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General Statement on Use of Special Collections Materials

Special Collections and University Archives at the University of North Carolina at Asheville supports and encourages physical and virtual access to the materials in our collections. While Special Collections may own a physical object, we may not be the holder of the copyright. Consequently, Special Collections does not assume responsibility for literary property, copyright, or any other legal property involved in the reproduction or the publication of items from its collections. This includes all documents, photographs, maps and works of art. The user must assume all responsibility for securing permission from the appropriate copyright holder if publication is planned. Not all items will be made available for reproduction and/or publication. 

Integrity of Reproduction

Reproduced items must retain the integrity of their content and design. They may not be manipulated, cropped, or otherwise altered unless such actions are approved in advance in the Use Agreement.  Permission to use materials from Special Collections does not give the user exclusive rights to the material, nor the right to manipulate or crop the item without explicit permission, nor does permission include future re-use of the material.  Each new use requires a new USE AGREEMENT.


Special Collections and University Archives materials may be protected by copyright. The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) mandates that users follow the laws governing photocopying and the reproduction of copyrighted materials. Libraries, archives, and museums may be authorized to provide photocopies and reproductions for certain uses and Special Collections/University Archives will determine if authorization is warranted. For example, if a user requires material for private study, scholarship, or research, the request for reproduction is generally granted. If the user publishes (print or web) without permission, or for economic gain, or otherwise exceeds the "fair use" of the materials, they may be in violation of copyright. Special Collections and University Archives reserves the right to accept or refuse requests to reproduce materials, based on the judgment of the staff and their understanding of copyright law. For clarification on intellectual property and copyright at the University of North Carolina Asheville consult the UNC Asheville Intellectual Property/ Copyright Policy.

Scanning, Photocopying, and using Digital Cameras in the Special Collections Reading Room

Digital cameras are permitted in the Special Collections reading room, but users are required to secure permission to use them from Special Collections staff. Special Collections staff will scan materials on request, as appropriate, or if appropriate will allow the user to photocopy materials. If materials are determined to not be at risk, the user will be directed to the photocopy machine located in Special Collections and copies may be generated for .10 per copy. 

Fee Structure

Because reproducing materials incurs costs to the institution, professional guidelines suggest that reasonable fees can be charged for such services. (See the ALA-SAA Joint Statement of Access: Guidelines for Access to Original Research Materials). For this reason fees have been attached to various reproduction processes and a distinction in fees has been made between reproduction for research and study and reproduction for non-educational and  commercial purposes. Fees are also tiered to reflect our service to our university community. Fees for research and study are generally lower than are non-educational and commercial uses. Commercial use generally includes any publication, broadcasting, video production, self-publishing, exhibits, product presentations, interior design, decorating, etc.. Commercial use also extends to work completed by design firms on behalf of government and non-profit institutions. 

Use Agreement

All users must fill out a USE AGREEMENT before material will be released for use.  No exceptions will be made.

The INTERNAL designation refers to services to our university community (students, faculty, and staff). It also includes scholars from other similar institutions who are engaged in scholarly  research.

The EXTERNAL designation refers to the general public who may wish to use materials from our collections for personal use or who wish to use the images in a commercial venture.

The preferred delivery of material is in digital format via Google Drive.  We will notify the user of the download location where material may be downloaded. Users will be invoiced for all charges and generally no materials will be supplied until payment has been received. All checks should be made payable to the University of North Carolina at Asheville.


Photocopy and Scanning Services for Manuscripts, Documents, and Paper Materials.

All photocopying and scanning is conducted by Special Collections staff in the Special Collections Reading Room. In certain circumstances users may be allowed to photocopy material based upon the nature and condition of individual items. Permission for users to photocopy materials will be granted on a case by case basis. No materials may be removed from Special Collections. Users should clearly designate material to be copied in consultation with Special Collections staff. "Manuscripts, Documents, and Paper Materials" can mean any paper object that can easily be scanned that doesn't require additional handling, as defined on a case by case basis by Special Collections staff.

Extra Handling Charge for Off-site Users
Scans or photocopies made by Special Collections staff for Reading Room users .10 per page Copies 1-10 are 1.00, copies 11+ are an additional .20 per page. (Minimum of $1.00 charge) ---
User-made photocopies (permission required) .10 per page .15 per page ---
Scans or photocopies made by Special Collections staff for off-site users Copies 1-10 are free; copies 11+ are .10 per page Copies 1-10 are 3.00, copies 11+ are an additional .25 per page. (Minimum of $3.00 charge) 3.00 per order if copies are mailed
Request for FAX .25 per page .25 per page 5.00 per order


Scanning and Digital Reproduction Services for Photographs, Negatives, and Graphic Materials:

Fees include the cost of labor in the scanning process, handling the original, preservation measures (if needed), and delivering the image to the user. "Digital Image" can mean a scanned photograph, negative, slide, graphic image, fragile document, or other item as defined on a case by case basis by Special Collections staff.

Scanning is done on professional scanning equipment and will be done at 300 to 600 dpi unless other arrangements are made. The maximum allowable size scans is 11" X 17". Larger materials, such as maps, will be photographed by Special Collections staff using digital cameras. Requests for images that have not already been digitized will incur a preservation fee. Please allow a minimum of  three days for processing. Processing and delivery via US Postal service will require at least one week. We can deliver the image to the user through one of the following means:

  • Email to the user. For smaller scanned items only..

  • Images can be posted to a shared drive and a link to download will be sent to the user.

  • CD-R/CD-RW (CD-Readable/Writable) Special Collections will provide the disc and cost will be included in the service fee. This process is  reserved for large order requests.

Use of scanned material is a one-time use. Re-purposing or additional use of the scanned material must be re-negotiated.

If scanning of a large object is required, the object will be photographed with a digital camera and the digital image will then be manipulated for the user. While a digital photograph is generally a JPEG image, there will be charges associated with the processing of a requested digital photograph.  If special set-up or labor is involved, additional charges may be added to the cost.


(UNCA student, faculty & staff)
(Non-UNCA community)
Digital image - High resolution for research/personal use 10.00/image 20.00/image High resolution 
300dpi - 600dpi
Digital image - High resolution for publication use 10.00/image 20.00/image +
25.00 one-time publication fee

Example:  2 images @$20.00 + $25.00 fee = $65.00

High resolution 
300dpi - 600dpi
Print of scanned item on regular (not photographic) paper
(up to 8"x10")
3.00/image 6.00/image Low resolution
Low Resolution Digital image for reference purposes
(up to 8"x10")
no charge 3.00/ image Low  resolution
delivered via email
Digital Camera image taken by user no charge no charge User's camera
Preservation Charge for any item not already digitized no charge 5.00 /image High Resolution
Digital Retouching 10.00 per hour 20.00 per hour Labor cost only

Publication Fees

When materials are approved for publication, this is considered commercial/for profit reproduction and a one-time Publication/Use Fee will be assessed in addition to any Reproduction Costs. These fees are for the one-time publication of our material and may be in addition to royalties/licensing fees required by the copyright holder. Any future re-purposing of material will need a new USE AGREEMENT.

Publication Medium Fee
*Note: Fee is per agreement, not per item.
Graphic reproduction in whole or in part of documents, photographs, oral histories, etc. 25.00 per publication agreement
Design, Exhibit, Print, etc. 25.00 per publication agreement
Advertising 25.00 per publication agreement (negotiable for State agencies)
Broadcast (Film/Video) 4.00 per second of footage (negotiable)
Use in electronic format (Web site, etc) 25.00 minimum (negotiable)

Audio and Video Reproduction :

When oral history tapes are not restricted, copies of the interviews may be evaluated for duplication and purchased for $5.00 per CD, DVD, or cassette tape. Oral Histories will be copied by the Special Collections staff or by our Media Services staff depending on duplication requirements.  A $5.00 handling fee for the order will be added to the $5.00 charge for each duplicate copy. It is the responsibility of the user to determine the copyright status of material they with to reproduce for publication or commercial use and like our other materials, a USE AGREEMENT and payment must be completed before the release of the material.

Media Fee
Audio tape/CD/DVD ea. 5.00  + 5.00 handling fee

Use of Materials on the Special Collections Website:

Use of the Special Collections Web Site is open to all users for the purposes of research, teaching, and for private study. It is requested that users who make personal copies, prints, photocopies, or download material for non-web use, attribute the material to the source (UNCA). All information on the Site is provided for NONCOMMERCIAL, PERSONAL OR RESEARCH USE ONLY. This includes reproductions of photographic materials from the archival collections. If users wish to use the material for any commercial purposes, including scholarly reproductions, redistribution, publication or transmission, by electronic or other means, permission in writing must be obtained from Special Collections, Ramsey Library, UNCA.  Contact Gene Hyde, Head of Special Collections, at ghyde@unca.edu.

It is the responsibility of the user to determine the copyright status of materials they wish to reproduce for commercial purposes.

Preferred citation: [Collection name and Item # ], D. Hiden Ramsey Library Special Collections, University of North Carolina Asheville 


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