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Joshua Forman of the county of Rutherford State of North Carolina being duly sworn, doth declare, that he acted as the agent [or?] trustee, of Bronson, Hoyt & others in the purchase of certain tracts of land sold (under a decree of the Equity court for the county of Rutherford) for the payment of principal and interest due in a mortgage given by Augustus Sackett on land in the State of North Carolina, which mortgage had been duly assigned to Bronson Hoyt & others; and that on the complaint of said Bronson Hoyt & others, a decree was obtained from the court of Equity for the county of Rutherford, for the sale of the .ands covered by the mortgage; that at such sale to wit in the month of July 1831, this deponent did bid off three several portions of said land and gave to the clerk & master Thomas [Deives?] Esqr three several notes or memorandums or payments for the same, [via?] one note for One thousand ten Dollars, one note for Two thousand seven Hundred thirty six Dollars, and one for One Hundred & one Dollars each dated July 1831 payable 12 months after date.  This Deponent further declares, that in the year 1832, Bronson Hoyt & others, the complainants in the said against Sackett and for whose benefit the sale was made, and to whom the amount of the said notes was to be paid ever by the clerk & master, did forward to this deponent, their several release, duly executed, acknowledging the receipt of their several proportions of the sum one from this deponent (being the amount of the three several notes above mentioned) as will more fully appear by a declaration set forth in the deed given by said clerk & master to this deponent for the land or purchased by him, dated 1st Sep 1831, recorded in the Registers office for the county of Rutherford; This deponent further declares that he has only executed to the several parties deeds for their Several proportions of land purchased by him for their benefit, (which are also only recorded) thus liquidating