Mrs. Walter L. Massie Collection
Photographs: 51 - 100

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mas051 "Colorado, Oct. 5, 1920."
    mas052 "Mattie."
    mas053 "Will Urban."
    mas054 "Delia Bissaillon, 'Frenchy.'"
    mas055 "Howe, Robinson."
    mas056 "Brownie."
    mas057 "Graves of departed aides."
    mas058 "Maj. St[...?], [Ward] I-11."
    mas059 Bust portrait of man in uniform.
    mas060 Soldier patient [?] in robe holding small doll with woman seated to his right, on stairs.
    mas061 Man seated on chair with one leg crossed over the knee.
    mas062 11 people seated and standing on porch
    mas063 "Claire Tozzer, 'Tozzie.'"
    mas064 "Hazel Lombard."
    mas065 Woman nurse holding large catalpa [?] leaves and flower in woods.
    mas066 "Canton."
    mas067 Nurse standing outside screened in porch.
    mas068 Nurse seated between two soldiers outside building.
    mas069 "Frenchy, Bigger, Tozzie, Marion Wilson, F. Bernard, Daly, Mr. Clark."
    mas070 Oteen.  Train leaving for Denver, Colorado.  Karen Swann, Kermit."
    mas071 "Wayt, [Ward] I-11."
    mas072 "Wm. Moss."
    mas073 15 people group portrait.  Nurse seated in front of group, flanked by two soldiers.
    mas074 Soldier in double-breasted coat and leggings standing in front of stump and house behind.
    mas075 "Sgt. Rutherford."
    mas076 28 [?] nurses standing for group portrait in front of building.  Sign is not legible.
    mas077 Interior scene of hospital art therapy class. Pictures on easel and on wall.
    mas078 Woman outside building with coat and satchels.
    mas079 Two women standing on either side of a  slender tree.
    mas080 Man and woman standing in front of railing and large cliff behind them.
    mas081 Damaged photograph of woman standing at corner of house, in front of fence with vegetation.
    mas082 7 people posed for group portrait.
    mas083 Young woman seated on bench in front of stone building.
    mas084 Two nurses standing outside in front of building in deep shade.
    mas085 8 soldiers and nurses[?] not in uniform at campfire with pot on top of fire.
    mas086 "Umma M. Barringer," nurse standing on road.
    mas087 "Marshall Crump."
    mas088 Two nurses with basket, rolled papers, bag, standing outside.
    mas089 "Jack Cunningham, Chas. Hunter." [Charles Hunter]
    mas090 7 men and one woman seated on steps and posed for a photograph.
    mas091 "Speckner."
    mas092 "Sam'l Carter, Glovick."  [Samuel Carter]
    mas093 Woman with book under her arm standing in front of building.
    mas094 Close portrait of nurse. Unidentified.
    mas095 Unidentified portrait of nurse.
    mas096 Woman in large white hat, standing in front of building with decorative siding.
    mas097 Three women and a dog.
    mas098 Group portrait of eight people standing in front of building with large window and decorative siding.
    mas099 Two men, standing with arms over shoulders and holding hats.
    mas100 "Jessie Clark."



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