Enos T. Throop

Relationship to the Speculation Lands: 
Enos T. Troop was the Lieutenant Governor of New York who signed a Deed for land in Buncombe, Rutherford, and Mecklenburg Counties on the 5th of April 1830 (Item 127)
Enos Thompson Throop (E.T. Throop) was born in Johnstown (Fulton County), New York on August 21, 1784.  Throop's first political office was in the local post office.  From 1823 through 1827, Throop served as a circuit judge of New York.  Throop was elected lieutenant governor of New York in 1828 on gubernatorial candidate Martin Van Buren's Democratic ticket. When Van Buren resigned the governor's office on March 5, 1829, Throop became acting governor - New York's 12th chief executive. In November 1830, Throop was elected to a full two-year term. After leaving the governor's office on December 31, 1832, Throop was appointed naval officer for the Port of New York. He served in the Port of New York position from 1833 through 1838. He died November 1, 1874.
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