial page [of Asheville Citizen?] of March 31st




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