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Grants 1050 & 1045
Abraham Kintzig  P.S. Duponceau & Tench Coxe to Augustus Sacket
19th of August 1819
Sacket deed of Mortgage to Abraham Kintzig & P.S. Duponceau
12 August 1819
Abraham Kintzig releases to P.S. Duponcau
15th March 1822
P.S. Duponceau assigns to James Thompson Gould Hoyt  James B. Murray
12th February 1825 Refers to tracts in Sacket's deed to Kintzig & Duponceau
James Thompson & others Bill & decree against Sacket. April T
April Term 1826
Masters report & sales to James Stevens Ceto[?] 20th 1826
Theo. Serect F. Burchet to James Stevens 1st of May 1827
James Stevens to Goold Hoyt James B. Murray & Arthur Bronson dated 1st May 1827
James B. Murray to Isaac Bronson 24th March 1828
Arthur Bronson to Isaac Bronson & Gould Hoyt 6th March 1830
Isaac Bronson & Gould to petitioners