Samuel Jones Justice (September 6, 1851(?) - March 16, 1919)

Relationship to the Speculation Lands:
The succession of continuous members of the Justice Family as Resident Agents for the heirs of Isaac Bronson spanned a period of more than sixty years. In 1818, The first appointment in Western North Carolina to this venture was James Dyer Justice as the Southern Commissioner to the Speculation Land Company. Both Thomas Butler, son of James Dyer Justice, and Carr Baylus, grandson of James Dyer, lived in Rutherfordton, North Carolina while Samuel J., lived in Hendersonville, North Carolina. George Washington Justice succeeded his father Samuel as the last agent.
Samuel married Mary Etta (Marietta) Merrill and produced six children, including George Washington Justice. Marietta died prematurely in 1884 and Samuel remarried to Minnie M. Fanning Henninger. This second marriage produced two children. Samuel's primary occupation, like many in his family, was that of surveyor. Justice and Son, in Henderson County, North Carolina, was an endeavor with his son George W. for the purpose of surveying. Interesting anecdotes about the life Samuel J. Justice were located with the archives of the Hendersonville Historical Society. The French Broad Hustler, on 11/07/1907, wrote: "S.J. Justice left on Monday for Burke County (North Carolina) where he has a big survey to make will try to bag a bear or so, before he returns." This statement implies he was probably a hunter. Further, the surveying extended beyond Buncombe, Henderson, and Rutherford Counties to Burke.  An obituary that appeared in the Visitor, later renamed The News of Henderson County, reported: "Samuel J. Justice died at his home in Hendersonville Sunday afternoon at 6 o'clock age 67 1/2 years. Mr. Justice went to Spartanburg about two weeks before his death for a physical and learned of the serious condition of one of his kidneys and died about three days after returning home without undergoing surgery. He had large family connections in this section and was widely and favorably known......Since 1910, Mr. Justice was General Agent of what is locally known as the Speculation Land Co. He was physically a sturdy man and always enjoyed health. In character he was strong and noble  and nothing came between him an his duties to family and church."