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           Having under taken management of the Rutherford Speculation Lands for Messrs. Isaac Bronson & Gould Hoyt of the City of New York, I am desirous as early as possible to obtain a thorough knowledge of the rights of my principals to direct my efforts to the best advantage for their interests.  I have prepared a statement of the use embracing the material parts as far as I have understood them.
                    James Greenlee Lewis Baird & William W. Erwin with 15 others having before made numerous entries of Lands in the County of Rutherford in the names of those three of 660 acres each in the 7th Feby 1795, entered into an article of a...tion[?] for the management and solely those Lands a why[?] of which in annexed marked A.-
          On the 27th June 1797. Lewis Baird & Andrew Baird as their agents under 4th article - Sold to Tench Coxe of Philadelphia 100,000 acres of those lands - of which contract a copy is annexed marked B.-  And at the same adverce[?] said Coxe a copy of the above articles of a...tion[?] & the description of the lands by G. B. & E. - a copy which is annexed marked C.  which description is before[?] to in the sale.-
     The said land Company afterwards sold to said Coxe on the 1 Janry 1796.  80,000 acres     by Lewis Baird-
         9 March 1796- 90,000 acres-by Lewis Baird in both of which the same provisions are made as to quality of land and titles as in the first sale.
       On the 11 Augt 1796 James Greenlee then agent to sell contacted[?] to T. Coxe the ballance [sic] of this Land referring to the two contracts of the proprietors - & renting[?] the three previous sales tells the ballance of their lands 264,000 acres- on the same terms as to quality & title.-a why of which is added marked E.
          In performance of these [w    ] on the 11th Augt. 1776 G.B. & Erwin executed a deed to T.C. for 17 patents- containing 122,240 acres. Copy of the material[?] part-marked F-
          and having assigns the resider[?] of the entries & warrants To him they obtained in the name of T. Coxe & 3 other patents amounting to 267,215 acres - and executed with their wives[?] a deed, copy of the [material parts?] of which duly joined marked G - of the lands included in said 43 patents - dated 27, July 1797.
        Upon the recipt of these deeds, T. C. gave a Rect[?] waving his right of inspection and rejection approves[?] of the land of why marked H & gave his land for the ballance of purchase      [?] -