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The Special Collections oral histories contain a wealth of local history and cultural information on Asheville and the Western North Carolina region. Beginning with two major oral history collections, the Southern Highlands Research Center Oral History collection and the Voices of Asheville Project,  These first two collections cover a broad range of topics on the general history of Asheville and the surrounding area from the early twentieth century up until the brink of the twenty-first century. Recurrent themes involve: city and county development issues, segregation and integration of Asheville schools, private education in the region, the diversity of religions throughout the area, changes in farming and subsistence strategies, and the histories of various families and organizations that impacted western North Carolina. 

Special Collections is now the repository of over 500 Oral Histories, comprised of at least ten different oral history projects, each ranging from four or five interviews to over two hundred interviews. The Oral History Collections continue to grow, offering a continuing picture of Western North Carolina.

Arts 310, Arts and Ideas (A310)
University of North Carolina at Asheville

The interdisciplinary Arts program is not an art appreciation course or an introduction to the particular arts, but stresses the human significance of art, its social role, its foundation in aesthetics, and its importance as a way of interpreting reality. Community Arts Project. Students will learn several techniques for recording and preserving community stories and study examples of successful community-arts projects across the world. 
-Mountain Voices  This project was conducted in 2007 to review and present the government of Asheville, North Carolina in conjunction with the Mountain Voices Alliance.  Mountain Voices Alliance was formed by a concerned group of volunteers whose communities were going o be impacted  by developments considered to be threatening to the environment  and quality of life..
-Vance Peace Garden  In 2008, UNCA students visited Vance Peace Gardens in Asheville to talk with participants working with the community garden project.

Asheville Living Treasures  (ALT)


The mission of Asheville Living Treasures is to honor the elders of Asheville and Buncombe County, age 70 and above, who have devoted their lives to making our communities a better place to live, by publicly honoring them and their achievements and recording their stories for future generations. 



Asheville Urban Renewal (AUR)


Oral Histories add a unique dimension to the substantial Asheville Urban Renewal collection that documents the work of the Housing Authority of the City of Asheville.  The records in this collection pertain primarily to several significant redevelopment projects undertaken by Asheville from the early 1960s to the mid-1980s.  Also represented to a lesser extent are smaller development and redevelopment projects, as well as several housing projects and bridge projects.
-The Karen Vaneman Collection
is made up of numerous Oral Histories with the focus on African-Americans living in Asheville
during the time of the Asheville Urban Renewal project. 



Center for Diversity Education  (CDE)

The Center for Diversity Education, UNCA, offers complete teaching units for various aspects of teaching tolerance. It is the mission of CDE to prepare all students with the necessary skills to maintain a pluralistic democracy in an increasingly complex and diverse nation and world through the daily content of the classroom.  In 2005, the Center for Diversity Education created an exhibit based on interviews and research conducted by UNC Asheville students about the desegregation of our area.  The exhibit travels around local schools and can be found:   With All Deliberate Speed: Desegregation in Buncombe County
An Oral History Collection is based on the interviews that were part of the exhibit:

With All Deliberate Speed: Desegregation in Buncombe County Oral History Collection

The Dan Pierce NASCAR Collection

Dan Pierce, PhD, History Department Chair and Professor, University of North Carolina at Asheville, interviewed NASCAR personalities to research an upcoming book on the history of NASCAR, tentatively entitled:  "White Liquor and Red Clay: NASCAR in the Era of Big Bill France".  Six Oral Histories were conducted from 1998-2005.



Greek & Russian Orthodoxy  in Western North Carolina (GRO)

In the spring of 2008, University of North Carolina at Asheville history students helped to organize an Icon exhibit, showcasing Asheville's Greek and Russian Orthodox communities.  In conjunction with that exhibit, students of the Public History 373 class interviewed members of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church and Saint Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church. The resulting website from the exhibit can be found:

Jewish Life

Asheville and Western North Carolina has a strong and thriving Jewish heritage. With a visit to Riverside Cemetery, another historic cemetery in Buncombe County, though better documented than the South Asheville Colored Cemetery, one can instantly gain a sense of the long lineage of Jewish families in the Asheville area. Until recently, little research was completed regarding these families. Through the exhausting efforts of three organizations, The Center for Diversity Education, History @ Hand, and the Center for Jewish Studies at UNCA, not to mention the steadfast contributions of local residents, Special Collections now contains a rich body of material which incorporates Jewish heritage into the larger schema  of Western North Carolina history.

1) Jewish Heritage in Western North Carolina  (JHWNC)  Sharon Fahrer and Jan Schochet, History @ Hand, contributed to the Jewish Heritage in Western North Carolina  Oral History collection, which is an amalgamation of interviews by David Schulman and those gathered by History @ Hand, an Asheville history organization. Interviews engage in discussion about general regional history and Asheville's Jewish cultural history. Also included is a set of interviews on remembering Sidney Schochet gathered by Jan Schochet, his daughter. At this time, the Jewish Heritage in Western North Carolina oral histories in this collection are partially available. Certain interviews may be accessed on site in Special Collections.  Please inquire regarding availability.

2) Jewish Businesses in Western North Carolina (JBWNC) is a collection of interviews compiled by Sharon Fahrer and Jan Schochet of History @ Hand which discusses Jewish owned businesses in downtown Asheville from 1880 to 1990. The collection provides vital information about downtown Asheville during both its formative and revitalization periods and can be used in conjunction with the recent digitization project "Asheville's Built Environment" and with the more recent Julian Price Papers to gain a deeper chronological and cultural understanding of downtown and its relation to the greater Buncombe County area.

3) Choosing to Remember: From the Shoah to the Mountains (SHOAH) This collection was created  through the efforts of the Center for Diversity Education and is focused on the Holocaust and its impact on Jewish families. Special Collections holds the collection of summaries of the oral histories taken from local survivors of the Holocaust. The collection, was originally used by the Center for a traveling exhibit that was displayed in local public middle and high schools. Through the work of Special Collections intern Don Chalfant, the collection is now available online in its entirety and still available as a physical exhibit through the Center for Diversity Education.

4) "The Man Who Lived on Main St.": Schulman's Store, Sylva, N.C. (main_st) is a collection of interviews compiled by Sharon Fahrer and Jan Schochet of History @ Hand for their book "The Man Who Lived on Main Street", a history of Sol Schulman's store in Sylva. The collection is stilll to be fully processed.

Ramsey Library Special Collections  (RLSC)

Ramsey Library Special Collections  (RLSC) has begun to gather oral histories on a variety of topics including local medical history, local arts and crafts, and other topics of interest to the community. These interviews are completed in the spirit of the Dorothy Joynes, Dr. Bruce Greenawalt, and Dr. Louis Silveri, whose diligent work showed the value in examining and documenting not only historic events but how people internalize, act upon, and contribute to events.

The Sandy Mush Chronicles (SMC)

For those interested in regional studies, the Sandy Mush Chronicles (SMC) is a collection of seventeen interviews from residents of Sandy Mush, a small rural community located in Leicester, North Carolina. Sandy Mush was made famous when local residents protested the reallocation of the area as a nuclear waste dump. Interviews discuss the changing methods of farming, the homeplace, and molasses making. A highlight of the collection occurs with James Hannah's description of the community quilt, which documents the history of the region. The collection provides a potent seed for future ethnographic work in Southern Appalachian rural communities, tobacco barns and cultural landscape, environmental racism, folklore, and rural Appalachian religion, to name a few.

South Asheville Colored Cemetery (1840-1943) (SACC)

What began as a slave cemetery with rocks as markers over time became the place where African American families in Asheville buried their deceased friends and relatives. A large amount of the graves are unidentified, although the interviews shed light on some of the graves and on the use of the cemetery in general. Unfortunately, this collection is restricted and is only available for use in the Special Collections reading room.

Southern Highlands Research Center Oral History Collections (SHRC)

The Southern Highlands Research Center Oral History Collection (SHRC), contains two oral history sub-collections. One taken by Dr. Louis D. Silveri and the other by Dr. Bruce Greenawalt. The Southern Highlands Research Center, which operated under the UNCA History Department, was the predecessor of Ramsey Library Special Collections. These two historians were important to the development of the collections now held by the D.H. Ramsey Library Special Collections.  Both Silveri and Greenawalt gathered oral histories and  focused their attention on interviews collected in and around Asheville and Western North Carolina during the fifteen years from 1977 to 1992. As a visiting scholar, Dr. Silveri collected over 180 hours of audio from architects, doctors, farmers, manufacturers, administrators, business owners, educators, and pivotal personalities. Because Dr. Silveri focused most of his energy on the collection of oral histories, his work has been given the designation of the Louis D. Silveri Oral History Collection.  The Southern Highlands Research Center staff transcribed many of the tapes from his collection and most of these transcripts are now available in digital format. The paper transcripts may also be viewed or copied, if permissions allow, here in the Special Collections reading room area. Following the death of Dr. Silveri in 2005, his wife donated a significant portion of her husband's personal library to the D.H. Ramsey Library here at UNCA. Her contributions provide further study for researchers examining the Southern Highlands Research Center interviews and Appalachian History.  The work of Dr. Silveri has greatly enriched our historical knowledge of the region.

Unitarian Universalist Church of Asheville  (UUCA)

On October 14, 1992 the History Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Asheville made it their mission to record the life of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Asheville to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of the churches heritage for present and future generations.  The UUCA oral history collection consists of 59 interviews which were collected from 1992-2004, some of which overlap with those found in the Voices of Asheville Project oral history collection.


University of North Carolina at Asheville Retirees Oral History Collection (UNCA-R)

The University of North Carolina of Asheville Retirees Oral History Collection began in 2009, under the guidance of Deirdre Wiggins, Director of University Retirement Services and Dr. Sam Schuman, former UNCA Chancellor..  These Oral Histories provide remembrances of Faculty and Staff that reflect the history of the University.


Voices of Asheville Project (VOA)

The Voices of Asheville Project (VOA), was collected by Dorothy Joynes from 1992-1998. As a recent transplant to the area, Mrs. Joynes set out to gain information regarding the history and complexity of the region and its people. Initiated and completed at her own expense, the Joynes collection of over 250 tapes contains cultural and historical material, as well as attitudinal studies that cross class, race, and generations. Thirteen percent of the interviews were conducted with African Americans in the Asheville community (there are also interviews with African American residents in the SHRC and SACC collections). The interviews have been summarized but are not transcribed. The available abstracts are listed in the INDEX below. 

Like the Southern Highlands Research Center interviews, the Voices of Asheville Project contributes to the knowledge of Asheville and the surrounding area especially during the formative years from approximately the First World War to the revitalization of downtown Asheville. The interviews give background history of the Golden Age of the Vanderbilts, the tuberculosis sanitarium era, the Grove Park Inn, Battery Park Hotel, and Grove Arcade. Just as importantly, the project also discusses the varieties of methods residents used to cover the fundamentals of everyday existence in an American town. It addresses education, subsistence, local economic demands, the founding of various religious institutions, and important community issues and how they changed throughout the decades. With discussion of the Great  Depression, World War II, the Korean and Vietnam Wars, and many other significant periods of national history, interviews reflect the state of the local cultures in relation to the national culture. 

Dorothy Joynes was a member of one of Asheville's oldest clubs, the History Club of Asheville.  From 1995-1996, this group met and "recreated" the clubs study of Asheville's history.  It was from this association, that many of Dorothy  Joynes interviews came to be recorded and made part of the Voices of Asheville Oral History Collection.

Several Oral History Collections offer interviews with African-Americans in the Asheville area.  These Oral Histories have been compiled and are accessible: African-American Oral History Index.

Oral Histories that offer remembrances of the Asheville Urban Renewal Project are accessible through the following link.

World War II: Mountain Memories (WWII)

In November of  2006, the Center for Diversity Education donated a collection of oral histories which recounts the experiences of local soldiers who fought in World War II. Entitled World War II: Mountain Memories, it consists of 112 interviews and roughly two hundred photographs. A few of the names in this collection overlap with those found in the Jewish Heritage of Western North Carolina oral histories. African American veterans are noted, as well.


YWCA of Asheville 100 Years Oral History Project (YWCA)

In preparation for the YWCA of Asheville's 100 year celebration, YWCA volunteers, UNC Asheville faculty, and history students interviewed longstanding members of the YWCA community and the YWCA Boosters Club: Sarah Glasgow, Pat Laurson, Earlene McQueen, and Mary Parker. These interviews serve the same functions as interviews in the Voices of Asheville Collection and in fact compliment existing interviews with other YWCA members Thelma Caldwell, Margaret Fuller, and Florence Ryan. Through the experiences of these women, the researcher will obtain information not only on the history of the YWCA but on the greater Asheville community over the last century. The collection promises to be a valuable resource for women's local history and social history. Although it began with interviews from four women, the collection is expected to grow as more interviews are compiled.

Ongoing Efforts

The Ramsey Library oral history repository continues to grow as local residents gain an interest in either gathering oral histories or contributing their stories to the ongoing narrative of the region. As we try to make these collections available online, the process of  transcribing many of the tapes has only just begun. Meanwhile, we are also working with mp3s to add an audio component to the finding aids. Special Collections has a number of volunteers that work with the archive throughout the year. As we continue to process these oral history collections, additional information will be added to this site and its accompanying finding aids.



                  UNCA Guidelines for Conducting Oral Histories

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Introduction to Oral History Baylor University - Institute for Oral History



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Aiken, Juanita   1996-04-30 VOA TRANSCRIPT
Allison, Daintry   1975-07-24





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Andrews, Ernest A. (Andy)   2003-06-02 WWII SUMMARY
Apostolopoulos, Linda   2008-04-16 GRO ABSTRACT
Asch, Murray   2000-04-16


UUCA Restricted


Ashe, Walter F.

Ashe, Walter F. 






In processing

Atkinson, Luke   1993-04-14 VOA ABSTRACT
Ayers, J. Wilson   1975-07-10 SHRC TRANSCRIPT
Bailey, Jesse James


Baker, Henry   2004-07-07 WWII SUMMARY
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Brewer, Doris







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Colijn, Hendrik







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Dave, Hyman

Dave, Hyman

Dave Hyman







Video only

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Davidson, Hardy   1972-06-03 SHRC TRANSCRIPT
Davidson, Zani 2009-04-24 AUR TRANSCRIPT
Davis, Hattie Caldwell SMC Restricted
Davis, L, Dr. [includes presentations on Black Heritage in WNC for the YMI by Dr. Davis, Victoria Carey, and Oralene Simmons]     SHRC Restricted
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Audio is restricted
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Dunton, Joan Davis   2003-09-22 WWII SUMMARY


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Eddins, Darcel   2008-04-08 Arts  310 TRANSCRIPT
Edmonds family   1994-10-23 VOA ABSTRACT
Edwinn, Frank   2003-05-07 WWII ABSTRACT
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Finkelstein, Leo

Finkelstein, Leo





No Abstract or transcript


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Griffin, Richard   n.d. WWII none
Griffin, Richard H.   n.d. WW II In memory
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Gross, David   No interview JBWNC none
Gudger, Albert   2003-10-10 WWII none
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Harshaw, Lou

Harshaw, Lou





Audio tape
Harvey, Janet   2001-09-25 UUAC TRANSCRIPT
Haynes, Harvey   1993-12-14 VOA ABSTRACT
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Henderson, Fred   2008-08-27 RLSC TRANSCRIPT
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Herring, Lucy   1977--07-26
   ( tape 1) 
   ( tape 2)
   ( tape 3)



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Hoyle, Jack Vernon   2003-04-04 WWII TRANSCRIPT
Hoyle, James W. (Red) Sr.   1992-11-10 VOA ABSTRACT
Huff, Jesse   2005-01-10 VOA ABSTRACT
Huff, Olson. M.D.   2005-01-10 RLSC In processing
Huff, Wade   1994-06-01 VOA ABSTRACT
Hunter, Benjamin R.   1977 -07-08 SHRC TRANSCRIPT
Huntsman, Wanda   2010-09-03 RLSC In processing
Hussey, William and Dorothy   1995-07-04 VOA ABSTRACT
Hyde, Mary   1994-02-02 VOA ABSTRACT
Iddings, Nanine (see Ryan, Florence)   1989-04-09 VOA ABSTRACT
Iliou, Demetrios   2008-02-29 GRO ABSTRACT
Ingle, Lucius "Craggy" and Esta   1994-02-05 VOA ABSTRACT
Iovacchini, Dr. Eric   2009-09-17 UNCA-R In processing


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Jackson, Dorothy   1994-01-24 VOA ABSTRACT
Jackson, Elizabeth (see Maxwell, Marjorie)   1994-03-24 VOA ABSTRACT
Jackson, Mary Elizabeth   1993-05-26 VOA Abstract not for
James, Dr. Deborah (Dee)   2010-10-01 UNCA-R In processing
Jarrel, Tommy [includes music recording with Chester MacMillian and Steve Roberts]   1976-03-25 SHRC Restricted
Jarrett, Forrest   2006-12


In processing
Jarrett, Ned   1998-09-19 NASCAR TRANSCRIPT
Jarrett, Richard   1976--6-18 SHRC TRANSCRIPT
Jervis, John   1976-06-28 SHRC TRANSCRIPT
Jewitt, Richard Lee    2003-03-26 WWII TRANSCRIPT
Johnson, John   1994-12-19 VOA ABSTRACT
Johnson, Junior   2005-10-18 NASCAR TRANSCRIPT
Johnson, P. Greer   1993-04-06 VOA ABSTRACT
Johnson, William  


Johnson, William   2008-02-28 AUR TRANSCRIPT
Jones, Candler 1998-08-05 SMC TRANSCRIPT
Jones, Gwynn   1976-06-22 SHRC TRANSCRIPT
Jones, Mary (see Gwynn Jones)   1976-06-17 SHRC TRANSCRIPT
Jones, Minnie and Mary Williams   1994-08-02 VOA TRANSCRIPT
Jones, Ruby R.   2010-03--05 AUR TRANSCRIPT
Joyner, Joseph   2002-09-18
RLSC In processing
Joynes, Dorothy   1995-02-07  1995-02-14 VOA ABSTRACT
Justice, William S., M.D.   1979-06-11 SHRC TRANSCRIPT
Karpen, Morris and Leah   1995-03-09 VOA ABSTRACT
Katen, Joe   2003-O4-16 WWII TRANSCRIPT
Katsigianis, Maria   2008-04-41 GRO ABSTRACT
Katz, Robert   n.d. JHWNC Restricted
Keith, Anna   2008-02-27 GRO TRANSCRIPT
Keith, Father Onouphrey   2008-05-21 GRO ABSTRACT
Keleher, Barbara   1992-06-10 VOA ABSTRACT
Keleher, Dr. Michael   1992-10-13 VOA ABSTRACT
Kell, Miriam   2005-04-04 JBWNC TRANSCRIPT
King, Beulah   2003-04-21 WWII ABSTRACT
King, Marie Halbert   1972 -05 SHRC TRANSCRIPT
Kirkpatrick, Craig   2003-10-23 WWII SPEECH, BOOK
Kisiah, Ray   1993-02-16 VOA ABSTRACT
Kolodkin, Anne   1994-03-22 JHWNC TRANSCRIPT
Kouns, Grace   1994-08-23 VOA ABSTRACT
Koutris, Margaret   2008-04-17 GRO LOG
Kowal, Ginger
To Keep and Preserve: The Farmland Preservation Efforts of the Bethel Rural Community Organization
2007 -06/1-6
Kreamer, Walter H.   2003-04-29 WWII ABSTRACT
Lawrence, Betty Tenn   1992-11-12 VOA ABSTRACT
Lamb, Martha "June"   2003-03-07 WWII TRANSCRIPT
Lamprinakos, George    2003-08-08 WWII ABSTRACT
Lamy, Lucille    2003-08-01 WWII TRANSCRIPT
Laurson, Pat   2007-04-11 YWCA TRANSCRIPT
Ledbetter, Jesse   2003-04-17 WWII TRANSCRIPT
Lee, Harmon M.   1994-08-05 VOA ABSTRACT
Leigon, Marion McCord    2003-04-22 WWII ABSTRACT
Leppert, Frank (see May, Glenn)

Leppert, Nancy (see May, Glen)

Lerner, Ginger Grand   2005-08-16 JBWNC TRANSCRIPT
Leslie, G. L. (Grover Lee)   2003-04-14 WWII TRANSCRIPT
Lewis, Ralph   n.d. WWII Video
Lichtenfels, Joseph   1994-04-25 JHWNC TRANSCRIPT
Lingerfelt, Joseph   1994-01-08 VOA ABSTRACT
Littlejohn, Frederick Jose   2003-06-10 WWII TRANSCRIPT
Lloyd, Berniece Adams   2003-04-04 WWII TRANSCRIPT
Locke, Dr. Don   2009-11-06 UNCA-R In processing
Lockwood, Marjorie   1993-01-22 VOA ABSTRACT
Longcoy, Clifford R.   2003-03-17 WWII ABSTRACT
Lord, Anthony

Lord, Anthony







Lowenburg, Ruth   1994-04-19 JHWNC TRANSCRIPT
Lunsford, Cheryl   1993-03-09 VOA ABSTRACT
Lunsford daughters   1996-07-01 VOA ABSTRACT
Lurey, Milton   2003-08-06 JBWNC ABSTRACT
Lynch, George B., M.D.   1977-07-19 SHRC TRANSCRIPT
MacPherson, Robert and Ann   1993-02-15 VOA ABSTRACT
Mamlin, Harry and Mary Lee   2005-07-25 JBWNC TRANSCRIPT
Mapp, Saint Ola   1989-08-14 SACC Restricted
Marder, Estelle   1994-03-30 JHWNC TRANSCRIPT
Marlowe, Nancy   1994-02-09 VOA ABSTRACT
Marshall, Martha   2009-10-15 UNCA-R In processing
Martin, Elsie Marlowe   2001-12-05 RLSC In processing
Martin, Harry Corpening   2003-05-10 WWII TRANSCRIPT
Mason, Dee   1995-09-14 VOA ABSTRACT
Masters, Margaret "Maggie"   1992-11-14 VOA ABSTRACT
Mathews, Richard and Jane   1993-12-05 VOA ABSTRACT
Maxwell, Marjorie   1994-03-24 VOA ABSTRACT
May, Glenn   1995-03-04 VOA ABSTRACT
McAdams, Charlie (see Lingerfelt, Joseph)   1994-01-08 VOA ABSTRACT
McAdams, Charles   2003-05-29 WWII Video
McCabe, Eileen   1993-01-13 VOA ABSTRACT
McDowell, Frances Arthur   1992-08-11 VOA ABSTRACT
McDowell, Glenda I.   1993-01-13 VOA ABSTRACT
McGuire, Roger   1994-07-13 VOA TRANSCRIPT
McKissick, Ernest and Magnolia T   1977-08-02 SHRC TRANSCRIPT
McLean, W.K.   1977-06-18 SHRC TRANSCRIPT
McLewin, Harold Raymond   2003-04-28 WWII TRANSCRIPT
McMillan, Gerald Baldry   1992-08-12 VOA ABSTRACT
McQueen, Erline   1995-03-16 VOA ABSTRACT
McQueen, Erline   2007-07-02 YWCA TRANSCRIPT
Merrell, Phillip   1993-04-22 VOA ABSTRACT
Metcalf, William Wayne   n.d. WWII Images
Meyer, Thomas   2011-1-27 RLSC CD
Meyers, Hank   2003-05-14 WWII In processing
Michalove, Kenneth   1994-07-18 VOA TRANSCRIPT
Middleton, David   2003-04-23 WWII TRANSCRIPT
Middleton, Herman   2008-04-16 GRO TRANSCRIPT
Middleton, Sallie Ellington   1995-03-13 VOA ABSTRACT
Middleton, Talmage Walt   March 27, 2003 WWII ABSTRACT
Millspaugh, Dan   2010-1 UNCA-R In processing
Minicozzi, Joe   2007-12-10 ARTS 310 TRANSCRIPT
Mitchell, Frederick W.   2003-04-28 WWII ABSTRACT
Montgomery, Wayne, M.D.   2004-12-21 RLSC In processing
Moody, Frank    2003-04-29 WWII ABSTRACT
Moore, Bertha   2003-04-29 WWII TRANSCRIPT
Moore, William   1993-02-20 VOA TRANSCRIPT
Morgan, Col. Robert and Linda   1995-03-06 VOA ABSTRACT
Morgan, Robert   2003-04-21 WWII Restricted
Morris, Ralph, Jr.   1994-10-03 VOA ABSTRACT
Morrissey, Thomas   1994-04-20 VOA ABSTRACT
Moser, Artus Monroe   1972-04-27 SHRC TRANSCRIPT
Mulvaney, Frank   1976-06-15

1986 - 10



Murphy, William    2003-04-04 WWII ABSTRACT
Neilson, Alan and Lucille   2003-04-21 WWII ABSTRACT
Nothstein, William   1976-07-01 SHRC TRANSCRIPT
Norburn, Dr. Russell Lee   1975-06-25 SHRC TRANSCRIPT


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Norfleet, Jasper   2003-04-30 WWII Video
O'Hara, Bridget   2008-04-15 ARTS 310 TRANSCRIPT
Oliphant, Brigette   1995-02-25 VOA ABSTRACT
Overby, Edith   1994-04-25 VOA ABSTRACT
Ownbey, Harley Elmer


  1994-04-01, 05 VOA ABSTRACT
  2004-07-04 WWII TRANSCRIPT
Packard, Trudy Schwarzberg   2005-07-24 JBWNC TRANSCRIPT
Pappas, Angelo and Mary   2008-03-06 GRO ABSTRACT
Parham, Richard and Anne   1993-04-23 VOA TRANSCRIPT
Parker, James   1995-08-16 VOA ABSTRACT
Parker, Mary


Parker, Mary

Parker, Mary



Parker, Mary


  1993-02-18 VOA Abstract
  2007-06-21 YWCA TRANSCRIPT
  2009-06-15 RLSC In processing
  2011-04-27 ALT In processing
Parks, Joseph Eugene    2003-04-03 WWII ABSTRACT
Partin, Kenneth   1994-02-07 VOA ABSTRACT
Patton, Marilyn Blomberg   2004-02-23 JBWNC TRANSCRIPT
Pearson, Mary Jane Scarborough   1998-07-26 RLSC TRANSCRIPT
Penland, Hilliard   2001-11-11 RLSC In processing
Perry, Chris (see May, Glenn)   1995-03-04 VOA ABSTRACT
Peterson, Jackie   2009-10-21 UNCA-R In processing
Petterson, Ed   1994-03-22 JHWNC TRANSCRIPT
Petty, Richard   1998-09-23 NASCAR TRANSCRIPT
Pirkle, Gordon   2005-11-18 NASCAR TRANSCRIPT
Pistor, Dean   2007-10-28 ARTS310 ABSTRACT
Pless, Paul Jr. "Dusty"   1995-02-24 VOA ABSTRACT
Polite, Lettie   1994-09-08 VOA ABSTRACT
Ponder, Dr. Anne   2010-04-06 UNCA-R In processing
Ponder, Hershell    2003-07-22 WWII ABSTRACT
Poor, Margaret S.   1993-01-08 VOA ABSTRACT
Post, Margery   1994-08-30 VOA ABSTRACT
Pott, Bill   2010-11-19 UNCA-R In processing
Potts, Mother Margaret   1992-06-28 VOA ABSTRACT
Powell, Jack, Dr.   2001-04-24 RLSC In processing
Pozner, Helen   1994-03-10 JHWNC TRANSCRIPT
Price, J. Patrick and Norma   1994-03-01 VOA ABSTRACT


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Rainbow Mountain Children's School [interviews with students and teachers]   1994-09-13 VOA ABSTRACT
Rainey, Dr. Gene   2009-10-19 UNCA-R In processing
Rantzos. Kostus (Gus) and Emily   1995-01-13 VOA ABSTRACT
Rathbun, Lewis   2003-04-08 WWII ABSTRACT
Rawls, Eleanor P and Charles T.   1992-10-28 VOA ABSTRACT
Ray, Jesse Sr.   1993-12-09 VOA ABSTRACT 
Ray, Julia   2003-08-05 WWII ABSTRACT
Ray, Landon "Buck"   1977 SHRC Conversation
Ray, Lucille Flack   2011-05-11 ALT In processing
Ready, Milton   1993-12-30 VOA ABSTRACT
Reed, Helen Tarasov   1992-11-27




Reed, Paul 2003-04-29 WWII ABSTRACT
Reese,Gladys 2001-10-27 UUCA TRANSCRIPT
Reeves, Burder and Betty 1998-08-02 SMC TRANSCRIPT
Reeves, Don 1998-08-07 SMC TRANSCRIPT
Reynolds, John Mackey   1993-03-30 VOA ABSTRACT
Reynolds, Thomas and Lillian   1993-02-09 VOA ABSTRACT
Rhodes, Jamie Caroline   2008-04-08 ARTS 310 TRANSCRIPT
Rice-Cornell-Brown Property   1998 RLSC INDEX
Rice, J. T., Sr.    2003-08-15 WWII ABSTRACT
Rice, Roy   1975-08-12 SHRC TRANSCRIPT
Roberts, Bob M.   2003-04-23 WWII ABSTRACT
Roberts, George   2005-06-155 JBWNC TRANSCRIPT
Roberts, Landon   2003-03-21 WWII TRANSCRIPT
Robinson, Michael (Rabbi)   2003-07-17 WWII Abstract
Robinson, Rabbi Michael   2003-07-17 JBWNC Abstract
Rocamora, Leon  (see Zageir and Fligel)   2004-08-04 JBWNC TRANSCRIPT
Rockwell, Colonel Paul   1976-07-22 SHRC TRANSCRIPT
Rod and Gun Club - Seniard Creek   1997-08-23 VOA Restricted [see release]
Roebke, Paula (see Aiken, Juanita)   1996-04-03 VOA TRANSCRIPT
Rogers, Emily   2003-04-29 WWII ABSTRACT
Rogers, Scott   1993-03-12 VOA ABSTRACT
Roland, Georgia   2005-05-11 CDE TRANSCRIPT
Romeo, Evelyn Cordell 2004-12-02 RLSC In processing
Roosseau, James   1995-08-07 VOA ABSTRACT
Rosen, Frank   2005-07-24 JBWNC None
Rosenthal, Carolyn   1992-09-29 VOA ABSTRACT
Rosenthal, Frederick J.   2003-08-07 WWII TRANSCRIPT
Rubin, Gerald   n.d. JHWNC Restricted
Ryan, Florence Iddings: Interview One (with Nanine Iddings)   1989-04-09 VOA ABSTRACT
Ryan, Florence Iddings: Interview Two   1992-06-18 ;
Sales, Henry Halsey   2001-04-05 UUCA TRANSCRIPT
Sancrant, Mary   1993-02-10 VOA ABSTRACT
Sanders, Soldier E.   2003-07-30 WWII ABSTRACT
Sandman, Arthur   n.d. JBWNC TRANSCRIPT
Sands, Hilda   1993-03-12 VOA ABSTRACT
Sargent, Roland    2003-04-28 WWII ABSTRACT
Sargent, Michael   1993-04-23 VOA ABSTRACT
Sarzynsky Family   2008-04-17 A_310 Restricted
Sayles, Henry and Ginny   2001-07-05 UUCA TRANSCRIPT 
Schaill, Harold and Mary   2003-04-24 WWII DVD
Schell, John Q.   1993-10-15 VOA ABSTRACT
Schleicher, Patty   1994-01-21 VOA ABSTRACT
Schmidt, Clarence   2003-04-23 WWII ABSTRACT
Schochet, Jan     JBWNC DVD
Schochet, Mary   2005-06-29 JBWNC TRANSCRIPT
Schochet, Sidney

Schochet, Sidney

  2003-07-23 WWII Abstract
Schreiber, Virginia Bryan   1976-08-03 SHRC TRANSCRIPT
Sechler, Robert Lee   2003-06-09 WWII ABSTRACT
Seeley, Fred Jr.   1985-06-23 SHRC TRANSCRIPT
Seitz, Dr. Ted   2009-10-15 UNCA-R In processing
Seymour, Nancy (see Partin, Kenneth)   1994-02-07 VOA ABSTRACT
Shepard, Katharine Bynum:
Interview One

Shepard, Katharine Bynum:
 Interview Two






Shepherd, Robert E.   1993-01-08 VOA ABSTRACT
Sher, Allen Arthur    2003-06-09 WWII TRANSCRIPT
Sherrill, Booker T.   1995-02-27 VOA ABSTRACT
Sherrill, O. L.

Sherrill, O L. (Otha)







Sherrill, Phyllis Jones   1993-04-08 VOA TRANSCRIPT
Shuford, Dr. Mary Frances (Polly)   1975-08-12 SHRC TRANSCRIPT
Siegal, Bobbie   2005-06-22 JBWNC TRANSCRIPT
Sigman, Stamatia   2008-02-29 GRO ABSTRACT
Silveri, Louis D.   1993-03-22 VOA ABSTRACT
Singleton, Robin 1998-08-02 SMC TRANSCRIPT
Simmons, Oralene   1994-04-15 VOA ABSTRACT
Sligh, Mary Elizabeth   1993-09-14 VOA ABSTRACT
Sluder, Charles   1994-03-31 VOA ABSTRACT
Sluder, Harold and Sue   1992-08-26 VOA ABSTRACT
Smathers, Virginia Zimmerman    2003-04-23 WWII No interview
Smith, Edward Holman   2003-04-09 WWII TRANSCRIPT
Smith, Fay    2003-04-21 WWII ABSTRACT
Smith, Robert "Bob"   1994-12-01  VOA ABSTRACT
Solomon, Eva Rae Lipinsky   2005-06-22 JBWNC TRANSCRIPT
Sorrells family   1994-06-08 VOA ABSTRACT
Spells, Viola Jones   2005-02-12 CDE TRANSCRIPT
Sprague, Mary Ida Brown   1998-07-20 RLSC TRANSCRIPT
Squibb, S. Dexter   2010-08-11 UNCA-R In processing
Stafford, Lillian Exum Clement, told by Nancie Stafford Anders   2002-03-13 RLSC TRANSCRIPT
Stanard, Wanda   1993-04-03 VOA ABSTRACT
Starnes, Oscar E.    2003-04-07 WWII ABSTRACT
Starnes, O. E., Jr.   1994-08-03 VOA ABSTRACT
Starnes, Dr. O.E.   2009-09-22 UNCA-R In processing
Stephens, Eleanor Waddell   1994-10-18 VOA ABSTRACT
Stephens, George Myers   1976-08-03 SHIRK TRANSCRIPT
Stevens, Imogene "Cissie"   1993-11-17 VOA ABSTRACT
Stivers, Marion B.   1992-12-29 VOA ABTRACT
Straus, Karl   n.d. WWII ABSTRACT
Straus, Sylvia   2013-04-02 JHWNC ABSTRACT
Sultan, Phyllis

Sultan, Phyllis

  2003-04-02 WWII TRANSCRIPT
Surrett, Bluford and Lottie 1998-08-08 SMC TRANSCRIPT
Sutton, Beauford Hayes   2003-04-22 WWII ABSTRACT
Swaim, Jack D.   n.d. WWII Restricted
Takaro, Marilyn   1993-04-20 VOA TRANSCRIPT
Takaro, Timothy   1993-01-27 VOA ABSTRACT
Tash, Alice   2003-04-21 WWII ABSTRACT
Taylor, Rueben   2003-07 WWII ABSTRACT
Tennent, Charles G. "Buzz"   1975-08-05 SHRC TRANSCRIPT
Terrell, Bob   1994-04-12 VOA ABSTRACT
Tessier, Mitzi   1993-11-04 VOA ABSTRACT
Thomas, Col. Alfred   1994-08-01 VOA ABSTRACT
Thompson, Randall   2001-03-02 UUCA TRANSCRIPT
Thompson, Reid   2007-11-08 ARTS310 TRANSCRIPT
Thompson, Virgil A.    2003-04-23 WWII ABSTRACT
Thorp, Alan   2005-06-12 JBWNC TRANSCRIPT
Tingle, Billie Walker   2004-03-08 RLSC None
Tipton, Dewitt Talmadge   2003-05-14 WWII ABSTRACT
Tomes, O. T.   1994-05-02 VOA ABSTRACT
Treskas, Maria   2008--2-24 GRO ABSTRACT
Troutner, Lynn   1992-10-12 VOA ABSTRACT
Tsiros, Nicholas and Anne   1993-01-24 VOA ABSTRACT
Turner, Herbert   1994-11-19 VOA ABSTRACT
Upton, Claudette Reed   1993-02-10 VOA ABSTRACT
VanAlstyne, John P.   1992-07-01; 1992-07-08;  1992-07-15 VOA ABSTRACT
Vorus, Julian   2007-10-29 ARTS310 None
Walker, Dr. Phillip   2009-11-11 UNCA-R In processing
Walker-Harris, Irene   2001-02-28 UUCA TRANSCRIPT
Walton, Susan   1993-04-24 VOA ABSTRACT
Wasson, Georgia Byers   2001-11-17 RLSC In processing
Watson, David "Fox"   1977-07-06
Webb, Robert Jr. and Jean   1993-02-28 VOA ABSTRACT
Weinberger, Theodore   n.d. JHWNC Restricted
Weir, Stefan D.   1994-08-08
VOA  In processing
Weissbach, Sel Shai   n.d. JHWNC Restricted
Wellisch, Eric n.d. WWII ABSTRACT
Wells, Keith 1998-08-08 SMC TRANSCRIPT
Wheeler, "Humpy" H.A.   2005/07/27 NASCAR TRANSCRIPT
White, Alice   1993-12-13 VOA TRANSCRIPT
Whitesides, Alfred J. Jr. and Shirley   1994-09-11






Williams, David M.   1993-06-15 VOA ABSTRACT
Williams, Mary C. and Minnie Jones   1994-08-02 VOA TRANSCRIPT
Williams, William   1996-02-26 VOA ABSTRACT
Williams, Sammy   2003-05-16 WWII DVD
Winner, Dennis and Robert   2005-02 JBWNC TRANSCRIPT
Winters, Sister Kathleen   1992-08-07 VOA ABSTRACT
With All Deliberate Speed: Desegregation in Buncombe County   2005 CDE EXHIBIT
Wolcott, Mary Ellen   1994-09-02 VOA ABSTRACT
Wolcott, Mary Ellen   2003-06-02 WWII ABSTRACT
Wolfe, Fred   1975-04-24 SHRC Restricted
Wood, Richard   1994-08-12 VOA ABSTRACT
Woody, Steve 1998-11-08 SMC Restricted
Wright, Wallace B.   2003-05-21 WWII ABSTRACT
Wutschel, Alice   2010-08-31 UNCA-R In processing
Young, Augusta   1993-08-23
Young, Charlotte

Young, Charlotte







Young, Grafton   2003-07-1 WWII ABSTRACT
Youngdeer, Robert   2003-07-30 WWII ABSTRACT
Zageir, Dorothy Fligel and Joan Rocamara
Zourzoukis, Mary   2008-02-19 GRO ABSTRACT

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