Mrs. Walter L. Massie Collection
Photographs: 1 - 50

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mas001 "Maj. Gen. C. P. Summerall, Commanding First Division; Maj. Wright; Maj Maynard."
    mas002 "Owen J. Traynor, PFC."
    mas003 "Geo. Watts, [Ward] I-11.  Died June 3, 1920."
    mas004 "Train for Denver.  Oct. 5, 1920."
    mas005 "Train for Denver.  Oct. 1920."
    mas006 "Pershing at Oteen."  [General Pershing]
    mas008 "Rossiter, Riddle, Miss Newman, Laurie."
    mas009 "Christmas Decorations, [Ward] I-4, 1920."
    mas010 "Marshall Crump, [Ward] I-11.  Matthews, N. C."
    mas011 "Lieut. Taylor."
    mas012 "Sgt. Rutherford."
    mas013 [Nurse with three soldiers]
    mas014 [Raking view of beds on long porch ?]
    mas015 "Hostess House, Oteen."
    mas016 "Last Aides Picture Reconstruction Staff."
    mas017 [Dining table]
    mas018 [Patients with nurses.]
    mas019 [Group photograph on ward.]
    mas020 "Your Sonny Boy"
    mas021 Soldier standing at head of bed at hospital.
    mas022 Two men in suits leaning on post with sign, "One way road out."
    mas023 Man standing next to building with number 125 [225?] at Oteen [?].
    mas024 "Mather, Thompson, Dykeman, Crump, Riddle."
    mas025 17 nurses around bed, posed for camera.
    mas026 Group portrait of soldiers and nurses in interior of building with large windows.
    mas027 Five men standing in snow.
    mas028 "Cunningham, Speckner."
    mas029 Three men seated  outside on steps of building.
    mas030 Approximately 22 nurses standing for group portrait outside in front of hospital buildings.
    mas031 20 people [staff ?] on outside steps of building in snow, posed for group portrait. Building number is 313, E-4.
    mas032 7 people outside, some seated.  Man on far right is holding hands out in measurement [?].
    mas033 8 people [staff ?] seated on ground outside a large building.
    mas034 "'Sunny South,' Jan. 28, 1921."
    mas035 Soldier standing in uniform on road with distant view of mountains behind.
    mas036 "Thompson, [Ward] I-8."
    mas037 4 women nurses [?] posed for portrait outside screen door.
    mas038 [Handwriting is not decipherable.  Names are approximate.] Murphy, Creamyer [?]. Blankenship [?], Kuhn, Fuller [?], Jinny [?], Alkinson [Atkinson], Petty, Aneachevy [?], Putnatelli, Jessie Smith, Richard White {African American man in back row], Calabria, Morriss, Elbert Whate, Miltnn Spraus,
    mas039 "Katz."
    mas040 "Capt. Frank Sanborne."
    mas041 15 people standing for group portrait.  Same as #38.
    mas042 Two men. One seated in chair on outside porch, and other seated on arm of chair with right arm around shoulder of seated friend.
    mas043 Two nurses in uniform posed for standing portrait.
    mas044 "Christine Gray, Louise Meers[?]."
    mas045 "Frenchy."
    mas046 15 people standing outside building for group portrait.  Same as #38
    mas047 32 + nurses in group photograph on step outside building.
    mas048 Large group of nurses standing in road with backs to camera and buildings on hill in background.
    mas049 Formal group portrait of nurses and staff seated and standing in front of large building on hill above them.
    mas050 Tents and soldiers in field.  Three men standing to right of photograph and three in road and small group to left of photograph, all facing camera.



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