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A Statement of Grants issued by the State of North Carolina for Rutherford County from the 13th of June 1796 to 12th Sptr. 1817 taken from the books in the Secretary's Office, showing the Number, Granties names, quantity of acres, date of Grants, Location of the land & date of Entry








No of
Grantees Name Quantity of Acres Date of Grant Location of the land and date of Entry.
1018 Absalom Stephenson 50 10th Sept 1796 On the No fork of white Oak of Green river Begin gate B.O. and P.O. on the side of a hill E. side [at?] W lapshaun cor E
1020 Tenche Coxe ap 6640 26th Nov. 1796 Tract No. 09 On McLinahan's Crk & main Bd. Rivr E of Survey No 8 begg at a R.O. on South fa bound line markd thus N q. JM about 40 holes So E of a muting House joins Simmons- crofu Asheworth crk. E 26th Jany 1795 
1021 Ditto 9388  " no. 5 Between Brod River & Green River, begg at a poplar on or near Kelly's line w side a high ridge, joins John McKan, John Scott, path Scott, to Jeffers, Lowry, Harvey, abm Fowler, David Reaves [has?] Doyle Rich, Lewis tho Doyle part Ent 25th Janry 95 pt 28th Janry 1795 & pt 27th Apl 1795.
1022 "    " 8960 " no 6. Bounded on the No by Burke County line on the E & by 1st Brod River & on the W & by Cane creek begg on a poplar on the top of a ridge that divides Burke & Rutherford, on the Road side that  leads from Morganton to Whitesides settlement, Joins Walker, Rob't SMith, Osborn, Danl McGausky, Tho.s Yarloby, Henddleston, Saint Andrews & John Scott. E 15th Feby 1795.
1023 "   " 14,720 " no 6 On main Bro'd River, Jarrots Creek & Floid's Crk begg about 6 poles from Fro'd river on 2 P. Oakds one marked WR on the No side the other RH on the same side between 2 tracts of land belong to John McKinney above a large Island on B'd river, joins Ernest Stewart, David Miller, James Miller, Thos Whorry, Lewis, Fortenberry, Bewers, Sutton's, Davd. Lile's& Ia's Lee. E 26th Janyr 1795.
1024 "    " 29,800 " no 2 On Green river, pacolet, Alston's creek & their Crankchy begg on a tall poplar cor. between Rutherford & Buncombe Co on the So Carolina [border?] joins Survey No 1 peter Frankes, Willis, Allen, Ins Parks, P. Cox, Capt Caruths & Logan's lines. E mostly 26th Iansy 1795.
1025 "   " 6790 " no 14 On Hinton's Creek begg at a W.O. stand on the road side that leads from the widow Bickenstaff old place to the head of S crk. joins Thos yardes, Jas. Barnhill, Gleburn Goudrey, Wm Price, John Murry, jas Withrow, D [Mills?] Entd 16th Feby 1795.

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1026 Tench Coxe,  5427 26th Nov. 1796 No 4 On Cedar Creek between [Cee?] Creek & Bills Creek, bigs. at a [?] Millers line. Joins Widow Hill, Sam King, Philip Stec, Walton Bradley, Middleton, Jones Williams, Ins Elen & Richd Bradley.  Entd 27th Apl 1795. 
1027 "   " 40,320 " no 16 On the waters of 1st Broad River, between River & the line that divides the counties of Burke & Rutherford begs at a poplar in a Gap of a ridge, Joins Wm Jones, Ko Grissom Saml Stogdon, Wm McFaarlin, Aaron Divinnay, Wm Queen, Alex Goins, Jo Bullin, Ben, Newton & Peter Peeler, Entd 26th & 28th. Janry 1795.
1028 " "    25,690 " no 10 On Brite's, Bullen's, Walnut and Shelton's Creek's and main Brod. River Beginning at a white oak on a line of Survey No 2, on the W side Miller's path on the top of a hill on the W side Brites Crk joins Survey No 1. Jas Latta, Isaac Ledbetter, Shelton, Davenport, James Kerr, McGann, [Fred?] Brown, & Rob't [Yielding?]. Entd 16th Feby & 27th Apl 1795.
1029 "   " 12,021 " No 7 Between Cane Creek & Second Brod river. Begs at a white oak on the Burke County line on Js. Scott's line, near or joins Rob't Campbell, Wm Watson, Hugh Watson, Wm Flack & Wm Withersows- Entd 26th & 28th Jany & 27th Apl 1795.
1030 "   " 3017 " no 15 Between first bro'd river & Duncan's Creek, begs at a Black oak marked W standing near John Smith's line joins Rob't Barnett, D. Miller, Abm Crow, Jas Parruk, Absalom Waters, Robt Baruhhills Jos. Graham, Spadeys & Wm Crosses lines. Entd 26th Janry & 27th Apl 1795
1031 "   " 1624 " no 13 Between Hinton's & Duncan's Creeks begs at 2 Hickorys marked thus W, near Murry's line, joins Jonas Bedford's line. Entd 26th Janry & 27th Apl 1795.
1032 "    " 1330 " no 18 Between first Brod River & Hinton's Creek and the Flint hill road beds at a P.O. marked thus W standing at or near Shaded Chitwood's line, joins IN o Green & in. Nailer's lines Entd 16th Feby & 27th Apl. 1795.
1033 "     ' 5760 " no 30 On Grog Crk Begs on a black oak marked thus 1.W. {hand?] on the W side of Walker's old road at or near Land. Moore's No E corner. Entd 26th Janry 1795.-
1034 "     " 1280 " no 11 Between Cathys Creek & 2nd Rod river. Begs at a red oak near [John?] Coxe's line joins John Bates, Harris, Thos Marlow, W.Odeirs & Mo Allens. E 26th Jany 1795.
1035 "     " 1920 " no 4 On Jackson's & Green's Creeks, below a Survey made by D. Dicksy near the So Carolina boundary line, begs at a post oak marked within 4 poles of a cor. of 2 surveys belong to Wm Vaughn & In. Pullum, joins Vaughn & near Blackwell's line. Entd 28th Janry 1795.
1036 "     " 3200 " no 3 On little Fall Creek on the So side of Pacolet, begs on a tall poplar Robt Carruth's cor. joins So Carolina line & Survey no 2. Entered 26th Janry 1795.
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1037 Tench Coxe 1970 26th Nov. 1796 No 19 On Wilkey's Creek Begs. at aB.O. & Hickory at or near Gray's line marked thus W. joins or near Tho's Hardon's, In o wilson's old place, fowington's Entd 27th Apl 1796.
1038 "    " 1920 " No 17 On Stoney [River?] Begs at a post oak Stand on the E Sides. Rune near Spruce McCoy's line, Joins or near Thos redford's line, Ephm. Blacks, Arthr Buckhaunons & Wm Wilson's Entd 16th Feby 1795.
1039 "    " 5120 " No 8 On Cove Creek & Knob Creek, Begs. at a large opolar, marked W, joins Richd. Ledbetter, survey No 3 Rufele, Hunter & W. Madcaps. Entd 27th Apl 1795.
1040 "    " 2390 " No 12 Between Hinton's Creek & Sandy run.  Begs on a blk O. near Jas. Withroson line marked thus W, joins Wm Barnett, Townson Horton. Entd 27th Apl. 1795
1041 "    " 6600 " No 5 On the waters of Beech Crk & Hinson's Crk, Begs about 1 mile E from the begs corner of Survey No 4 nar McKinney's land on a double poplar marked WR & JM joins Wm Robinson & McKinney. Entd 26th Janry 1795.
1042 "    " 1920 " No 22 Between Camp's Mill Creek & the County lne, Beggs at a large chesnut & blk Oak marked WD, on the line between Lincoln & Rutherford in the forks of the Roads, to Columbia & McKisicks below Jonathan Harden's land E 16th Feb 95
1043 "    " 1280 " No 21 On the waters of Simm's Crk begs at a large Spanish oak on the line between Liincoln & Rutherford in the forks of the flint hill road & Birds Road crosses the Reedy branch joins the inhabitants of Simms Crk. E 26th Feb 1795.
1044 "    " 1400 " No 24 Between the jumps branch & Harry's Creek. Begs at a large poplar in the head of the School House branch of Harris's Creek, joins Aaron McINtire & the inhabitants of Brush Creek. Entd 16th Feby 1795.
1045 "    " 1953 " No 9 Between the forks of mountain Creek begs at a red O. & [persimmon?] joins Ephm. Jones, D Miller, Andw. Hampton & Wm. Hill. E 27th Apl 1795.
1046 "    " 1460 " No 28 On the waters of Webbs Crk & Sandy run Bigs a poplar in the head of a branch, between the lines of Wm Webb & Lewis Bailey, joins ar near Thos. Sterling. Entd 16th Feby & 27th Apl 1795.
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1047 Tench Coxe 2050 26th Nov. 1795 No. 26 Between Robinson's Creek & Puzzle Creek, [faded here...] persimmon marked thus I,W. at the head of a branch of Robinson's Crk. joins or near the widow Gaultney's ENtd. 16th Feby 1795.
1048 "    " 1027 " No 27 On Bobs branch Begs on or near In. Melton's line, So. side Flint [hill?] road on a B.O. & P.O Joins In. Milton [and?] Burnett near second Bd. river.  Entd 27th Apl. 1795.
1049 "     " 2350 " No 29 Between Grog crk & Bd River Bigs on a B.O. & R.O. top of a Ridge that leads to the Shoals of long Crk runs to waters of Hill's crk & [heads?] the inhabitants of Bd River. Entd 27th Apl 1795.
1050 "     " 1794 " No 10 Between Mathews Crk & Cathey's Creek Begs at a P.O. in th ecor between David Millers & Tho's Wheeler's lines, joins in Sorrell, John Flack & Wm Baldridges lines. Entd 16th Feby 1795.
1051 "     " 400 " No 25 On the head of Puzzle Creek, begs on a large B.O. on or near In. [Atkins?] line joins In. Franklin. Entd 27th April 1795.
1052 "     " 600 " No 8 On the S fork of Horse Crk & waters of Bd River, E side of Survey No 7 Begs on a white oak & dogwd abt 4 po above a shoal on Sd fork then among Rocks on the So Carolins line, joins Camps line. Entd 16th Feby 1795.
1053 "     " 300 " No 7 On the waters of Horse crk & Bd River, abt 2 miles E of Survey No 5 near McKinney's line, begs at a small B. Green & line of the So Carolina line near a road leading form the Island ford to Bd river into the Green river road. Entd 27th Apl 1795.
1054 "     " 250 "   " On the waters of B river adjoining Survey No 3, on the E end begs at a red oak.  Entd 27th Apl 1795.
1055 "     " 424 "   " Adjoining survey No 1 on the E end on the waters of Grants Creek. Begs at a B.O. Entd 27th April 1795.