Col. James Boyles Murray (1789 - February 14, 1866)

Relationship to the Speculation Lands:
Peter Stephen DuPonceau, as an appointed trustee for the estate of Tench Coxe, assigned the Augustus Sacket mortgage, known as the 'Speculation Lands,' to a group of investors. Included among the investors were James B. Murray, a colonel and mercantilist from a prominent New York family, Isaac Bronson, Gould Hoyt, and  James Thompson. The investors remained in New York, and sent Jacob Hyatt and Joshua Forman to western North Carolina in 1825 and 1829 to manage and oversee the lands. 
James B. Murray was born in 1789.  He began his education at Columbia University, but left school in 1804 after he became seriously ill. Murray entered the military as a private in an artillery regiment 1808 to serve in place of an uncle who had been drafted.  Then, he entered the family business in 1810. Murray's artillery regiment volunteered to fight in the war of 1812. James Murray married Maria Bronson, daughter of Isaac Bronson, in 1814.
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0125 - Indenture and Conveyance for Patent 1041, Rutherford County, dated December 1829. Between Throderick Birchett, Clerk Master of Rutherford County and Arthur Bronson, Goold Hoyt and James B. Murray.

0126 - Revocation of powers assigned to James Stevens by Goold Hoyt, James B. Murray, and Arthur Bronson, dated August 1, 1829. Stevens was an agent for the Speculation Land Company.

0127 - Act of Confirmation of James B. Murray. "Instrument in Writing" executed by his Attorney and agent, Hamilton Murray, dated March 15, 1827.  Document was required for matters related to Item 0125, including a Deed for land in Buncombe, Rutherford, and Mecklenburg Counties. 

0192 - True and Perfect Copy of the Proceedings of the Superior Courts in Rutherford and Lincoln Counties, signed by John Michael, Clerk of the Court, dated April 12, 1841. The case began in April 1828 in Rutherford County and was transferred to Lincoln County in 1832 as in the judge's opinion a fair and impartial trial could not be held in Rutherford County due to the number of interested parties. The case was not concluded until 1835, in part due to the number of continuances. The case began as a Breach of Contract against Richard Roe brought by John Doe over use of land for a contract period of ten years, beginning January 1, 1828. The land in question was located on the waters of the Broad River and Buffalo Creek, 1. John Doe was physically removed from his farm and the land and sued for $1,200 for "mental anguish". 2. It evolved into a case of who actually owned the land - Richard Roe or Bronson et al. 3. Affidavits filed by Arthur Bronson, Joshua Forman, Agent, and Samuel L. Gidney stated that Bronson, Hoyt, et al owned the land. 4. Two surveys of the land are included in the Court records. 5. A jury trial was held with twelve jurors seated. 6. The jury awarded $6.00 to the defendant and ordered Peter Stephen Du Ponceau (One of two trustees of Tench Coxe's land holdings) to pay court costs of $83.50. (It is unclear if Du Ponceau or his agent was in fact Richard Roe.) Also see Item 77/294 in this Section. 

0473 - Extract of Letters sent by the owners of the "Speculation Land Company" - signed by James Thompson, Goold Hoyt, James B. Murray, and Arthur Bronson. 

0579 - Law Suit and letter: 1. Suit in Ejectment by Hoyt, Bronson, and Murray on Patent 1040, or vacating of Patents. References various individuals, dated 1828. 2. Letter from James Stevens to the Bronsons asking permission to communicate with Isaac Bronson concerning the state of their business affairs here, undated. 

0776 - Chronology of events of Patents 1050 and 1045: 1. August 12, 1819, Augustus Sacket conveyed a Deed of Mortgage to the Trustees of Tench Coxe. 2. August 17, 1819, the Trustees conveyed lands to Augustus Sacket. 3. March 15, 1822, Abraham Kintzing released his Trusteeship to Peter S. Du Ponceau. 4. February 12, 1825, Peter S. Du Ponceau assigned the Mortgage of Augustus Sacket to Thompson, Hoyt, Bronson et al. 5. 1826, Thompson et al file suit against Augustus Sacket. 6. October 20, 1826, Report and sales are given to James Stevens. 7. May 1827, ___ assigns to James Stevens. 8. May 6, 1827, Stevens assigns his rights to Hoyt, Murray, and Arthur Bronson. 9. March 24, 1828, James Murray assigns his rights to Isaac Bronson. 10. March 6, 1830, Arthur Bronson assigns his rights to Isaac Bronson and Gould Hoyt. 

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