Southern Highlands Research Center Oral History Collection


Daintry Allison

J. Wilson Ayers

Jesse James Bailey

Ronald Lloyd Baker  

Armitage Farrington Barber, Sr..

Reba Barnard

John Baxter

Rev. James H. Black

Harry Chepriss

Mary Chiltoskey

Frank Coxe

Rev. Lonnie Crawford

Hugh Creasman

Hardy Davidson

Dr L. Davis 

Robert G. Fortune, Jr.

Henry Irven Gaines

Dorothy Gaston

Lucy Herring

Dr. John Holt

Dorothy Snell Howald



The Southern Highlands Research Center Oral History Collection (SHRC) is made up of two distinct sub-collections:


Dr. Louis D. Silveri Oral History Collection


Dr. Bruce Greenawalt Oral History Collection

Both of these historians focused on interviews collected in and around Asheville and Western North Carolina during the fifteen years from 1977 to 1992. As a visiting scholar, Dr. Silveri collected over 180 hours of audio from architects, doctors, farmers, manufacturers, administrators, business owners, educators, and pivotal personalities. Dr. Greenawalt, former UNCA History Department Chair,  talked with business leaders and tradesmen who documented the growth and changes in the Asheville-area.

The mission of the Southern Highlands Research Center was to preserve, collect and arrange primary materials illustrative of the Southern Highlands.
The Southern Highlands Research Center, which operated under the UNCA History Department, was the predecessor of Ramsey Library Special Collections.  This collection presents 49 Oral Histories that may offer written transcripts,  photographs and background information. 

                                             Dr. Thomas Howald

                                            Benjamin R. Hunter

                                            Tommy Jarr

                                             Richard Jarrett

                                             John Jervis

                                            Gwynn Jones

                                            Mary Jones

                                            William S., Justice,  M.D.

                                            Marie Halbert King        

                                            Anthony Lord



George B.Lynch, M.D.

Ernest and Magnolia T. McKissick

W.K McLean

Artus Monroe Moser

Frank Mulvaney

Dr. Russell Lee Norburn

William Nothstein

Landon "Buck" Ray

Roy Rice

Colonel Paul Rockwell

Virginia Bryan Schreiber

Fred Seeley,  Jr.

Dr. Mary Frances (Polly) Shuford

George Myers Stephens

Charles G. "Buzz"Tennent

David "Fox" Watson

Fred Wolfe

Charlotte Young

Juanita Young & Family



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