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Fred Loring Seely Papers

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Fred Loring Seely Papers
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10.5 Linear feet
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The collection contains primarily correspondence and related records.
Located in Special Collections, Row 4, Shelf 4.

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[Identification of item], Fred Loring Seely Papers, D.H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Asheville 28804.

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Biographical Note

Fred Loring Seely was born in Monmouth, New Jersey on December 22, 1871. He died on March 14, 1942. His full resume includes working as a chemist, inventor, architect, executive, philanthropist, civic leader, pharmacist, and manager. He was the son-in-law of E.W. Grove, one of Asheville's leading builders, and Seely was instrumental in creating the framework for Grove's success. Seely was a diligent and a hands-on manager, almost obsessive in his attention to detail. He was the architect and builder of Grove Park Inn and for his own home "Overlook" on Sunset Mountain. In 1917 he became owner of the Biltmore Industries which he personally directed. He also had active direction in remodeling of the Battery Park Hotel in 1940.

He was a leading executive of the Paris Medicine Company, which was founded by E.W. Grove. In 1907 he founded and published the Atlanta Georgian newspaper. He was instrumental in bringing the American Enka Corporation to Buncombe County and was a director of this company. He was also a director of the Wachovia Bank and Trust Company. He was a Mason and churchman, he served as an associate utilities commissioner for the state.

In 1917, just four years after the completion of the Grove Park Inn, Fred Seely purchased Biltmore Estate Industries from Edith Vanderbilt. He changed the name to Biltmore Industries and sub-contracted with Charlotte L. Yale and Eleanor Vance, the founders of Biltmore Estate Industries, to produce woodwork derived from the original patterns that Yale and Vance had designed. He erected new buildings to house the craft industries and bought equipment to make the production of wool yarn more viable.

This new venture came in addition to his responsibilities as the manager of the Grove Park Inn. E.W. Grove, his father-in-law and owner of the Grove Park Inn refused to sell the hotel to Seely but leased it to him to manage. Seely managed the hotel until 1927, the year of Grove's death and the year Seely lost his legal bid to own the hotel. Jealous to the grave, Grove left his hotel to his wife and son and daughter. Though Seely was married to his daughter, Grove made no concessions to Seely and the Inn passed into the hands of what one advertisement described as "more liberal management."

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Scope and Contents Note

This collection is comprised of correspondence, documents, and records relating to the professional life of Fred Loring Seely.

The collection contains two types of correspondence. The first is business correspondence written on behalf of one of the various enterprises in which Seely was involved (Grove Park Inn, Biltmore Industries, etc.) to other businesses or entities in the Asheville area and beyond. This type of correspondence includes orders placed with other companies, contracts or deals made with other companies, discussions of interaction between Seely’s and their interests, or written communication with governmental bodies.

The second type of correspondence is of a more personal nature, Seely writing on behalf of himself. This type includes various entreaties made to various powerful individuals, correspondence written in relation to his family, and personal involvement (financial or otherwise) in schools, churches, and the like.

Documentation included in this collection is somewhat varied in terms of its origin and purpose. There are a great deal of documents in this collection relating to the administration of the Grove Park Inn (guest lists, daily operations, etc.). Also documented heavily in this collection is the operation of the Paris Medicine Company (payment receipts, order forms, etc.). There is also documentation of various aspects of Seely’s more personal endeavors such as the construction of Overlook castle, and financial contributions to various entities. Also present in this collection are a substantial number of newspaper articles which relate to Seely’s activities, offering a different perspective at times than what can be seen in his personal correspondence. Records included in this collection include primarily financial records for Seely’s business involvements (sales records, shareholder dividends, expense reports, etc,).

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Arrangement Note

The collectiton retains the donor's original file organization.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

UNC Asheville Special Collections and University Archives

Ramsey Library, CPO # 1500
One University Heights
Asheville, North Carolina, 28804-8504


The collection is open for research. Any display, publication, or public use must credit the D.H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections, University of North Carolina at Asheville. Copyright retained by the creators of certain items in the collection, or their descendants, as stipulated by United States copyright law.

Custodial History

Donated by Bruce Johnson, Spring 2019.

Processing Information

Processed by Derek Whisnant, Spring 2019

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Collection Inventory

Box 1 

This box contains correspondence with the law offices of Merrimon, Adams, and Johnston, The All Souls’ Church (F.L. Seely Contributions), Clifford L. Anderson of Anderson, Rountree, and Crenshaw Attorneys at Law, various members of the Asheville Chamber of Commerce, the City of Asheville, and the Asheville Club. This box also contains documentation of advertising for Biltmore Homespuns, payments made to the City of Asheville, and planning for new development and construction for the Asheville Country Club. Additional materials included in this box include an apple wrapper from the Grove Park Inn, receipts for Asheville Club dues payments, and a report on Asheville’s prosperity from 1927. 

Folder 1: Adams, Legal, 1917-20 

Folder 2: Advertising, 1917-19 

Folder 3: All Souls Church, 1918-29 

Folder 4: All Souls Church, 1930-38 

Folder 5: Anderson, General Clifford L., 1913-34 

Folder 6: Apple Wrapper 

Folder 7: Asheville Chamber of Commerce 

Folder 8: Asheville, City of, 1927-40 

Folder 9: Asheville, City of 

Folder 10: Asheville, 1927 

Folder 11: Asheville Club, 1915-31 

Folder 12: Asheville Country Club (New), 1924-27 

Box 2 

This box contains correspondence with members, board of directors, and shareholders for the Asheville Golf and Country Club, letters relating to various Asheville Citizen Times clippings, and correspondence with the Asheville School for Boys and Asheville School for Girls. This box also contains payment receipts, construction proposals, and membership manifest for the Asheville Golf and Country Club, Asheville Citizen Times clippings, payment receipts to Asheville School for Girls, and order receipts for supplies from the Asheville Automobile Co., Asheville Steam Vulcanizing Co., and Asheville Supply and Foundry Co. 

Folder 1: Asheville Country Club, 1918 

Folder 2: Asheville Country Club, 1922-34 

Folder 3: Asheville Country Club, 1917 

Folder 4: Asheville History 

Folder 5: Asheville School 

Folder 6: Asheville School for Girls 

Folder 7: Asheville. Stationary 

Folder 8: Asheville Supply & Foundry, 1913-15 

Folder 9: Asheville Supply & Foundry Co., 1917 

Folder 10: Asheville Supply & Foundry, 1917 

Folder 11: Asheville Supply & Foundry, 1918 

Box 3 

This box contains correspondence relating to the Asheville Citizen Times, the development of the Atkins Park property in Atlanta, the sale of automobiles, and acquiring autographs for Seely’s collection. This box also contains order receipts from the Asheville Supply and Foundry Co., and documentation of Seely’s autograph collection. 

Folder 1: Asheville Supply & Foundry Co., 1918 

Folder 2: Asheville Supply & Foundry Co., 1918 

Folder 3: Asheville Supply & Foundry Co., 1919 

Folder 4: Asheville Times, 1920-22 

Folder 5: Atlanta Property. Grove, Seely 

Folder 6: Atkins Park 

Folder 7: Automobiles - Sale 

Folder 8: Autographs 

Folder 9: Autographs. Seely 

Folder 10: Seely. Autographs 

Folder 11: Seely. Autographs 

Box 4 

This box contains banking correspondence with the Central Bank and Trust Co., and The American National Bank. There is also correspondence relating to Amsterdamsche Chininefabriek, and seeking additions to or cataloging Seely’s autograph collection. This box also contains banking materials (deposit records, account statements, etc.) with the Central Bank and Trust Co, Citizens Bank, and Morris Plan Bank. Also included in this box is some material relating to the lease of the Battery Park Hotel property. 

Folder 1: Autographs. Seely 

Folder 2: Autographs. Seely 

Folder 3: Banks. Asheville 

Folder 4: Banks. Asheville 

Folder 5: Banking - Depression, 1931-34 

Folder 6: Bank, Central, Seely 

Folder 7: Bank. Ash 

Folder 8: Banks. Ash. 

Folder 9: Banks. Ash. 

Folder 10: Banks. Asheville 

Folder 11: Battery Park Hotel 

Box 5 

This box contains correspondence with the Battle Creek Food Co., Battle Creek Sanitarium, the Bingham Military School, the Biltmore Dairy Farm, the Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co., The Boston Globe, the Bon Marche store, The Blue Ridge Grocery Co., Anderson and Rountree Attorneys at Law, The Asheville Citizen Times, The Citizen Transfer and Coal Co., Country Life magazine, and Cornwall and Stevens Insurance Co. Also included in this box are orders for furnishings for Blue Briar Cottage, canceled checks from the Grove Park Inn, a Certificate of Amendment to Certificate of Incorporation of Grove Park Inn, Inc., materials relating to coal land in West Virginia, and orders from the Citizens Lumber Co., and R.O. Campbell Coal Co. 

Folder 1: Battle/Kellog. Seely 

Folder 2: Biltmore Dairy 

Folder 3: Blue Briar Cottage 

Folder 4: Bingham Military School 

Folder 5: Biltmore Diary Farm 

Folder 6: Bowling Pool Table GPI 

Folder 7: Boston Globe, 1917-20 

Folder 8: Bon Marche, 1919-36 

Folder 9: Blue Ridge Grocery Co. 

Folder 10: Canceled Checks 

Folder 11: Corporation. GPI. Seely 

Folder 12: Contract, 1917 

Folder 13: Coal Land. Grove 

Folder 14: Citizen Times. Ash. 

Folder 15: Citizens Transfer & Coal Co., 1919-40 

Folder 16: Citizen Lumber Co., 1920 

Folder 17: R.O. Campbell Coal Co. 

Folder 18: Country Life Mag. 

Folder 19: Cornwall & Stevens Insurance 

Box 6 

This box contains correspondence with Pinkerton’s Detective Agency, The William J. Burns International Detective Agency Inc., R.D. Caldwell, Buford Goodwin, The Diamond Match Co., and Dr. James Drakeford. This box also contains canceled checks from the Grove Park Inn and a great deal of daily routine/operations write-ups for the Grove Park 

Folder 1: Canceled Checks 

Folder 2: Daily Routine, 1924, GPI 

Folder 3: Daily Routine, 1920s, GPI 

Folder 4: Daily Routine, 1920-22, GPI 

Folder 5: Daily Routine GPI 

Folder 6: Daily Routine, 1926, GPI 

Folder 7: Detective Agency. Seely 

Folder 8: Detective Agency. Seely 

Folder 9: Caldwell, R.D. & Sam 

Folder 10: Children. GPI 

Folder 11: Diamond Match Co., 1918-24 

Folder 12: Drakeford, Dr. James H. 

Box 7 

This box contains correspondence with the Dyad Cane Furniture Co., and the Emma Louise Art Shop. There are also a great deal of letters or telegrams giving updates on the daily operations of the Grove Park Inn. Additionally, this box contains guest logs for the Grove Park Inn 

Folder 1: Dryad Cane Furniture, 1923-25 

Folder 2: Daily Routine GPI 

Folder 3: Routine, Daily, 1923 

Folder 4: Daily Routine, 1924, GPI 

Folder 5: Daily Routine, 1925, GPI 

Folder 6: Daily Routine, 1925, GPI 

Folder 7: Emma Louise Art Shop GPI 

Box 8 

This box contains correspondence relating to the American Enka Corporation, the Eastman Kodak Corporation, flooring in the Grove Park Inn, property developments in Florida, Forbes & Campbell Real Estate, Forbes Lithograph Mfg. Co., E. Frost, Frank Hammett (financial 1926), and various other financial correspondence for the Grove Park Inn. This box also contains newspaper materials relating to Seely and the American Enka Corporation, and financial reports, payroll records, and ledgers for the Grove Park Inn and Paris Medicine Co. 

Folder 1: Enka 

Folder 2: Enka Corp. 

Folder 3: Enka Seely 

Folder 4: Eastman Kodak Co., 1919-40 

Folder 5: Floors, GPI 

Folder 6: Florida Property. Seely 

Folder 7: Forbes & Campbell 

Folder 8: Forbes Lithograph MFG Co., 1923 

Folder 9: E. Frost 

Folder 10: Financial, 1926, Seely 

Folder 11: Financial, 1926, GPI 

Folder 12: Financial, 1927, GPI 

Folder 13: Financial, 1941 

Folder 14: Financial, 1926, Grove 

Folder 15: Financial G.P.I. 

Folder 16: Financial 

Folder 17: Financial Reports 

Folder 18: Financial Reports 

Folder 19: Financial, 30s, GPI 

Folder 20: Misc. 

Box 9 

This box contains correspondence with Jean Ebersold, the Mitchell Fletcher Co. Importers and Grocers, the Gibbs Gas Engine Co., and Edwin C. Gregory (chairman - NC General Assembly). There is also some correspondence relating to the construction of the Grove Park Inn, an operation done on Edwin Grove Jr., and other property holdings of E.W. Grove’s. Some folders in this box contain miscellaneous (as labeled by donor) correspondence and receipts from the Grove Park Inn. Other materials in this box include a Grove family tree, a map and cut-out of the Grovemont property, payment receipts to W.R. Campbell, and miscellaneous articles about the Grove Park Inn. 

Folder 1: Misc. 

Folder 2: Misc. 

Folder 3: Misc. 

Folder 4: Misc. 

Folder 5: Misc. 

Folder 6: Grovemont 

Folder 7: GPI - Construction 

Folder 8: Grove, J.R. (Operation) 

Folder 9: Grove Family 

Folder 10: Gregory, Edwin C. 

Folder 11: E.W. Grove Park Co., 1918-23 

Folder 12: G.P.I. Articles 

Box 10 

This box contains correspondence with William R. Hearst, Noah Harding, Northup - McDuffie Hardware Co., Hope’s Windows Inc., The Inland Press, Knight and Thomas Inc., and Jacob and Josef Kohn Inc. There is also included in this box materials relating to Grove Park Inn history, Bruce Johnson’s history book, a lawsuit (Kahn v. the estate of E.W. Grove Jr.), and a history of E.W. Grove High School by Maurice Houston Field. 

Folder 1: Grove School 

Folder 2: Grove Arcade 

Folder 3: GPI History 

Folder 4: History Book 

Folder 5: History Notes 

Folder 6: Hardware, Door. GPI 

Folder 7: Hearst. Seely 

Folder 8: Harding, Noah 

Folder 9: Hardware. G.P.I. 

Folder 10: Hope's Windows Inc., 1932-37 

Folder 11: Howland. Asheville 

Folder 12: Inland Press, 1928-42 

Folder 13: Kahn Lawsuit. GPI 

Folder 14: Kahn vs JR Suit 

Folder 15: Knight & Thomas, Inc., 1918 

Folder 16: Kohn, Jacob & Josef, Inc, 1917 

Box 11 

This box contains correspondence with Attorney Mike Brown, G.W. McKibbon, Madison Square Garden Broadcasting Corp., A.C. Mullen, the Miller Press Inc., Asheville Mica Co., J. Oscar Mills, letters of reference for former Grove Park Inn employees, Liberty and Co. correspondence with Biltmore Industries, miscellaneous Paris Medicine Co. business correspondence (1918-1922), and miscellaneous correspondence relating to the Grove Park Inn (1909-1912). Also included in this box are materials relating to two lawsuits, one against the Grove Park Inn, and one between E.W. Grove and F.L. Seely. The remainder of the box is occupied with “minor papers” as labeled by the donor. 

Folder 1: Lawsuits GPI 

Folder 2: Lawsuits GPI 

Folder 3: Letters of Reference for GPI Employees 

Folder 4: Liberty & Co. BI 

Folder 5: Mckibbon, G.W. 

Folder 6: Madison Square Garden Broadcast Corp., 1930 

Folder 7: Magines - Subscriptions 

Folder 8: McMullen, A.C. 

Folder 9: Miller Press Inc., 1921-32 

Folder 10: Miami, FL. 

Folder 11: Mica, Asheville. Seely 

Folder 12: Mills, Oscar. GPI 

Folder 13: Minor Papers 

Folder 14: Minor Papers 

Folder 15: Minor Papers 

Folder 16: Minor Papers 

Folder 17: Misc. 1918-22. Seely, Grove 

Folder 18: Misc. 1908-12 

Folder 19: Misc. 1909-12 GPI 

Box 12 

This box contains correspondence with S.B. Turman (property development), George L. Hackney (city manager), Paul Brown (American Institute of Banking), S.B. Moore (property mortgage), the Mohr Decorating Co., Tom Moore (legal case), the Famous Players Lasky Co., and the Ray Film Co. The remainder of the box is occupied by miscellaneous other F.L. Seely correspondence and various Grove Park Inn payment receipts. 

Folder 1: Misc. Seely 

Folder 2: Misc. Seely 

Folder 3: Misc. Seely 

Folder 4: Misc. GPI 

Folder 5: Misc. Seely 

Folder 6: Misc. Seely 

Folder 7: Moore. Seely 

Folder 8: Minor Papers 

Folder 9: Mohr Decorating Co., 1921-25 

Folder 10: Mohr Decorating Co., 1926-27 

Folder 11: Moore, Steven B. "Uncle Steve" 

Folder 12: Moore, Tom: Legal Case, 1916 

Folder 13: Movies 

Folder 14: Movies 

Folder 15: Movies GPI 

Box 13 

This box contains correspondence with Maurice F. Longhurst (musical performance at the Grove Park Inn), Dr. A.R. Von Linge (medicine production in Java), the Law Offices of Norris and Bateman (patents), and the Otis Elevator Co. Also included in this box is correspondence relating to blueprints for the Grove Park Inn, newspaper clippings relating to Grove and Seely, and assorted “minor works” or “miscellaneous” as labeled by donor. 

Folder 1: Music G.P.I. 

Folder 2: Minor Works 

Folder 3: Misc 

Folder 4: Misc 

Folder 5: Newspaper Clippings, Sept/Aug, 1925 

Folder 6: Nordman G.P.I. 

Folder 7: Norris & Bateman 

Folder 8: Otis Elevator Co., 1917-1925 

Box 14 

This box contains correspondence with Henry Ostertag (property lease), the Packard Motor Car Co., and W.F. Randolph (payroll 1909-1910). Also in this box are plans for the construction of Overlook castle and related correspondence. Additionally, there is a copy of the Asheville Citizen times relating to Grove and the Philippine government, a patent for F.L. Seely’s bottling machine, related correspondence, and documentation. 

Folder 1: Ostertag, Henry 

Folder 2: Overlook Castle 

Folder 3: Overlook Castle 

Folder 4: Overlook Castle, 1940s 

Folder 5: Philippine Gvt. 

Folder 6: Packards GPI 

Folder 7: Packards GPI 

Folder 8: Patents 

Folder 9: Patent, Bottling Machine 

Folder 10: Payroll, 1909-10 

Box 15 

This box contains correspondence with A.W. Calloway (physician for Grove Park Inn), Buxton and Skinner Printing & Stationery Co., Ketterlinus Lithographic Mfg. Co., Pullman Railroad Co., Packard Motor Cars and Trucks, H.L. Parker (Buncombe County Commissioner of Public Institutions), Patterson Parchment Paper Co., and Paris Medicine Co. (cinchona and quinine acquisition). This box contains a significant amount of business materials including E.W. Grove Park payroll sheets (1916), payment receipts to the Southern Post Card Co., Paris Medicine Co. annual statements, shareholder meeting minutes, and operational documents. Also included in this box are payment and order receipts to Plemmons Motor Co., and the Packard Motor Car Co., copies of newspaper articles on Grove Laboratories and Paris Medicine Co., and a 1936 promotional sheet for the city of Asheville. 

Folder 1: Payroll, 1916 

Folder 2: Physician GPI 

Folder 3: Postcards GPI 

Folder 4: Printing GPI: Apple Wraps 

Folder 5: Printing H.S. 

Folder 6: Promo, 1936. Ash 

Folder 7: Pullman RR. Seely 

Folder 8: Packerd. Seely 

Folder 9: Parker, H.L. (Buncombe County Commissioner of Public Institutions), 1915-41 

Folder 10: Patterson Parchment Paper Co., 1931 

Folder 11: Paris Medicine Company 

Folder 12: Paris Med. Co. 

Folder 13: Paris Med. Co. 

Folder 14: Paris Med. Co. 

Folder 15: Paris Med. Co. 

Folder 16: Paris Medicine Co. 

Folder 17: Plemmons Motor Co. 

Box 16 

This box contains correspondence with E.P. Porcher (president of North American Fruit Exchange), Mr. C. Falk (piano player - Grove Park Inn), Reed and Barton Jewelers and Silversmiths, The Railroad Club of Asheville, George A. Randolph, Murray Roofing Tile Co., R.H. Reeves (payments on storeroom accounts), Gallatin Roberts (Mayor of Asheville), and Nicolas Hemance (rugs and upholstery). This box contains order and payment receipts to Plemmons Motor Co., W.T. Rhew (storeroom accounts), M.J. Rhoades (general expenses), and J.R. Company. Other materials in this box include those relating to copper and brass piping for the Grove Park Inn, a payment dispute between the Inn and Rector J. Bayless, some F.L. Seely property interests in Asheville, daily activities reports of the Grove Park Inn, and a copy of “The Pharmaceutical Era” including “Quinine from the Ground Up”. 

Folder 1: Plemmons Motor Co. 

Folder 2: E.P. Porcher 

Folder 3: Piano. GPI 

Folder 4: Plumbing GPI 

Folder 5: Quinine 

Folder 6: Quinine, 1898-1900 

Folder 7: Railroad Club, 1917 

Folder 8: Randolph, George A. 

Folder 9: Rector, J. Bayless 

Folder 10: Real Estate. Seely 

Folder 11: Reed & Barton, 1917-19 

Folder 12: Reeves, Mrs. R.H. 

Folder 14: Rhew, W.T. 

Folder 15: Rhodes, M.J. 

Folder 16: J.R. Rich Company 

Folder 17: Roof. GPI 

Folder 18: Roosevelt, Teddy 

Folder 19: Roberts, Gallatin: Mayor, 1919-30 

Folder 20: Rugs GPI 

Box 17 

This box contains correspondence with Jules Doux, Hardwick and Magee Co. (rugs and carpets - Grove Park Inn), the Gibbs Gas Engine Co., and the Barnett National Bank. The remainder of the box contains payment receipts. Appearing with frequency are ones for advertising, payroll, the Chattanooga Gas Co., P.F. Collier & Son, Dennison Manufacturing Co., Brown Motor Sales Co., and The Beech Nut Packing Co. 

Folder 1: Rugs GPI 

Folder 2: Rugs. GPI 

Folder 3: Receipts 

Folder 4: Receipts GPI 

Folder 5: Receipts. GPI 

Folder 6: Receipts. GPI 

Folder 7: Receipts 

Folder 8: Receipts 

Folder 9: Receipts 

Folder 10: Receipts 

Box 18 

This box contains correspondence with the J.D. Earle Feed Co., St. Genevieve College, Fairbanks, Morse & Co., and F. Schumacher & Co. The remainder of the box contains materials relating to the E.W. Grove estate, E.W. Grove laboratories, and miscellaneous payment receipts. 

Folder 1: Receipts 

Folder 2: Receipts 

Folder 3: Receipts 

Folder 4: Receipts 

Folder 5: St. Louis Union Trust Co., 1927-42 

Folder 6: St. Genevieve. Ash. 

Folder 7: Scales. GPI. BI 

Folder 8: F. Schumacher & Co., 1922-27 

Box 19 

This box contains correspondence with W.H. Seely of the Osborne Company, A.B. Seeley and C. Barnum Seeley (seeking family history information), Jean Ebersold (Grove Motor Car Company), and correspondence relating to Paris Medicine Co. sales. This box also contains medical records for F.L. Seely from the Battle Creek Sanitarium, speech writing materials for Seely, and a few folders labeled “Seely, misc.” by the donor. 

Folder 1: Seely, Medical 

Folder 2: Seely, WM. 

Folder 3: Seely, WM. H 

Folder 4: Seely, WM. H 

Folder 5: Seely, WM. H 

Folder 6: Seely, Speeches 

Folder 7: Seely, Speeches 

Folder 8: Seely. Xmas Cards 

Folder 9: Seeley, A.B. Family History, 1919-26 

Folder 10: Seely. Florida 

Folder 11: Seely, Misc. 

Folder 12: Seely. Personality 

Folder 13: Misc. 

Folder 14: Misc. 

Folder 15: PM Co. Sales 

Box 20 

This box contains correspondence with, most notably, Dennison Manufacturing co., The Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey, Biltmore hospital, Christ School, Biltmore Forest Riding School, the Icy - Hot Bottle Co., P.F. Collier & Son, John Auer Jr. Wrought Iron Co., Buxton and Skinner Printing and Stationery Co., Stewart Iron Works Co., the Chattanooga Gas Co., Beacon Manufacturing Co., Hursey & Co., J.P. Stevens Engraving Co., and some assorted other hotels and supply companies. This box also contains some Paris Medicine Co. sales reports, and a document listing the reasons for street names in Grove Park. 

Folder 1: PM Co - Sales 

Folder 2: Shipping Tag. GPI 

Folder 3: Standard Oil 

Folder 4: Standard Oil. 

Folder 5: Stationary 

Folder 6: Stationary. Asheville 

Folder 7: Stationary 

Folder 8: Street Names 

Folder 9: Stationary 

Folder 10: Stationary 

Folder 11: Stationary. Asheville 

Folder 12: Stationary Ash. 

Folder 13: Stationary, Hotels 

Folder 14: JP Stevens Engraving Co. 

Box 21 

This box contains correspondence with Stewart Iron Works, Stradley and Luther Grocers, B. Mifflin Hood Brick and Tile Co., Columbia Clay Co., United States Motor Co., The University of Minnesota, Congressman William D. Upshaw, Charles E. Waddell, Judge George Williams, Wickes Wamboldt, James T. White & Co. publishers, and S.W. Zeverijn. Additionally, there is correspondence relating to the tapestries in the Grove Park Inn, a copy of F.L. Seely’s drawing for the tablet making machine, and a newspaper article about a new addition to the Grove Park Inn. 

Folder 1: Stewart Iron Works, 1922-26 

Folder 2: Stradley, G.F. 

Folder 3: Tapestries GPI 

Folder 4: Tablet Machine 

Folder 5: Tennessee Valley Association, 1933 

Folder 6: Tile. GPI. BI 

Folder 7: Tile. GPI 

Folder 8: United States Motor Co. 

Folder 9: University of Minnesota 

Folder 10: Upshaw, William D. 

Folder 11: Von Treskow ERA 

Folder 12: Waddell, Charles E., 1922-42 

Folder 13: Williams, George 

Folder 14: Wamboldt, Wickes (Mayor) 

Folder 15: White, James T. & Company Publishers, 1928 

Folder 16: Zeverijn, S.W.