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0001 "Speculation Land Company" Patents in Buncombe, Cleveland, Henderson, McDowell, and Rutherford Counties. Approximate date, after the creation of McDowell County in 1842 and prior to the creation of Polk County in 1857. Map: multiple views
0002 Map of Middleby Lands owned by Broad River Lumber Company in Rutherford, Burke and Cleveland Counties, North Carolina. Copied and reduced from a scale of 1/4 mile to the inch from a map made by M.G. Grow, Rutherfordton, North Carolina November 17, 1906. Map
0003 "Speculation Land Company" Patents in Rutherford County, North Carolina. Map
0018 Map of Patent 1029, undated, unsigned. References Patents/Warrants, owner/grantee, and acreage. Dates are from 1775-1827. Area is on the Broad River. Map
0021 Map of various Patents. References acreage for Patent 1005: - 11,500 acres; Patent 1039: - 5,120 acres; Patent 1045: - 1,953 acres; Patent 1050: - 1,794 acres; Patent 1060: - 450 acres; and, Patent 1031: - 1,624 acres. Map
0022 Untitled, part of Patent 1021. Survey Map of lands between the (Main) Broad River and Walnut Creek, East of the Green River, and includes acreage and boundary survey information. Map
0026-A Map of the Huey (Davis) Mine Tract, Union County, 1886, Patent number 1234. Drawn by C.W. Watkins of Rutherforton, North Carolina. Indicates the location of the mine, mine shaft, and gold digging areas, 851 acres. Map
0026-B Patent 1005, indicates Plat owners, unsold plats, also references patents 1039, 1050, and 1045. Map
0045 Map of Patent 250, 36,494 acres. Covers the area Northeast and South of Hendersonville and the Western part of Polk County to the South Carolina border. Map
0046 Patents 1049, 1022, 1004, 1015, 1058, and 1046. References an area between the Long Branch and Sandy Rivers in the North to Shoal Branch and Grog Creek in the South. Includes Plat numbers, initials of the owner's and acreage. Undated and unsigned. More information
0066 Patent 1020. References Plats, initials or names of the owners, and acreage. Map
0068 Patent 1026. A boundary survey map of the Patent. More information
0075 Part of Patent 1023. Map
0076 Map of Plats East of Mill Creek and White Oak Creek. Map
0077 Survey map of the Southern part of Patent 1023. References an area East and West of Richardson's Creek, and East and West of Floyd's Creek. Numerous Plats are indicated. Map
0079 Survey maps of Patents 1042 - 1,920 acres, and 1043 - 1,280 acres. References Plats, owners, and acreage. Map
0096 Partial map of the Broad River Lumber Company holdings. More information
0116 Deeded property in Buncombe County on the Broad River. References the names of Plat owners, and acreage. Map
0140 City map of Hendersonville, North Carolina. Dated April 1926. More information
0143 Topographic map, Sheet One, made by Ladshaw and Ladshaw, Civil and Hydraulic Engineeres, Spartanburg, South Carolina. Covers the area of Pot Shoals and Laurel Creek on the Green River. More information
0145 Survey map of Patents 1032, 1014, 1044, 1017, 1059, 1037, and 1057. Area West of Harris's Creek on both sides of Brushy Creek. Map
0146 Blue Print map of Patent 1024. Certified by the North Carolina Secretary of State. Survey map of the Green River and tributaries, contains 57 warrants entered January 26, 1795, and indicates owners of the individual tracts and acreage. More information
0147 Survey map of Patent 1021, 11,916.78 acres. Area West of Cove Creek, indicates tracts by warrant number and acreage. Map
0156 Topographic map, Sheet Two, by Ladshaw and Ladshaw, references Power houses number 3 and 4 on the Green River. More information
0160 Survey outline map of Patent 1028, 10,703.25 acres, area North and South of Cane Creek. Map
0184 Survey map of property belonging to George W. Justice, Civil Engineer, area east of Asheville Drive. Map
0223 City map of Hendersonville, North Carolina, dated 1926. More information
0225 Map of building lots sold or for sale, Town of Rutherfordton. Undated. More information
0281 Map drawing of city lots. Area not referenced. Map
0327 Map of five Plats. Indicates four of the original owners, and date of the Patent. More information
0329 Plat map, twelve Plats referenced, and initials of owners, acreage, and Warrant numbers. More information
0412 Survey map of Patents 1325, 1317, 1313, and 1316. More information
0440 Survey map, 3,759.50 acres. Area not indicated. Map
0441 Survey map. Survey Number 1, Patent 1029, 2,120 acres. Map
0444 Survey map, area not indicated. References name or initials of owners, tract Number, and acreage. Map
0446 Plot of Patent 1030. 1,545 acres. Map
0447 Survey map of Patent 250, survey number 4, includes courses and distances of the Green River. Map: page 1
Map: page 2
0581 Plat map of a large area of land. Location not indicated. More information
0610 Survey map of Patent 1027(?). Two areas referenced - 14,037 acres, and 9,215.5 acres. More information
0611 Survey map of Patent 1005. Rutherford County, March 30, 1876. More information
0725 Survey map of Elias and Laxton Lynch's lands. More information
0726 Survey map of James Morris's lands. More information
0763 Map of Patent 1033, 5,760 acres, Undated. Map
0766 Map of the Green River area, undated. Map