Mrs. Walter L. Massie Collection
Photographs: 151 - 200

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mas151 Woman standing beside tree in the snow.
    mas152 "Front seat: my younger brother and myself.  Back seat: my favorite sister, my brother & a friend.  Center seat: brother-in-law and sister."
    mas153 "Chase A. Thornton."
    mas154 Large group shot taken inside building at a celebration [?].  Some are eating and playing insturments.
    mas155 "Pomeroy, Crump, Frenchy, Brownie, Me, M[...?]."
    mas156 "Oteen band playing for [Ward] I-11."
    mas157 "Johnson City, Tenn.  Federal Board Voc. Training School."
    mas158 "Netta."
    mas159 Two men standing .  Both wear hats.
    mas160 Group of four women. Posed in front of buildings.
    mas161 "Reed Williams." Soldier standing outside on road.
    mas162 Five women in front of building.  Three seated on steps and two standing.
    mas163 Woman standing outside with book under her arm.
    mas164 "Eliz. [Elizabeth] Moncure, Clara Ruth."
    mas165 Large white wooden building with cross supports on port cochere. Car to far left of photograph.
    mas166 Kenilworth Inn from the front. 
    mas167 Aerial view of Oteen facilities from roof-top?
    mas168 Eight people seated in grass in front of building.
    mas169 Seven people seated on porch for group portrait. Man playfully pokes head out from under bench.
    mas170 Man in white medical gown pulls or puts container from medical satchel on stool in clinic interior.
    mas171 Raking view of building screened porch with woman standing and facing camera.
    mas172 Eleven people seated for group portrait on porch.
    mas173 Eleven people posed for group portrait in front of large building with ornate balustrade. [Duplicate]
    mas174 Five people posed in front of building windows.
    mas175 "Thornton, Riddle."
    mas176 "Caldwell, Murphy, Harman, Wolf."
    mas177 Seven people (one small boy) with a dog, outside.
    mas178 Three young men leaning against building and facing camera.
    mas179 "Pisgah Mt." Mount Pisgah view.
    mas180 Large dam.  [Waterworks on the French Broad River below Asheville ?]
    mas181 View of hospital at Oteen from a distance [?] across open field.
    mas182 Large lake and mountains beyond.
    mas183 Oteen fire engine.
    mas184 Open roadster car with four people inside.
    mas185 Large Kelly bus used for transportation at Oteen.
    mas186 Nurses and soldiers, portrait outside near building with ornate siding.
    mas187 Soldier in full uniform with building behind.
    mas188 "Chas. Iser." [Charles Iser inside medical facility.]
    mas189 "'Betsy' Schirball." [Nurse leaning against tree.]
    mas190 "Mathers, [Ward] I-8."
    mas191 "Crump, Ingraham.  Marshall Crump died Apr. 3, 1920."
    mas192 Soldier seated outside on stump.
    mas193 Man in wearing glasses seated on railing on porch, outside.
    mas194 Color postcard of view of mountains, between the columns, from the porch of Robert E. Lee Hall, Black Mountain, NC.  H.W. Pelton photograph.
    mas195 Five women and men standing outside for posed photograph.
    mas196 Two men seated on porch bench, outside.
    mas197 Woman standing on road, with building in background.
    mas198 Woman in white dress holding bouquet of flowers.
    mas199 Three women standing outside in front of porch.
    mas200 "Urban, Triskey." Room full of people at typewriters.



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