George W. McCoy Collection   M1978.01.02
Estate papers
  Date From To Type Topic
  Estate of George McCoy
1 9/13/1963 Lola McCoy   Accounting statement Final accounting of estate of George William McCoy, deceased [Contained in envelope from Asheville Citizen-Times]
2 2/14/1962 Morris Hendon Black funeral home Estate of Mr. George W. McCoy Statement Invoice for funeral services for George W. McCoy
3 2/14/1962 Bennett's drug store Mrs. George McCoy Statement Invoice for $88.17
4 2/12/1962 Bate's food store Mrs. George McCoy Receipt For grocery bill to date $214.85
5       Notes [Seems to be a list of documents required] To transfer stock 
6 7/25/1963     Waiver N.C, inheritance and estate tax waivers for; 83 shares, Stenchi Bros. Stores ; 30 shares, Bank of Asheville
7 11/8/1962 Lola McCoy Morgan Guaranty Trust Co. Letter - handwritten Transfer of shares in Stenchi Bros. [Includes postage receipts]
8 8/9/1963 N.C. department of revenue   Tax certificate Inheritance and estate tax certificate for the estate of George William McCoy
9 2/15/1962 Clerk of Superior Court   Letters Testamentary Lola McCoy appointed executrix (4 copies)
10 7/12/1957 George McCoy   Will Last will and testament of George McCoy (3 copies)
11 2/15/1962 Buncombe County Register of Deeds   Death certificate Death certificate for George McCoy ; date of death - Feb. 11, 1962 ; cause of death - arteriosclerotic heart disease (4 copies + 1 blank certificate)
12 2/14/1962     Inventory Inventory of safe deposit box in the name of George W. and Lola L. McCoy
13 3/13/1962 The Bank of Asheville   Receipt Savings account deposit of $120.75
14 3/9/1962 The Bank of Asheville   Receipt Savings account deposit of $2258.13
15 3/6/1962 Social Security Administration   Notice Award of lump-sum death payment [Includes handwritten notes regarding money received]
16   Provident Mutual   Statement Amount payable on policy [Includes handwritten note from LLM that check was deposited in savings]
17 1962     Accounting statement Handwritten list of checks
18         Affidavit of domicile - realtes to transfer of Stenchi Bros. stock
19         Transmittal form [Seems to be related to transfer of shares]
20 3/15/1962 Lola McCoy   Statement Declaration of assets of estate of George William McCoy, deceased
21 5/25/1962 Lola McCoy A. M. Terrell Letter - typed Accounting arising from Charles McCoy's estate
  Estate of Mrs. Marvin McCoy 
22 3/5/1956 Asheville Times   Death notice Funeral arrangements for Mrs. Marvin Berry McCoy
23 3/13/1956 Warren [Rutter] George McCoy Letter Bills outstanding
24 5/22/1956 Warren Rutter George and Lola Letter Bill for gravestone from Hamilton's Memorials [Bill included]
25 3/5/1956 State of North Carolina   Document George W. McCoy empowered to administer the estate of Mrs. Marvin McCoy
26   The Langren   Statement Bill from the Langren Hotel, Asheville for Mrs. Marie McCoy




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