Mrs. Walter L. Massie Collection
Photographs: 201 - 250

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mas201 "Edith Pomeroy."
    mas202 Eight people seated on stairs for group photograph. (One nurse)
    mas203 Large woman standing in front of a tree.
    mas204 Woman and man standing outside building with decorative siding.
    mas205 [Troops.  Military Band playing and the raising of flag on Pack Square, Asheville, N.C., WWI.[1918 ?] Facing the old Langren Hotel. Branagan Studio and C.D. Kenny Co. to the far right of photograph.
    mas206 "On my way to I-11, 'St. Peter's' Ward, where there are 75 hopeless 'T. B.' cases dying at the rate of 2 or 3 per week.  Places being filled.
    mas207 "Government post for sick soldiers 1918, Oteen, N. C.  Oteen band."
    mas208 View of mountains and some Oteen buildings.
    mas209 Log cabin, two children and a dog. Man in doorway of cabin.
    mas210 Five people posed for camera outside, with large wooden building behind them.
    mas211 Nurse carrying bundle under her left arm, striding toward camera.
    mas212 Five women in front of building.  Two women standing and three seated. [Duplicate]
    mas213 Five people. One nurse and three men standing in shadows with building wall behind. One man squatting at right.
    mas214 "From top of Mt. Mitchell, elevation 6711 ft." Herbert Pelton postcard, Asheville, NC, 1913.
    mas215 "West Point cadet."
    mas216 Theater.  Three men in women's clothing and two men holding them.
    mas217 "Dewey Brown, [the] 'Busy Undertaker.'"
    mas218 Dam spillway. Unknown location with four men standing at dam base.
    mas219 Three women standing outside with hands on railing.
    mas220 Man holding camera and taking picture, facing away from the photographer.
    mas221 Eight people posed for photograph, outside. 
    mas222 "In front of mess hall the day she went to Lynchburg."
    mas223 Eleven people posed for group portrait behind flowers.
    mas224 "Cotton." Man and dog, seated on steps.
    mas225 Nurse with large catalpa leaves and flower, outside in forest. [Duplicate]
    mas226 Woman standing outside in front of raking view of screened porch and open screen door.
    mas227 "Greetings from Pat[?] & Aunt Jessie." Puppy dog on table.
    mas228 Two men with one woman between them. Outside view.
    mas229 "Clara P[...?]." [Clara Pettingall ?] Standing on road with umbrella over her shoulder.
    mas230 Two women and a dog, kneeling on lawn, outside.
    mas231 Interior view of young woman seated in chair with head resting in hand and wearing hat..
    mas232 Seven people standing in roadway with bags.
    mas233 Four people.  Two women and two men, outside posed for camera.
    mas234 Black soldier in uniform standing in front of building.
    mas235 Seven people outside building. One small boy and dog with man in front row.
    mas236 Soldier in bed with tray and woman at head of bed.
    mas237 Eight women posed for photograph in front of building. Some seated, and some standing.
    mas238 "Riddle, Blanco."  Seated outside on dirt curb.
    mas239 Two men wrestling in the hay. 
    mas240 "1. Ruth Fulton, 2. Louise Gibbing, 3. Helen Muse, 4. Ellen Rock, 5. Frances Bach."
    mas241 "Ava Carter." Woman seated on large tree root with hat in her hand.
    mas242 Soldier standing on porch.
    mas243 "John Speckner." Soldier standing with uniform and gun and walking stick.
    mas244 Man standing and holding grey squirrel.
    mas245 Three men in the snow.
    mas246 Nine people standing for group portrait on porch.
    mas247 Man in overcoat, standing in the snow in open field.
    mas248 Six people casually leaning against building at Oteen.
    mas249 Man in dress tuxedo. Standing against wall.
    mas250 Man in suit, standing with arms folded in front of light pole and buildings at Oteen.



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