Hyatt, Jacob

Relationship to the Speculation Lands:
Jacob Hyatt was sent by the Speculation Land Company investors, James Thompson, Goold Hoyt, James B. Murray and Arthur Bronson, in April of 1825, as an agent to survey the "Speculation Lands." He conducted the first full-scale survey of the lands as a whole. His surveys were considered the definitive reference for determining plat boundaries for all of the Speculation Lands.  Much that is known about the Speculation Lands and the people living in this area at that time has been learned from his journal and from letters to his wife and employer, Arthur Bronson.
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0473 - Extract of Letters sent by the owners of the "Speculation Land Company" - signed by James Thompson, Goold Hoyt, James B. Murray, and Arthur Bronson. This includes a Letter of Instruction to Jacob Hyatt dated March 10, 1825 to instruct him as agent upon his arrival in western North Carolina.

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