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           Rec'd. [recieved] out of the box of papers left in the homes of Col. Craton[?] by Geo. to wa__[?] a deed of release dated 8 May 1821 between Benj. McGinch[?] and Sarah his wife of the City County & state of New York & Perkins Nichols of sd. [said] City of " all that contain tract or parcel of land situate lying and being on Main Broad river, Larruth[?] creek & Floyd creek, in the said County of Rutherford & State of NC which is as granted by said State to Tench Coxe assignee of James Greenlee, Lewis Beard, & William Erwin by patents dated Nov. 1796[?] recorded in Secry. office & duly entered in the public Register both of sd. Co of Rutherford & warranted 1023 excepting therout[?] 6519a appropriated as is mentioned in a note as the first of the Certificate of survey and the plan attached to the said Patents and also excepting from the residue of the Sd. tract 7360a being the northern part therof granted & conveyed by Tench Coxe Peter S. Du Ponceau & Abraham Kintzing owe Tilgh Daniel W. Coxe & William Coxe the residue[?] & remainder of the said lands hereby intended to be described & conveyed Containing of the such[?] exceptions, a supposed to contain ) 3 bo a more or less." deed signed  Benj McGinch        seal
in power of                                                                                                             Sarah W McGinch    seal
   Thomas Appleday Jr.
     F. Nicholson