Mrs. Walter L. Massie Collection
Photographs: 101 - 150

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mas101 "Morris, Clark, G[...?], Dawkins."
    mas102 12 people seated and standing on porch of building.
    mas103 Four women in civilian clothes standing in grass in front of buildings.
    mas104 "Ruth Hartes." Working with men who are doing art.
    mas105 "Brooks Barrick."
    mas106 Woman [?] on horseback.
    mas107 Two women standing beside road.
    mas108 Man in patterned robe seated on bench.
    mas109 Eight people. Nurses, some standing and some squatting with soldiers in front of building with patterned siding.
    mas110 Two women in front of truck with camouflage cover and small car to photo left. 
    mas111 Eight people at table working on paper documents. One woman standing to top, right.
    mas112 Posed group of eight people, outside building.
    mas113 Two soldiers, both wearing glasses.  Twins [?].  Standing in road.  Photograph is torn at top left.
    mas114 Same two soldiers as 113, but with third man, standing in roadway.
    mas115 "Mattie."
    mas116 Two men seated on stones in front of large building in background.
    mas117 Three women seated in front of outdoor sign that reads, {"Park Here. Public Service Cars."
    mas118 Six people posed for group portrait.
    mas119 "Katie Knight."
    mas120 Two men seated. One man on the left side of photograph with bow tie.
    mas121 Man standing in overcoat with hat in hand, outside in front of brick wall.
    mas122 Soldier standing beside raking view of building wall.
    mas123 Man in shirt, tie and with hat, seated on tree stump.
    mas124 Unidentified woman, half-length portrait wearing nurses uniform. .
    mas125 Two women and a man standing outside facing camera.
    mas126 Three women standing before sign, "Park Here, Public Service Cars." One woman appears to be on her knees with hands clasped in prayer, smiling.
    mas127 Four people group photograph, outside,  raking side of building.
    mas128 Woman in overcoat standing in snow.
    mas129 "Helen Taylor."
    mas130 "Mrs. Harte, Ruth Grannis."
    mas131 Eleven people (one woman) posed for group portrait.  Large building behind with ornate balustrade.
    mas132 Nurse and soldier standing together outside building.
    mas133 Six people standing in large throughway of building with ornate siding.
    mas134 "Alabama.  MC or [Mc]Williams."
    mas135 Woman standing in open woods in brush.
    mas136 Large woman standing next to four trees.
    mas137 "Grace Smith.  Fort McHenry.  Feb. 4, 1920.  Tues."
    mas138 Two women standing outside. One woman holds bouquet of flowers.
    mas139 "'Red White,' [Ward] I-8.  Elkhorn, W. Va.
    mas140 "Wm. Boyd." [William Boyd]
    mas141 Man nailing together a craft project with nurse standing on opposite side of workbench, outside.
    mas142 "Charles M. Hunter."
    mas143 Six women standing outside in front of sign that reads, "Road Closed from 1 to 3 P.M.."
    mas144 Large group portrait seated and standing in front of large wooden building on hill above them.
    mas145 Large formal group portrait of nurses in front of large building.
    mas146 "Oteen, N. C." Man seated on roof of building.
    mas147 "Rice." 8 soldiers photographed and one man identified as "Rice".
    mas148 Interior view, with two men who inspect a basket.  Other crafts and weavings are to their right.
    mas149 "Lawrence Hagan, Everett Mays." Two men standing in front of building.
    mas150 "Mrs. Hardy." Woman nurse standing outside.



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