Heritage of Black Highlanders Collection



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M77.10.3 6

Community Planning
Soul City
1     Soul City: A Pioneering Experiment in New Town Planning, 1976, booklet
2     Green Duke Village, n.d. pamphlet

Asheville Model Cities Agency
3    Fourteen color photographs and the dedication cut from a brochure entitled "Improving the Quality of Urban Life,"
      n.d, clippings mounted on poster board
4    "Birthday Smiles, n.d., clipping

See also the Housing Authority of the City of Asheville Records  The records contained in this collection are those primarily concerned with what the city referred to as 'redevelopment projects'. The redevelopment projects fall under the general rubric of 'urban renewal', hence the frequent reference to the files as 'urban renewal' files. The largest volume of  records in this collection are those from the East Riverside (Southside) Urban Redevelopment Project (NC R-48) and from the Civic Redevelopment Project (NC R-13) in Asheville, North Carolina.

M77.10.3 11

1     National Negro Business League: A New Program for Greater Service, describes the program and organization of
       the League, founded in 1900 by Booker T. Washington, 1927, pamphlet
2     The Color Line Monthly: A Mouth-Piece between the Races, vol. 1, no. 8, February, 1919, magazine published in
      Charleston, SC, magazine
3     The Black Presence in North Carolina, the history of black leadership, religion, literature and music in North
      Carolina, published by the North Carolina Museum of History, 1978, booklet
M77.10.4 4

Clippings and Articles (General)
1     "The Negro's Plight," by Edward Orleans, original and one copy
2     Notes listing "colored" businesses and professionals taken from the 1900-01 Asheville City Directory, two-paged
3     B-2653, news release for the Democratic National Committee, 10/14/1960
4     B-2654, news release for the Democratic National Committee, 10/14/1960
5     "Bi-Partisan Council Directs Activities of City Government," Asheville Citizen & Times, 3/10/1970, clipping
6     "Fund Drive's Goal to Save a Culture," n.d., clipping
7     "Tribute to Honor Black Leaders," Asheville Citizen-Times, 2/1/5/1981, clipping
8     "Awards Program Will Salute Black Excellence," Asheville Citizen-Times, 2/20/1983, clipping
9     "Fourth Annual Awards Next Sunday," Asheville Citizen-Times, 2/19/1984, clipping
M77.10.4 7

Black Highlanders Collection
1     "Black Highlander's Role Researched," Asheville Citizen-Times, 7/10/1977, clipping and two copies
2     "A History of Pride: Black Asheville A Blend of Traditions: School, Church, Community Involvement" Asheville Citizen-Times, 3/13/1983, clipping and copy
3     "The Rich Heritage of Black Highlanders," program for the presentation at the YWCA of materials gathered for the UNCA Ramsey Library Heritage of Black Highlanders Collection, 7/28/1977, program
4     The Unique Black Heritage of Western North Carolina, announcement of four forums, October and November, 1984, two copies of original program
5     Lucy Herring's notes about future plans for collection and copy of photo of Willie F. Hennessee and Vivian C. Cooper (original: see P77.
M77.10.4 12

Awards and certificates
Joseph C. Daniels
1     Certificate of Professional Acceptance of the National Education Association, 1966-67
2     Expression of Appreciation from the Daniel Boone Council Inc., Boy Scouts of America, December 31, 1953
3     High School Principal's Certificate from the NC Department of Public Instruction, July 1, 1942

William E. Roland
4     Human Relations Award of the Unitarian Church (First Annual), April 13, 1966

John Baxter
5     Certificate of Proficiency of the YMCA Trade and Technical School, April 6, 1951
6     Certification as Automotive Testing Technician by the Sun Electric Corporation, 4/22/53
7     Diploma from course in auto mechanics of the Brooklyn Automotive Evening Trade School, June 25, 1958
8     Packard Certified Re-wiring Examination, n.d.

Dr. M. W. Alston
9   Envelope which contained Erskine Medal [medal not part of collection]
M77.10.4 13

Miscellaneous items from previous Black Highlanders collection exhibits, etc. (9 items)
OS77.10.1 Miscellaneous








1     Portrait of Mrs. Isaac Dixon  (14"x17"), charcoal, possibly over camera obscura or other type of initial photographic image () note: item placed last in box
2     Letter of introduction for Isaac Dixon [sic], signed by residents of Cleveland County, NC, 10/7/1867, original letter and transcribed copy
3     Certification of completion of medical training by Joe E. Osborne at Wake Forest College, NC., 6/1/1928, diploma
4     License to practice medicine in North Carolina awarded to Joseph Evans Osborne, 7/7/1930, license
5     Certification of completion of medical internship by Joseph E. Osborne at Grady Memorial Hospital, Atlanta, Ga, 7/1/1932, diploma
6     Scroll of Honor awarded William Ernest Roland for social action by Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, 11/11/1962, certificate
7     Certification of appointment of W. E. Roland to the N.C. Youth Advisory Council by Governor Robert W. Scott, 4/7/1970, certificate
8     Life membership awarded to Joseph Charles Daniels in the National Education Association of the United States, March, 1957, certificate
9. Scrapbook of Eugene J. Smith (cover: "Eugene Smith, Publisher 35 Years, 1936-1971"); 16"x13" [20 pages, original and copy]
OS77.10.2 Newspapers The Southern News, Eugene Smith, editor, Asheville, N.C. Nineteen issues total, including one-page fragments from two issues
1    June 11, 1938
2    July 9, 1938
3    July 30, 1938
4    March 16, 1940 (one page)
5    Feb 28, 1941 (one page)
6    Jan 3, 1942
7    July 4, 1942
8    Feb 27, 1943
9    July 10, 1943 (two sections)
10   Sept 11, 1943
11   Aug 19, 1944
12   Nov 24, 1945
13   May 25, 1946
14   Nov 9, 1946
15   March 26, 1949
16   May 26, 1951 (two copies)
17   May 30, 1958 (two copies)
18   April 7, 1962 (one section)
19   April 30, 1966 (two copies)
19   April, 1974

20  The West Asheville News
      Sept 11, 1942
21  The Church Advocate
      Aug 19, 1943
22  Southland Advocate
      April 15, 1950
23  Asheville Times
      March 26, 1953
24  John F. Kennedy campaign advertisement, n.d.

OS77.10.3 Photograph 1    Asheville State Summer School, 1923. Panorama [taken at Hill Street School]